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this post contains blabbering

*Took a cute photo of trouble Lola today with some whack job hair-do.

* I want someone to invent a pill that prevents talking back.

* I also want someone to invent a pill that prevents you from storming off and slamming the door so

hard that some of my really pretty frames don’t come falling to the floor.

*Mason asked me today…why did i want my nose pierced last year?

*I told him i had to wait till i was 35 because that’s what my dad told me.

*I got lucky this morning.

*What i mean is…my cleaners showed up today.

*Bryan didn’t think i was doing a good enough job…so we had to call in reinforcements.

*That way i could spend more quality time reading and crafting with the children.

* Oh…and coloring with them….lots of coloring.

*oh…and taking photos of how i feel about food.

*The reality is…it’s a little embarrassing checking out of Trader Joe’s with all that wine…

and having them brown bag it for me.

*The least i could do was provide my own bag.

*And taking photos of pretty shoes.

*We can’t forget about the pretty shoes.

*Which means more time for baking and cooking.

*lots and lots of that.

*Oh…and for those of you that wanted my super secret recipe of those oh-so-fabulous

roasted red pepper brioche sandwiches and artichoke quiche…you are in luck.

*I didn’t make them.

*I bought them.

*Trust me…you don’t want my sandwiches….not even my kids want them.

*But pretty please don’t tell my friends….they might not ever come back again.

*I did serve them on my plates though…..and that should count for something.

* And no…i don’t have a hoarding problem.

*People with hoarding problems have mice.

*That’s not my mouse though….

*Oh…and here is a Free Tip for the weekend:

if you run out of milk when you are making Kraft mac n cheese….then a couple of tablespoons of

sour cream works just as good and taste’s oh-so-yummy.

*I pinky promise.

*Make sure you serve your Kraft with some good Cool-Aid or Punch….it’s all i serve to my kids.

*I’ll leave this little diddy for you to watch…..


  1. Oh my gawd…hilarious. YOu are a riot.

  2. That Saturday night skit is killing me!
    Nice rack of plates btw;-)

  3. I must admit that mouse is kinda creeping me out!!
    Couldn’t get the video to play
    I’m having a giveaway so head on over and enter

  4. ok…i am laughing so hard i’m crying (i don’t do that often) but always when i am reading one of YOUR blog posts. too funny!! 🙂

  5. A friend of mine told me that when she was growing up her dad warned her if she slammed her bedroom door one more time he would take the door off and sure enough he did and hung a curtain.

  6. You are so funny! Love love love your closet and all those clothes? Wow!

    Pretty pictures of your house too. Have a good weekend.

  7. growing up with kids is such a challenge, isn’t it??
    and speaking of challenges –I’ve been looking for a perfect paint color–what color is on your wall with the map on it? Is it a gray or blue? Because if it’s a blue…I may have found the perfect paint color 🙂

  8. Love that SNL short. So hilarious!! And I’m totally jealous of your stacks of dishes.

  9. Hilarious! Ok, so must know…where did you get those cute shoes??

  10. love her hair

    love your bags

    and still waiting for fF

  11. Love those shoes! Where can I go hunt them down??
    Laughed out loud at that video. Too funny!!

  12. amazing blog, kudos to you, beautiful funny and incredible photograps…

  13. Oh I’m SMILING so BIG!
    You never ever cease to make me GRIN and GIGGLE!
    LOVE seeing all of your cute bags!
    LOVE Miss Lola’s funky hair!
    LOVE that I’m even SMILING as I’m typing this comment!
    That’s how HAPPY your blog makes me!
    I wonder if my hub is wondering WHY I’m SMILING at the computer screen!
    I’ll never tell~

  14. Allison mcArdle says:

    I think I just pee’d my pants.

  15. OMG….that SNL bit cracked me up! This week I was listening to a group of school moms talking about a proposed school breakfast and they complained that the school would serve all those “sugary cereals” that they NEVER serve their kids, like “Lucky Charms”. I just laughed, thinking how their poor kids don’t get to have any fun. Yup, you can find the “Charms, Coco Pops and even the dreaded Trix” in our house. Heck, they put them on sale once in a while! I don’t also serve them a dinner reminiscent of the supper scene in “Talladega Nights”, too, so it all balances out. And, evil mother that I am, I even let them eat dinner in front of the TV now and then! When else am I going to drink my wine in peace? 🙂

  16. Umm…hilarious SNL skit. Had not seen that one. Thanks for sharing that in your post – good stuff.

  17. Oh how funny, laughing up a storm! Lola’s hair is great too!

  18. I so much enjoy your posts! Have a lovely weekend!

  19. So funny! Loved this post and Lola’s hair is getting so long! She’s such a cutie!

  20. Fun post…even if there was blabbering 😉

  21. monikaki says:

    You are crazy..i love you!! have a nice Sunday!!! Ciao, Monica

  22. LOL … love it!

  23. i love that chair in the second pic. and your shoes. and those yellow cups in your cupboard. & that video is just great. i would actually be the mom giving the warning about it. ha! xx

  24. Erika Torres says:

    Why do so many ladies on blogs pose with one foot inward…I mean do you really have a crooked foot that goes inwards or do you do it on purpose to try to look like a model in a magazine? Just Sayin ;o)

  25. Your house is decorated so cute! I love it!!!

  26. Hoarders who happen to be spinster-cat ladies don’t have mice. : )

  27. soooo funny!!

  28. Bahaha!!! That is AWESOME!!! Thanks for the laughs as always 🙂

  29. I enjoy your blabbering & photos and totally covet that standing bird cage.

  30. That mouse reminds me of Anne of Green Gables! Love it!!!

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