it was a long weekend

On Saturday…i was able to sneak away for a bit and meet up with some friends from

high school for lunch.

We used to run cross country in high school.

They made me join because of a hot guy.

Said hot guy…..well….not so hot anymore.

I lasted a whopping three years on that team….before i was officially asked to leave.

Apparently….the team only wanted girls that really wanted to run…on the team….

and i was just not one of those girls.

Weird…because….i was a good runner….

i just liked to walk a lot….

and you can’t win races…when you walk.

It was real fun to meet up and catch up….

{they are the girls smiling at me….not the table with the girl glaring at me}

This is Lisa….

she might have had a few mimosa’s …..

and maybe a glass of wine.

I was really good and only had a salad…..

but i treated myself to a few mimosa’s myself.

This is Anne…..she is pregnant with twins.

She also has a two year old at home.

So we decided to have a mimosa for her.

One for me…one for Lisa.

We had some good times. And we all stay in touch via Facebook.

I absolutely loved hearing all you  had to say regarding the issues on age…and whether or not

you yourself use Facebook. I know that my kids won’t be on Facebook till they older.

Like married and with kids.

I completely agree that there is so much that does not need to be said on FB…

but for me….

i live hundreds of miles from family…and have friends all over…so i love it for that reason…

staying in touch.

And the truth is….

whether we like it or not…..the world is moving forward…and we are on the band wagon or not.

I loved hearing all of your thoughts… all have valid points.


Fin went rock climbing on Sunday….and he loved it.

Unfortunately for me….the belt wouldn’t fit around my waist…so it was all him.

He had a blast.

Today is day eight for me and my….

give me my body back plan.

I’ve been to the gym 6 days in a row….skipped yesterday…and heading back this morning for day 8.

I’m not down one.single.pound.

I guess i had in mind….something like a biggest loser moment….where i would get on the scale after one week…

and i would be down something like 22 pounds.


that would be a big fat NO.

Not one single pound….not one single ounce.

But…i do feel great.

So…back to the gym today….and i’m going to keep at it till i see something happening.

I’m glad you are along for the ride.


  1. I hear you on the weight loss. I gave up whites and planned on being down 10 lbs soon. No melt yet, but I trudge on. Great for you and the exercise. I love facebook, but my girls are all grown and married. It still amazes me sometimes the language some people use and the TMI they put out. Just goes to show stupid can type! haha

    • I’m amazed at what my employees post, I am a supervisor to about 10 ladies that do childcare at our CHURCH!…I have to remind them constantly that they need to watch what they say/type on fb…
      I have also had to fire a few people for calling in ‘sick’ and then posting all their pic from a vacation that they were on (that they didn’t get off work because the requested the time off the day before!)…did you forget that you ‘friended’ your supervisor on fb…not the smartest!
      I really to enjoy fb to stay connected with family and friends far away, but yeah…lots of ID.I.OTS. out there on it also!

  2. I am so proud of you – that takes serious dedication my friend!
    Have a fabulous week,

  3. Yay for girly lunches! 🙂 All my friends live in other countries, so I don’t really have lunches out at the mo. Not until we move anyways, then hopefully I’ll make a social circle again.

    Hey, you know muscle weighs more than fat… You should measure your tum, legs, arms, waist instead and do it again two months later. YOu’ll see results then!!


  4. try watching your sugar intake. that might make a difference. Knowing you are a christian and seeking to lose a few lbs, i highly recommend the book “reshaping it all” by Candace Cameron Bure. it is about combining your spirituality with your weight loss plan! I think you will really like it! if you pick up a copy, let me know what you think! Good luck!

    oh and keep in mind that you are building muscle and muscle weights more than fat, so that could be why you have not seen a big number drop on the scale. Muscle helps you burn fat, so keep it up!

  5. Hello – I think it’s interesting what you say about facebook – I agree we kinda have to embrace the future as our kids will grow up using it and whatever comes after it! And on the gym attendance – wow that is pretty good going and maybe you will gather pace with the incredible weight loss in week 2?! Lou x

  6. I love it! “…not the girl glaring at me” comment. I was looking at the first photo and didn’t realize what you meant. I am with you on gaining my old body back. I have had trouble losing weight too. Unless, of course, you count this weekend when I lost three pounds because of the stomach bug. I really don’t want to have to go through that to lose more weight!

