Real housewives reunion


  1. Sandwich recipe please?…

  2. So much fun!

  3. Kasey~I always look forward to your posts! They seriously get me laughing out loud and my kids look at me funny because they think I am a lunatic. I want to meet your friends. I wonder if I was on that list what you would say about me? 🙂 Ha-ha! Love ya, Melaine

  4. Sounds like a fun bunch of ladies! Beautiful pictures:)

  5. UTTERLY GORGEOUS! Love all of the table scaping and of course your home is a wonderland!! I love your “vessels” for the flowers. I too bought those at Anthro! DAMN though – gave them all away as gifts… don’t think I kept a one! Great idea for them!
    ORANGE ya glad Spring is on her way??!! 🙂


  6. traci colquhoun says:

    So pretty. Would love the sandwich and quiche recipes!!!!

  7. Love your dress….where did you get it? Your house looks fabulous!

  8. Jill Stevens says:

    Didn’t notice the greasy hair- Had a wonderful time at your home Tuesday night – so cozy and fun, not to mention the yummy food and desserts. Thanks so much

  9. Jill Stevens says:

    p.s. – I love your blog too! Shannon shared it with me and it is superb – you are a very talented lady!

  10. I forgot to tell you yesterday that the push-up bra is really nice on your girls. Thanks for the profile pic, God, I love my nose! Great paaaaaarrrrrttttaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy! As usual.

  11. You’re hilarious, Kasey. Your friends must think you’re a riot…haha. Your home looks beautiful too! Must be nice to have an excuse to clean and make things look *extra* pretty! 😉 I always like it when we have company over….it kicks my butt into gear!

  12. Hands down you have the best blog, I love how you keep it real and there is so much laughter coming from it.
    Keep it up.
    Love the party, looks just amazing.

  13. Gorgeous, and the way you tell a little “diddy” about your friends is the best.
    so much fun!

  14. Just.too.much. Cant stand it…..I want to be in the club. You have too much fun and you appear to have friends that are in your spectrum. Keep on keepin on girl! LOVE IT…..

  15. your house is so purdy!

  16. Yes, please share yummy looking recipe.

  17. Love You & your friends!!! What a wonderful time you all had! I’m still laughing at your little descriptions of them! cute!❤

  18. hahaha. the side comments about the friends had me laughing! the food, by the way, looks DELISH!

  19. Brilliant!

  20. OMG honey. I seriously laughed out loud. You crack me up and I needed it today! Great post! I think you already know, but I’m having a great Spring giveaway that ends tomorrow! Make sure you enter if you haven’t already! Have a fantastic day honey! Kori xoxo

  21. You are KILLING me!!! LOL

    Love the green dress and the time out corner…as always…your house is fantastic!! The sandwiches looked DELISH! Feel free to share recipes 🙂

    Did Nate’s show really call you?!?!

  22. YOU.ARE.TALENTED……and hilarious too! Not that I haven’t already said that to you today!

    Let’s go see Nate!

  23. Love it all! My house looks like a bomb went every corner. Today, I just don’t give a rip. I’m sitting here typing…should be cleaning…oh well…I’m inspired by yours. Maybe tomorrow!

  24. OMG freaking hilarious! I loved this post! You are one talented lady I tell ya! 🙂

  25. your friend who answers a text with an email two weeks later sounds like my ex husband.

  26. You know how to throw a party like noone’s business…..


  27. Kasey~
    I am speechless!
    Your world~your home~your friends~your humor~ YOU…all AMAZING!
    That sums it up!

  28. Brilliant!!
    Love, love, love your house and your attention to detail is beautiful.
    You would be such fun to know in real life and I love the info on each friend.
    I bet they LOVE comin to a party at your house!! Looks like such fun!

