Eight months

I don’t want you to get the title of the post “Eight months” confused with me being 8 months pregnant…

because sadly….this is how i felt when we all got together to do these family photos back in November.

Today marks our 8th month on the island of Kauai.

The time is flying by faster than you can say…..

“i’m sitting in bed blogging with a glass of wine on the nightstand”.

For some reason these last few weeks i’ve been getting emails from readers asking me my opinion on

up and moving away for a year and how it’s working for us…

so i thought now would be as good of a time as any to just lay down the facts for you.

There are 2 different sets of people in the world.

The doers and the watchers.

It’s okay to be a doer but sometimes in the back of your mind you wish you could just sit and watch.

It’s also okay to be a watcher because it means you are safe.

The watchers are content in their life.

The doers are content as well…..but they feel like there is something else out there.

Something next.

If you know our story….you know that we are not watchers. We tend to move around every 4 years or so….

but we were pretty content living in Illinois till Bryan lost his job….and once he lost his job….

well….the doers in us decided we needed a change.

Change is good. For us at least.

Not everyone needs change. 

I had never met anyone {personally}that just up and moved somewhere for a year or two on a whim….

but because i blog….i knew of a few bloggers that did just that. 

Up and move for a year or two.

One of the blogs i read is {oh happy day} and they up and moved to France for a year.

The other blog is {design mom}. Yes..they are sisters…and they both moved their families to France…

{and yes i did email them asking them if they need another sister but they declined my offer}

I would have loved to move to France…..but because we were somewhat realistic in what Bryan could do

for work…..we decided on the island of Kauai and living a beach life.

I’ve known people that move across the country….but to me that’s safe.

Get a job. Sell your house. Move across the country.

We rented out our house….put everything in storage….sold a car…shipped a car…

and here we are…on month 8.

{not to be confused with being 8 months pregnant…thank you very much}

It’s one thing to up and move somewhere completely different if you have a job transfer….


up and moving on a whim because life gave you some lemons and you decided to squeeze them for all their worth.

The cold hard facts: 

*We have no money….and by no money…i mean…


*what used to be weekly date nights back home means we have lunch dates while the kids are in school

so we don’t have to get a sitter.

*People always asking when are we coming home.

Well….we will come home if and when bryan gets a job that will pay our mortgage..but till then

we plan on staying here like planned. That means through the summer….

and it might mean we are here for a little longer. A job waiting tables is better than no job at all.

*Finding a job is going to be hard.

If you don’t have funds to get you through till you {or hubby} finds a job…then that might 

give you a heart attack. Lucky for us Bryan found a job {he has 2 right now} within the first month.


This was the most important thing for us. We needed to have benefits but there were 2 months that we didn’t

and that was really scary.

*No one understands.

I am only saying this because i know first hand what it’s like. People tend to think just because we live on Kauai

that we are drinking Mai Tai’s on the beach every afternoon.

Okay….i drink wine from a box…….and my left brake light was out on my mini {van not cooper} for

a month before i could get around to taking it in to get it replaced and not only that but my kids had

to call me to come get them at school because they were denied bus privileges because i was late in paying

for the bus fare. {yes….we have to pay for the bus here}

On the positive side:

Everyone’s life back home is still the same….our friends are still doing the same thing…..

and will still be there when we get back.

We might not have a whole lot of money….but we are living a different LIFE for a year.

The kids made new friends.

We have a new appreciation for what Simple means.

I can really live with only one pair of knee high boots for an entire year.

We’ve gone hiking….i’ve taken the kids camping….my kids have learned to surf…..they play the ukulele….

i train with Gabby Reece…..we spend Friday evenings on the beach…….the kids don’t wear shoes to school…..

we’ve made friends……we eat better…the ocean is in our backyard…..the kids have been stung by jellyfish and survived.

We always wanted a french bulldog but we have gecko’s instead.

This is living . To us anyway.

And who needs a DVR anyway! I watch television in real time.

we sneak into hotel hot tubs

{and since i’ve never mentioned the story on the blog….i might as well finish it.}

Remember at the beginning of the month

when the kids were home because of all the rain we’ve had? Well… we sneaked to the Hotel next door {with friends}

and the rule in hot tub land is that kids should not be in them. There was a balding {not that it matters..} man in the hot tub and he told my friend and i that our children should not be in the Hot tub. It was stated in the rules.

