crooked toes and knee dimples

You might not know this….but my middle toe on my left foot is slightly crooked…..and i believe it started a year and a half ago when i ran that 5k…my first ever 5k….and it’s been like that ever since.

That’s why i don’t run anymore.

I prefer to walk.

I also found the other day while looking into a mirror in Walmart’s dressing room….that the back of my knees have dimples.

Did you know that the back of knees could have dimples?

Yup….neither did i.

Not that crooked toes and knee dimples have anything to do with each other….or that has anything to do with this post….but i just felt the knees


i mean the need to tell you so that if you see me walking in the morning with my headphones on and all dressed up in my running shorts and running bra….

but i’m walking instead…..than you know why.

Because i don’t want anymore crooked toes…..but then how would that get rid of knee dimples if i’m not running……good question…..i just hope that if i walk far enough…..those back of knee dimples will simply disappear.

Meet Flat Stanley up above….he was sent to us by some friends in Colorado….and needed his own photo shoot by the beach….which i might add…he quite enjoyed.

He even took his shirt off he felt so damn good.

I almost put a cocktail in his hand….but it’s a school thing….and that could get sticky….so his shirt came off instead.

Flat Stanley is making his way around the United States….and he was lucky enough to find himself in our beach bag last night as we hit the beach…..he even hung out and had a glass or two of fine boxed wine {hey mom…what’s up} after having his photo taken.

What i mean is…..i had the wine….not Flat Stanley.

I don’t think he’s allowed to drink yet……he looks pretty young still…’s hard to tell his age….he does not have any hair on his chest….but his shorts are hiked up almost all the way to his belly button…so that tells me he might be on the older side.

He had fun though…….even though after the photo shoot…. he was used as a bookmark in my Vanity Fair magazine….right between a photo of Brad Pitt and Β Angelina Jolie. I bet he thought that was awkward.

I would.


Yesterday i woke up and my feet hit the floor with an extra ummph in them.

The kids went back to school after being home for a total of 10 days…..that would be two whole weekends….one whole week in-between those weekends and monday was an extra day thrown in for the heck of it.

Yesterday was a great day.

For the first time in a looooooong time….Bryan splurged…and spent a decent amount of money on some sunglasses for me.

Real sunglasses.

From a place that sells real sunglasses….and not a place that sells underwear…shampoo ….and sunglasses.

Not that i didn’t like my $16 Mossimo glasses from Target….but they were all scratched up and with the sun being so bright here…..

oh…and since there is no Target…..

and Walmart’s sunglasses pretty much bite…..

Β now i have real sunglasses ……so if you see me walking in the morning… will recognize me from the nice sunglasses and the back of the knee dimples.

check check

{i mean…those fading knee dimples….}

Last night as we were sitting on the beach…..and everyone was in the water but me…..

{got to keep the towels warm and the cooler safe you know….}

i had to remind myself…that it wasn’t that long ago that bryan lost his job….and we were frantic. We had these lemons that were given to us….

ooodles of lemons…..

lemons that somehow…..we squeezed everything out of…..and they taste pretty good after all.

So…if you are feeling down…..and out…..cut up all those lemons…..throw them in a blender with some tequila and ice…..

and drink them up.

You only live once……don’t let those lemons sit and rot.

writers block…..

be back in ten.

Okay…..i’m back.

Has anyone made that coconut rice pudding yet???

I’m just curious if you liked it as much as we do.

We are not big on the whole coconut thing…..but i have started baking with coconut oil.

Holy moses is that stuff expensive.

But…from what i’ve read ….it’s so much better for you then using the other oils…such as canola and vegetable…..and it’s healthy.

{you know me….i’m all about the healthy stuff around here…}

I used it to make our blueberry pumpkin bread the other day…..and it was so good.

But i could only afford the one bottle of the coconut oil…..and since dipping into the kids college funds isn’t allowed….so we are back to eating Captain Crunch.


  1. Great post! It got me chuckling early this morning!

    Have a super day!


