Josh Groban with some Q & A time

It’s been a really long time since i hosted a Q & A for you all…..

but before we start…i thought i would tell you all about Josh Groban.

I was SO lucky when i boarded the flight to L.A last thursday to be able to sit next to the one and only.

Unfortunately….he slept the entire time….so i wasn’t able to grill him about his personal life at all.

I can tell you a few things though.

He does not have bad breath.

He does not snore.

He drooled just a teeny tinny bit…but it was not bothersome at all. Really.

I even pretended i was asleep also…so that i could lay my head on his shoulder…

and his shoulders are really nice.

Firm….like he might lift weights on occasion.

He has great style….hands down….and his jacket was real leather.

I know that because i kept sniffing it.

I might have even licked it just one time…just to make sure it was the real deal.

He does not smoke.

His hair is really clean and it looks like he washes it regularly. {kinda a must in the industry}

I did notice however that he must use a fake I.D because when i went thru his bag while he was sleeping…

the name on it was not Josh Groban……but i get it….because he needs to keep those weirdo fans from stalking him.

He didn’t wake up till we were literally at the gate and ready to get off….but i did smile at him……

and he smiled back then i told him he has really nice breath.

{I love giving compliments}

He sort of ran off the plane at that point….but like i said…i get it.

He probably had a concert he needed to get to.


back to the whole Q and A day here at the ole blog.

I just thought i would open the lines up today…so if you have a question for me…go for it.

What i’m going to do differently is answer your questions by replying right under it…

that way…every Q is answered and all of you can see it.

But maybe none of you have a question for me…..and i’ll just be here filing my nails.


  1. I don’t have a question but I just need to tell you that you make me smile each and every day.
    Thank you.
    Hilarious post today. Just hilarious.

  2. ok miss.k

    i would love to know -which of your kiddos is the most like you?

    personality wise…dress-sense wise….the gift of the word wise….

    melissa x

    ps love my daily dose of giggles over here with you!! thanks!!

    • I would have to say Fin has a sense of style…and mason is coming around… but Lola is most like me.
      None of my kids appreciate my sense of humor..they just roll their eyes.

    • This is the first time reading your blog. Got a chuckle reading it.You’re really good. Then up pops the sleeping Josh. Whew! He is exquisite (big sigh) I’lll be on the lookout for more from you.

  3. oh my gosh! i cannot believe you took a sleeping pic of Josh Groban!!! hahahahahahahahahahaha!

    love your new pics up at the top…no questions, just wanted to pop in for a quick chuckle

  4. Josh Groban! Thats great! I think in Germany he is not so popular, but I like his music very much! And he looks really good even he is asleep πŸ™‚
    Best wishes

  5. You crack me up. Thank you for starting my day with a smile.

  6. My question is what’s up your sleeve for your next party? Theme, decor, menu, etc. and am I going to be invited?

    • well…that would be Mason’s party.
      I talked with him and he does not want a set menu or balloons;-)
      You are always invited….so let me know if you want to come to the skate park with us!

  7. Kasey, you make me laugh.

    I *think* it was you who tweeted or posted something about how bloggers should rid themselves of their follower box. I would love to hear why …. it’s made me curious …. can you elaborate, please?

    And if that wasn’t you …. well, then I guess I look like a fool, now don’t I. Oh well, I often do that online ….

    Thanks much,

    • Yup…that was moi.
      I think the follower box is there for the popularity contest. It’s like saying….hey there…look at me…i have X number of followers…so add your face.
      You can still see how many followers you have by adding Site Meter to your blog and track the number of hits you get a day without having the follower box.
      It’s a personal decision…and for me..i just want readers to come and go as they please….no need to show off whether i have 5 followers or 5000.

  8. Have you painted your plum dining room yet?

  9. Christine says:

    First: You are the best read ever. I know, not a question, just a statement.
    Second: Q: What do you use to make your photos so pretty?
    Thank you!!