So my friend and i so gently told our well behaved kids that they would need to get out because of the invisible Hot Tub rules that said….

 no children in hot tubs.


once they all got out of the hot tub….i made sure to pee in it.

I know what you are thinking……..

Kasey sneaked her kids into a hotel hot tub and then she pee’d in it when a man asked her kids to vacate.


Okay….i’m sorry….i’ll never do it again. I promise.


Three fingers up in the air. The Hungry Games solute.

Please don’t leave rude comments on my blog because i’m

still trying to get over all the comments from the wedding crash of 2011.


How did i get off topic people?!

It must be the wine on the nightstand.

Damn you fine boxed wine.

Anyhoo…..i just want to say that we wouldn’t change a thing….we made a decision to

do something different and i can happily say that it’s all been worth it.

Every single day.

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  1. Glad you are happy with your choices. It looks like you all are having fun doing something different.

  2. Hi Kasey,
    I am with you on this topic (the moving part, not the peeing part…although that made me laugh out loud, just saying…). I truly believe that you are giving your kids a great gift, to follow their hearts even when everybody else is saying something different, you teach them by showing them, I think you and Brian are great people!
    Keep doing what you do and take care.
    Maureen xx

  3. Good for you! Enjoy Hawaii! karen….

  4. I think you are awesome! What a great adventure for you and your family. Your kids will always remember this time in their life and what great life lessons you are giving them. I love reading about your families island life. I thought we were doers until I statred reading your blog. I still feel that we are, but we are the move across the country after we have a job in place doers. 🙂 Thanks for sharing and showing that you don’t have to have a lot of $$$ to enjoy life.

  5. Mary Kaeding says:

    Congratulations on your successful big adventure!

    On another note – those Fig Jam, brie Puff Patry Bites – Yikes! I hated that I had to share wthm with my company – even though I was really proud of them too – thanks for sharing that yummy recipie.

    Mary in MN

  6. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! LOVE it! You are hysterical! Enjoy your life! We don’t have a ton of money ourselves…but a LOT of love in our family…and walks…hikes…pinics…etc don’t cost much! and my husband and I drink boxed vino EVERY WEEK!!!

  7. Well done you and Brian! You are doing your kids a huge favor by allowing them to have this “adventure”. Love your blog….you crack me up. Thankfully I live in wine country here in Canada, so only bottled wine for me. I would love to send you some in a real bottle for a treat!! Let me know what you like. Drinking wine from a box would be an “adventure for me”!!

  8. Michelle Wright says:

    You just made my day. What the hell is the differ between a hot tub and a swimming pool for kids? Rules? Sometimes they are meant to be broken— and I like the way you broke that rule– take that you bald man.

  9. That’s what it is about–living! I hear ya on the penny pinching. Yay for the dollar menu! This economy makes you appreciate the little things.

  10. I hope you can stay longer in Hawaii if you want. It seems like even without the money you are all really happy there.

  11. Lori Ryan says:


  12. Vicki Fuller says:

    I think what you guys did is awesome! I’ve been married for 14 years, I’m 33 years old always been a stat at home mom and have ALWAYS lived on no money! And I wouldn’t have in any other way! We don’t even live in Hawaii! Family is the greatest thing, and being together is worth far more than any amount of money can bring! And by the way, I SO enjoy reading your blog. It really makes me laugh out loud!

  13. I LOVE this!! I am sooooooo happy I stumbled onto your blog!! You are beyond inspiring and I love every.single.post!! There is nothing in the whole wide world like following your dreams!!! Now if only I could get my husband on board with moving….to anywhere warm:) In the meantime…i’ll just keep moving forward towards creating a life where I create for a living!!!
    Thank you for sharing your story:)

  14. I love what you wrote here, because you just nailed it. The crazy thing, when you do go back, is people don’t really care all that much about what you have been through or the ways in which you have been forever changed. In my experience, there are very few people who have even really asked and if they do, they want the Cliff’s Notes version. Some of my best friends never read my blog and just said “So how was it?” when we came home. Needless to say, I have learned who my real friends are. You guys are living and I say, stay as long as you can and learn as much as you can.
    …and I love that you peed in the hot tub.

