the moral of the story is..

Two important things happened in the last 24 hours….that make me feel like a total failure as a mother.


every Tuesday evening….i load up the kids and drop them off at Awana.

{I love Awana}

Awana is a Β program through Β church for kids to go and have fun while learning bible verses.

{you get to drop them off for an hour and a half}

But last night as i was dropping off the kids….Fin’s leader pulled me aside and asked if she could chat with

me for a minute.

{no one likes to be pulled over in the corner for a chat….just saying}

I looked at my phone….and said sure…i can spare a minute because i’m supposed to meet Bryan

for our weekly Tuesday night date night.

{I love Awana}

She pulls me aside and asks me if i am sitting down with Fin every week helping him learn his verses.

I look at Fin…..blank stare.

Fin looks at me….blank stare.

We both look at the leader.

Fin says no….

so i say no.

{i guess i missed that part of needing to help the kids when they handed out the rules handbook}

i didn’t realize we were supposed to be helping him….

i just thought we dropped him off every tuesday night….so that i could meet bryan…

and we could have a weekly date night.

The moral to the story is…..

Awana is awesome….just make sure you help your kids not feel like child failures because their mom

wants to make it to her dinner date in time.


i took Fin in for his 6 year old check up this morning.

He steps on the scale….his weight is perfect.

He gets measured….he is right on target.

Blood pressure…..normal.

He counts..he talks…he passes all his little tests the Doc gives him.

Then she listens to his chest…..and pauses….then slowly turns around and looks at me.

And she says…..

has this cough been bothering him at all?

I get that blank stare….you know the one….

the one that says…..

please don’t tell me he can’t go to school today…pretty pretty please

oh…you mean that cough that he’s had for a few weeks but he’s not allowed to miss school….

you mean that cough?

So…i go ahead and tell her….

no…it has not been bothering him at all…as a matter of fact…i’m the one that has been in bed sick

the last few days….and i even got up early yesterday to make the teachers at school breakfast for teacher appreciaton

and yes..that was me that even went back into school later in the day to read a book to Lola’s class…..

but no…to answer your question Doc…the cough has not been bothering him.

Then she looks at me…{evil eye}

and i look at her….{puppy dog eyes..with a tear in the corner to help the situation}

when she tells me that she’s going to call in an antibiotic because he has…..

walking pneumonia.

Moral of that story is….

us moms can’t all be superhero’s….so thank goodness for Doctors.

Oh…and thank goodness for Antibiotics….

and one more thing….

thank goodness for pink Cake Pops from Starbucks when we feel like mother failures.


  1. oh my golashes, walking pneumonia!?? Kasey, dont’ be beating the drum too hard on yourself, these things can be missed for sure! at least………your laughing through it. Always do!
    Now, get goin on those verses…………heee
    see you next monday-i’ll text or email, if I can figure out this phone i just got!

  2. This post is endearing…. I LOVED it!!!!!

  3. You are not alone, I sent Emily to School all week in the 7th grade and she too was feeling like Crap. Well…By Saturday she was so sick and we were in the Urgent Care, needless to say, she had a Viral Infection in the Sac around her Heart. HA.. I felt like the worst Mom ever. She was just about hospitalized and I took the trophy for worst mom of the year. So, I totally understand. But the practicing of the bible versus is completely Hysterical…. Add that to your list of things to do. XO Jamie

  4. This is going to sound VERY creepy because I’ve never met you, talked to you, or emailed you…but today I went through Starbucks drive-thru and I saw cake-pops on a stick and thought to myself, I wonder who gets those? I wonder how they got invented? I bet Lola B has tried them…not in a judgmental way (I was getting a frappucino)…just in a “lola b is up on all the cool new treats” way.

    Please laugh at this and please don’t think I’m weird.

  5. You know I love ya, Kasey. The very same thing would have happened to me. I don’t even make my kids do their homework, let alone practice bible verses. Go enjoy those date nights – that’s what’s going to sustain your marriage!

  6. When I first saw this pic I thought maybe he got into your KY again!! He is too cute for words. Oh, and unless he plans on being a preacher I wouldn’t sweat it!! Thank God for those antibiotics!!