  10. Debra Bhourdly says:

    Hilarious. I love that you took a photo of a sleeping man next to you, and only you could do it.
    You rock.
    My question is: Do you still cook Mac n cheese for dinner every night? πŸ˜‰

  11. Do you consider yourself a lucky person? I swear you have the best friends, the cutest kids, a gret hubby and TRAVEL all over the place. Your parents have great condos and a cute truck.
    So do you consider yourself LUCKY? Or should I say whens the last time you got lucky?? JK

    • I got lucky this morning;-) Is that TMI?
      I am a pretty lucky girl. My parents have had the San Simeon condo for over 10 years now..they bought it when bryan and i were still living in the Bay area. Bryan and i tend to travel only because we have free places to stay….hence…florida..cali..and new mexico.
      I am lucky…and am thankful each and every day.

  12. can you share where you purchased the great pleated shades in your house? I think I’ve seen ’em on houzz on a table lamp and on your chandelier???

    and thanks for the laughs… I read your stuff as much for the giggles as I do for the great home decor inspiration!


    • My friend Jackie made them for me. She used to have an etsy shop but she just moved so i think she closed it. I will give her your email addy and have her contact you if you are interested in them.

  13. my question: what keeps you from getting burnt out writing on this blog? do your readers ever get you down?
    i just wonder– because you always manage to be such a breath of fresh air and great reality without being cheesy.

    • I could never get burnt out because really….i’m just writing what happens day in and day out. It’s like a journal….but now i have people like you that read along.
      Every once in a while i will get that reader that does not get my sense of humor…and it’s ok. I love that i can take a small incident like Fin putting KY in his hair and making it into the highlight of my week.

  14. Do you plan on posted the rest of your Paris trip?

  15. I know you have a great sense of humor and you like to play with us a bit . . . that doesn’t look like Josh Groban to me. I just had to raise my hand and say that.

  16. how perfect, I was actually coming to look up your email because i wanted to ask you something, i think someone else also asked the same question….how do you get the cute embellishments & fonts on your pics. (like the ones of you & your friends on the beach while you were in “rehab” or the photos in your header on the blog). I am CLUELESS with that kind of stuff.

    I too get excited when I see a new poost from you on your blog. I know I am going to be treated to a great laugh or something really pretty & inspiring! I have your blog listed on mine!

    Have a great weekend!

    Is that really Josh Groban???

    • It looks like Josh Groban….so i’m just going with it;-)
      I use photoshop to edit all of my photos….mainly using Florabella actions. My favorite action is “morning glory”…because it just lightens and brightens my photos. I want all of my photos to look natural.
      I still use Picnik to create collages and to add fonts because other than editing photos…i am a clueless in photoshop.
      Try Picnik…it’s really easy to use.

  17. I met Josh Groban! I sang backup for some songs when he came to Vancouver. He seriously didn’t talk though. When we rehearsed before the show he used sign language if he wanted something, then saved his voice for the singing.
    To be honest…I thought that was a little weird.

  18. Hi Kasey,
    Love this post!!
    And I totally love your decision to not have a follower box. It’s like being in high school all over again and seeing who’s popular and who’s not! It really bums me out sometime to look at the people who have 3000+ and I only have 300. I might just rid my blog of it too!
    No questions, just wanted to say thank you for always making us smile and crack up!

  19. So I just learned about blogs not too long ago and I get a kick out of reading yours. Life always makes the best stories. Especially with kids. I have two.

    Anywhoo. I was going back to look (I guess this is considered blog stalking) at some of your earlier posts and discovered that you used to live in Castle Rock. Well, we used to live in Castle Rock. I was just curious where you lived there.

    And might I add that I think that Anthropologie is heaven. I used to cruise it weekly at Park Meadows and Cherry Creek until we moved to Virginia Beach. Now the closest one is in Richmond. It is torture.

  20. I see a little Josh Groban going on there! You are too funny!

  21. Hey Kasey! Thanks for hosting a super fun Q & A!

    I too, just want to say thanks for the laughs…I love reading about you and your sweet family and I totally get your humor! I feel sad for those who don’t…they’re missin’ out! I also love to see the pics you take, the parties you throw, your decor, and the intermingled inspirational stories…the one about your sweet neighbor girl, the sticky not messages, etc…it gives me great ideas for life now and one day when I have kids of my own…with that said…One thing I don’t read a whole lot about on here is….music…

    What is on your play list, iPod, or in your CD player at this moment?!?!

