adventures in wonderland

If God had a goal for the buick kids this last year…..

then hot damn….

he is sitting there nodding his head right now because these kids sure have stepped out of

any comfort zone they had and are hitting home runs like crazy.

They are a testament to the true meaning of “living life”

{and sometimes i like to think i might have had something to do with it….

i mean…i did birth them didn’t i?}

Let’s start with Saturday.

Saturday was the end of paddling season……which means no more practices twice a week….

and no more getting up at the crack of dawn on Saturdays to be checked in for racing at 7am.

It was a glorious day…..

which unfortunately my camera sat at home neglected and rejected

while my iphone took over the responsiblity of capturing the event.

Hanalei canoe club……

you’ve molded my children into sea worthy paddlers….

and for that….

i am forever grateful.

I might also mention at this point that it wasn’t too long ago….

2 weeks to be precise

that the kids all decided to sit down and watch the movie “Jaws” one evening….

even though i did make sure to have them sign an affadavit for me saying that

they would never hold me responsible should they go astray as young adults….

nor would i get out of bed to rescue any criers in the middle of the night because of nightmares.

That being said….even though they watched the movie over and over….

no one has yet to complain about the ocean because i think

that part of being on the Hanalei canoe club paddle team

is that they teach the kids about respect.

Respect for the water…Respect for each other.

{that……and the fact that they might be safe in the boat…but i’m not saying that out loud}


Saturday was awesome…..and i hope my kids can look back on this one day and realize that

they were part of this…..

they paddled….they raced…they were on the Hanalei Canoe club.

{as you are probably aware…..Fin is not on the team…so he will remember nothing…

he will probably only remember that he got his hair cut and he still loves his favorite gel

{generic these days}

I’m sure my mom is so proud.

Back to the weekend……

you would think after racing all morning Saturday that by Sunday the kids would be exhausted.

I know i was….and i didn’t even paddle.

I had been talking it up for a while about wanting to take the kids up to Hanakapia’i falls….

which i’ve only been to once {here}

but i run/hike to Hanakapia’i beach at least once a week.

The hike up to the waterfall is 4 miles…..

which means it’s 8 miles roundtrip.

8 miles…

and i’m not talking about an 8 mile walk through some farm roads…..

i’m talking about an 8 mile hike.

The best thing i did was invest in 2 backpacks which i bought at Costco

which hold water and have a tube that hangs down and you can drink the water

right from the tube.

I’m sure they have some sort of fancy name but i’m just going to call them “backpacks with water”.

{i’m simple like that…}

I had been anticipating this hike with the kids…..and knew that if they each had their own

“backpack with water”

that would eliminate the fact that i’m carrying a million water bottles and developing hunch back

on the 8 mile hike all the while snarling and drooling because my fangs were starting to show.

This way the kids could each carry their own water….and feel like real rockstars hikers.

Obviously Fin is not pictured above.

It’s not because he was not invited to join us on our 8 mile hike….

nor is it because i didn’t get him his very own “backpack with water”….

it’s simply because he said he didn’t want to go.

And if Fin says he doesn’t want to go….then what he really means is

he doesn’t want to go and he will complain about it the entire time and we would

have to probably abort the mission 1/10th of the mile into it

so you see….it’s not because we didn’t want him along…..

he was very happy back at the homestead  hanging with a friend and styling hair with the newest product.

Anyhoo……back to our adventure…..

right around mile 3….we came across oodles and oodles of mountain apple trees….
and not being one that would let my kids try it first only to fall over on the trail and die….

i decided i would be the first one to make sure they were not poison.

{just like i do with the ice cream at home……}

After eating a mountain apple and not dying……

i let my kids pick some and eat them.

They were good.

We even picked a few for Fin….just in case.

except we got hungry again on the trail…so we ate his too.

We finally made it the entire 4 miles…..

uphill both ways….

through the mud….

and a little incident when i was crossing one of 4 rivers

in which i thought for sure that a tree branch could hold all 135 pounds of me as i jumped from rock to rock

but it didn’t and i fell backwards into the river

and the only thing i thought of was not the fact that i could die….

{i wouldn’t though….because the water was only 3 feet deep}

but that the fact that my iphone was not securely stored in a zip lock bag…but roaming freely 

in my backpack.

It survived….but barely.

I on the other hand gave some tourists in their water shoes and fanny packs a good laugh.

4 miles and almost 2.5 hours later we arrived at our destination.

Hanakapia’i falls

I had packed a picnic and we sat for 30 minutes and enjoyed

eating and exploring.


i ate and the kids explored….

and i tried to dry my wet clothes and soggy socks….just in case you were wondering.

We were *this* close to jumping in the pool at the waterfall…..

*this* close i tell you

but it was cold….

and the sun had yet to hit the pool….because it was only a little after 10……

so we did what any normal family would do….

we decided to start hiking back down and jump in one of the many pools

that are in the river.

Obviously i went first….because i had to make sure that there were no pirannas or 

and of course there were none….

so i floated around till Lola joined me…and then we both floated around while Mason kept watch.

We made it back down and out to the mini {van not cooper} at a little after One o’clock….which meant it took us

6 hours total to hike the 8 miles and picnic with a swim in the swimming hole.

Not bad for a Sunday.

Today i’m still lying in bed…..

with my feet elevated and i’m telling everyone that i’m all out of adventures….

and Alice…..who fell down the hole………

{or in a river}

is cashing in a coupon for a day off…or three.

But those kids i tell you……i’m so very proud of them.

over and out

check check


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  1. Rose D., Frenchtown, NJ says:

    Sounds like pure bliss to me!!!!

  2. Alice/Kasey sure looks happy, and that’s just great!

  3. What a wonderful Sunday hike. We used to hike all the time before kids…even went to Tasmania for a week long hike! That is what we miss here in TX…it is so hot, I can’t imagine a hike being enjoyable. So many wonderful memories are being created for you and your family. I just love reading about them…

  4. I can tell your kids are just loving and LIVING the life you decided to show them. It’s amazing isn’t it, how kids can pretty much adapt to what you put in front of them.
    Kudos to you and your lovely family for doing this, it’s inspiring!

  5. Love these photos!
    We are coming to Kauai in 5 months, and I am using your list of favorite places.

  6. We love that hike and do it whenever we are in Kauai 🙂 You should all be so proud of yourselves for becoming such adventurists!! Love it….

    ps – the water backpacks are called Camel-Baks 😉 minus the humps of course

  7. Wow! I’m soooooooooooo impressed and proud of you! What a wonderful adventure! Great photos of a beautiful place and cute kids! Love, Traci

  8. From the beaches of Australia Kasey- I’m having a wonderful time (along with my three kiddos) watching your life over there…

    Our kids would get on fantastically- and I’m always up for a drink on the beach watching kids throwing themselves in the water, or off a wharf…just for the record! 🙂

    Congrats to your big two on their rowing- proud mamma…

    Melissa x

  9. I love hearing about your adventures! What an amazing gift you have given your kids! You are an amazing writer & I am pretty sure I have nearly peed in my pants at 90% of your posts! Enjoy the rest of the journey, where ever it takes you!!!! You make me want to go hike 8 miles now!!!!!

  10. I agree – you have given your kids so much and then some! They’ll look back with the best memories and no regrets – and will probably all end up living there! We’re about to move to the country – away form the city – cannot wait!

  11. domenico says:

    Really liked the hold your son’s hair had, so I googled lubricating jelly. I am so not going to be the arse that comments on his choice of product, but I am dying over here. No way I am going to ask my mum to get me some, guess I’ll just stick with Sumotech.

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