  7. Poor lil’ thing! My sweet Bailey has had a terrible cough for over a week now…being the hypochondriac that I am (only when it comes to her though…I HATE going to the doc for myself), I took her in two days after it started and they gave her an antibiotic. Still hasn’t helped much 7 days later…she’s sleeping a bit better (and so am I). I hope he gets better VERY soon so you don’t have to miss Tuesday’s date night : ) Thou shalt study thoust verses with thoust child πŸ™‚

  8. His hair is absolutely ADORABLE!!! πŸ™‚

  9. heeheehee – I remember Awanas! Both my kids were in Amanas a long time ago – they memorized their verses enroute to the then Wednesday evening program
    Go get a latte and a cake pop – or a glass of wine and a cake pop!
    Fin will be all better tomorrow πŸ™‚

  10. I love your blog – you make me laugh – it’s so nice to know there are other mums like me. You can always guarantee that the one time you ignore a medical problem it’s serious. Have a great day.

  11. I took my girl to one of her well kid check ups and she passed with flying colors and I’m mentally doing the high five when the doc looks at one of her hand and looks at me and asks ME how long her thumb had been broken? Broken? What – how the hell was I supposed to know – she never complained about it when it happened – and I’m still not totally sure when or how it did happen but she played basketball in jr and high school and because no one told me – she has a 12 degree curve to that thumb because it was never set. She survived, she’s 21 now and ya know what, I did too! She even thinks I’m a pretty cool…
    You’re on your own though with those bible versus – I think someone up there said it best – as long as he isn’t planning on becoming a preacher – I wouldn’t sweat it!

  12. I blogged about my mom failure day, too. But I think you win. πŸ™‚

  13. aw man, i feel for u….cause this sounds like a typical mom day for me.

  14. Oh man!! Poor Fin…and you’re not a mother failure! LOL

  15. a story to make you feel better…

    one of my best friends’ (college sorority sister kind of best friend)husband happens to be a pediatrician. years ago when her first child was a toddler, she told her husband that the child had been pulling at her ear, been crabby, not well, etc and her mommy diagnosis was an ear infection. dr. dad (who really is a wonderful ped. btw) checked it out, blew her mommy diagnosis off. they went through this scenario a few times until my friend got a leetle aggravated with dr. dad and took her child to see another pediatrician in their practice.

    yep, you guessed it. a raging ear infection.

    the poor man, to this day, has never lived it down.

    even parents with medical degrees get it wrong sometimes!

    nanne in indiana by way of alabama

  16. spotsoftime says:

    This reminded me of the time we had to go and get chest xrays for our visas. All clear, noting only that our eldest daughter had had bronchitis at some point. Bronchitis??!!! This is the child that never has a day off school and had been packed off to school with a cough medicine at the very most – little did we know she was suffering from something that would later show as lung damage! It is still used now as emotional blackmail if she wants something really badly; that guilt sure hangs around!

  17. That totally sounds like something that would happen to me. (at the dr’s office) Hope he feels better or gets better since I assume he is feeling fine. He is adorable and love love his hair!

  18. Loving your post as always honey! Hope he feels better soon! Have a great day honey!

    Did you hear about my good news? Kori xoxo

  19. I know… This whole parenting business is difficult!! Made up of constant worry and guilt!
    Wish I had cakepops.

  20. pink pops from starbucks look entirely too cute.
    & you are so the mom of the year!! look at that precious smile. he thinks you’re mom of the year.
    what other mom made a chalk board wall for their little fella & let him play in her kyjelly?

  21. Your stories always make me smile and laugh because I can totally relate! Fin looks all grown up in his AWANA outfit…and cute hair as usual. Take care of yourself and do continue to enjoy your Tuesday date night πŸ™‚

  22. How funny! I just love reading every word you write because it always makes me smile. I haven’t tried the cake pops yet but I sure do want one. I am up 10 lbs. and now we are off for a little getaway for spring break. I am praying that I don’t come back with 5 more added to what I have to lose now. When I get back, it is diet all the way. Gotta look good for my 20th anniversary in June.

    I have been tanning the fat though;-)

  23. Don’t beat yourself up, Kasey! Gosh, do I know that doctor evil eye inquisition! How many damn times have I dragged one of my kids (with all the others in tow mind you) to the doc b/c of a cough and it’s nothing. Then the one time I wait…just back in Oct…and here my daughter is checked into the hospital overnight with pneumonia! She never complained. Seemed like a lingering cold/cough…

    Moral of the story – Moms are expected to KNOW and DO everything with perfection! So…let’s go get more cake pops! And wine!