    • right now i’m just loving Adele’s new song “rolling in the deep”.
      Thanks to someone hijacking my itunes account…right now on the ipod is:
      Kidz bop. Dynamite by Tao Cruz. Greneade by Doo-wops & Hooligans.
      If it wasn’t hijacked…then i am listening to Kings of Leon…Mindy Gledhill….and I LOVE The Weepies new release.

  22. I love this post and you crack me up! Glad to have found you. To be honest I think i found your blog a long time ago and forgot about it…and then found you again. Yeah for me!
    where is your favorite place to eat in the chicago land area? and to shop?

  23. I agree with you totally Kasey on the Follower box and just last week took my follower box down finallly! πŸ™‚ I truly enjoy reading your blog, you are such a character! My question for you is, do you follow any of your followers or maybe just pop in on others blogs and leave a comment now and then? You know on us little peoples blogs, lol.

    • I don’t add myself as a follower to anyone’s blog for the same reason i took the follower box off mine when i was with blogger.
      I do read blogs….and i very rarely comment only because i read…then hit the next one….read….hit the next one.
      I need to be better about commenting because everyone {myself included} loves to receive them.

      • Kasey!
        You don’t need to COMMENT on my blog!
        You are a GIFT!
        You put a lot of time and ENERGY into all that you write!
        That is enough.
        That I can pop over and read about YOU…is all I could ever ask for.
        You my dear are a GIFT!
        Thank you for SHARING your world with me!
        I ADORE you!
        You make me SMILE so big!
        And giggle too!

  24. No queries here on my part, but just to thank you for your outrageous sense of humor!

    As I sit here at Panera, looking at the beautiful mountains, it’s nice to read someone’s funny blog, knowing
    that NOT all of it is, in fact, literal reality…..OR…IS IT?!!

    Too bad you couldn’t manage to get the feller to belt out a few songs for ya! I imagine he even sounds good sans musical accompaniment. I do have one of his Christmas albums, which is fantastic.

  25. traci colquhoun says:

    I love your blog!
    I like to pretend your my BFF down the road. I too am in the western burbs of Chicago with 3 kids your kid’s ages. I love your house decor and fashion. Don’t go out shopping much so I just live vicariously through your shopping sprees. Just LOVE reading your posts!!!

  26. traci colquhoun says:

    MY question…what’s your favorite thing about living in Chicagoland?

    • I would have to say that it is damn pretty here in the fall. Love the change of seasons…hate the winter though. I love the city of chicago and it rivals any big city like NY or SF. Great shopping…great people. Midwest peeps are the best;-)

  27. Hi Kasey. I have your blog linked to mine…yours and some others. It’s under the heading Seriously Cool. And I think you are. But I wondered about your title…Lola B’s one girl talks. I know Lola is your daughter, but I wondered why you chose that title??

    (BTW, I have a serious thing for Keith Urban and thus I named my blog after one of his songs).

    • I used to have a shop…and it was called Lola B’s {after my daughter}…so when i originally started my blog…it was linked to my shop. Even though my blog name now is kaseybuick….i still have the lola b there for the memory.

  28. i love your style! what do you think the color trends will be this spring for home decor & clothes?

  29. You crack me up! AND I LOVE Josh Groban….I remember the first time I ever laid eyes on him…he sang on an episode of Ally McBeal and I immediately ran to my big ol’ fashioned dial up computer – AOL – and looked him up! (Probably in like 1999?) My question for you is WHEN the heck are you coming to visit – Castle Rock is waiting : ) and I still haven’t even met you!

  30. So funny…and you took a picture of him sleeping…you rock!
    My question: will you ever get a french bulldog puppy?

    • Lola and i are dying for a frenchi…it’s just not the right time. I’m hoping once fin is in full day school and i can really spend some time with it.
      Or…if i win the lottery. whichever comes first.

