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Contrary to popular belief….i do not own a lot of shoes.

my husband thinks i do….but the man really only thinks a girl should have 3 pairs…

just like him.

Tennis shoes for the weekends…..a nice pair for work….and a pair of flip flops.

I went thru my closet and got rid of all the ones i have not worn in the last year.

I really like the idea of having a handful of really nice shoes then a closet of not so nice ones.

I rarely pay full price for shoes….except when Anthro debuts their fall line up of boots.

That is where i tend to splurge on shoes {boots}….because i tend to love clothes the most when

i can layer….hence i go into big time debt in the fall.

I do like to dress nice….i love skirts and dresses in the summer.

I hate shorts…..even though some days i get them out because it’s so humid and hot…

and my thigh’s start rubbing together when i walk.

{i’m still trying to figure out how to get rid of rubbing thighs without giving up my love of sweets}

So…to answer Natasha’s question from this post….i own 10 pair of shoes….give or take…and 3 pairs of boots.

{that does not include my runners or rain boots or flip flops}


Peggy asked what type of camera i have and what i use to edit my photos.

I have a canon 50d. I love it. I am not a professional…{obviously}….but you know what….you don’t have

to have a $5000 camera to achieve fabulous photos….you really don’t.

{mine is NOT a $5000 camera…just so you know}

I love my 35mm lens…i use it pretty much on every photo i take.

I also use photoshop CS3 to edit my photos…but if you don’t have photoshop..then try using Picnik.

Tracey asked if i like the area i live in…..yes i do. If i could live anywhere would be near

the bay area…Cali.

A.Love asked how i do it all. Ahem….it’s called lot’s of wine with a few prozac.

not really…for those of you that will go into a tangent on me.

Something or someone is always suffering here in my house……may it be that dinner is not made

every night…..or that my laundry sits in the dryer for a week only to be re-washed because of the wrinkles.

Trust me when i tell you my house looks like shit 5 out of the 7 days a week or

that the kids don’t know the difference between taking a real bath vs. the pool.

I’m just thankful that the pool is chlorinated to kill all the muck that my kids bring to it.

Lolo asked what is my favorite outfit OF ALL TIME.

Well….i have to say it’s my “vintage” blossom skirt from Anthro..circa 2004.

The only reason it still fits is because when i bought it…i was a size 4 and it rested right on my hips.

Now that i’m a size 8….it sits up on my waste. I can’t really breath when i sit down…but it still fits.

Sheila R. asked me what my favorite textures are to use.

I don’t use textures on my photos. I save those for the professionals. I love to play with actions though…

and my favorite actions are from Florabella.


 Jenny asked to see more styling photos of my home and myself.

ummm….okay. I really have not done anything new with any of my rooms in the house…so i didn’t think

you all want to keep seeing the same ol photos.

I will try and be better about that.

Tami C. asked the same thing about editing photos… question already answered.

Cheryl asked if i was done writing about Paris.

Nope…i still have one post left to do…but it takes me time to get in the mood to delve back in…

and with the kids home now….well….i just haven’t done it yet.

I will though….but i know i will cry when i write it.

Julie wanted to know if that was my first trip to Paris.

Yes…it was….and unless i win the lottery…or i find out that my great grandmother actually

hoarded a basement full of cash….it doesn’t look like i will be going back anytime soon.

Jill wanted to know when i was coming to see her.

Ha….it’s her lucky day…because i am headed up to see her in 2 weeks.

{I love to surprise readers like that…ya know….just show up at their door with my rats in tow}

Julie wanted to know if i was really planning on heading to MN in Sept for Junk Bonanaza.

Yes…i am….and i would gladly accept a hug from you…..and those shoes that were in the post

with the girl in the daybed…those are from T.J. Maxx.

Susie……i’m sure Lola would love another pen pal.

Maria asked what the heck is my boys room like.

I should take some photos…but i’m not allowed in there and really….you might die from the smell of

two boys sharing a room together.

The colors are blue’s and browns. I’ll make it a mission to take photos soon.

They have a more modern room with a few vintage pieces….a bunk bed from Ikea…

and my moms antique wardrobe.

Loubou wants to know if i am weighed down.

I am….and i am heading back to bootcamp tomorrow..

