giveaway day

I thought since it’s been a while since i hosted a fun giveaway….today would make for a great day to do one.

How about….we start off with a $25 Starbucks gift card so that you can grab some lattes with a friend.

Unless you are Mormon and don’t drink coffee….then you can just give it back to me…

and i’ll drink the coffee for you.

Then….what about if i threw in a $100 Anthro gift card……

so that maybe…

if you liked to shop there….you could buy some cute things.

Or you more of a Target girl…and would rather shop at Target?

You tell me in the comment section which place you would rather shop….

Anthro……or Target.

I’m cool with either… a matter of fact….Target has some really cute bikini’s out right now..

not that i would wear a bikini…

but i might.


once i tan the fat divets that grew into the back of my legs this winter.

and lastly…

i’ll throw in one of my mixed cd’s of music….

which has a mix of songs i burned Β from some of my favorite artists….so you can listen to it

when you are in the car driving over to grab some coffee or shop at Anthro/Target.

Just leave a comment below telling me which you would prefer…







Comments close Tuesday May 31st at 8 pm {west coast time}……and my trusty friend random number generator will choose

a lucky winner.



  1. You picked to giveaway 2 of my favorite things!!! Anthro is my FAVORITE shop and music is my greatest love. I would love to hear your favorite artists and maybe feature your playlist on my new music blog!

  2. You picked to giveaway 2 of my favorite things!!! Anthro is my FAVORITE shop and music is my greatest love. I would love to hear your favorite artists and maybe feature your playlist on my new music blog!

  3. ooohhh HARD decision, since I LOVE both Target and Anthropologie- but I would have to pick Anthropologie this time since we’re about to move into a new home and I am sure I could pick up an awesome thing or two for the house. And I also love music and Starbucks. FUN!!

  4. Natalee says:

    This is the TOUGHEST choice! I LOVE LOVE anthro…but I can get a TON from Target with $100.00 bucks!

    I choose Target!

    Oh and I am Mormon…but I still go to Starbucks. They DO have stuff that does not have caffiene…and they have pastires! YUM!

    Bahaha…and by the way…that made me laugh pretty loud.

  5. I would love an Anthro gift card!!!!!! Brandy

  6. anthroooooooooooo!

  7. Initially I thought Target, but then I thought that I would probably just spend the $ on essentials. So I’m choosing Antro instead so I can splurge on something fun!

  8. oh boy, I would take either, but I think I’d have more fun at anthro. πŸ™‚ AND starbucks! xoxo Thank you!

  9. 511 comments? holy crap lady!
    clearly, i am on team anthro. not that i need any summer clothes here, with all of this horrid weather we have been having…
    miss you.

  10. oh i really love them both, but i would have to say anthro so i can pick things out for just me!

  11. Definately Target. There is always something to be had at Target! And Starbucks Mocha Coconut frap is like a vacation in a cup.

  12. Anthro, Anthro, Anthro!!!

  13. Anthro girlie !! Woot. Woot!!!

  14. Libbi Erickson says:

    Anthro so it can be for me. I am so jealous of your new scary adventure!

  15. Alexis Rasmussen says:

    Love Target! πŸ™‚ always able to find some fun stuff there! Good luck in Kaui!! What a fun adventure! πŸ™‚

  16. well i’m gonna throw entry into the hat!!
    mama needs some shopping therapy!
    good luck everyone!
    ((uh does tarjay sell wine in the box??))

  17. Target I think, simply because I’ve never been to one, we have Anthropology in Europe and I visited the one in London once!

  18. Anthro! or Target. Oh my. Anthropologie for sure. πŸ™‚

  19. wow! what a great blog and what a great give a way! i just popped over here for the first time on the advise of Kelly Rae Roberts on her blog! and i have to say that im glad i did! your post today made me chuckle…..i’ll be back for another visit! (O: oh yeah, and as i’d l.o.v.e. to shop at Anthro…..i think they do mail orders….

  20. OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH Anthro for sure! there is a super cute dress I need for my brothers wedding back home in England. I get to go home for a few weeks and need a dress from anthro!

    Going to re-tweet this too!

  21. Starbucks…Anthro…all while listening to some Feist and who knows what else on your CD — only way it could get better is if you offered babysitting services while I ran around town! Thanks for a great giveaway opportunity!!

  22. I have been reading your blog for a while now. This is an awesome blog giveaway. I am a soon to be mom and driving past Starbucks every few days that I go into town is a killer, my mouth starts to water and I have to control my urgencies. As soon as the litt one is here Starbucks here I come. and the Anthropologie gift card would be awesome. So many pretty things there.