  31. Is this really a live chat with the Mrs Buick?! Holy moly.
    Since I got you all pinned down and everything. ….I gots a couple of questions for ya πŸ™‚

    How do you like your bangs? Keeping them, or growing them out? Im in between a bang (hehe) and was just wondering if I am the only one who hates the in-between time. Ugh

    And….. do you think you could guess 2 buck chuck in a blind taste test?

    Oh on another note…I was serious about giving you some other ideas for when you go back to your parents Beach House (it appears its in San Simeon?). Im sure you will get tired of all the Hearst Castle tours….I can give you some ideas for the girls and for family outings πŸ™‚ Oh and more importantly, I have a really long winery list for you too.

    But be sure to not tell me when exactly you will be there…. my inner stalker may come out. And I really want to make sure I look good for a mug shot when I get booked for stalking.

    Later skater –

    ps – the meatballs really are that good πŸ™‚

    • yes…hate the in between with bangs..but my stylist gets me in quick for just a bang trim.
      I drink 2 buck chuck as my daily wine…since i drink so much wine..i need to keep the cost down…so yes..blind taste test..i can tell you.

  32. Peggy Raymer says:

    Hi Kasey: i love your blog. I dont have a question , however I just wanted to pass along a little information that might intrigue you. Anthro is opening a sister store for bridal the website is and is debuting Feb. 14. 11. You would do so great freelancing for them . Your photography and party planning is amazing.

  33. Hi Kasey! I love your blog…’s the bright spot of my day at work! I enjoy reading the stories about your kids. I also have 3: boy, girl, boy. They are in high school and college now, and your blog reminds me of my life a few years back. Are you reading any good books?

  34. i think it’s awesome that you’re doing a “live chat” i just wanted to say “hi” again and say that i love your blog! souper cute. your kids, house, fam, style…
    i’ve been happily married for 7 yrs and am just coming to grips w/ having turned 30 while trying to get out of debt.
    one of my gal-pal told me that 30 is the age when you should stop dressing like you think you’re a teenager… my hubby recently decided he no longer wanted to dress like he’s in college and now i’m at a loss…
    how do you decide what’s “age appropriate” for youself? (i’ve gained weight… bleck… used to be an 6-8 now a 12-14 depends on what it is… top vs bottom)
    i think you always look supper cute and if you ever wanna throw your “rejects” my way I’M GAME!

    • I have to say…my 30’s have been the best. Dress in what makes you happy and feeling good. I dress in what i love…and in return…i feel good.
      I totally get the whole weight thing…

      • thanks for the reply. i have to say i agree about wearing what you love! (i just can’t afford to replace all of my out-grown wardrobe w/ cute stuff, but i’m working on it.) i’m working on insecurities… ehh.
        anyway… i’m thankful to hear you say 30’s have been the best. that lightens my heart. πŸ™‚
        thanks kasey!

  35. oh my goodness- you had me laughing so hard that my husband asked what was going on- I had to read him your blog- he was laughing too!

    random question: I have a 15 month son. Is it true that boys are harder to potty train? (I’m not planning on starting yet)

  36. where did you get your amazing yellow ruffle flats you’re wearing with your fabulous Finders Keepers jacket from your Cali trip?!
    Its a very important question πŸ™‚

  37. Hi Kaesy,

    Love your blog !! You are like the whole package ! Just asking cuz I truly believe you should be famous , has ANYONE contacted you about writing a column or a book since you have started your blog ? When your son is in school fulltime do you have any desire to work outside of the home ?? What did you do before children ?? I know — I went over my limit of questions !!!!!!!

    • first of all…thank you….and this is my book…it’s just not in paper form;-)
      when Fin gets to school full time ….the only thing anyone will catch me doing is sitting my butt on the sofa and watching soaps
      thats the truth.
      I need to know what is going on with Nick and Sharon on Y&R….last time i saw it….they were still married.
      Second…before kids…i was in the nursing field…and worked for an ob/gyn for 4 years in Vail, Co and then for a pediatrician for 3 years when we lived in the Bay area. After i had Lola…i decided not to continue working.

