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Lola received her very first letter the other day from a pen pal. I can’t tell you how excited she

was to tear it open and read all about someone she does not even know. One of my readers had

emailed me and asked if her daughter could write to Lola. I was a little hesitant at first…

but i thought why not.

The art of letter writing is gone….or at least in my world…disappearing.

It’s so easy to pop on the computer and write that quick not to ask someone how they are doing…

or get on facebook to see what is going on with friends.

I’m guilty of it….but i know how I LOVE getting hand written letters.

Today Lola will write her {new} friend back….

it will also help her with remembering how to spell….something my children quickly FORGET  over

summer vacation. We actually implemented a mandatory 30 minute rule of reading every afternoon.

It helps us all wind down for that time frame as well as giving me a much needed breather.

I want to thank you for your comments in the last post…one of my readers Amy said something

that made me take a step back and think. She said “own it”.

I love it Amy……and you know what….I will. I wil own the fact that i love what i’m doing.


i thought i’d open up the lines of communication with you.

Do you have a question for me?

ask me anything…ask away….go ahead.

really…..and i will answer your questions .

pinky promise.



  1. oh you reminded me of the excitement i had years ago when i got my first penpal. there was a penpal “company” who connected kids worlwide. i had one in the US, one in Finland, UK and one in Italy. The italian and i wrote for years, and i actually met him when i went there with my mum 10 years ago. turns out we didn’t have much to say to each other in real life, lol!

  2. ok here’s question!
    how many pairs of shoes do you have? lol, i’m guessing you can’t count them 🙂
    (don’t worry, i can’t count mine either)

  3. Peggy Raymer says:

    I am sure you have said it a thousand times, however one more won’t hurt. What make and model of camera do you
    use and what software for editing. I am new to blogging and love your blog.

  4. I agree – it is a dying treasure. I think that I am going to try and write more letters, or at least send little notes now and again. Great idea girlie – send me your addy, s’il vous plait!
    Happy Friday!

  5. What a wonderful gift you are giving your daighter!! Handwritten letters , notes, cards – I love getting them and equally love giving them. To know that someone took the time , in this disposable we are living in , to actually put pen to paper for you is an amazig feeling!!! HHL

  6. Awww I remember my penpal, I think its great Lola now has one!

  7. I had a pen pal in Hawaii for years when I was in middle school. I loved it. I often wonder
    what she is doing now these days now that we are all grown up…

    So glad Lola is going to experience the fun of it!


  8. Oh penpals are so much fun! You’re so right…email is easier & quicker…but nothing beats a handwritten letter:)
    Is that a pink mailbox? Is it yours? {oops, that probably counts as two questions:} Anyway, it’s a pretty mailbox!

  9. I have a question!!!!
    What is your favorite thing to do on the weekend.
    Do you like the area you live in, knowing that you moved across the country.
    one more..
    If you could live anywhere..where would that be?
    Sorry…it’s more than one question.

  10. I remember having a pen pal when I was in elementary school, and I often think about what she is doing now with her life.
    So sweet for Lola.
    Okay, for my question: What photoshop do you use, is it elements?

  11. my question is: how do you do it all?! 🙂

  12. Oh the days of pen pals….and licky stamps…..I remember my penpals from my youth. I still have the letters. I also have letters that I wrote my parents when I was younger. I wrote my mom letters when she was pregnant with my younger brothers. She kept them all and gave them to me a few years back when I got married. I treasure them! Lola will appreciate the love of writing that you are instilling in her….it is definitely a forgotten art!

    My question is: What is your absolute favorite outfit of all time?

    You have amazing clothes and shoes, but I really want to know which outfit makes your heart pitter patter?

    Happy Friday!

  13. Love your photos and your blog. A newbie to your blog and lovin’ it.

    Question: What are your favorite textures? Is that what you use on you photos?

    Sorry 2 questions… I just couldn’t stop with 1.

  14. I would love to see more, styling post’s by you and your home.I find your style inspiring ! I guess thats a comment, not Question lol

  15. Hello! I’ve been wondering, what program do you use to edit your photos? I love how many of them have a white wash feel (does that make sense?). I am especially thinking of your Paris shots, so pretty!
    Thank you. I enjoy reading your blog, I appreciate the time you put in to it.

  16. Hi,

    Just wondering if all your France posts are done now? Did we see the last few days? That was such fun. I don’t think its too late now… everyone likes them! Also, are you going to do the name the trip giveaway?


  17. Had a penpal when I was young too and it was so much fun! Hmmm – may have to find one for my little girl! Have a great weekend!


  18. tickled pink about this post!
    morgan is too…she just read along with me…and we both thank you for accepting and giving your okay with the pen pal thing!

    happy friday!

  19. Hi Kasey. I was wondering if the recent trip to Paris was your first. I am just in love with Paris and so enjoyed your posts on your trip. I was fortunate to be able to take three quickie weekend trips there many moons ago when I was stationed in Germany with the Air Force. I dream of going back one day!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  20. What fun! I tucked the pretty bird postcard you included with my gift card in a little corner window of my dad’s secretary…where I have some other pretty cards and old pictures.

    Have a gorgeous weekend!

    : )

    Julie M.

  21. So, are you coming to visit me or what??????


  22. I love that photo Kasey ~ I actually have it in a folder for future use as I found it this week. I am horrible at letter writing now with the electronic age ~ I will pick up a card and send it along to brighten someone’s day but a letter can be painful. I am so glad that Lola has a pen pal ~ I had one as a young girl and remember how exciting it was to receive a letter and then sitting down to write back. Have a happy week-end!