  29. Ps your dress is gorgeous! Love the colour and btw your hair looks fine to me!

  30. OH MY GOSH…you kill me! I’m still traumatized by the “nose” on Rango!

  31. Your home is beautiful. You are beautiful (always but should definitely wear more green). The food is beautiful. The photographs are beautiful. And, what time was this party? There seem to be quite a few beverages involved. Love your wit and humor. Keep it up, girl! Your posts are a bright spot in my already sunny days.

  32. Rose D., Frenchtown, NJ says:

    Looked like a fun day…And your home is gorgeous!!!

  33. your friends are too cute
    your home looks gorgeous
    the food looks wonderful
    & your bra is rocking baby!

  34. Oh how I love this! I remember the post at the beginning of the year. I thought it was HA-LARIOUS. It inspired me to do the same with the gals at my cookie exchange….not as daring, but oh so fun…

  35. Your photos are amazing! You seriously should start your
    our own decorating magazine…really! You’re going to be famous one day 🙂

  36. You are so funny. Really, I love your posts, whenever I read them I think about how boring I sound and that I need to loosen up. It’s hard for me to be my real self on my blog though.

  37. please invite me to your next party because:
    –you are hilarious
    –your house is fantastic
    –your friends look like a good time
    –your food… yum!
    –you are hilarious.
    –i love your blog and am your newest fan.

  38. O.M.G. Pleeeeeaassssee……..may I be your friend and be invited next time? I won’t criticize your oily hair!

  39. I ADORE your decor. Especially all the white chippy furniture. Especially the white chairs and table with white legs and stained top. And all your accessories. You must be the most fabulous hostess!

    And I echo the others. Please post the recipes for the sandwiches and quiche. They look incredible. Pretty please?

  40. Katie C. says:

    Once again, you deliver and deliver in a GRAND style, Kasey!!

    I’m impressed and jealous at the same time, seeing how incredibly diverse you are in your life! You pull off such gatherings with such seeming ease and such aplomb!

    Martha is feeling a bit upstaged at this point, I think! That would be THE MS her very self!

  41. i can’t take it. too funny! you know i watch me some actual Real Housewives…ah, the guilty pleasure!
    hey, you watch the Bachelor 😉
    love your blog…just found it!!

  42. You all look like you have a great time. Florence

  43. looks like a fabulous time…you really got comments about oily hair…absurd! It’s always great to have a new bra…me…got a new one lets say two weeks ago…it’s not fun to find out you are in the negative and nothing pushes “nothin’ up….sigh…anyhoo…love your dress!

  44. Don’t change a thing…including the oil in your hair!

  45. I MUST starting throwing parties like yours!

  46. oh to be one ofthe girls! What fun

  47. oh to be one of the girls! What fun! I want to come to your house to play…………

  48. How does one get an invite to this party? You all look like you are having such a great time. AND your house is amazing.

    What fun! If invited, I’ll bring the wine…

  49. Oh Kasey, you always are the most talented housewife I have never known….brava, your house looks great, your menu very delicious..and your friends look happy to be with you!!! I am sure they are very lucky to have you as a friend!
    Enjoy yourselves for us as well…baci, MOnica

  50. You look gorgeous in that green dress !! I love that dress! is it Anthro?

  51. I’m just kinda mad I wasn’t invited. Humpf.

  52. Your home is so gorgeous! Ate up every photo!

  53. You are such a riot! Loved the post. Learned so much about your friends 😉

  54. Hilarious, looks like fun and your home is beautiful Kasey! So bright and fresh!

  55. This was hilarious and I’m officially in love with your house.

  56. The house looks great- and I am still wanting me those shades in the dining room.

  57. On an evening where I am feeling very uninspired and very fragile, your blog has made me laugh. Not just this post – all of it. Thank you for your honest, refreshing, funny look on living life. Sending much love from Tracy, CA. 🙂

  58. I just found your blog.. and I love it! You are one creative person, and writer! I love that you do not hold back what you are thinking. I was laughing out loud while reading your posts… while at work! Not only are you hilarious, but you have a beautiful home and family!

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