    • errm she is famous πŸ˜‰

  38. Just have to say I love this format. I read Pretty All True and the author responds to comments in all of the posts. Reading the comments and responses is almost nearly as fun as reading the posts πŸ™‚ Today I am super loving YOUR comments section.

  39. Hahahaha!!!! You make me laugh all the time! I don’t really have a question right now. So many good questions have already been asked and answered. Just wanted to say…I love your blog! You and your family are adorable and you have the best style. That reminds me, I saw a really cute pink plaid blazer with bows on the pockets at Goodwill. I thought “that would be so cute on Lola”. πŸ™‚ It was too small for my daughter so I couldn’t buy it. Darn!

  40. you so should have told Josh who YOU were…surely someday he will meet some babe that knows of you, and he will die when he finds out he was sitting next to You on that flight! ;O)
    question: in your family, what is your birthorder? firstborn? middle, youngest?

  41. Oh Kasey, please tell these women that it wasn’t Josh Groban next to you!!
    This blog is my guilty pleasure of the day. Love, love, love it!! I think everyone asked all the questions that I was going to. My husband thinks that I am totally strange that I read blogs about other people. Does your husband ever feel that way? You have so many followers. Does he think that we are total stalkers? My kids always ask me why I am creeping on other people’s lives. My teenagers watch Jersey Shore and I think that is strange too!! Keep doing what you are doing because you make a lot of people happy and that is what life is all about, isn’t it?!!

    • Bryan doesn’t get it….and funny story….we were at the airport last year when a woman came up to us and introduced herself as a blog reader.
      At that point bryan was a little worried that i was putting to many photos of the kids up.
      But…life is life…and thats what i blog about. What fun would it be if i had fake names for the kids or never showed their photos?
      I like being open….so thank you for reading!!

  42. your blog is all about keepn’ it real and that is why i love to read it! my question to you is….what 2 buck chuck is your fav and where do your kids get that great blonde hair from? sorry that was 2 questions. thanks for making me laugh everyday!

    • I have to say i love the pinot grigio…i like my whites. The kids get their blond hair from Bryan….he was a toe head till the day he left Florida.

  43. Well, completely missed the “live” feed for questions…since I’m in the Bay Area of Cali. So, segue…first question is which city did you live in here? You have to truly miss Cali – it is the BEST!! (I’m a native) Do ya?
    Uhhhmmm – “Mr. Groban” got some facial surgery done…. jussayin’!!! still fun nonetheless!
    I enjoy each post you write and thanks! You’re real and you’re interesting! OMG – the KY post even had my husband chuckling! I find inspiration in your approach to blogging – I am new to it. Wanna mentor someone???

    • We lived in Burlingame/San Mateo. I grew up in So. Cal though….but after Bryan and i married…we moved to the Bay area for a little over 3 years. Mason was born in Redwood city. I miss it.

      • aahhhh – gotcha! Redwood City has really brought their A-game to the old Courthous area. Nice! I have a brother that was born there also… There is plenty to love in the Bay Area.. and yes, lots to miss.
        I’ll be lurking over here from Cali! Keep us laughing!

  44. well isn’t your head just swelling this evening as you sip your 2 buck chuck? you deserve all the compliments! i have been lucky to know you – you are my cool, younger girlfriend and even though i don’t get to see you that much i will miss knowing you are close….

    happy weekend ~

  45. Just today Nancy ( whom commented earlier) said to me on the phone that you are my ROCKSTAR! And it is so true. I would say that I am a little bit of a stalker.

    My question is did you go to college for writing? Your works flow like lyrics and I can always count on a great laugh when I read your blog. Even though I am on a slight blogging break (from reading them and blogging my own) you are the one blog that I read every single time you post.

    (KY story was the best and my hubby even laughed about it)

    You have a great point about the follower button on the sidebar. I might have to take mine down too.

