just a few things

Lola and i learned a few things while in California.

1. We are part French.

2. We have a pretty fantabulous family that loves to laugh.

3. We love the beach.

4. I have an aunt that made it known she does NOT like my bangs.

5. We are now proud members of Greenpeace.

6. I love Coffee Bean.

7. Lola loves Coffee Bean….and talking on the phone.8. We love pink VW buses.

9. We believe the clouds part and the sun comes out when you need it most.

10. We love a good photo wall.

11. Cupcakes are the ultimate cure all.

12. I love the smell of an old pipe sitting on the shelf.

13. Cousins make everything more fun.

14. I now really like baby blue and pink cabinets.

15. I kind of have a thing for floral wallpaper.

16. Stopping to smell the flowers is therapeutic.

17. A Fashion show in Grammy’s alley can be really fun.

18. I really miss being around my entire family….but i am sure happy to be back home with my boys.

{even though my house is not clean…..and apparently boys can go days without toilet paper in the house}


{winner of the Simply Me Art giveaway is Michelle #63 who wrote this:

*Liked her on facebook! Her stuff is amazing!*

Michelle….please email me and i will put you in touch with Jamie}


  1. Great pictures. Looks like you had a good time even though it wasn’t the best circumstances. Glad that you had some Lola time.

  2. looks like a good time, mother-daughter/family bonding even if it was for a sad occassion….talk to ya soon!

  3. Love everything!

    Yum cupcakes! Yum coffee! Yum beach!! YUMMM SAN DIEGO! Its so great going home =)

    Sorry why you were there though =( So sad..

    My bestfriend died in 2003 and we ALWAYS said we were going to have a fun pink and flowery VW bug! Now I want to keep that dream alive with the picture you have.

  4. Great pictures! I know it wasn’t a ‘vacation’ but hopefully you and Lola got some great mom and daughter time in. I hope your all well!

  5. Family get-togethers…even for sad occasions…are good for you. I think your Grammy would’ve been proud of all the “living & loving” you & sweet Lola got to do on this trip:)

  6. So sorry for loss of your Grandmother. These things always bring families together. Lola is really starting to look like you! Goodness. Such a nice post to start my later morn. hugs.

  7. Very sweet post. It looks like an amazing trip. There is something about the beach that is so revitalizing and soulful.

  8. Ok- that cupcake looks amazing. And it is nice to see a picture of someone’s house that is REAL- like the photo wall. Not all matchy matchy, not done just for the picture or a magazine 🙂 Isn’t that what going HOME is all about, besides the huge family?

  9. Well I think your bangs look fan-tabulous!!!

  10. Glad you had a lovely time…and good time with family. And how fun for you and lola to travel together. you too are the cutest! hugs!

  11. I know your trip wasn’t an easy one and wasn’t for fun or relaxation but it sure is amazing how you found the beauty the life around you and the a chance to make some memories with Lola. You sure were on my heart.

  12. number 9
    thank God

  13. Although it’s not under the best circumstances, funerals always bring families back together. When my great-grandma passed away 20+ years ago, my mom and her cousins decided to start having big reunions every two years and we’re still doing it. 🙂 Family is the best! I love all the pictures. I’m glad you had a nice time with your family.

  14. I love your bangs !

  15. glad you are back home with the fam safe and sound. and for what it’s worth…i love your bangs. wish i could swag some bangs myself : ).

    have a loveLee day!

  16. even though the reason for your trip wasn’t happy…that is awesome that you were able to have mother/daughter time! in fact…i may just plan something for my daughter and i! 🙂

    ps. i love your bangs…:)

  17. Sorry for the loss of your grandmother. It is sad that sometimes these things are what get us back together. I’m glad you could be back in the circle of your family. It’s hard to live thousands of miles away but I know from reading your blog that you make the most of living here in the midwest. Who could not love living so close to Chicago?

    I guess I have no hope of ever being a California girl, because I can barely wear heels on dry land…… forget about wearing them to the beach!! HA.

  18. I love this post, the pictures, and I too share a love for the beach. There is nothing that is better than the smell and peacefulness of the beach. Love it!!!

  19. your hair is cute!!!

  20. I am sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your thoughts through photos. Can I be so bold as to ask you where you bought your daughter’s mary jane shoes and her black skirt

  21. Loved this post… I love families. I have a great one, too. It’s amazing how a moment like this in the life of a family brings such clarity and togetherness. Love that. Yay for family. Loved the whole trip retrospective, too 🙂 ~ osc

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