fashion friday

Good morning ladies…..

i just wanted to pop in real quick before i head off to the kids school and watch my Lola perform in her

first annual talent show.

That’s right…..she entered the talent show.

She is going to show how she can tie a cherry stem with her tongue .

yeah….just kidding.

She’s actually going to dance with some of her girlfriends to “whip your hair” by willow smith…

and i don’t know if i can listen to that song one more time…but i guess i will….

listen to it

one more time.

I made her take a bath this morning and wash her hair since i don’t really remember the last time she bathed

and her hair was starting to develop dreadlocks.


Anyhoo….speaking of hair….

i went in last night and asked my stylist for a complete change.

My bangs have been growing out….on purpose…because humidity and bangs don’t really work well

on me and the last thing i want for the summer is to look like i’m 13 again.

{that was a difficult year…..i still get cold sweats thinking about it}

Plus since i want to learn to surf…i thought i needed a surf girl look.

totally kidding….

surf girls are blond and wear bikinis.

I found a photo last week that i liked on Pinterest and took it in to show my stylist.

She tried to talk me out of it….

just like she tried to talk me out of getting bangs.

I’ve done short hair once in my life….

which brings me back to age 13…..{cold sweat}

and once when i was skinny {sweet memories} and 26….in between babies.

but i think i kind of like it…..



let me sleep on it overnight….and let you know on monday what i really think.

and i really love my $10 thrifted H&M skirt i picked up last month.

I love a good change….it’s good for the soul.

{and finding ruffled skirts….that’s good for the soul too}

Top: H&M $11

Necklace: Target $14.99

Haircut: $40

Color: Ferria out of a box $9


  1. Love! May I ask what color?? I’m kinda over paying $80 to get JUST my roots done!!! 🙂

    Love the necklace too!


  2. Not sure if I’ve ever left you a comment before, but I just wanted to chime in and say that I love your new haircut! Suits you wonderfully, and it will be a great summer look! I just got layers in my hair, too, and I’m loving them (after having one-length–very long hair). Good luck with your move, and many blessings to you and your family!

  3. L.O.V.E. your new cut!

  4. Ashley @ the handmade home says:

    You look ah. mah. zing. Love it! And I hate whip your hair or whatever that song is so you’re in good company, but it’s sweet that they entered a talent show! 😉

  5. awww kasey you look HOTT!!!!!!!! surfer girls can be brown headed girls =)

  6. LOVE IT! I just cut mine off too but I went to short. Good thing is, it will grow:)

  7. Zizette says:

    Love the new ‘do.

  8. Hottie.

  9. Love it! And am totally jealous of your skirt score! Rock it girl!!

  10. Soooo cute…from Head to toe (I know we didn’t see the shoes but you always have cute ones on)…love the cut, love the skirt, the shirt, the necklace…love, love, LOVE IT ALL!!!! 🙂

  11. Love it Kasey….the best haircut ever…..I might want one too…..xv

  12. I love it on you! I am so happy you did it – new hair for new adventures~
    Wish Lola good luck for me!

  13. Seriously, absolutely, positively, for surely LOVE it!!!! I like that it looks simple, tousled, & carefree….. Perfect for a new move and a new chapter… It suits you wonderfully!

  14. LOVE you hair!!!!!

  15. looks great………I don’t do short hair either. My curly crazy mane just can’t handle short.

  16. Shannon Hermann says:

    Well I LOVE it and I think it looks great on you….

  17. Love the haircut!

  18. Kasey!

    Super cute friend!

    I may just have to pin YOU and copy YOU! I too have bangs that after 5 months, I think might not be for me, and this would be a great way to grow them out!! 🙂

    Have a fun weekend friend!

  19. LOVE LOVE LOVE the hair!
    PERFECT for surfing!

  20. Awesome cut, my dear!! LOVE IT!! Lovin’ the skirt too. Saw a ruffled skirt in the window of one of the boutiques downtown and haven’t been able to get it out of my mind. After seeing yours, I guess I just better give in and go get it. 😉

  21. Nancy G says:

    Your hair looks awesome!!!

  22. I love your hair!!! Super cute!!!

  23. I think it looks AMAZING! SO chic. Way to rock it.

  24. DebZorn says:

    Love the hair, love the top, love the skirt! You look GREAT!

  25. Great haircut!

  26. I think it looks fabulous!! Can you link to the pic that you used for your inspiration? I could really use a change as well!


  27. Cathy S says:

    LOVE your new haircut. It looks D*A*R*L*I*N*G on you!

