just in case…

Because you never know if a super model agency might be watching…..

waiting to sign you on.


Brad Pitt is filming a new indie movie and needs a lover for that scene.

{with him of course}


maybe…just maybe…..

they need a kung fu anthro spanx wearing girl to play the new role of

Charlie’s angels and the chocolate factory.

myspace image at Gickr

And that is why i always like to be prepared.
{i wonder if Josh Groban remembers me….}
Good talent is hard to find….i mean…really….
have you seen how quickly i can wipe down some bedside booger farms ?


  1. bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaha!!!!!
    yeah, you know i KNOW that josh remembers you
    oh. my.word.

  2. Melissa says:

    You are too funny!

  3. Jennifer S. says:

    Best short clip ever.
    I love waking up to a new post from you, you rock.

  4. Lol like seriously!!!!!!! You are so freaking funny!!!!!!!! I needed this today!!!!!!!!
    P.S How could Josh not remember you girl?!!!!!!!! Hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Michelle Torres

  5. Okay, I fell out of my chair laughing. You are so funny and real.

  6. You are so stinkin’ cute! Love the new dress 🙂

  7. Love your face expressions….you can always make me laugh!

  8. Great look! Love the “action shots”! But that “booger” comment is giving me flashbacks! ;}

    m ^..^

  9. cracking up. PRICELESS. Now – HOW. DO. YOU .MAKE. THOSE.FILMS?

  10. And I thought I was the only one who daydreamed about Mr Pitt being short for lovers on a film set… or off the set. *whistles and goes about folding laundry*

  11. Oh Kasey,
    You always make me laugh!! Fabulous short clip, I’m sure you’ll be receiving calls soon for Brad’s new movie!
    Have a great day.

  12. Cathy S says:

    Your are HILARIOUS!! Thanks for making my day!

  13. Hilarious! And how could Josh not remember you?!

  14. You are too funny!!!!
    Cute outfit!!!

  15. You are the cutest!!

  16. You are one cool cat 😀
    ps – booger farms. LMFAO

  17. I would LOVE to be your neighbor! You look like you are always having a blast!!

  18. Booger farms are an art form. Didn’t you know that? You haven’t posted in days and I was starting to drink more. So thanks for finally giving me a fix. Oh, and extra thanks because now I have “Everybody was kung-fu fighting” in my head.

  19. Allison jenkins says:

    You have amazing legs!!!

  20. So funny…so cute…and definitely talented!! Love seeing you “in action” 🙂

  21. From now on, whenever I think of Brad Pitt…booger farms will come to mind.


    : )

    Julie M.

  22. This actually reminds me somewhat of the “strobe game” we play at our house sometimes. Do you have a strobe light? Get your guests in a big circle, in the pitch dark, grab a pillow or a stuffed animal. Turn the strobe on a medium setting and toss the pillow/stuffed animal around in a circle. It is fun to capture it on camera as well. Andris always jumps so each time you see him he is up in the air. It’s pretty cool. You may want to try to integrate it into one of the fun things you do before you move away TEMPORARILY (because you’d BETTER come back to this house. You just have to. YOU HAVE-tah!)

  23. You go You, kung fu anthro spanx wearing diva!!!

  24. Just a word….GREAT!!!!!

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