    • I did not go to college for writing….because if i did…then i wouldn’t need spell check.
      I really just write the same way it forms in my brain. I even think with my little …….dot dot dot in between my words;-)

  46. I also love your blog —- I get excited when there is a new entry —- my question is…what happened to your store? I was so excited –I was in St. Charles recently and it was listed on a brochure –I was beside myself –and then realized it wasn’t there -‘

    what are your recommendations for shopping in St Charles and Geneva?


    • I closed the shop in november of 09′.
      I love third street in geneva…lots of great shopping..and i just love century corners and TownHouse cafe…it’s a must for lunch.

  47. I adore your blog. My question is who is Josh Groban?

  48. Ha ha ha ha ha. Josh Grobin….I too feel for those that don’t quite get you cuz your stinkin’ funny. I can only image what the people on the plane thought when you were snapping picture of the sleeping “Josh”.

    So, I have a 6 month old son and I was wondering if your second baby was easier or harder than the first? And what about when you added number three and had Mason and Lola and baby Fin? Just thinking of the future…..
    Not really a parenting question I guess…. and kinda about me and not you…hmmmmm meant this to be about you. Heh!

    Oh and…. Left.Kids.Outside.With. Frog…… Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha….still gets me when I think about it. So stinkin’ funny! Don’t ever stop writing because it would be a sad day for all of us. You’re the best!

    • Lola was a hard baby….but i think it was just her personality?
      For some reason… boys were very easy babies.
      I’m so happy i have one reader that still remembers…LEFT.KIDS.OUTSIDE.WITH.FROG

  49. You are TOOOOOO funny! I love it! You totally made worth staying up past my bedtime worth it! Thanks for the chuckles.

  50. Good Morning Kasey,

    Thank you for your daily giggles. My question, two actually or maybe three :).
    1. Will you move back to Cali?
    2. Are you going to Farm Chicks in June?
    3. Hopefully, your next stop Remnants in Cali?
    xoxo Judy

    • We will move to cali as soon as bryan loses his job….but as long as he has one…and it pays our mortgage..then we are here. …but we LOVE the bay area and that is where we will move when all the marbles land in the right spot.
      I probably will not be at FC this year because it’s bryans 40th and i have a feeling we will be celebrating with good friends back in San Simeon.
      Yes…one day i will make it Remnants!

  51. Does Josh fly first class? Just wondering.

  52. Hi, Kasey! Are you still answering questions?

    We all love you, Kasey! Oh, yes, we do! It’s true! =] It’s a movement!

    We’ve heard where you came up with Fin’s name. HOW did you come up with Lola? (That’s really her name? =])

    I have a niece that we call “Lola” but, that was a nickname she picked up in high school, along with her alter personality.

    • When i was a little i was going to name my girls names like:
      Saturn…or….Chyna…..or Zephyr.
      Good thing i didn’t get pregnant when i was little;-)
      Then i grew up and loved the name Lola. When we had her it was between the names of Piper…or Lola.
      Bryan told me that we should just name her Lola because no one….and i mean…no one had that name.
      Of course now….it seems like a lot of celebrities have named their little girls Lola…but i named her first.
      and it’s just Lola….not short for anything….just like Fin is just Fin…and not short for Finnigan or Finneous.

  53. Oh, this is fun!

    I have 2 questions:

    1. You said that Bryan doesn’t really get the blog thing…does he ever read yours? I ask because my husband recently started reading mine and sometimes I think it’s kind of weird when he does it when I’m in the same room!
    2. You mentioned moving to CA when you can & I know you’ve moved a few times before. You seem like a person who has lots of friends & can make new friends easily. I know that my biggest concern about moving across the country is that I’ll start bumming about missing all of my old friends! Is it easier to do than I am thinking? I suppose it’s different for everyone, but I do enjoy hearing from people who’ve been there.

    • Bryan rarely reads mine anymore….unless i ask him to. He says things like…..why do you need to photograph your shoes for people to see…..or…..did you really need to tell people that you think our plumber is hot?!
      So…he kinda knows now….that maybe it’s in his best interest not to see what i’ve written.
      As for the moving….this last move ..the one here…was a toughie….but it all worked out and i have some pretty fabuloso friends. It’s easier to meet friends when you have kids. I think you should have some babies….