  23. When I was in the 10th grade (1982) a girl in my math class was pen pal’ng to someone in England, and that girl had a friend who wanted to write to someone…..hence a WONDERFUL friendship was born. She has been to the United States many times to see me, and I have gone there. In fact 2 years ago, my son and I spent 2 weeks there and one of those weeks we were all in Paris. We now have children about the same age (which I am godmother to). We email constantly, call often – but still send handwritten cards and letters to, all the time. After 28 years of friendship, I have the most wonderful, dearest friend and the sister I always wanted – our friendship means the world to me – and it all started with a letter.

  24. ??????? Are you really coming to MN for the Junk B? Im gonna look for you and say how much I love reading your blog… Please dont call me a stalker… Least not till I walk away. 🙂
    Sooo did we find out where the girl in the photo got her beautiful shoes…

  25. I too love getting hand written mail. makes me all giddy. I remember my first penpal too. She was from China…my how time flys. Wonder what she has been up to after all these years~ Tell Lola if she wants another penpal I may be able to sweet talk Maddy into writting. 🙂

  26. I’m excited to be able to ask you a question. I have been wondering how you have your boy’s room decorated? In keeping with your flow of style and not making their room or rooms to ” girly.” I am redoing both of my boy’s rooms and any advice would be greatly appreciated. It is always a joy and a laugh to read your blog. Your children are blessed to have you as their mother. Thanks for doing what you do.

  27. Hi Kasey…love the letter writing thing! I agree, it’s priceless to get a letter in the post. Especially an unexpected one, hand-written. I am dreadful with buying postcards to send to people – friends – I have a complete soft spot for stationery. I get photos I’ve taken made up as postcards…whatever…I do it all the time. So my question to you is simply – are you OK? You seem ever so slightly weighed down…Lou x

  28. What a wonderful idea, having a penpal. I had a couple of penpals one from japan and one from england. It was a wonderful experience – think I was about 10 and we kept in touch until early 20’s then somehow we drifted away from each other. I guess marriage, raising families and life just sometimes get in the way of keeping up with these things

  29. How sweet for Lola. One of the little pleasures in life – getting a handwritten letter. That’s also why I love those old letters with that gorgeous calligraphy – we don’t write like they used to either 🙁

  30. I’m going to finally delurk on this one… I have a pen pal, Carla. I consider her to be my best friend these days. We began writing when I was 14 and she was 12. I’m now 40 and she’s 38. We have been friends all this time. She lives in Toronto, Canada and I live in St Petersburg, FL USA. She has been my very best friend for 26 years. She flew to Florida in 2005 (for our 2nd time meeting ever…) to be in my 2nd wedding. She was the maid of honor. I cannot tell you how much I love her…there are no words. I remember that first letter…she wrote it to one of my classmates. I retrieved the letter from a big bag of pen pal letters received via a Tiger Beat magazine ad my classmate had submitted. So Carla wasn’t even writing to me, but I chose to write back to her. She didn’t mind. I wrote to 3 people during that English class assignment.

    Carla and I wrote a lot of letters. 17 years into our friendship we met for the first time and we got matching tattoos…to commemorate all the years of passing ink back and forth. I can only wish this type of friend on your daughter. (not the type to encourage tattoos naturally…) but the type that means the world to you for 26 years and counting!

  31. oh, i love that pink mailbox!
    i think lola & caroline should be penpals…darn, i shoulda come up with that plan
    or better yet, YOU & I could be pen pals
    i’d love to see a handwritten note from you!
    no pressure
    you know i love you!

  32. I love your blog and style! I am pregnant with a girl, so my question for you is what are some of your favorite girl names? Thank you!!

  33. monikaki says:

    Even if I have seldom left a message, please believe me when I say I really like your blog, your style, and your writing!!
    Having three babies (8,6 and 3 years old)..even if I know that in the US people wake up early in the morning ..earlier than here in South Europe…my questions is: Where do you find the time to make all these beautiful things for your house, the brilliant pics, the blog, the book club….how may hours do you sleep per night?
    I am a Kasey fan! Ciao ciao, Monica

  34. what a neat idea and so inspiring to write more letters too:) How fun for Lola!!!

  35. There is nothing better than snail mail and a new friend.

    I loved your last post and it somewhat echos the post I wrote today entitled “Opening the Door to Possible Fear and Failure”. I’ve laid my heart out. I hope you stop by to read it and if you’re inspired in any way feel free to share the message.

  36. Do you know of any legit sights where my daughter might be able to be linked to a pen pal?

  37. Hello! I’m an Irish mammy and I really love your blog, both your writing and your photos.

    As a full time working mum in a pretty demanding job, I find it really difficult to get time for the more creative side of myself, I love cooking, photography, my garden, interiors, sewing…….. but it really is a struggle to get any deeper than dabbling in the things I love once I’ve made time for my job, and my two boys ( my husband and my beautiful little boy)

    How did you find time for everything when you ran your own store??


  38. have you read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society?
    its an adorable little read.
    its all letters.
    written letters between friends and strangers…who then become friends.
    it reminded me of pen pals…and then blogs…and blog writers.
    it is co-written by Annie Barrows who also writes the Ivy & Bean books…
    Lola may have read them…my Charlotte has.
    your blog is also a fabulous read.
    waiting for you to post is also kind of like waiting for a letter in the mail…
    do you ever feel like you don’t want to continue?
    i hope not;)

  39. Rare? Medium rare? Medium? Well-done? Charcoal? or Cows are our friends, not food? How do YOU like your steak?

    : )

    Julie M.

  40. lherlihy says:

    Not sure if you know about this super cool shop in the city, but it’s a fave….

    Cheers! Lori

  41. Shannon says:

    When I was a little older than Lola’s age I started having penpals- and soon I had them all over the world! I still have alot of the letters.

  42. i thought i was the only one who said anyhoo!! lol

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