{not what you asked now is it….}

Life is hectic… doubt about that…as for being weighed down…i have my up’s and downs.

Paige wants to know if i’ll be her penpal. got it….let me just figure out what i’m making for dinner then i’ll sit and write you a letter.

Jess wants to know my favorite girls names.

Well….the best one is already taken….as for others…i love different.


Monica wants to know why i get up so early and how many hours i get of sleep at night…and where

do i find the time to do what i do.

I get up early….i’m a morning girl…i like quiet with my cup of coffee. I go to bed around 10…

as for the time thing….i’m still working on how to handle my time appropriately.

Like i said above….something or someone suffers. Our life is crazy sometimes.

Kirsten wants to know of any legit sites to find pen pals.

I don’t know of any…but maybe one of my readers does and will email me with the info.

Sheila wanted to know how i had time for everything when i had a shop.

I don’t know how i did it…and to tell you the truth…i’m glad i don’t have to anymore.

Fin used to be in all day daycare….and really….no one but myself was happy when i had the shop.

I was selfish back then and wanted it all…..and had to learn the hard way.

You grow with mistakes. I’m happy now…my family is happy.

Tara wants to know if i feel like i don’t want to continue on.

No way…Tara. As long as i have something to write about…i’ll be here.

Bryan wants to know what we are having for dinner tonight.

ummm…i don’t know yet….is that a silent request for something other than cereal?

{i threw that one in for fun}

You girls ask some great questions! So….this week i am busily preparing for some birthdays around my house.

Bryan turns the big 39 on Friday….then Lola has her party on Saturday…and of course we have the 4th on Sunday.

We are also getting ready for a HUGE trip in a few weeks….and by HUGE…i mean we are all getting

on a plane and heading somewhere AMAZING. I can’t wait to tell you all about it…but all in due time.

So….anyhoo…..Fin is officially grounded. Bet you didn’t think you could ground a five year old did you?

You can when he disappears and is no where to be found. He decided to go the the park with the neighbors without

asking me. I knew he was at the neighbors playing….but we were headed out the door to go to baseball and couldn’t

find him anywhere. I knew he was with the neighbors because they weren’t home…..but the little angel child had failed to ask me if he could go with them. Someone also took a black sharpie pen and colored on the side of my house…but no one is coming clean on that one. I’m not going to even mention the fact that i found a melted Popsicle under my coffee table morning with a pile of ants that decided to make a home here.

This is week four…….

p.s. anyone else have their tickets for Eclipse?? or is it just me….



  1. Wow summer with the kids home =’s good birth control for me to hear about… lol.

  2. I so so so so wish I was meeting you at your destination! I miss you like crazy and am now trying to figure out how we can get together sometime. Are you really going to Junk Bonanza? That might be a possibility… Where are you staying?
    love to you my friend,

  3. Ah yes, marker on the side of the house. Been there, done that. My little angel denied doing it. Only he forgot that he had written his own name on the side of the house. Missing child? Yes, that too. Mine walked into the neighbors house and sat down and watched cartoons.

  4. Thank you for taking the time to answer all the questions posted. It has been fun getting to know about you and your wonderful family. I adore your shoes, stylish and they look comfortable. I too want to see the movie, haven’t got my ticket yet, but, while in Target I picked up a ‘Team Edward’ tee for around 3 bucks!

  5. Thanks for answering all the questions…especially emailing me to answer mine! We are on week 5 and made our first trip to the hospital last night..stitches. Gotta love summer break!

  6. Happy Birthday to Bryan and Lola! Can’t wait to see pictures of the party. When are you going to surprsie me and show up at my door? 🙂

  7. Thanks for answering all those questions Kasey! wow 10 pairs of shoes, that’s awesome! i can’t seem to let mine go…. 🙁

    I had never heard of “actions” before – only layers…. i have a lot to learn!

    by the way, i’ve had my eclipse tickets since april 15th, and am counting hours….. this time in 24 hours, i will be sitting there, watching the one minute past midnight first showing of it! woohoo!!! actually, i’m going to the triple header, starting at 7. twilight, then new moon, then eclipse! i’m beyond excited 🙂

    enjoy it!!! tell me what you think once you’ve seen it xo

  8. Good for you for answering all those. This is one of those weeks I feel like running away. Can school start again soon?

