the surf competition

First and foremost….THANK YOU so much for all the comments on my getting fit photos.

Nothing makes a girl feel better then logging on in the mornings and reading all your sweet comments…..

and i just want to let those of you that were in my same shoes….that you can do it….

it takes time. Lots of time.

And commitment. 

You have to want it…..and work hard….and i promise….you too will see results.

If you are not cutting calories and burning them by exercising……you won’t lose weight.

If you are not using weights….you won’t tone.

I even woke up the other morning from a comment from Bryan….

all the way from Florida….and it made my day.

Anyhoo……this last Saturday was the Irons brothers surf contest.

My kids were up and ready by 6 am Saturday morning…..and let me tell you….it was a long day.

Mason’s bestie was in the first heat of the morning… 7 AM sharp.

C.J….the bestie is exactly one year older then Mason and they share the same birthday which is pretty cool…

and they are both at the exact same level at surfing.

I was happy that they were not in the same heat….i didn’t want them competing against each other.

C.J placed third in the first heat which meant he got to move on to the 2nd heat.

I didn’t know how the competitions work…

so i had to keep asking bryan to detail it out for me.

The kids in this one were placed in age groups……so Mason and his friend were in the 11-12 year boys group.

There were 4 heats that went out first thing in the morning and 6 boys in each heat…..and each heat

lasts 15 minutes.

That means there were 30 boys competing at first.

Then the top 3 in each of the first heats move on to the 2nd heat.

Then the top four from the 2nd heats move on to the final heat and in the Final heat there are 6 boys {or girls}

left to compete with the big awards going obviously to the First place through 3rd place.

So when you think about it…..there were a few different age groups going on that day.

Boys 11-12

Boys 9-10

Girls 11-12

Girls 9-10

Boys 8 and under

Girls 8 and under.

Lots of heats and long day.

I’m already tired from reading this and writing it all out again.

I don’t know how parents do this with kids that are on the surfing circuit….GOOD LORD ABOVE.

Lola did not surf…but her friends did…..

and her friend Khalil…pictured on the right in the photo below….made it to the finals and placed 6th.

It was her first competition also…..she rocked even though she was 6 minutes late in starting

the final heat because her little sister decided to take her surfboard out without asking.

It also rained on and off throughout the day…..

but that didn’t stop Fin from being Fin.

Mason in his first heat……

and let me tell you how absolutely PROUD we were of him…..

his very first competition…. he was nervous….

and in his first heat there was a kid from his class that surfs A LOT and is on a surf team.

But guess what?!

Mason placed third in the first heat and moved on to the 2nd heat.

There were so many people there……supporting our local kids… was fabulous.

It doesn’t take Fin long to find friends and keep busy all day long….

Fin’s heat finally came at 1….and with the 8 and under….it’s all parent push in.

That means a parent goes out and helps then catch waves.

Fin went out with his friend Anya.

Fin also had a substitute dad for the push in…..only because

1. i needed to take photos


2. bryan had to head to work

Anya got first place for the girls…..

and Fin took first place for the boys.

Justin also took first place for the boys…..

so did little Mason….

and Julian also came in first place.

It was really great that all the 8 and under got first place…..and a trophy.

There were 200 8 and under signed up for the contest…..

and even though i didn’t tell Fin till after his heat that there really was no competition….

they all got really great goody bags that had sunglasses, hats….stickers…wax and cool things.

Mason’s 2nd heat came around 1:45 in the afternoon…..and right after his Friend.

Once again…they were not competing in the same heat.

The friend placed 5th…which meant he couldn’t move on to the final heat.

This is Mason about to head out in his 2nd heat…..

they all wear different colored rash guards so the judges can tell who is who.

Mason did amazing in that heat….but came in 5th…which meant he didn’t get to move on the finals….

but it didn’t bother him at all.

He was so Happy to have been able to make it through the first heat and have the chance to even do a 2nd one…

and that makes this momma so proud.

He also still loves his longish hair and won’t cut it.

He also thinks he might want to live here one more year.

Go figure.

And that my friends….is what a first ever surf competition looks like.