  28. Your hair is super cute! You look fabulous! Love that ruffled skirt too :-)Have a great Friday!

  29. Okayy, so you totally ROCK the new hair do!!!!!!! LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

    Michelle Torres

  30. Love the new cut! Good luck to Lola today too.

  31. Andrea B says:

    Kasey, love the haircut and the ruffled skirt…you would be such fun to hang out with, drink a glass or two of vino, hit Target, not in that order! Have fun at talent show, and enjoy these moments. my babies are 22 and 26, so I get to look back and laugh and enjoy your stories….

  32. CUTE hair! Love, love, love the new cut!!

  33. Sandra K says:

    LOVE it! That’ s a really good, stylin’ haircut. You rock it!

  34. Barbara N says:

    Sassy, great ensemble love that top. Great song for the little chickies to show off their moves.
    Have a great weekend!

  35. It looks super cute, Kasey!

    I’ve never been to an H&M in my life. I’m missing out. Being Amish kinda stinks sometimes.

  36. Melissa L says:

    First of all, I just found out I won your giveaway! Thank YOU so much.
    Secondly, I don’t think you will need that gorgeous ruffled skirt in Kauai, so please auction it off so that I may
    buy it from you.
    Really, I don’t think you need it there. I need it.
    Gorgeous do…

  37. one word: beautiful!

  38. I love it! Sooooo cute and perfect for summer!

  39. LOVE your hair Kasey~ very chic.

  40. Perfect!!

  41. You look hot! Love that you went short.

  42. Cute, cute, cute! Perfect haircut…

  43. valerie says:

    love your hair….it is edgy but not too far out! you look great!

  44. LOVE it!!

  45. love the new do!!

  46. Ok Kasey, your hair is so adorable!!! Keep cutting it and you will be sporting my hair:)

  47. LOVE the hair!!! and the outfit, and well…everything!!!

  48. i LOVE it! and i love your style – i dream of shopping with you!

  49. I loves! Now get on Gickr and show us how you whip your hair back and forth!

  50. Cuteness!! I just got my hair cut similar to this. I took in a picture of Chelsea Kane from Dancing w/the stars haircut. I’m not looking quite as good as her, but I love the cut!
    Great skirt…
    happy weekending

  51. Love the haircut…so stylin’ and super hip..kinda sassy, too! You look YOUNGER. Not that you’re old, cause you’re not old. Not as old as me, anyway. Got my haircut yesterday. Wish I’d seen your cut first. Oh well, mine will grow out…eventually. Always a day late and dollar short but that’s okay. I can wait.

  52. cute hair sweet friend. you look great in any haircut. anyway, called you back the other day..left a message. well, worse case scenario we see you this ending month for….
    call me back!!! kids would like to frolic again with yours soon…a park????

  53. You look gorgeous!!! Love your hair and your outfit is so cute 🙂 I love the Royal Blue Skirt.

  54. sandy n. says:

    Your hair looks awesome! Great change for you! 🙂

  55. Marlene P. says:

    I am IN LOVE with your hair and your skirt is to die for. The necklace is on my shopping list right now. You look fabulous!!!!

  56. katrina says:

    I love your haircut!

  57. Your haircut looks AWESOME!!!! I went from long hair to a chin length wavy (messy) bob and I feel like a million bucks! Try putting some mouse in, scrunch and let air dry… its a whole different look and great for the summer at the beach! You look GREAT!!!

  58. I think the hair is really cute! good choice

  59. OMG, I love it!! Awesome cut and outfit!

  60. Totally love your new haircut…kind of sassy!! And that skirt {big sigh} is soooo pretty:)

  61. adrienne says:

    Love the new sassy hair!!! it suits you!

  62. Kasey, i guess i may be one of the last readers of the day leaving a comment …. and i have nothing new to add…..they said it all…. and i agree, it’s an awesome haircut on you…suits your personality, as ever, you look fun and ready to play and love the the life you love!!! have a great weekend with your lovies. xoxo jody

  63. Whooo, Whooo…!

  64. I really like it! It is adorable and suites you so well. I’ve always thought you were pretty but even more so now! AND you always find the best clothes.

  65. LOVELOVELOVE the new do!!!
    you look awesomely surfer chic my friend

  66. cute hair! love the skirt so much!

  67. love your new haircut!

  68. The hair is FABULOUS! Glad you went for it.

  69. Your haircut = awesome! ~Lili

  70. Love the new ‘do!

  71. Great cut. Perfect for the summer!

  72. Love, love, love the haircut! I feel ya on the whole bang thing. I’m trying so hard to be patient with the growing out, because the Illinois humidity is rough on the hair!

  73. Jennifer says:

    LOVE the hair!!! You’re adorable!! You just need to “whip your hair” back and forth with the girls ;D

  74. Like the the necklace, like the skirt, LOVE the hair. All women who can pull off a bob should sport one in honor of those who can’t.

  75. Melinda says:

    Your hair looks fantabulous! I think it will be perfect for your new adventure. Skirt and shirt are also quite adorable.

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