just popping in to say

*I just found out that Fin does not wear underwear…..at all….ever.

*That is what happens when your baby gets too big to need help getting dressed.

*I’m sad to say that for most of this last year…i’ve been paying him a quarter if he stayed in his bed all night.

*Now i’m paying him a quarter if he will do the opposite and come up at some point and climb in bed with me.

*Needless to say…he’s a little confused by the whole thing.

*I’ve also resorted to paying him to go to the gym with me.

*It won’t be long till he can buy his own car at Ten years old.

*I’m having two parties at my house tomorrow.

*First one is a ‘Real Housewives’ luncheon.

*I still have to clean my house and hide the laundry…but instead…i’m sitting here typing away.

*Real friends don’t care….all they really want are the lemonade cupcakes and wine.

*I went thru my coupon folder…and because it’s been a year since i’ve clipped a coupon..i threw them out.

*I had good intentions…really.

*I’m watching The Bachelor…as i write…and all i have to say is….awkward.

*I also just took a break to clean the boys bathroom.

*If you don’t have boys….then you really don’t know what you are missing.

*Do men pee in the shower like little boys do?

*Real friends don’t care if there is pee in the shower…just as long as they can sit on a dry clean toilet seat.

*I’m really loving the new Cake Pops at Starbucks.

*Starbucks has clean bathrooms.

*You only have to run on the treadmill for 19 minutes in order to have one.

{not a clean bathroom…but a Cake Pop}

*I think it’s just a little bit awkward when Fin’s besties dad stops by to pick up his kid..but comes inside instead.

*I think it’s a little more awkward when he pours his own  glass of wine.

*I have a feeling he didn’t realize i was taking a photo of him.

*I don’t mind that he was taking business calls while lounging on my sofa.

*This would have been a very awkward situation should Bryan come home.

*No comment….i’ll just go finish frosting my cupcakes.


  1. haaaaaaaaaa again.. I don’t know what I laughed at harder..the guy on your sofa or the coupon incident..I’ve experienced both. You really make my day…PS. I also have boys (men) and my guess is if they can’t take measures to hit the toilet,they are probably peeing in the shower too.

  2. LOL Ya that would be awkward…

  3. OMG I needed a good chuckle. I just had a glass and watched the last awkward 1/2 hour of the bachelor while DH ran to Menards…for draino and some stuff for the kids’ lunch. Really? It’s 10 p.m. I goofed and cleaned out the fridge earlier today…tossed old leftovers down the drain. Ran laundry and the dishwasher tonight. Bad scene after bedtime in the laundry room, as the little girls decided to open their summer bins and have a little cat walk. Crap was coming up the drain…all over the floor filled with clothes. LOVELY. Dh is trying to clear the mess in the pipes as I type. I’m so helpful with this type of thing….Calgon?? As for the lunches…he brought home kudos bars and little breadsticks with cheese. They’ll be so happy….

  4. And yes…Men pee in the shower too! I don’t think they ever outgrow that!

  5. Wondering if you wouldn’t mind telling me what color your wall with the frames is? Love it and I’m searching for a new hallway color!!

  6. You are making me laugh. Yes i can so relate to all of this… I have the very best of intentions but those coupons always get tossed instead of used. Yes I think even “big” boys pee in the shower, and I have been know to hide many things in the dryer when company is coming over. See how very normal your life is LOL!!
    Have a wonderful week and thanks for the chuckle

  7. LOL!!! 😉

  8. Too funny, yeah the guy on the couch, if I hadn’t seen pictures of your husband I would have thought he lived there. Ok let’s talk about the party theme? Have lots of fun! As for little boys, yep they grow up into those cute men who say they can pee standing up in the dark.

  9. Ummm thanks alot after reading your post about the cake pops I just had to stop and get one and now I am addicted. As the mother of an eight year old son I feel your pain with the bathroom. I have given up on our powder room and direct guests to the upstairs bathroom after too many comments about stepping or sitting in urine. Ugh. Love your blog!