  1. Looks like a blast!! Your going to live there forever arent ya?

  2. Love it!!!! This is my dream for my kids (really myself, but I might not fit in w the kids contest)!!!! Love it!!!

  3. I love this – I have always been obsessed with surfing, your little surfer kids are so cute! You definitely need to keep living there 🙂 When you start surfing you can never get it out of your system.

  4. What a beautiful groups of surfing kids you have and what a fun day for them.
    I really love Mason’s hair!!

  5. I’m scared of the ocean, but absolutely adore surfers. I could watch them all day long. Their bravery amazes me. That’s why I love Bethany Hamilton. Love her faith and courage. I’ve even looked into decorating our basement in a vintage Hawaiian decor. Surf boards are expensive. Great experience for your kids. Wow.

  6. Oh! Totally fun! When we visit Hawaii (and I tell you, you’ve really got me craving some Hawaii time…the cool and rain here may be contributing to that craving, too…..but I digress….) I love, love, love watching the little kids surf. A big “way to go!” to all your kiddos! : )

  7. Stoked for the Buick brothers in the Irons brothers contest! Way to represent brothers! Much aloha to you all!

  8. So proud of all those kids – and niece Kasey and nephew-in-law Bryan. You all look so great, happy, fit, cool and TAN! If you can stay another year, we will be there. Love ya!

  9. Way to go guys and girls!!! Sounds like a blast & as I was reading I kept saying to myself “I wonder if they’ll stay longer?” then I read the comment about Mason at the end wanting to stay longer…LOL…you all sure are making the best of your time there, that’s for sure! I look forward to what’s ahead…whatever it may be! 🙂

  10. your posts just always make my day
    in this special, certain way
    keep up the fabulous work!
    and you look awesome, btw! <3

  11. Wow! congrats on a great first surf competition – it looks like a lot of fun. Congrats too on a succesful move, wanting to stay another year is a great sign of how you’ve settled in. Keep enjoying!

  12. The kids look like they are getting along just FINE. Mainland we run the kids to soccer tourneys all weekend. this must be the equivalent. Oh well, a chance to rock your new BIKINI 🙂

  13. HOW FUN! What a fantastic life you are living this year! (I secretly hope you stay another year too!)

  14. How awesome!

  15. I would want to live there forever!
    Your kids are so cute!
    Way to go Buick Boys!

  16. Caroline says:

    That is fantastic! I agree with Mason….stay there!! It looks great and what amazing experiences and memories you are giving your kids!! Now we just need to get you out there with your rockin bod… 🙂

  17. Awesome pics. The kids will have so many fun memories. You both are awesome parents. Im glad to see you and your family are enjoying the days. Dont forget Cinco de Mayo tomorrow !!! Celebrate!!……….Chickie in AZ

  18. One of the girls in the background looks scary.

  19. I did get exhausted reading all that! Whew. And I can’t even stand soccer games each week! Your kids though, look adorable and like they had the time of their lives! Question for ya though, and I totally am looking for an honest answer (which I’m sure i”ll get since you seem to not be afraid at all of being honest!), do you sunscreen your kids? With new controversy over bad stuff in sunscreen I’m just curious when people have their kids in the sun a lot…is it an issue? Since we aren’t in sun a lot…the few times we are for prolonged periods I feel I really need to or else my kids will burn. But I’m sure at this point, you don’t have to worry about burning anymore. Also in preparation for our trip out there my husband got us tanning passes so hopefully to prepare ourselves to not burn while there also. Do you think this is necessary? I totally don’t want pictures of two fried white whales!

    • We always use sunscreen. The thing with us though… we are rarely at the beach all day. Normally we hit the beach after school around 3 and if we do that….i only put it on their faces.
      We do still burn if we are at the beach during the hours of 11-2 and no sunscreen. I’m lucky that we all brown nicely….but skin cancer is not good and neither is leather skin. So sun screen up so you don’t burn!

  20. Your kids are so cool. What an experience! Could you ever have imagined this?

  21. There was a tent like that in a Hawaii 5-0 episode about a kidnapped surfer…sorry. Random.

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