  15. Enjoyed reading this post… all your posts. But I may never go in a public hot tub again. ever. just say’n

  16. You are hilarious and brave! I look forward to each and every one of your blog posts!

  17. I admire you and your family. How lovely to pack up and experience such an adventure.

  18. I am loving reading about the adventure that you are on – i think it’s a wonderful thing! Before kids, I up and moved to the Caribbean for a year with very little money, no job and not even a place to live or hotel on the very first day and I had the time of my life! You are creating such wonderful memories for your family and that is what matters the most! xxoo

  19. Wow! Hats off to you, your family, and your boxed wine. Love it…all of it! Along the same lines there are risk takers and people that play it safe. Unfortunately the ones that play it safe don’t always realize that on the other side of the perceived dangers from risks lie all the rewards. 😉 Enjoy yourself and your family. THESE are the days!

  20. Janine Smith says:


  21. Thanks for the laughs today! 🙂 And no, you will get no negative comments on peeing in the hottub from me.

  22. Sounds to me like your having a FUN time. LIVING!!!
    I went to Anthro the other day. Took a bunch of pictures and didnt buy a thing… Your not missing a thing living simple…
    PS.. I wont say a thing about your doing that in the hot tub!!!

  23. You go girl! Pee in that hot tub and forget about those crashing comments. 🙂 We too are considering a move, away from family with our two year old, and even though it hurts my heart to think about moving away from HOME you helped me realize that it is good to be afraid and to not DO is the worst thing you can do! So keep on keepin’ on and keep making me laugh!

  24. I am so enthralled with what your family did/is doing, I can barely stand it. I want to pick up and move, to Paris of course, but the hubs tells me I’m crazy. Thinking about going without him, any blogs you know who did that?

    PS – I would have peed in the tub too. Keep it up.

  25. We all live the best way we can and you and your family are doing awesome! My hubby and I always say we are fortunate that we have each other and our health and that’s all we need! I think we all need to pee in a hot tub too! Ha ha! You are so funny!

  26. You are amazing! We too have learned to be simple. We are 50ish empty nesters. My “Dream” lost his job with a major builder 4 years ago we went from very comfortable to zero and I do mean ZERO at least until my wine and sympathy run out. Then he got a paper route,yep I sleep with the paperboy. Now four years later. . . he” My Dream” has a job in a shop that makes screws. You know what? even though he traded white shirts. . lite starch for t-shirts with the sleeves cut off he gets up every morning at 2:12am to do his route,comes home to do a workout,stops by Starbucks to see me{plus we have no coffee maker}then goes to the shop.All so we can put our kids through collage. By the way when you decide to do this,the pay for collage thing. Make sure you put paramiters on how much,where they can go and for how long. We have two down and one more semester for “Precious”. We are watchers although I know theres a doer in me. Does it count if I’m waiting for the right time? Oh ya simple can be done,we just got back from 2 weeks in Kailu/Kona that “My Dream” secretly saved money{from his paper route}to surprise me for our 30th anniversary! Keep the laughs coming!! oxox

    • My heart goes to you – tough times but what a story! And what a team. You’ll get there – the good people do. Life is hard at times but we learn to get through it and get on with it and we are better stronger people!

  27. You and I ~ we could be best friends!

  28. I’m so happy for you Kasey…you all have had such a great time & I have enjoyed being a watcher…one day I hope to be a doer! 🙂 Thankful for your positive outlook on it all and your flexibility through the many changes…it’s very encouraging and challenging at the same time! I pray Bryan finds a job in God’s time & until then…keep enjoying this amazing adventure God is walking you through!

  29. You’re hilarious. And happy! Continue enjoying your life (and sharing it with us so we can enjoy it too).

  30. hahahahaaa… wedding crash of 2011…. I LOVE THAT STORY. Talk about living. LIFE is not meant to be all up tight. If you were a drunken fool and flashing cootchie I would have a problem like those protesting peeps. If you were there, having a good time with everyone – then SO WHAT…ever heard of Make NEW friends? You’re doing it now – I LOVE it. Peeing in jacuzzi’s, sipping boxed wine, day dates, jelly fish stings, Gabby Reece, etc…LIVING.

    Party on, Wayne – keep it up – you’re doing it well. xoxo

  31. And you are an inspiration to so many! Good for you! The wedding crash was actually hilarious. 🙂 Go. Live. Life (and say hi to Gabby she is one of my personal hero’s)!

