my little light

On Friday afternoon….Lola and her two girlfriends got up on stage in front of millions of people

a couple of hundred school kids and parents to dance to “whip my hair”.

The girls spent every recess at school choreographing their own moves to the song.

I took them shopping one day…to get their coordinating outfits…

but other then getting together just one time outside of school….these girls did everything themselves.

I’m so proud of them…

and so proud of Lola.

I think deep down the song really was a blessing…

because pretty much they just whipped their hair around on stage.

I started crying at the end…

happy tears..

{happy that lola had enough courage to get up on stage to dance..}

sad tears…

{sad because we are ending our year here at this amazing school…}

What a wonderful four years my kids have had at this school….we are going to miss it.

p.s. Someone has accidentally misplaced the “whip your hair” cd…so that we can no longer listen

to it over and over and over and over and over and over again.

p.p.s. If you find it….you can keep it…it’s all yours.


  1. Oh – how awesome to get up and do that! But really, you can have your cd back. No really.

  2. Hope you videotaped the special performance! Lots of smiles and fun times that will last a lifetime……

  3. Oh my gosh…that is AWESOME!!! Love the cute outfits…adorable! Sorry to hear about the missing CD…I wonder how that happened?!?! Oh well…you win some, you lose some!

  4. Ah, how sweet! 🙂 Well done to all three of them.
    And I’m so jealous of the curly haired little girl’s hair!!!!!

  5. LOVE it! THe skirts are adorable and I think it’s SO cool that they got up on stage, even if they mostly just whipped their hairs. 😉

  6. This is very cool. I personally, as a 27 yr old (today!) male, love this song. Soooo good.

    But the coolest thing is that your kid has the confidence of going up and performing what she choreographed with her friends.

    THESE are charismatic kids!

  7. they are precious!

  8. that is too funny!!!!

  9. Awww…she looks adorable! So proud of her!

  10. No video? I’d have love to have seen this. But I guess that would have meant Lola would have access to the song over and over and over again. You (_Y_) me up, Kasey. I love the photos. I love the post. Very bittersweet. The girls look very whippin’ chic. And the girl with the long hair? WOW!! Stunning curls!!!

  11. Christy says:

    This is great! Kudos to her. I am sad for you all, yet happy at the same time. My son would never be able to to do it & he is about the same age. He also sings this song ALL.OF.THE.TIME. *LOL* Now, it is stuck in my head, again. 🙂

  12. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    Love the leopard shoes and her confidence in herself to not only wear them, but to perform in front of her peers. Maybe she knows that she may never see these people again and could just take the chance.

  13. Love the girls spirit!!

  14. Oh how cute are they?! Way to go, Lola:)

  15. i just love lola’s sandals! xo

  16. that is super adorable! xx

  17. Awesome.

  18. awhhhhh, they are so adorable!!!!! They look like they had so much fun together!!!! I know you are one proud Mama!!!!!!

    Michelle Torres

  19. i would LOVE to see a video of this 🙂

  20. OH MY GOSH I am dying at the action photo of the long-haired girl whipping her hair!!!

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