  10. just the laugh i needed…again! i can relate…to the coupons, the non-underwear wearing boys, and the thought of…”what in the world do boys/men do when they pee???? HA! Too FUNNY! 🙂

  11. I have 3 boys (17,15,7) and I try to avoid their bathroom if at all possible! GROSS…I understand the part about paying them a quarter to snuggle. My 15 year old still needs me to cut his steak and I am holding on to that! Pathetic. Have a glass of wine and enjoy the little things!

  12. I have girls…they don’t pee in the shower {as far as I know}…but, oh the drama!

  13. I definitely say awkward:(

    I saw the cake pops last week when I stopped in for a coffee. I might have to try one:) Have fun at your party.

  14. Funny! Funny! Funny! He does look comfortable. Maybe invite him to your Real Housewives party today! Your little man is too adorable! My little man is up on the sofa sleeping. We’ve been up all night – 3 nights straight – relentless cough. He’s so peaceful right now. Anyhow – I miss the little stage! Have a really great day!

  15. Oh – I do understand the little boy issues. I have a little boy and have the same issues. Cleaning little boys rooms is a big deal. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Love this entire post today! You’re a riot! I must go try the cake pops too. Can you post the recipe for lemonade cupcakes? Sound yummy!

  17. So your the house everyone feels comfortable at then.

  18. Wow!! Commando huh?!?! Silly guy…The last part is HILARIOUS!!! Have fun with your parties!

  19. He looks pretty darn comfortable! LOL

  20. I worked at Starbucks for 3 years. 2 of those years were at the University of Oregon campus and 1 was downtown near the bus station. You do not want to know the horrors(and oddities)I uncovered. Or maybe you do.

  21. can’t wait to hear about the partay!
    & seriously, is brad a whipped case over emily who seems a little nonchalant about the whole deal?

  22. I am really hoping that whatever those lemonade cupcakes are you will send out the recipe!

  23. This last part kills me….total hot dad alert tho…wows!! 😉

  24. I love that you pulled your camera out to take a pic of him! 🙂 That is so funny!!

  25. that man! oh my! lol!

    I tell my friends that by entering my home and eating my food serves as a disclaimer that I may and will post photos of them on my blog whether they like it or not!

  26. LOL! Please tell me that is not what really happened with that man! I am literally laughing out loud and I can’t stop! I love your roll of random thoughts, always entertaining!


  27. So funny!

  28. Very funny! I love reading your blogs! They are so real and I so can relate! P.S. where did u get those pillows on your couch? Thanks!

  29. That had me laughing. I want to come to your luncheon. I don’t care about clean bathrooms 🙂

  30. Laughing….funniest part is the picture of the friend’s dad w/the glass of wine in front of him, chatting on the phone while lounging on the couch. He looks right at home!

  31. * number 3 children never wear underwear

    * I just popped a Peroni

    * it’s not just males who pee in the shower

    * certain ahem women I know do too

    * it saves the environment by not flushing the loo

    * I am paying teenagers to speak to me noq

    * um are there really dads out there who wear tank tops

    * with suit trousers?

    * over and out

    * from Australia

  32. * I am not sure if you know what a tank top is

    * um where I come from men don’t wear ’em

    * or you must be uber cool and uber handsome and uber hot to pull it off

  33. * i am not sure your tank top wearing is any of the above

    * but you may know better

  34. have you blocked my isp address yet?

    yep I am a nutter

  35. * you bring out the worst in a girl

  36. SO awkward! haha
    but hey, something to laugh about! 😉

  37. My son was banned from using the guest bathroom when he was young because he left it in such a gross mess, and his only chore for a long time was to clean the ‘kids bathroom’ for the same reason.

    I have to bribe my two college kids with money, or offer to do their laundry, or bake their favorite meal, just to get them to come home. A little bribery doesn’t hurt them (or me).

    When the kids were young I counted the number of underwear in the hamper to see who was changing their underwear daily. The kids caught on, and I”m pretty sure one or more of them threw in clean underwear just to try and fool me.

    I’m pretty sure this is all very normal. Thanks for the laughs!!!!

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