  32. Just when I think I couldn’t love you more..I do!

  33. kerrie little says:

    I think I just cried tears down my legs when I got to the part about the baldy & the hot tub!! You go girl! I am still a forever reader even after last summers backlash… Enjoy the time because you never know when you might get that call about a job and have to pack up! Keep on postin’ 😉

  34. LOVE this post Kasey. I am in a transition in my life (going thru a divorce) and I can SO RELATE to the money thing. It’s so crazy how you can have everything, and then in a monents time it can be taken from you. We are better for it though. Praying for you! I hope we can meet one day. I need to come to HI 🙂

  35. Good for you – you go girl! Loved your story today :O)

  36. Hahahaha – I just (almost peed) reading this – go you gal! What you are doing is amazing – and while simple can be hard and not the cutesy simple we all blog about – your kids will remember this as an adventure of all times. You are giving them a gift and they are not missing you – they are living life and having experiences they would never ever have had. There is a silver lining in everything – let me tell you – I so know – and once you are through the tough stuff you see the benefits. We need to all live quieter lives and just be – ohh and there is always letmewatchthis.com – via put locker for the good oil! Just saying! xxxxx

  37. Mitzi Smith says:

    I’ve never posted a comment before, but feel I have to let you know that I look forward to your blog posts and they make me so happy after reading each and every one of them! You and your family are simply wonderful and amazing. Need a sister??

  38. This might be my favorite post of yours ever (I NEVER comment but I’ve been a fan of your blog for YEARS – through the paris trip, CPS scam, wedding crash, etc.). Love love love your family, your style of writing, your sense of humor, your sense of adventure, and your real-ness(?). You are living proof that the best things in life aren’t “things”. Keep it up!

  39. andrew bordoni says:

    I guess it all depends on ones perspective. I moved to St Charles from Edinburgh, Scotland.

    Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful cities I know of and the place I call home yet when I moved to St Charles and got to know our neighbors I found a family here. One that we look out for and looks out for us when needed.

    A community that more than more than often goes out of it’s comfort zone and gets together to make lunches for Lazarus House to help feed those who can’t afford to do so or participate in our churches “3rd tuesday supper” that feeds over 500 people every month.
    One that has helped me (despite their own financial struggles) raise over $9000 for an Orphanage in Lithuania that I’ll be visiting this October. I guess I have met a lot of the doers in the St Charles/Geneva/Batavia community.

    For what it’s worth, as tempting it is to move back to Edinburgh or to other beautiful places in the world, there is no place on Earth I would want to be right now than with my friends and family in the community and it has nothing to do with being a watcher or a doer. In fact, the reason I love being here is because so many I know are doers. That’s just my perspective though.

    I find yours interesting. Not judging it, just interesting.
    Everyone has a different perspective and does what they believe is in the best interest of their family.

    But we are living too 🙂
    In fact more than often I think of St Charles as a resort town with it’s bike trails, beautiful surroundings and great lifestyle.
    Despite financial struggles, work and other related “set backs”, we all still find the time to enjoy ourselves, each other and help others. I’d say thats LIVING.

    Sure it’s not Hawaii but it’s darn good place to be.
    Maybe Hawaii is where you and your family need to be right now and that is great that you recognized a need for change and acted upon that.

    Again, It’s all about perspective Kasey.
    If you are really happy with where you are, there is no need to be comparing yourself with your friends back in Illinois bringing up points of watcher/doers and saying that you are living life as if others aren’t and writing a full blog post about it.

    We are having a great time here! I’m actually sorry you are missing it all! 🙂


    • Andrew.
      Obviously i struck a chord with you and you feel the need to let some steam off.
      I also already know all about your trip to Lithuania because {obviously} I’ve been
      on the other end of the numerous emails that you send out looking for money.
      I would love to help you but my family can barley make ends meet but i applaud you
      and your wish to go and help those children. That’s a doer in my opinion….and i love it.

      St. Charles is a wonderful community, we miss it dearly as do we miss our friends
      but once again you mistook what i wrote. I wasn’t writing about YOUR life…i was
      writing about mine. When and if we head back…..all of our friends will still be there.
      There is no comparing in that sentence at all. I’m very close with my friends back home
      and lucky for us we get to come home for a week and stay with them while we visit.
      It’s all perspective Andrew Bardoni. It’s all perspective. Continue on having a great time,
      we will do the same.

