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like i said in my last post….we went on an organic {not to be confused with orgasmic…which if you say three times really fast can get you in some trouble…}

farm tour  last Monday.

It was really fun for the kids…and if you are visiting…i highly recommend you visit some of the local farms that offer a tour of their property….it’s something different than just going to the beaches. You get to see what is going on behind the scenes of some of the food that you are eating here on the island.

I first found out about Kunana dairy farm last year when we came…..because we had eaten at Bar Acuda for dinner one night…and i remember the chevre that they served

 with honeycomb….and i died and went to heaven.

Did you know that chevre is my middle name?

Well….right along with boxed wine.

Actually….boxed wine and chevre go very well together……if i do say so myself.

When we finally moved here…and i started hitting up the local farmers market in Hanalei…i noticed that people were pretty much running over to the Kunana booth to scoop up the eggs and chevre.

I found out that they offer farm tours twice a week…..and kids were free….with a paying adult…so i booked us up for the two hour tour.

 The tour was given by Ryan and Sarah…..

and Sarah brought out a tray of homemade banana bread….oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and lemonade when we arrived.

I knew it was going to be a great morning when fresh baked goodies came out to meet us as we arrived.

Lola had an oatmeal cookie for the first time in her entire life…..and by the looks of it…i think she liked it.

When Ryan said that it was time for the girls to come out and play…..Fin got all excited thinking that real girls were coming to play….

The girls were a couple of baby goats…..

 Ryan showed us how to hold the goats {girls}…and in order to continue on the tour….we must pass the

“how to hold a girl properly”  class.

This will be the one and only time you will ever see me holding a goat girl ….

because i just don’t think they were meant to be held.

Most of the tour was pretty hands on…..they showed us all about different leaves…

fruit trees and how the goats milk is turned into chevre.

Mason is smelling an allspice leaf…….

it’s sort of like home schooling with all that my kids learned.

Yeah for home schooling!!!

the kids then got to feed the goats girls ….

and then we tasted more leaves….

{you can never have enough leaves in my opinion…..}

this weird looking plant is a bug catcher….sort of like a Venus fly trap….but much more cooler and the kids loved it….just don’t go putting your fingers in it.

and grapefruit….which i still don’t like….never have….never will…..

but it’s still fun to try different things….

like this tamarind that lola is eating…..

never heard of a tamarind….but now that we are schooled on some local flavors…

and fruits…..then all is right in the world.

The farm also had free range chickens….and i don’t mean the free range kind that you see all over the island.

If you’ve never been to Kauai…then you don’t know about the chickens that run loose all lover the entire island


the roosters that start crowing at 4 in the morning.

{you can read all about the chickens here} …but the farm had the fenced in free range chickens in which lay the best eggs.

Eggs with big ole fat yellow yolks.

We got to feed the chickens all the left overs from our fruit we had eaten…

like the banana peels and rinds of grapefruit and avocados.

These are my type of chickens……

not the run loose ones all over that will jump on your table while you are having a nice lunch out with the family.

The kids got to hold the chickens…

which was a treat.

the favorite fruit to try was the lilikoi {passion fruit}

which was delicious.

what you don’t know is that Lola doesn’t eat fruit….at all….or oatmeal…or actually…anything that might even have the smallest bit of healthy in it…so it was a true miracle from up above that she ate an oatmeal cookie and tasted some of the fruit from the tour. At least she told me she tasted the fruit…i just happen to only  have photos of the boys tasting the fruit.

p.s. All three kids had a hair cut a few days ago….

p.p.s I  think i was dupped into paying $17  for a kids mullet cut…


  1. I read the caption about one of the kids smelling the allspice leaf & thought it went with the picture above, of you holding the goat & his head….. ummmmm…. well just look at the picture again!!! LOL!!! Still laughing!!!!

  2. Kunana Dairy Farm has the best Lilikoi/passion fruit Chevre ever! Whenever we are in Kauai, we are in that stampede at farmers market trying to get our hands on some–yummy with Wheat Thins! We’ve always thought about taking that tour. Sounds like you had fun. Love the picture of you holding the goat! You’re living my dream.

  3. I have to say, Lola looks different. All that surfing is agreeing with her, tell her she looks gorgeous from me. I have to say 10 weeks in, good luck getting the kids back to the mainland, they look really happy. I think you both did an amazing thing and I wish I was there. Enjoy your life as a Canadian (we don’t have Target either)

  4. Looks like a really fun time! And I thought Lola’s hair looked different…cute cut:)

  5. I loved the tour! What fun, I want to go there! Your photos and comments are as lovely as ever. I loved how the kids still had on their swimsuits 🙂


  6. your kiddos look so cute & healthy & all glowy tanned.
    way to go homeschooler mom. i knew you had it in ya!

  7. This has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but I figured you’d appreciate it and maybe need to add it to your Christmas list http://i.imgur.com/K5hT7.jpg

  8. This post screams happy memory making! I love it. xo

  9. Wow how life has changed and slowed down for you. I would have loved to join you on this organic adventure. We eat vegan and organic. I totally envy your slow life right now!

  10. Okay…totally interesting and funny. I am trying to picture though organic/farm/hawaii…it’s hard to put them together for some reason. I am just, you know, still stuck on Hawaii and beaches and that’s it. So funny!

  11. Chris in FL says:

    Looks like such an awesome day at the farm! 🙂 Really….who needs to send kids to school when you have days like this where they are gaining a great wealth of knowledge. Can you tell I home school my kids? Yep…for the past 12 years….all 8 of them. We love it!

  12. Dupped or not…I’m loving Lola’s hair! What a great experience for you and your kids.

  13. Looks like a great place! Have a great week.

  14. hola chica!
    i can’t believe how old lola looks! i am also loving the kids hair – i want to look that relaxed and golden!
    i need to come for a visit as maybe it will rub off on me…

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