where to next

I actually had one very lengthy post written out but then life took over and i deleted it.

all of it

so you get this instead.

1. We are staying one more year.

There…i said it. Now you know.

We can’t afford to buy plane tickets home so there you have it.

{i really wanted to share the whole philosophical event on why we decided to stay but Mason 

got in trouble for not getting an assignment done in time for school and i’m pissed…so i just deleted

everything and here we are…..it’s life. real life}

We are just not ready to head home yet….and truthfully….this has been one of the best decisions 

even though money is tight….we are thankful that Bryan has a job….we have benefits…

and damn it……it’s pretty amazing here.

Mostly everyone is supportive….and i say that with a slight smile.

2. I almost signed up for the Kauai half marathon the other night

{but i thank the good lord that i realized i had a bit too much wine to drink when i noticed

right away that i should not be running a half}

No worries…no worries at all….because i also realized the other day that i still hate running….

even though i drag myself to do it….i still hate it.

Hate is a strong word….sorry to use it….

but damn if it’s not like a secret drug and it makes you forget every night how much you hate it

only to rear it’s ugly face at you as you lace up your shoes and push yourself through the first mile

all the while you are thinking to yourself that you really in fact do….

hate to run.

Point taken.

check check double check

I will not and am not running a half marathon…….probably because i will just disappoint my family 

by calling them around mile 6 to come and pick me up.

3. I am a driftwood hoarder

I only say this because i have a problem and i don’t need help.

I just happened to be at the beach last week alone when i saw the most beautiful LARGE

piece of driftwood laying helpless in the sand so i did what any normal driftwood hoarder would

do and that is try and get it into the mini {van not cooper} with no one around to help me.

It took some figuring out how….but i did it….and now it resides on our front porch.

Bryan was thrilled…..honest.

4. I think i might have a future as a Walmartista

i swear denim purses must be coming back in style……right?

No. They are not.

But what is fun is walking around Walmart with a friend and trying on clothes

then seeing which one of you can tap into the secret overhead intercom and publicly state

that all boxes of chocolate macadamia nuts are free only if you check out in the next 2 minutes.


5. I have a new drink to share with you…

it’s called “Bikini on the beach”.

Coconut water

Coconut Vodka 

Freshly squeezed lemon juice

A bit of freshly muddled mint

Some simple syrup 

{you can thank me later….}

I found that cute table on sale at Kmart a few weeks ago…and now it comes to the beach with me.

The fresh flowers might have been a bit much….but damn it…..they were only $5 at the farmers

market and they came in the mason jar.

Bryan is thrilled when i bring out the table and flowers…..honest.

 5. I am still holding strong on my weight

Since i posted all about it at the end of April {here}…i’ve lost an additional 3 pounds…..but the muscle

is all gone. I haven’t lifted a weight since Gabby’s class and i sort of feel bad but then i think to myself that

she will be back the beginning of November and i can get all toned up again.

Actually….Gabby called me the other day and told me that we shouldn’t move because she

was really looking forward to me being in her class again.

She even asked if i would take her on that swim up the coast….show her how it’s done…

but i had to tell her that i’m still recovering from that swim and i still have a minor twitch

with my neck……and sometimes in the middle of the night i blurt out bad words.

Therapy might help…..so i walk around Walmart.


  1. Running a half marathon was one of the best experiences of my life. You should totally do it. Also yay for staying another year!

  2. Gotta say I’m glad I get another year in Hawaii…er I mean you get another year. Sorry I’m just living vicariously. You look great!

  3. that last picture is adorable. love the shirt. love the pocket sticking out of the bottom of your shorts. ADORE the bicycle.

    one more year=yay!

  4. Brittany Olson says:

    OOOH. SO happy I found your blog (not sure whose I linked from but…) so happy I did. Been to HI a few times so that interested me. However- I just went back to your post you linked on this post and I am inspired by your weight loss. Go you!
    Oh and definately cool to stay another year.

  5. I knew you would! I’m so glad as you seem to be having such an amazing time and have discovered that the best things in life aren’t things but moments. You and your family seem to have settled so well and are having great moments and therefore great memories. Truth be told I’m a bit jealous of your adventure! Keep sharing your stories – I’m looking forward to part 2 of Life on an Island, The Buick Way 🙂

  6. Great update. You are living what so many people wish they/we had the guts to do!

  7. CONGRATS!!!

    I love that you’re staying another year! This is a dream come true.

    Also, the weight maintenance…freaking awesome!

  8. I’m excited you’re staying one more year! I’m happy I get to continue to live vicariously through you!

  9. I would stay another year too! You look great btw!

  10. So happy for you all! I’m loving your shirt in the last picture. You look so good Kasey:)

  11. I think you are just one inspiring girl!! The first photo of you on the bike is beautiful. We live in the dingleberries so Walmart is my dearest friend {not}, just have no other choice!! 🙂

  12. Kasey you are a Hoot! Thanks for the update and all my best for another fabulous year! I enjoy you taking us all on this journey with you.
    Do enjoy those Walmart trips, as I was place bound at one time too in Eastern Montana and Walmart and K-mart were my only choices as well.You do what ya gotta do!
    You all look amazing, good to see what the sunshine can do for you.
    Until next time Cheers! ~Kim

  13. dan just texted & said…dude, kasey commented on your blog today!
    i won’t make any snarky comments about how you moved to hawaii and forgot your landlocked friend. nope. i wont do it.
    love that ya’ll are staying another year. what a dream!!