      • andrew bordoni says:

        Not steaming here and no chord struck 🙂 It’s just the choice of words and were you put them that seemed a little off.
        I also didn’t think you were talking about my life at all, just letting you know some might misread what you wrote and take it personally. 🙂

  40. Kasey I have been a reader of your blog and occasional poster for quite a while now. You and your families journey has been inspiring. You were right when you said when life hands you lemons….you have to make something out of them. You can sit with a sour face or make Lemon martini’s….. oh sorry I digress. This will probably be one of the most memorable times of your children’s lives. You are teaching them that life is about changing nothing ever stays the same, even for those of us who don’t move to Hawaii. I am inspired by you and your husbands courage and willingness to open your lives up to all of us. May you continue to enjoy life’s little pleasures.
    Blessings to you and yours
    Curtis & Sherrie

    P. S. boxed wine is not all that bad…….. I just tell myself that it began it’s life in a bottle LOLOLOLOL

  41. Hilarious blog – so glad I found you! Came through Chic and Cheerful in Ireland. You had me spluttering at fine boxed wine. Just turned 50 and you had me thinking a lot about doing and watching. I’m a doer (when it comes to dancing and embarrassing myself at parties) but now I’ve just turned 50 and am so much mature, maybe I’ll sit a few dances out and be a watcher and let others bust their moves.

  42. I think it was great that you had the guts to move and experience this new adventure. Peeing in the hot tub…..not so great.

  43. live life – yes yes yes. only we can know the right life to live for ourselves. and what we have to do to have that life. it’s all good. except the peeing in the hot tub. I’m actually shocked at how many followers think it is funny — are they just saying that so they can feel cool? because that is really not so cool & I think you are funny & fun but that is just wrong. and gross.

  44. I think you handled the “life handing you lemons” quite well! Enjoy every day:)

  45. I’m glad you decided to go to Hawaii. You are definitely not a watcher and that’s what I love about you! You are still so funny and so stinkn’ skinny. Maybe I should move to Hawaii:)

  46. Being in Hawaii with no money has got to be better than here, Illinois ( Algonquin) with no money. Which I am…..husband had a business in construction, then a business in snow plowing. We’ve been scraping by, for several years now, but this year, NO snow:( as a 50ish mom of three grow kids who live on their own, I never in my life thought things would look so hopeless. Your blog inspires me, And makes me laugh out loud sometimes, stay…your kids look wonderfully happy and believe me regardless of what the media says things are not getting better around here. And p.s who the heck is this Andrew character….do you know him… Does he have a pool?…..hot tub?…because I could, sheet right in his arrogant pool !!!! be happy…..I seems to me you all are missing NOTHING here.

    • andrew bordoni says:

      Sorry Debbie, I don’t have a pool nor a hot tub but you are welcome to come and use the one toilet we have in our house anytime you are in the St Charles area!

      • Wow, maybe you guys have too much time on your hands if the best you can do is nit pick a woman and her words, I didn’t see you or Bill mentioned at all in the original post, or one negative thing or tone….she was talking about herself and her situation!!!!! On her blog,, Her decisions, her life, you sir attacked, sad for you……

  47. Small world, my wife sent me the link to this blog post as a friend of mine commented on it.
    When I originally read this post it was different. It was later edited after Andrew left his comment which I found to be respectful, constructive and not offensive in anyway towards Kasey.
    His comment had in fact some valid points based on the original post pointing out that it could come by as offensive to some.
    I myself found the original post to be kind of self centered and sort of judgmental before it got changed which is why it was originally sent to me from my wife who also felt the same.
    It seems that as a result of Andrew’s comment Kasey edited her post recognizing that it could have been taken the wrong way but instead of giving him credit for that she left him somewhat of a snarky and sassy reply which is now causing some hateful comments.

    I know Andrew. His family has also had serious financial difficulties in the past few years.
    I know they have a son with developmental delays that suffers frequent seizures and they have been spending a lot of time trying to find answers to his condition which leads me to believe the medical expenses have become quiet a burden.
    Having kids myself I know this has to be an extremely difficult thing to be dealing with but I was blessed with not having to deal with that.
    Regardless of their personal struggles, his family still spends a lot of time and effort in helping others and they have earned the hearts, respect and love of many in the St Charles/Geneva community.