    Keep up the good work and it will come off!

  7. totally feel your pain on the not losing 1 lb…I trained for a sprint triathlon last year (note…I am not an athlete…and have a good 20 lbs I could lose…all the charts say at least 40…) and after 9 months of running, biking, swimming, and strength training…I lost a grand total of 0 lbs…nada…zilch!
    set myself the goal this Jan to lose a whopping 4 lbs by June (my next sprint tri)…and I have gained 3…wrong direction…
    guessing that all the running, biking, swimming strength training means nothing when I hit the 75% off Valentines Box of Chocolate sales!
    hey, at least you’re not prego with twins!

  8. Good for you! It’s the feeling great that counts. Like the last person said at least you’re not pregnant with twins. I am a twin and pregnant 🙂 and the working out and not seeing anything go and knowing it won’t for another 4 months sucks!!!

  9. It sounds { and looks} like you had a great time with the girls! I wish I had your dedication in exercising. When I’m eating, I tell my self I will work out longer and when I am working out, I swear I will eat less. It’s not happening!


  10. Lisa VanDyke says:

    Hey! What nice looking friends you have. I’m home with a sick Andy right now and he asks me what’s so funny as I’m laughing out loud reading your blog.
    By the way, I’m sure you’re gaining muscle and that’s why you haven’t lost weight yet. Don’t forget- plank!
    It was great to see you.
    Thanks for the cameo appearance.

  11. Throw out the scale…and keep heading to the gym. 🙂 I used to be obsessed with the scale and the wii fit graphing. It made me nuts seeing it go up and down. I haven’t been on a scale since Sept. at my yearly check. I head to the gym 5 days a week, and don’t get on the scale there either. I just keep trying to eat well and put on my clothes…they don’t lie, and I feel much better!

  12. Hi Kasey! Good for you for hitting the gym. I work for Weight Watchers and I can tell you that the people that are both working out and watching what they eat are the successful ones. One hand washes the other! Don’t stress about the scale. You wil see the numbers drop soon. Good luck!!

  13. How you feel is a big part of it, but I totally get the annoyance of the scale not going down. Too bad we get so stuck on that darn number – it is only a number after all…

  14. Ummmm…that girl is givin’ you the major stink eye!
    Keep up the good work…you’ll make progress…you WILL!!!

  15. Hey, you’re exercising & eating salads…give yourself some major points for that:) Fin looks like a natural at rock climbing!

  16. good luck with getting in shape pretty lady!! my sis is doing the paleo diet?? not sure if i spelled it correctly…but she has a friend in her fifties who looks and feels great who has been doing this for a while now. me, i’m just drinking an extra glass a vino every night for her;-)

  17. Aww. I’m not seeing any weight loss needed in your photos. I agained a nice 4 lbs at Xmas that I have yet to lose. Our new neighborhood gym opened and that was timely. I just keep on keep’in on. We can all do it. Be healthier little by little…

  18. It’s so great that you keep up with your friends from HS. I see 3 of my highschool gals every week for Girls Night Out. Soooo much fun and girls that know me better than almost anyone. Keep it up!

  19. Yay to you for going to the gym!!
    What great photos of you and your friends!
    I sure so use facebook, all the time……….. and so is my 16 year old daughter. I read everything that she puts on there and I have her passwords: that is our computer deal. She is okay with that so far.

  20. AtOneWithHim says:

    make sure you eat enough calories.. thats always my weakest point.. i would rather eat one good
    and apparently our bodies like fuel throughout the day? weird.
    keep up the workouts!

  21. You go girl, you sound very motivated with the exercising.
    I find what I eat is my downfall. (I love carbs!)
    It’s always those last few kg’s from having babies and I have had four!!
    Keep up the good work and you will feel the results.
    My hubby always says “stop weighing yourself and go by how your clothes feel.”

  22. I have never been a gym girl, but I started two months ago and you know, something clicked in me when I was on the elliptical and I got hooked…I just want my ass back up where it used to be and some nice arms too…isn’t it crazy how the body changes after 30!!

    Xo rebecca

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