things i have learned

1. Never….and i mean never….go to a museum or aquarium on their “free day”.

2. Don’t wear a skirt with riding boots and no hat when the line out the museum door is over an hour long and

it’s 22 degrees outside.

3. Do not go to said museum on “free day” when there is no school through-out the state.

4. Make sure you pack lunches for kids because what’s the point of going to “free day” at museum if

you end up spending $30 for lunch for the family in their restaurant.

5. Make sure you find out first that “free day” only includes seeing the fish at the aquarium…

“free day” does NOT include: play areas. shows. shark tank. otter cove.

6. It was Not our fault that we happened upon a service elevator that takes you down to the otter cove and play area

even though we didn’t have paid for wrist bands on.

7. Do not text while walking or you might walk right into a wall.

{I didn’t do that…but i’m just letting you can happen}
8. Do not….i repeat….Do not…..tell your kids you found a possum hiding in the corner of the porch.

9. Do not let your kids talk you into catching him in a box and keeping him as a pet.

10. DO tell your kids that she has babies somewhere and needs to get back to feed them.

11. Make sure if you DO tell your kids she has babies…then be prepared to start answering

questions on how babies are made and how are they born.

12. Nothing is better then coming home….telling your kids to go and read while you start season three of Mad Men.

p.s. Care to add your own “things i’ve learned”….please feel free to.

p.p.s Thank you all so much for your sweet comments from my Library video…you made me smile.

p.p.s.s. I’m really excited to show you something…and it’s not my new miracle bra in case you were wondering.


  1. Girl…you got waaaay closer to that possum than I would have….when I saw one in our backyard letting cadence out
    We scrammed inside before you could even say possum…. as the one I saw was

  2. First…really…im so dorky for even thinking that’s exciting
    Trying to get my mind off the fact we are waaay late for the airport this morning
    uh oh

  3. awesome lessons 🙂
    good ones for us to learn.

  4. I’ve learned Never to go to free days either.

  5. I am always amazed at how much you take your kids to do – you are a great mom. That being said, I am sure you are counting the minutes to get yourself on that plane! I hope you have a fantastic time in Cali!!!

  6. 1. Let us know how the baby talk goes.
    2. I love that you found a service elevator.
    3. Possums probably do not make good pets.
    4. I know I love your blog.
    5. Do not text while walking. Lesson learned.

  7. I’m adding one more thing:
    Do not… i repeat…. do not wash skinny jeans in hot water.

  8. I would be scared for that possum to be on my porch! YIKES! He is scary.

    Are you finished with Mad Men? Did they win anything the other night?

  9. Do not get to Shedd’s Aquarium on any day an hour after it opens, you could very well wait an hour in line! Get there when it opens!

    Cute post!

  10. Things I know…

    that these moments go by too quickly…

    that they will grow up whether I like it or not…

  11. In my teen and early 20’s I worked as at a movie theatre and learned quite a few things:
    1. Never go to the movies on a rainy day.
    2. Never go to the movies on an opening day of a great movie.
    3. Never go to the movies on a free kids movie day.
    4. Never go to the movies with your girlfriend and expect the girl you know at the ticket window to let you in for free (NOT GONNA HAPPEN). Even if the girl at the window may be your wife someday!

  12. so funny…really…you always manage to tickle my funny bone! 🙂

  13. I went to the museum of Natural History in London on a holiday. (it’s free all the time) Never in my life have I seen more preschoolers in one location, all over the top excited to see dinosaur bones.
    Needless to say I didn’t spend too much time in the dinosaur section of the museum.

  14. Do not turn your back on your toddler for one second, even to make dinner, or you will be cleaning black Sharpie off his face and the wall.

  15. I guess it’s true…Nothing is ever free :-/ If you aren’t paying money, you’re paying in some other way: crappy view, crowds, or other. BOO!

  16. We have opossums under our shed. They are ugly and mean. It must be liking that shoe.


  17. I wish you would have consulted your “city expert” on free museum days before heading downtown. Rule of thumb in the city – “if its free, DO NOT ATTEND.” That goes for most things downtown. FREE =crowds and general unpleasantness! I hope you capped off your day with some vino with your Mad Men.

  18. Lisa Fairbanks says:

    Awesome! I think that we as Parents, learn more in our Parenting years than any other time in our lives. So funny the things we go through in a day. I respect my Mom so much more than I ever have!
    You are my “daily delight” !

  19. ALWAYS start at the back of the brunch buffet, thats where they keep the best stuff. If you start at the front you’ll fill up on cheap pastries. Random, but worth knowing.

  20. 1. Do not take your kids to Pump It Up (aka Parents In Purgatory) on a school Holiday.
    2. Do not dress your daughter in tights and a skort unless you enjoy seeing the skirt up to her armpits and her butt showing while she slides and jumps.
    3. Remember that tired kids may mean docile kids, but usually means CRANKY kids.
    4. Medium size Burger King coffee cups, spilled on tan corduroy pants hide the stain….no kidding!
    5. Tuesdays can turn into Mondays if enough people scream at you.
    6. Wine is a good cure for #5….
    7. If they can’t take a joke, screw ’em…. 🙂

  21. Things I have learned: Kasey is one funny lady! And I am not a funny lady. 😉 But I have funny friends.

  22. Hosting the family holiday party has its advantages. I’ve found more unopened bottles of alcohol (that I didn’t purchase) than I care to count – even AFTER cleaning up!

  23. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! xx

  24. Do not let an opposum die under your friend’s house and start to smell, especially when that friend has a weak stomach and would throw up the entire time while my husband (what a man) pulled the already decomposing thing out. Nasty all the way around!

    Love your blog and the entertainment your provide!

  25. I got one! …Do Not ..I repeat..Do Not take your car through one of those car wash things they have at the gas station when it is 20 degrees outside….unless you like the frozen blue soapy car look

  26. I’ve learned:
    1. opossums are not cute & cuddly.
    2. wild animals make lousy pets.
    3. Kasey has the best blog posts ever:)

  27. Did you see the store video from Pennsylvania of a woman exiting a store in a mall while texting? She tripped head first into a fountain, bounced right back out and kept walking perhaps praying that no one saw her or noticed that she’s completely drenched!?

  28. So, this is unrelated to your post but I noticed that your ikea chair slipcover is nice a loose. I have two of those chairs and the darn things are so tight.

  29. This reminded me of my great-grandma, who used to tell us she was feeding a stray cat in the neighborhood she called “big kitty.” So one night we watched her as this HUGE possum come & sat by her feet and ate the family leftovers out of her hand! … She was obviously a bit blind by this point 😉 But oh how cute!

  30. I have learned that I’d really rather pay than brave a free day anywhere. It’s just too stressful and most of the time you end up spending plenty of money anyway. And EWWWWW! A possum! YUCK!

  31. I learned that one of the best things to do on a January day is pick up some great Christmas clearance things — I know this is really random — but I love the new things I end up with in January –and then forget I have until I go through the boxes in December. I got some vintage look silver garland s from restoration hardware!

    (I also already know that I hate scary animals like possums)

  32. and tell all — what do you have to show us?

  33. ~*~*LOL~*~*Love it!!!;) Rachel

  34. everyday, this is the best blog! hello from Finland 🙂 it is cold here too..and SNOWY!!

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