  54. hi lovely…i will be coming to Chicago for a wedding in August so where should I go to:
    1. have coffee?
    3. have dinner?
    also…what blog do you read
    just so you know…i read yours even if you don’t post. i’ll just read it over again:)

  55. my question is: what did you guys ask that waiter???

    my dad was seated next to ted nugent years ago LOL. ted nugent.

    • really…all we asked him is where a certain street was…and he rolled his eyes and said he didn’t know…
      then my friend asked him if he was directionally challenged.
      I think at that point he asked his manager to find him a new table.

  56. Okay, Kasey. I somehow discovered your blog in the past few months. I have spent waaay too much time reading it and a. not parenting, b. not studying, and c. not sleeping. But you make me laugh like crazy and I wish you lived next door so we could let our kids run wild and drink wine at 10am.

    Anyway, I have read many references to the “Fin and the KY” post, but have not been able to find it!!!! Please, oh please, tell me where it is so I can finally know the entire story?!

    thanks a million.

  57. I hope I’m not tooo late for this Q&A.

    So I’ve asked this one before but I’m hoping *crossing fingers tightly* that you answer my Q.

    Can you please share where you purchased your most amazing chippy ampersand? I believe you had blogged it was from French Larkspur but I can’t quite remember.


    • I did…but she no longer carries it. It’s from the Jeanne d’ Arc line….so you might have luck searching google or ebay for the ampersand.

  58. Darn it, I am so mad at myself for not getting it right after you shared it with us. Do you ever want to part with yours? HEE HEE πŸ˜‰

    Many thanks for answering my Q….

    Have a blessed night.

  59. How hysterical. I have no idea who Josh Groban is… (I know, I live under a rock). It didn’t matter, thought because I was chuckling and then hooting along. I would love to know more about Photoshop and the tools that bloggers use. I am going to upgrade my Mac soon. Do you have any opinions about Mac’s version of Photoshop?

  60. Looks like Josh Groban to me.

  61. hahahah, loved the post!!

  62. Such a fun post Kasey! I wanted to thank you for answering my question when I emailed you a while back. Love your blog!

  63. Cute idea, Kasey! Thanks for the laughs. πŸ™‚

  64. can I come live in your wardrobe

  65. I don’t really have a question. I too think you are hilarious. I like that you can laugh at yourself and sometimes even difficult things. If you have to go through things you may as well keep a good attitude. That seems lost on people these days.

    Anyway, I’m a fan and I just wanted to say thanks !

  66. whats ‘two buck chuck’ – I’m australian so have no idea! (or should I?)

  67. Do you read every comment on your regular blog posts? Oh yeah & I love you. I’m currently kid-less so it is refreshing to read a cool blog not over done with kid stuff. πŸ™‚

  68. Well I’m late to the party! If you’re still answering, I’d love to know how painful it was to have your nose pierced. I’ve wanted to do it since you did. Did your nose swell and look silly? Thanks!

  69. kasey!
    oh my goodness! i was cracking up about bingo with kids! LOVE IT! (but i think think the beer part is even better!) ha! i like what you said about the followers…i just started a blog in jan. and only have 15 followers…and one of them is ME because somehow i managed to make myself a follower(it must have been to much wine or not enough coffee! ha!) anyway, every time i look at someone’s blog and they have 3762 followers, it makes me feel like the loner in school…so i think i may just take mine down! πŸ™‚ yee haw! ps. if you are ever down south in atlanta, i would love to meet you. trader joe’s is 1 mile from my house and two buck chuck and i would love to have you join us..we have a standing date every night….and sometimes day…when we get snowed in and the kids are climbing the walls! have a great day!!!

    ps. sorry for the longest comment ever! πŸ™‚

  70. Hi Kasey!

    Please tell us where you got Lola’s new bedding! It is so lovely : )

    Thanks so much

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