  9. Yup, Eclipse tickets are in my hot little hand too. Had a girls lunch on Sunday to preview New Moon and get us in the mood – Enjoy! Love, love those shoes of yours, we are in the middle of winter here down under so it is boots weather!!

  10. Christie McGetrick says:

    I enjoyed this post very much – it’s good to get those questions out there. Also – love the Paris photos – keep um coming. Have fun on your trip. I just got back from beautiful Charleston SC – hopefully the oil will not get there. It is a heavenly place surrounded by marshes and ocean.

  11. um, i couldn’t BE more impressed that you actually answered ALL of those questions.
    looks like I need to self medicate more to handle life 😉 and perhaps, buy some more shoes 🙂
    missing you & my sanity! happy tuesday

  12. There is no structure at our house this summer! The kids stay up way too late watching movies and sleeping in. I would love to sleep in too but my sweet doggie barks at my bedroom door expecting her morning treat(note to self next time don’t train a dog to expect a morning treat). I am having trouble getting anything done too-too HOT! I guess that’s why they call it lazy days of summer! Oh and I really should go through my shoes! But luckily my hubby has a shoe addition too!


  13. fun post! love your shoes too! i would love to see the movie but usually wait til it comes out on dvd. i hardly ever go to the movies for myself last two were for the kids 🙂 enjoy the day! susan

  14. tickets in hand… t-shirt neatly folded… can’t wait!!!!

  15. I will love it when you show up on my doorstep, with Lola in tow! Hopefully it will be sunny and warm and we can enjoy a few cocktails out on the dock….


  16. You won’t regret being home with your kiddos full-time, popsicle and all, one bit! It goes by so fast and before you know it they are teenagers, leaving to who knows where, and you’re are trying to pull them back in, wishing they were five again. Have a wonderful trip making summer memories to last a life time!

    Btw…I too like wearing skirts rather than shorts…but how do we keep those thighs from rubbing in the sweaty heat?!!!

  17. Great Q&A’s.

    With the exception of the fact I only have one child, those last few lines could have been me. 🙂 My son thinks pool/shower, what’s the diff? Me: soap! Dad doesn’t do much for discouraging him either. 🙂 The popsicle was left on the back patio & stained it.

  18. I LOVE how you are SO you.

  19. You crack me up!!
    I soo enjoy your blog!!!! My FAVORITE blog!

    Have a super week!

    Off to make my Peach Sangria for later of course! IT is still morning here in Arizona.

  20. That was fun! Thanks for all the info!

  21. monikaki says:

    Thanks for finding the time to answer to me as see? You are great, you always find the time…also to answer to all those questions….baci, Monica

  22. Tickets for the 12:01AM showing tomorrow morning/tonight if you count the hour and so drive to the “good” movie theater…. but only my oldest daughter is going with another friend…. boo hoo hubby is away and my other sitter is away so that leaves me home with the rest and missing the first show… but I will see it!
    Have fun getting ready for your par~ties!!!! Keep writing i so love it!

  23. Love your answers…isn’t it funny how we tend to think everyone else has it all together…people ask me on my blog how I keep my house so clean…I always want to say “it’s called photo styling people”. But, what I love about you is that you are real. (And your house is lovely despite melted popsicles.)

    And yes…I’ll be at the midnight showing…

  24. Kasey!
    You are just so amazing!
    And I’m not easily amazed! ;o)
    I could listen to YOU talk about YOU all day!
    You are completely captivating!
    When you spoke of Paris…and needing to be in THE right MOOD to post pictures…I could sooo feel your heart.
    Know exactly what you mean.
    Those moments in life…those once in a lifetime moments…just so special…so rare…so few.
    Sometimes we have to block them…let them go for a bit.
    We know that if we let them close we will wail up with uncontrollable emotion.
    Not because they weren’t spectacular…but because they WERE so spectacular…and now they are gone.
    So know that I hear ya!
    I feel ya on that one!
    Even though I hardly know you at all…I could soooo feel what that trip meant to you and to Kimberly.
    I have a moment like that…now that I think about it.
    My hub and I were flying into London.
    I had been asleep.
    It was my hubs first time in London.
    It was a dream coming true.
    Two weeks in England…together!
    I awoke to the most beautiful song on a British radio station (had my earplugs on).
    Haley Westenra…a singer from New Zealand…was singing “I Really Don’t Know Love…At All.”
    That song…it always brings that magical breath-taking moment back.
    ANd I can barely think about that moment. It was so magical…that we were flying into London. Like it was one of my best moments of my life. And it’s gone. And it almost leaves me breathless.
    So when I popped over here I could have never imagined sinking this deep…this far away from what my day was!
    See what your writing does.
    You are a dear soul Kasey.
    A dear dear soul.
    Happy Day Sweetpea! xo