  14. Glad to hear you’re in for another year. Can’t wait to read about more Kauai adventures!

  15. YAY! You are staying! Love it!

  16. so excited to hear you are staying!

  17. I knew it! Keep living the dream for me!!

  18. Kasey, you made my day. Love the last photo too !!! One year more I’ll drink to that. Your new drinks ….. I will try !!!

  19. A toast,

    with my Malibu Rum with lemonade to your coconut water and coconut vodka –

    — to another amazing year in Hawaii.


    May I one day lose myself (and weight) in Hawaii just like you have done…{sigh}

  20. Barbara @sanfernandostreet says:

    Good for you it sounds like you are doing good things I love your IG’s always a riot

  21. Oh, but…but…but…I was hoping that we would all move to France next!! Oh, was I inserting myself directly into your family? Anyway, so we’re not going to France…O.k. Hawaii will do. Yay, for making decisions!

  22. Congrats on making the decision! I look forward to reading about your adventures. Love the pictures in this post, especially the first one. Live your story!!! You guys continue to inspire.

  23. Yay for you all! I adore Hawaii – in fact whenever things seem tough or I want an out I dream of being over there – hand on heart it is the best place in the world! Flag those who aren’t 100% supportive – their motives are all about them and their worries/limitations etc. As long as you’re all happy and healthy – then you’re doing the best by all five of you. Full stop and no question mark to the gft! Looking forward to the next mad instalment and keep those drinks coming – love the coconut vodka with a twist or 2!!!!!

  24. Hahaha!!! That post was AWESOME!!! So…what I’m hearing you say is….I have one more year to try & make it out there to visit?!?! Then I can sample all this yummy goodness you keep coming up with like Bikini on the Beach, quinoa salad…all the cool places you like to eat?!?! 😉 Yay…looking forward to more posts from Hawaii!

  25. I just LOVE your blog, Kasey! I’m happy to read that you’re staying another year.
    Naysayers?? Is it their life??
    You look fantastic and so happy! Life is sweet!
    ps doesn’t Walmart suck?!

  26. So exciting!! I too live vicariously through you && dream of the day my husband will finally agree to get out of his comfort zone && experince/enjoy life in a different area! ; )

    I’m totally diggin the new piece of drift wood, I think I’ll go out to the lake this eve && see if I can find something similar!

    && Yay for doing so well on the weight maintenance, you look fabulous!

    Best Wishes from Oklahoma~

  27. Confession: I’m a Kasey Buick blog stalker. I happened upon your site last year right before you moved to Hawaii… I think you were featured on The Craft Site of the Day with your truffle mac n cheese, maybe??

    While I was initially drawn to the recipe… I was completely intrigued by and excited about the adventure you were getting ready to go on… (weird, right? I don’t know you.. I only knew your recipe… yet I was so excited for you and your family’s big move). And I’ve been silently stalking you ever since.

    All that to say that I have been hoping you would stay because it’s what seemed to be right – and because I’ve read your blog for over a year and have made that mac n cheese, I have intimate knowledge on what is best for the Buick 5.

    A friend of mine let this chick come to her house , interview her and take pictures… (her house is REALLY cool… you’d prolly love it… I know this because I’ve been blog stalking you for over a year now… here’s the interview with pics: http://www.designmom.com/2012/01/living-with-kids-rachel-peters/). In the interview, Rachel was asked to finish this sentence: “I wish I had known…” I felt compelled to share it with you today:

    “I wish I had known that many of life’s great moments are missed because we are afraid of being tired,
    or embarrassed.

    Push through those fears.
    Great adventure awaits.”

    And You’ve been doing just that…. pushing through those fears and have been living a great adventure. You and your hubby have given your kids and one another a better story because of it. So, YAAAAAAAAAAAAY! So happy to see you guys are staying in HI for a little while longer.

    Sincerely, your friendly blogosphere stalker,

    P.s. Don’t judge my blog. It’s pretty lame because I have not committed to it like I haven’t committed to weight watchers this whole year. As you know, it’s much easier to commit to a glass of wine and a block of cheese.

  28. I’ve been holding my breath that you were staying. I just let out a huge sigh! Love your posts and look forward to many more over the next year. You’re looking wonderful btw!

  29. Yeah! Stoked for you all. I wish I had never moved away…most days. Aloooooooha!

  30. I’m so happy for you guys!!!!!!! I know it will be a great year!!!!!! Aloha,Sara

  31. Yay to the stay!…Looking forward to getting to know you better over the next year, and to many, many more cocktails with fresh island fruits to share…Ruby Red’s are almost ready for picking 🙂

  32. I’d say, all in all, living in Hawaii has agreed with the Buick 5! Kudos to you! Wishing you a{nother} wonderful year:)

  33. awesome news!

    aloha nui loa!

    m ^..^

  34. sorry… I have to be nosy… did you went out your house in STC for another year? I ask… because we’re in STC, similar type of house… opportunity to move… but not sure if we could rent out our lovely home to strangers…

  35. you are brave. I happened upon your blog today for the first time and I love your story.

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