  24. Oh Kasey…that could {and does} happen to any one of us! There’s no such thing as “SuperMom”, no matter how hard we try:) Seriously Doc, we moms feel guilty enough without your help πŸ˜‰

  25. Don’t stand still around the drop off to long or they will have you helping teach awana’s…
    and I’m a school nurse and told my daughter for two weeks her little rash was no big deal, when she finally asked to go to the dr and they were going to strep test her, I was thinking ‘oh, go ahead but that’s not a strep rash’…guess what it was???

  26. Kasey, I love your blog and look forward to every new post…I had a similar thing with my daughter once- she had raging scarlet fever and I had no idea. I comforted myself with the thought that at least I was at the doctor with her!!! Have a great week. Emma.

  27. Lindsay Jo says:

    Just recently found your blog through another blog (A Beach Cottage) and SOOO glad I did! I’m not a parent (yet) but I can see myself having many of these moments. Good to know in advance that I won’t be alone πŸ™‚

  28. last year when my older son was in pre-K, the teachers mentioned to me one day that his cough was pretty bad & if i’d had it checked out. that afternoon we went to the pediatrician & found out he had walking pneumonia. i felt like a pretty bad momma that day, but i think sometimes things like this just happen. sometimes that cough becomes a background noise that we get used to & don’t question. thank goodness for antibiotics is right!
    i’m gonna have to try those cake pops – they sound yummy!

  29. OH MY – I could have written this myself!! I’m sorry you were feeling that way – but you made me feel normal πŸ™‚ I love the “Please don’t tell me he can’t go to school”. Whenever there is a call from school I think….are they sending them home – what am I supposed to do….

    I feel your pain – you are not alone – and you are most definately not a failure!

  30. Love your blog and photos!! You are hilarious. This talk about not letting the kids miss school…..Am I the only looney toons who actually is glad when they kids have a tiny sniffle so that they CAN stay home from school? I mean, these days FLY by and if your family is ever cursed with cancer or another terminal illness you may look back wishing you treasured every moment because they can very quickly and quite suddenly be taken from you. In my profession I have seen countless families lose their beloved children to disease…it is cruel. One minute your life is fine and the next your baby is terminally ill and you are holding them as they take their last breath. These mothers would do anything humanly possible to trade place with you — to have healthy children they can hold and dream with about their futures. These mothers would celebrate a sick day, a little walking pneumonia, just to have those moments together. Because, in all honesty, you can’t count on those moments, can’t take them for granted.

    • You are right….we need to savor the little moments…but i’ll savor them before and after school.

      • Good grief! I think this was really harsh. I think everyone who comes here regularly realizes your musings are meant to be humourous. To be told that you need to be grateful that your kids arent’t terminally ill to appreciate them more, was a little much. I think it’s okay to take a break from your children. It makes you a better parent if you’re refreshed. I think the lecture was a little too much, way too preachy. Lighten up! I come here to be lightened up, to hear about the funny stories that I think we can all pretty much relate to as mothers. I think instead of knocking each other down we need to support one another. Sheesh!

        • I think that her reply was still a joke? No hard feelings. Kasey is who she is. Funny…sarcastic. She loves her kids and I think it is okay to enjoy some free time.

          Thank you for the reminder to love the moments we have with our loved ones. But we all interpret that differently.

          Nothing but love for you both!

  31. Yep…being a Mom….the hardest…most challenging…tiring….job…that is the best…most blessed thing in live. It goes so fast…enjoy the journey! Dianntha

  32. I had a terrible morning and after calling my husband at work to sob, I may have cracked open a hard cider w lunch… Before having another I debated if the other moms would frown if i showed up in a cab to pick up my kindergartener.

  33. How are we supposed to know those things. We aren’t doctors. We’re Moms who take care of EVERYTHING ELSE !

  34. oh thank god that I am not the only one —- my daughter was in high school (she’s now 29 and I still feel guilty) and kept telling me she didn’t feel well –I made her go to school and then on the 3rd day –I took her to the dr –and she had strep –she spent the whole thanksgiving holiday and weekend in bed and I felt like the worst mom ever….. (I was a social worker at the time!!!!!)

