Brie and Fig Jam Bites

This post is dedicated to those of you that thought i fell off the normal “bring back the old Kasey” wagon.

Remember… i stated in my Strong is the new Skinny post……

i am still eating things i love….i’m just juicing and exercising a whole damn lot in order to

be able to continue to eat the things i love and can’t won’t give up.

So…without further ado…..i would like to finally introduce you to my all time  favorite appetizer

Brie and Fig Jam bites

All you need are four things to make these.


*Fig Jam  {if you can’t find fig jam….then try a high end Blueberry or Cherry jam}

*Frozen Puff Pastry sheets

*Parchment paper 

That’s it!

Four things to make these yummy little bites that i serve at almost every party i have…

or like i will on occasion…

make them mid afternoon and eat them in bed while catching up on Young and the Restless.

{don’t judge me people…}

One sheet of Puff Pastry makes 12 of them…..and there are 2 Puff Pastry sheets in each box.

So….depending on how many you want to make is dependant on the sheets you use.



You get it.

First! Preheat your oven to 375 degrees.

Since the Puff Pastry sheets are frozen….you will want to take the sheet or sheets out

to thaw….but when making these……you don’t want to thaw the sheet completely.

If the sheet thaws completely….it gets too doughy and is hard to shape into place… that is

why i like to still have it semi-frozen but still pliable.

I use a pizza cutter and slice the dough into 12 equal squares.

{or somewhat equal squares…..because we can’t all be coordinated….}

and before you start licking the Fig Jam right out of the jar…..

add a little dollop to each of those squares.

{i mean semi stiff squares}

and then on top of that dollop of delicious Fig Jam….

cut little slices of Brie and stick it in.

Feel free to eat the Brie as you go…..

i do.

{someone has to make sure it’s not poisonous}

Once you have all the Brie in place on the Jam….

then you can start molding your little boats with the Puff Pastry.

For those of you that work with clay….then this should be a piece of cake for you…

for those of you that have never worked with clay…

{that would include myself and most of the world…}

do not fear

because the little boats will not sink to the bottom of the sea…i promise you that.

All you do is take the sides and fold them around the Brie with your fingers

while leaving the top open.

Like i said… can do no wrong.

You’ll then put these on parchment paper on a baking sheet

and bake them for 15 minutes OR till golden brown.

You know these are done when all the fig jam is oozing all over the sides of the puffed pasty…

and this is a GOOD sign.

We like ooz.

We like bubbly.

We like warm gooey Brie all nestled in Fig Jam while folded in Puff Pastry.

Go ahead….lick the computer screen.

p.s. These are best eaten warm and right out of the oven…..

p.p.s. I don’t mean right out of the oven….let them cool for 2 seconds…then dive in.


  1. these look beyond delish!!


  3. Megan S. says:

    I just pinned this to make for a party we are having in a few weeks.
    These look amazing!

  4. I love brie. I can’t wait to try these so thank you for posting the recipe.

  5. Oh geez.

  6. You’re making these for me next week, right?

  7. Oh My! The Pioneer Woman has nothing on you, these look amazing, I can’t wait to make these and share with my girlfriends.

  8. These are my favorite but I have the hardest time with the pastry shells. And brie….my favorite, which leads me to ask you what your exercise plan is? I would love to know what you do!

  9. Brie is my all time fav! I will eat it with anything, these look amazing~Cheers Kim

  10. Jennifer says:

    I’ve never personally prepared brie, only eaten it at parties. I have an innocent question…are we supposed to eat the rind on brie? I always do because I don’t know what else to do with it, and I don’t see anyone else removing it….

  11. yummy!

  12. Love brie, love fig jam, love pastry, love simple and easy…betting I’ll love these too! Thanks for sharing Kasey.

  13. My mouth is watering. I can’t wait to try this at our next party!

  14. Hi Kasey,

    the brie and fig looks wonderful! Might make for Easter appetizers. Did you mention the oven temp? Thanks, Vicki

  15. I also make these with apricot jam and a pecan half nestled on top of the Brie! Very good!! (but don’t overcook or the Brie turns to a liquid. Not good). I will try the fig jam next time!

  16. Um those do look good. Keep up your good work! I know we try to compensate by getting more exercising in to compensate our little indulgences. I am thinking you have it mastered. Happy Spring! Florence

  17. Ill have to try these. I love baked brie in pastry with red pepper jelly.
    To cut calories a small amount I used philo dough with brie and red pepper jelly and baked it to pure yummyness too….

  18. Yum scrum – looking so good – will give these a whirl.

    I sometimes do a sav version – some cherry tomato, caramelised onion and goats cheese on pastry – also wicked!

  19. yummy!

  20. Kasey – this looks so delicious! I love following your adventure – I would love to hit the road for a year. A change of scenery would be good!

  21. These look amazing and I know with the combination of fig jam and brie heated in the puff pastry it’s got to be a winner! I love when something this simple tastes so good. I found you through Blooming on Bainbridge.

  22. I served your fig jam and brie recipe as appetizer to my Easter meal and it was a hit! So easy and so Goood! Thank you!

  23. Trying these tonight!! Wish me luck.
    Thanks for the recipe, they look so yummy.

  24. WOW! I just bought some Brie and Fig Jam from HEB here in Tomball. Wasn’t sure what to do with it, now I know.
    Thanks, looks verrry yummy!!!!

  25. This sounds delicious and simple! One question – do the pastry sheets have to be rolled out/ flattened with a rolling pin or can they just be used “as is”?

    Make that two questions – are the pastry sheets easy to find in most grocery stores?
    Thanks in advance!

    • no, they don’t have to be rolled out, they come already thin so you just unfold them and slice them. Yes….located in the freezer section near the frozen pie crusts.

  26. I made these when you first posted them, and just made a version for a holiday party with jalepeno jelly & goat brie…yummy! Thank you!

  27. Can I prepare these in the morning for baking tonight????

  28. Updated my email

  29. My Mom has a very productive Fig tree. I made this twice this past summer and waiting for the new ones to come on the tree.

    Lucky me 🙂 And thank you for the recipe.

  30. These look great. I make a baked brie with strawberry or raspberry pepper jelly and puff pastry. These would solve the issue with how to eat it with the less mess… because I’ve been guilty of making a whole round of baked brie (or most of it if I allow my husband to have a bite) and eating it for dinner with some fruit!! I love baked brie.

  31. Oh, my gosh, these are sooooooo good. I had them at my friends party and I asked for the recipe. I could have eaten the whole

  32. Can you make these the day before? If so, how to store them?

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