  2. I need a Stanley. That is the cutest idea ever! What?? Not liking the coconut:0 Have you tried the coconut candy?? SO GOOD! I never knew I liked macadamia nuts until I had the pancakes there. Wow…those are things that I could really do without in my diet. I swear I swell up like a sumo wrester. Glad you got some shades. Need a picture of you in them:)

  3. Someday, I’m gonna have to SERIOUSLY share a box of that wine with you!!! You’re a hoot!!! Do you have any idea for how many gals, you are their “squeezed lemon with tequila” of the day??? I love seeing on FB “I blogged”….. Smile across face, frantically waiting for it to populate after clicking πŸ™‚

  4. Oh my gosh Kasey, we all laughed so hard at your post this morning! My Ellie just squealed when she saw her Flat Stanley on the beach! Thanks so much for doing this! I just love your blog! : )

  5. That last picture is GORGEOUS!!! I took Flat Stanley with me to London & Malawi…he had a BLAST! πŸ™‚

  6. Thanks for making me laugh this morning….I just love the way you write! πŸ™‚

  7. Feel free to send flat Stanley to Morris, Il, Kasey…he can have a ride on my dalmation out here in timbucktoo!!!!

  8. I somehow landed on your blog page and I’m so glad I did. I have some lemons myself and your blog definately made me smile and forget them for awhile. Thanks!

  9. You are so funny, always brightens my day to read your posts. I love that Flat Stanley was able to pay you guys a visit! Can you share your blueberry pumpkin bread recipe, sounds delish! πŸ™‚

  10. My mom made your pudding and it was AMAZING! Loved your Flat Stanely photo shoot. What happened with the kids’ blood tests — hoping all was just fine and your renters minds were put at ease. And, btw, I also have those knee dimples – actually mine are slightly above the back of the knee. Very sexy they are.

  11. Rachel H. says:

    Love showing up here and finding a new post from you.
    Wonderful photos!!!!! Wish you would start selling some of them, I would take that one of the pier (sans stanley) in a hearbeat.

  12. Lucky Stanley…oh how I would love to be on the beach right now! And, I must say, you really know how to make “lemons” sound good. πŸ˜‰

  13. Blueberry pumpkin bread??/… YUM!!!!… would you share the recipe? Did you already? Maybe I should go back and read posts a bit…

  14. Seriously LOVED the coconut rice pudding, it’s a new fav for us.
    Please post more frequently, no pressure or anything.

  15. Love all the photos. So so pretty. Why don’t you sell some of those? I’ll bet some midwesterners would love a poster size of yours of over there yonder in Hawaii as they sink knee deep real soon in snow. Just thinkin. They really are dreamy. wowy.

  16. You are hilarious and could make a living writing. Hey, then you could stay in Hawaii forever!!

  17. You gave me a much needed laugh today!!

  18. Chris in FL says:

    Captain Crunch is a hit at our house! I know what you mean about coconut oil. I love that stuff but can’t afford it “right-now” to buy it in plenty. A few years back I bought a huge amount of pure coconut oil…..I think I paid like….150 bucks for it. It lasted for over a year. I think it goes bad after one year. So if you can afford to get the bulk oil….for it. I used mine for everything….except when things called for actual olive oil. The baked goods were yummy with it! I also want to save up to buy maple syrup in bulk….now that stuff is getting ridiculously expensive.

    Flat Stanley is cute. I bet he is enjoying his time with you all.

    Have a great day! πŸ™‚


  19. You are so funny! I love your blog. funny, funny, funny….makes me happy! thank you:)

  20. The coconut rice pudding is on my grocery list…. I wrote it down…. Just have not gotten to it…
    Cant wait to try it…
    I remeber when my kids did the flat stanley thing… I think your stanly is having more fun then ours ever did…

  21. shoot. i missed this one.
    that sunset shot is AMAZING!!
    real sunglasses? do tell….
    or do show….

    i sure i wish i could see you shopping the walmart in hawaii and checking out your knees…from the back. what a riot.


  22. Wendy Castleman says:

    I have no idea if you will see this since I am commenting on such an old post, but have you since found the coconut oil at Costco?
    I just found your blog recently because we are coming to Kauai in August, and I was searching for ideas on Pinterest. I got hooked, and have been reading in reverse chronological order. I do think it reads like a book… Would you consider transforming parts of it into a book? Maybe you have answered that question somewhere that I haven’t gotten to yet.
    Thanks for all the giggles, and the beauty of your photos, and for sharing your life.
    (“Cheers-ing” you with my glass of fine red wine right now).

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