  35. Coughs are sneaky. Don’t beat yourself up! We can’t be perfect moms all the time. I hope Fin is well soon. πŸ™‚

  36. oh!! i feel your pain! don’t be too hard on yourself, it happens to the best of us! and there is no such thing as a perfect mom!

  37. Kasey don’t be too hard on yourself when my daughter was 2 (shes now 11) she was sick for 3 weeks on and off, I was a busy working Mum blah blah blah, by the time I took her to the doctors she had been struggling with pneumonia all that time. Still feel guilty about that one. And to make you feel better I forgot to pick up my 8 year old daughter from her lacross game today! I was very shocked when she knocked on my door and said hi Mum I’m home….mmmmmm thankfully a lovely neighbour whose daughter was playing lacross brought her home.

  38. i remember that pic very well

  39. Just had a similar thing happen with my son. He had strep throat but because it was PSSA testing week I ignored his sore throat complaint. When I finally took him to the doctor I felt horrible. I am waiting for Karma Train to run me over.

  40. Do.Not.Beat.Yourself. Up. If every Mom was completely honest, they would admit to this and probably a lot more. Like you, I sent my daughter to school only to find out days later she had walking pnemonia as well. Good grief, but I felt like such a moron.

    And, for the record — date night is very important. Good luck with the Bible verses! — lol

  41. One more reason for me not to put my kids in Awana..I know I wouldn’t get the memorization done! You poor thing..walking pneumonia? Argh. I would have bought a tray of cake pops…right there and then. Funny, I just wrote on my blog about my stellar parenting moment yesterday…sent Sof to school with a needle on her lei. Whoops! There is always something!

  42. becky up a hill says:

    oh so sorry..but just get in line. When the dr. says your son’s wrist is broken (after a fall at the ice rink three days before you finally take him in)..and you tell him it’s just a sprain…and you go home with a brace/cast thing that stinks like a dead cat after two days…then when he breaks his ankle and you tell him the same thing..and he ends up in surgery three days later..I don’t even want to mention I let a chicken pox rot on top of his head for three days, and when I finally realized it, he ended up at the drs again, and it got better, but his hair fell out and stayed that way for a year. Get in line, you will have lots of company.

  43. Me and my hubby are Awana failures too, at least when it comes to helping them with their versus. They usually memorize a new one on the way to church, love using that short term memory!

    Anyway, the pic of your little one with the Sparky vest on made me remember that thanks to you, my little girl actually got some patches attached to hers this week! I remembered a comment of yours from an earlier post where you said you put all the scout patches on with hot glue! It works!!

    Hope your little one is feeling better soon.

  44. i’m glad u at least went to the doctor when you did, that stuff happens, don’t feel too bad, meaning, just feel a little bad. πŸ˜‰ and i just have to try these starbucks cake pops now. must. xx

  45. This is funny! But is it not supposed to be funny? πŸ˜‰ First off I have never done awana, but from what I heard it is hard core. Between homework and other things…though having God’s word in your heart is good, I think it is okay that you cannot do it EVERY night! Second, my mom never let us stay home from school even if we were sick. I find it only fair that other children must endure as I did!

    And third, I know that you are a good mom, but I love your humor and attitude towards it all. I am at a place where I am far from wanting to have kids right now because I love my free time and I love my time with my husband. You give me hope that I can have kids and still have a life! I by no means want to throw away my fashionable parties, pretty decor, shopping trips, figure, or whatever else…when I have kids. And through it all you still have time to write a blog and your kids look pretty happy (most of the time!). You are my inspiration! xo

  46. i remember those awana date night nights when my kids were littles. i remember helping them with their verses but not on a very consistent basis. sorry to hear about fin and and hey we all have those days.

  47. kathy ostergaard says:

    Hi Kasey,
    I love your view of life! I am so glad I found your blog and hope to visit it often! It is so hard to keep up with EVERYTHING and you seem to do a better job than most of us and on those days when you slip behind, I can tell you end up make lemonade!
    Keep on seeing the bright side of every situation and when we all get through raising our children, I think you will be leading the parade!

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