hello tuesday

On Saturday…the weather turned really nice…so nice in fact that the sun made an appearance…

and i do believe that the thermometer jumped to the mid 50’s.

Bryan brought out the scooter…and he took the kids around the neighborhood one by one.

I actually forgot about the scooter because it sits in that thing we call a garage…but we don’t

park in it because there is so much crap in there….but it does house our beloved scooter.

In my next home….i will have a garage that we park in…and hopefully it’s not a detached one…

and even though it’s my closet that sold me the house…i really miss having a garage.

In case you forget…it’s really cold here 6 months out of the year and i have to go out and start my car

15 minutes before we even leave the house.

This is the scooter that i will ride thru the streets of Paris when we move there.

{bryan…are you reading}

Actually the reason we bought the scooter is for bryan to ride to the train station every day when the

weather is nice.

Bryan commutes all five days a week on the train…so having the scooter as an alternative…

because it only costs around $4 to fill up…it saves us some cash….so that i can buy pretty things at Anthro.

Parking used to be free for bikes and scooters…but they changed that a year ago..

the town of Geneva got greedy…

and decided to make scooter parking the same amount as car parking.

Anyhoo….we love the scooter…as do the kids.

Once it gets really warm out…you might see me cruising around on it…..but i found out the hard way..

that it is indeed really hard to ride it and hold a grande latte at the same time.

The kids asked to do a lemonade stand late saturday afternoon….

and yes…that is Fin waving cars down with an orange flag HE stole from someones yard….

but don’t worry…i made him put the flag back…because apparently…that persons yard had to be

flagged due to some electrical work they were having and i would really hate to have to evacuate the street

when they accidentally break open a gas line because of one missing orange flag.

But the lemonade was good…real good.

{even if we can’t spell it}

I didn’t happen to have any frozen lemonade….but i found out the frozen mojito mix works just as well;-)

{non alcoholic of course….}

I spiked mine though….it’s the least i could do after finding out about the stolen orange flag.

Later that night….Bryan and i were able to sneak out for a little date on the town

and i had my sitter grab a couple of photos of us…

and because i just wanted to show you i really do have a husband.

oh…and yes….since you asked…

that is a new purse from Anthro that i’m sporting on my left arm.

We went to one of our fav little places called Preservation…it’s in Geneva..and if you are local…

i highly recommend it.

It’s a cafe and wine bar…but they have lots of little dishes to share….like…

wild mushroom and goat cheese tarts.

We got there and sat down when i noticed an older couple by the window….and they were

both sitting there enjoying their meal…all the while…reading their books.

They might have looked up once and said a few words to each other….but i told bryan…

that will be us when we are that age….because really…all that tells me is that they are so

comfortable with each other…

{and probably REALLY  have nothing at all left to talk about}

that sitting there just enjoying a good meal with a great book is pretty dang fantabulous.

I told bryan to sneak over and see what the older gentleman was reading…

so bryan obliged….

and took this photo with his phone…

it just goes to show you….you can never be too prepared..at any age.


  1. Love your blurb today…the scooter — the lemonade…the gorgeous bag ( I’m jealous because Anthro does NOT post to OZ)
    I love what the old man is reading and somehow you remind me of a scene from ‘Date Night”.

  2. Hello! I love your perspective on the older couple – when I see that I think it’s kinda sad as they have nothing to talk about but from now on I am going to think they are just super-comfortable with each other! Plus, if you think about it, in retirement you see each other all day so there is not the pressing need to cover a mass of topics on date night; you get that chance at 10am or 11am or 3pm etc. And you are right – you can never be too prepared no matter what 😉 Lou x

  3. :)))))) Oh I love his book :)) Not that I read it, but I love it that he’s reading it!

    yay for your date night. I need to have a date night with hubby. Siiigh… 🙂


  4. haha that was hilarious! I love the grande latte and the scooter. you. kill.me. Are you saying Genenva IL? I am from central IL …no Antho within 2 hrs -booo!!

  5. that’d be anthr … I’m a hick.

  6. I saw the picture you tweeted about the couple and it just made me happy.

    You look adorable and the purse is very you:) Hope you are feeling better.

  7. I would LOVE to be able to read a book at the table without appearing rude. I think that is the height of contented comfort with a partner. He wasn’t really reading that though, right?!

  8. Hello Tuesday…hello humor! It’s like a scene from a movie…your life…love it:) Great photo of you & Bryan; thanks for reminding me that I have a husband, too, and we are so overdue for a date night! Gotta make sure I have a good book then 😉

  9. you & bryan look entirely too cute!!!
    as does your little street. wish we were neighbors

  10. HAHA! That book looks old,like they may have used it on their first night, and they are at Preservation studying to preserve their marriage.!
    Love the chairs in there. And love your new bag.

  11. Oh, …..ouch….breeathe, Katy, breathe! Oh, that’s SOOOOOO funny! You got me! =D

  12. Chip and I have done that same thing. We go out to eat a lot, and we both like to read a lot, so sometimes, those two things just converge. It’s our favorite thing on a rainy day – grab our books, go get coffee and read away the afternoon.

  13. Ok…just too much!!! LOVE IT!!! Your bag is DARLING…and the fact that you captured a pic of this couple just thrills me. Your perspective as well, as I have often also thought “how sad”….but truth is, my hub and I have only been married 3 years and when we vaca in FL a few times a year, we can go to the beach every day all 10 days we are there and chat very little. We touch, we play cards, but we are in each others face the entire time and we are comfy. Its all good. I cant wait to be married for 30 years and saying, “We can just do our own thing”.

    I have a scooter that my hub got me for my birthday and CANT WAIT for the weather to pick up here in Seattle so that I can scoot around. Im jealous! And I want that bag.

  14. LOL!!! That last pic is AWESOME!
    LOVE the new Anthro bag…sooo cute!

  15. You are so funny! Glad you had a date night. They are the best! 🙂

  16. Hahaha! Great bag. Also – your neighborhood looks adorable.

  17. I love that you can always make me smile. You look great! I love seeing pictures of you and Bryan together. You can just see how much he adores you.:)

  18. Monikaki says:

    What an incredible book…. I am always curious to find out what anyone is reading as well….And you? What are you reading in these days? Est-ce que tu aime bouquiner? Baci, monica

  19. Shut the front door!
    You crack me up 🙂

  20. THAT BAG!!! So I saw a similar one at Anthro months ago…same flower styling but all leather-ish. Wanted it soo bad. They only had one. But I had recently just bought another pretty pricey purse. And of course, when I went back it was gone. So there is hope…that I might find such a beauty again! Thanks for sporting your bags! Love to see what you are wearing! {wink}

    P.S. I just started a little collection of vintagey pretty mismatched plates! you sold me! My husband is tired of hearing what Kasey Buick has in her house!

  21. Yes Paris! Look out!
    I love that you went up to the old couple! yay.

  22. I love your posts!!!! You are such a great writer 🙂 P.S. Your “mommy corner” rocks.

  23. Fin should have grown up in the 70’s…he is rocking that jacket! SOOO cute!! I hope I’m reading those books when I’m their age….so awesome!!!!

  24. adorable.
    you both.
    the lemonade stand.
    the purse.
    that book!

  25. Well, how stinking cute is that book? LOL


  26. that is awesome.

  27. Kasey I’ve been so busy with a new job that I haven’t had time to read and enjoy my fav blogs but this morn I read this post and going forward and just wanted you to know that you ALWAYS bring a smile to my face with your pure honesty about life! We all live it and am glad you share yours!

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