    I think it’s fair to me to ask you all to keep off the hurtful comments since there is no need for them.

    Kasey, it would be a mature thing for you to recognize that your original post did come by as a little self centered and could have been easily misunderstood, otherwise why did you change it?

    I think it would also be a nice gesture to recognize that Andrew did have a point and that as a result of his comment you edited your blog accordingly.
    Instead, the way you replied to his comment with no mention of editing your blog, it makes it seem that you are purposely making him look arrogant and as someone that knows his reputation in the community we know that is not true.
    Maybe a more appropriate response would have been “Thanks for your comment. I can see why some might read the post the wrong way and I have edited it accordingly” and just left it at that, but instead it seems to take jabs at his honorable fundraising efforts which seems even more insensitive on your behalf.

    I am also on the other end of Andrew’s fundraising emails and have only received 3 of them since the beginning of the year.
    I found all 3 emails to be very touching and not focused on asking for money, but focused on helping the poor orphaned children he has chosen to support.
    At the end of his emails he asks for support by either making a donation or contributing with a prayer or some good vibes.
    Your dramatic comment made it sound like he’s been sending emails every other day bugging people for money which we both know is not the case.
    You made it very clear that you have no money to support his cause.
    You did this several times during your blog post in fact. Maybe too many times.

    Instead of responding like you did maybe this could have been an opportunity for you to offer a prayer or a nice comment to someone in your community who could be going through a tougher time than you are but then again maybe you are too self focused to recognize that.

    Hope you had fun peeing in the hot tub or whatever makes you happy.

    • andrew bordoni says:

      Dude! OMG! Thanks for the shout out man but I am fine here. Life goes on! 🙂

      • andrew bordoni says:

        Kasey, don’t mind Bill. He’s a good guy, Italian blood and speaks his mind and heart.

    • Bully, how dare you tell her “what she should have” said, you are missing the whole point….. He and now you ( men ?) attacked her…..she didn’t say ANYTHING about him until he attack her……. I’m sure you both fine “men” in your real lives, but you’re obviously upset by Kaseys personal life and blog. Maybe she’s struggling, but happy and we’re wishing we had courage like hers.

  48. Do nothing from selfishness or conceit, but in humility count others better than yourselves.
    (Philippians 2:3)

    I love what you are doing by really living your life but judging others for living differently is not what we are supposed to do.

    • I guess I’m stupid, I don’t see judging at all… Explain to me how she “judged” us who are not as brave as Kasey and her husband…..she is honest…..her children look VERY happy. I don’t get it, and it makes me sad..

  49. Love your blog Kasey!! Live it to the fullest!

  50. Love your blog & am currently trying to talk my “watcher” of a husband into being a “doer” as myself!! Lol… my motto is…”We can always come back home!” Hopefully it will work soon!! ; )

  51. bl&r'smama says:

    All of us at times in our lives hit road blocks and we struggle with something (if not many things) I believe we all have to right to vent without being accused of being selfish, conceited, judgmental etc. There are many things I could vent about like losing a dad to a tragic accident and mom being left with med. debt or family members struggling with disabled children epilepsy cerebal palsy down syndrome..the list goes on but really you can’t measure struggles or pain we all experience it in one way or another to you mine may seem smalls… to others big…but does it really matter???? (Maybe I am completely wrong Kasey correct me if i am )but I don’t believe Kasey in her venting or simply just sharing about her life is saying that she or her family is better than anybody else or that they struggle more than anybody else..she is simply just sharing! As for me I don’t know kasey at all except for what i read and quite frankly i don’t feel it is my right to criticize her or her life when it was my choice to read her blog! So Kasey props to you for being real, for bringing laughter even when things are tough, for being who you are because really there a not a whole lot of us that really know how to be real..we hide behind masks only wishing we could say or be what we feel deep inside. At the end of the day we ALL fall extremely short of perfection…NONE of US deserves grace but we ALL need it!!
    From a watcher to a doer….keep it up girl… you spark a fire in those of us who need just a little extra push to do the things we really want to do!!!:-)

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