  25. Love this post! And yes, the girls & I have our tickets, too. But we’re not seeing Eclipse until Friday {gasp}!

  26. Now – you KNOW I didn’t mean weighed down in the bootcamp sense! More of a ‘weight of the world’, not quite literal sense of the weighed-down sensation! Anyway your answers are great and we all have ups and downs….hopefully more of the ups. My kids (9 and 5) don’t break up til July and then I will be on the weekly summer holidays count. I am amazed yours broke up so early – when are they back at school? Bittersweet – school holidays – in one sense fabulous and an escape from the tyranny of that whole school regime. But on the other hand – ants nesting under your coffee table. 🙂 Take care Kasey, Lou x

  27. No ticket yet. I’m going to have to wait till sometime tomorrow. i took the kids to the free movies today and the line for the midnight show was already quite long. Ugh. Patience is a virtue, right?
    I’m so glad to hear that your home and family are run similarly to mine. Sometimes I feel alone with the melted popsicles and pen marks.
    Have a lovely day and some good wine for your busy weekend.
    cari b

  28. You’re so sweet to answer everyone’s questions!!! and you’re right – I’m learning the hard way that it is very difficult to work full time and keep on top of everything and still feel like you have time to be yourself for the ones you love, you’re lucky you had the option to stay at home with them and cherish every day x

    You’ve just reminded me to check when Eclipse opens in Dublin, I think I may cajole my sister into coming with me even if she DOES tell me that actually Edward ‘could’ be my son …..

  29. …girlfriend, you’re amazing….love your style…love your shoes…and love the honesty and candidness you offer to us… And Morgan and I have our eclipse tickets too…10 am tomorrow morning…just us girls! Keep rocking style the way you do.


  30. i have 12 pairs of shoes, the hubs has 24 pairs, if not more. he is a shoe-holic! love the photos of your pretty shoes!!

    i don’t know when i’ll get to see eclipse, unforutnately it’ll probably be via netflix, boo 🙁

  31. Don’t be surprised if when you get to that destination…I’m not hidden in a suitcase…lol…and just kidding…
    can’t wait to see all you have upcoming…
    some fabulous shoes you got there

  32. Okay honey this post rocked. As did the shoes and photos…

    I’ve been super absent in blog land, and for that I’m sorry!! But because of that I’m sensing that maybe I missed something here lately about the person who asked if you were feeling weighed down- is everything alright?


    I have my midnight tickets. And a a date with a Mojito beforehand.


    Love ya,

  33. I simply adore your blog and your posts…I feel like I already know you! Did you get to the 3HensMarket this past weekend? I really want to visit in the future. You have a beautiful gift of conversational writing…I get lost in your little updates. All the best!!


  34. ok…i loved reading that if you could live anywhere else…it would be the bay area, cali…which is where i’m at…born & raised…and not sure if i will ever leave…but then again…never say never…right?
    and for the record…your hubby would probably die if he saw my shoe collection…he wouldn’t think yours was so large then…haha…
    love your blog!

  35. 🙂 Thank you for your kind response to my question… I look forward to possibly crossing paths with you in the zillon crazy shoppers at JB. I have never been but I got my early bird ticket and Im excited to see everyone and all the fun finds. If you want any suggestions on a nice/reasonable place to stay give me a holler…Ill be happy to give my 2 cents.

  36. I love this post! And you don’t have nearly enough shoes! That doesn’t really make a collection – only a small assortment! Even my hubby has about 30 pairs so you’ve got some shopping to do! : )

  37. Great Q&A session. I loved reading every question asked! Your writing style is so wonderful and flowing…..and it makes me smile.

