giveaway winner

Melissa…email me at {} and i’ll get you all set up.

Thanks to all 559 of you that entered in a whopping 36 hours…it’s fun to read the comments

and see who comes out of the woods.  I love to do giveaways so that just you…the reader …

gets a chance at winning something fun for yourself. That’s why normally i don’t have you tweet about it

or facebook about it. {Sponsored giveaways always do}

It’s not about gaining more readers….it’s about treating YOU to something from me.

I appreciate all of you who take the time to read what goes on over here in the land of the buick family.


p.s. for those of you asking me how i made that fun little clip of Kung Fu fighting runway walking short clip

in my previous post…just click on the photo and it’ll take you right to the place where you can make your own!


  1. Ok I will try to do the same! Such a pity for the cd…..I would kike to listen to your fav artists’music!!!
    Ciao Monica

  2. One day I will win!
    I too would love a cd of your music, please!

  3. bummer;-( I was thinking this week was my lucky week.
    Oh well. Next time for sure!

  4. Yay to the lucky winner…and I’m one of those who comes out of the woods for giveaways (and when you mention your upcoming move!). I don’t Tweet or FB so it’s nice entering giveaways without having to jump through hoops!

  5. Yipeeeeee!!!!!!! Congrats to the lucky winner!!!!!! I too am one who sorta comes out of the woods!!!!! lol

    Michelle Torres

  6. Congrats Melissa!!!

    Kasey…what a generous person you are….what a sweet thing to bless your readers with occasionally! You have a great way of making everyday a Funday for me :-)!

  7. Congratulations to Melissa! Kasey, I just wanted to thank you for still doing giveaways that are from your heart. When I first started blogging, that’s how everyone was, but now everything is sponsored. If I have to do too many things to enter the giveaway, I usually don’t bother 😉

  8. Melinda says:

    Though I missed the deadline to enter wanted to thank you for doing this just for your readers and not for sponsors. I love blogland and understand sponsorship but some of it goes over the top. Thanks for being you!

  9. congrats melissa, i guess you deserve it. i can’t be sure.

    don’t cut your hair short. grow it long so when you move and you’re all beachy you can put it in buns and fun braids and all that stuff! i might sound like i’m kidding but i am dead serious!! xx

  10. yay for the winner!
    thanks for keeping it so easy for us to win too!
    love that it!

  11. That was very generous of you!
    Im new to blogging and some of the steps required to enter a giveaway are confusing (sign up on fb, then
    twitter, and then leave a comment and then do this, then that, and dont forget to do this).
    Im usually lost by last step. And thats why I usually don’t enter them..
    but I find it in my heart to be very happy for the winner 🙂

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