  23. As much as I love Anthro, I’d have to choose Target cuz you can squeeze SO MUCH out of a $100 giftcard. πŸ™‚

  24. That’s amazing – so generous and giving … Just love that midst you’re packing/selling/moving – you host a giveaway. Anthropology or Tar-j … Love them both!!! Xoxo

  25. Oh lots of comments, i would chose anthro because there is some knobs i am wanting to buy!

  26. Love Target. I have a list in my purse right now of things I need to get from there.

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  27. Meredith says:

    It’s a tough choice but I’d have to say anthro… Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. pick me pick me! starbucks & target— ohh yeah! πŸ™‚

  29. Jennifer says:

    Target/Anthro…Starbucks? What a treat! I choose Anthro because I would probably spend the Target one on toilet bowl cleaner and TP. Anthro Please!

  30. Kelley Sullivan says:

    How fun is this!! I would love Anthro!! Yeah!

  31. Holly Woodard says:

    Love fun things like this and how awesome is it to have 3 great choices…Spoil me with Target! =) How wonderful!!

  32. Jennifer says:

    Love this!!! Gosh… which one? I would love either but would use the Target gift card in about five minutes πŸ™‚

  33. Anthropoligie is my favorite. So of course, I would rather shop at Anthro. Pretty please?

  34. Holly Platt says:

    WOW… i love both but definately ANTHRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I so want one of your mixed cd’s regardless! ;);)

  35. kristin says:


  36. Anthro please! Have never shopped there before, just drooled over the catalogues!

  37. Shoot! Not sure if I made it in time, but Anthro, please! πŸ™‚

  38. Enjoy a day shopping and away from work at Target!! The nearest Target is 35 miles away and hard to make there frequently.

  39. Jessica Lewis says:

    Target!!! Thank you!


  40. Ooh…tough choice, but I’d go with Anthro. Anthro just opened up in our neighborhood a few months ago, and I have my eye on a few things. I’d love a little spending money to buy something pretty! :o)

  41. wanna win

  42. Anthro!

  43. I know I didnt make the cut off but I would have if you were in Hawaii. Anthro please! if I go to Target I have to buy items for my children (legos are their pick of this week) or gummy bears, for all of us. I work at starbucks so while I appreciate you supporting my children’s healthcare through the purchase of the gift card I really would like to treat myself to a dress at Anthro.
    All the best….

  44. Such a tough choice but I’ll go with Anthro today! πŸ˜‰

  45. Priscilla says:

    Target or Anthro?? Anthro or Target? I love going to both…have been known to spend many a Friday night when I was divorced walking thru the aisles of Target while eating a candy bar and drinking a soft drink (which i did remember to pay for even though they were all gone by the time I got to the checkout line).
    And now…I love driving to Richmond just so I can spend some time in Anthro and admire all the beautiful and sometimes quirky things they have…it’s just not the same as looking at my catolog! So…Target or Anthro? I am a huge fan of both.

  46. connie tacazon says:

    I love anthro but the practical side of me finds it hard to spend money there so I find cute things at target that I’m not spending all of my mad money on. I think I can get some cute stuff at target right now with $100, almost a whole summer wardrobe.

  47. Target is my favorite! I can always find something I NEED there!:)

  48. melanie thomas says:

    target is my choice!

  49. Sarah Regnart says:

    Anthropology!!!!!! Yay!!! For sure I could spend at LEAST 100 on pretty knobs for around my house!! Haha! And we all know Starbucks is a lifesaver for those mid-day bumms! :0)

  50. Tricia Bowser says:

    I love Target…..but I really love Anthro would be really really fun to get!

  51. Philicia Martin says:

    Anthro when I find things on sale at Target prices! Thanks for the chance to win!

  52. Amanda V says:

    The practical part of me says Target, but the highly impractical silly girl part says Anthro (she always wins, so Anthro it is!)

  53. Ahhhh I can’t even stand this. Anthro & crack- err I mean Starbucks!!!

  54. What a fabulous giveaway!! I’ll say Anthro, because without a gift certificate I probably wouldn’t buy myself something there! And as much as I love Target (hello, happy place!) I’d use a gift card there for household items, things for my girls, and *maybe* a nail polish for myself….anthro would be more of a fun splurge. Thanks for the chance! XO!

  55. Thanks for the chance at such a generous giveaway! It would have to be Target with summer starting and the kiddos being home. Gonna need to stock up on snacks and beverages!!

  56. Thanks for the opportunity to feed my caffeine addiction and go shopping too!! I would choose Target, since there’s a wider selection for the whole family!

  57. i’m a mormon and guess what?
    i still love starbucks…they have yummy oatmeal and scones.
    and i’m a bad mormon because i love their iced chai.
    so, i guess what it should say is, unless you are a bad mormon!
    HA HA

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