  38. Ok, so not fair, lady! Another trip?…why do I get the feeling you are going to have a lei around your neck the second you step off the plane???? Hmmm…are my psychic powers coming back? Guess I will have to wait for the post to see. Wherever you are going, I am soooo crawling in your suitcase so I can go too.

    As always, your post cracks me up. Fabulous.


  39. lovely post- i adore the pretty shoes you wear.

  40. Loved reading this! Have an awesome fun-filled weekend with your fam. Can’t wait to hear about your vaca coming up.

  41. Hey Kasey! Got your note re: croquet set. Let me see what I can come up with! xo

  42. it’s always fun to learn more about my blogging bestie
    you are entirely too cute
    bravo on your new adventure too

  43. And the questions continue. All completely adorable shoes and no idea where you bought them. Particularly the yellow. I feel as if I need the yellow shoes. Desperately. Finally found the ruffled Mary Jane Steve Madden’s on clearance for $10. They were purple. Should I buy them?

  44. An yes, I will be seeing Eclipse today. Is it shameful that a 41 year old woman adores a 20 something vampire?

  45. Hey Kasey! As you are the biggest Anthro fan on the planet besides me, I wonder if you are aware of the show Man Shops Globe on the Sundance channel. Second season starts tonight. If you haven’t watched, it follows the head buyer for Anthro in search of fab stuff across the globe. It’s awesome. Hope you can tune in.



  46. I love your honesty……
    And your energy. It can’t all come from sugar!
    I am with you on the shoes.
    I need to cull. Especially ‘cuz I only wear a few
    yet there are tons falling out when I open the
    Looking forward to hearing your
    travel adventures ~ ENJOY!
    xx Suzanne

  47. Peggy Raymer says:

    Hi Kasey: Thank you for answering my question regarding what you use to edit your photo’s. That was
    so generous of you. I have just started a blog and it is nowhere near as good as you. I have a lot of work to do
    I notice that you are a twilight fan and thought you might like to see this photo of myself and Ashley Greene ( who
    plays Alice) from two summers ago at the Night time Emmy Gifting Suite.
    Enjoy your day and your Holiday.

  48. I really enjoyed this post. How exciting about your trip – can’t wait to find out where you are going.

  49. What a fun post to read. ;0) You are very entertaining! I like how honest you are….refreshing.

    Enjoy the busyness of planning parties and enjoying having the kids home for the summer.


  50. hahaha OmG!! somone has been way busy being an ornery kid! haha that is funny! WTG on the grounding. lol
    Love reading all your Q&A’s. interesting. going to watch Eclipse tomorrow night.
    and thank you for the information on your camera. I will be ready soon to take that “leap” from little digi camera to a real grown-up camera. ha
    can’t wait to hear about your trip.
    have a great 4th, sweetie!

  51. I just love it when you answer questions! You never fail to make me laugh.

    No “Eclipse” tickets yet. Dying to go but have to wait until the friend I am seeing it with gets back from vacation next week. The time is passing slowly.

  52. adrienne says:

    Hey Kasey! Love your blog. I have been reading for quite a while and don’t comment much, but I look forward to your posts and you’ve been really posting quite a bit!!! Love it! I’ve got 3 kids girl 11, boy 9 and boy 6. My boy 6 reminds me of Fin–both looks and charming personality! My girlfriend just opened a new shop in downtown Naperville (right next to Starbucks) called Bella Caley–really cute skirts!! Grand opening is tonight. Come have a glass of wine!

  53. I love the shoe photos and reading about your life! In the future I would love to see how you put together outfits with your boots. I always want to wear boots but I never think it looks quite “right” on me. I also love that you live in skirts and dresses instead of shorts.

  54. Love your shoes, you, and your blog! 🙂

  55. great shoes. honest post!

  56. a breath of fresh air as ever

  57. of course I lurve the shoes

    you know what the most interesting thing is about me reading your blog?

    you must be absolutely desperate to know right? 😉

    the fact that as a jeans and flip flops kinda girl

    I now find myself constantly looking at skirts

    which is a problem

    cos skirts make me look fat

    I am blaming you for this conundrum I find in my life

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