I will be hiding in my closet today

because it’s not fair that i am officially getting old.

Where do i even begin….

because this boy is ten today and i might hide in my closet the entire day….

but i can’t because i promised him i would pick him up from school and take him out to lunch.

I can’t really celebrate….because that just shows the fact that i am indeed…

getting old.

{ i even found my first wrinkle this morning}

Was i really only 14 when i had him?

Nope…..i was 26….living in the Bay area…..

working for a pediatrician…i was the girl who gave all your children their shots.

{hello Dr. Greenspan}

I exercised five days a week throughout my entire pregnancy and only gained 22 pounds….

i went a week past my due date….

and had my best friend in the room with us when

Mason Levi was born.

I really….wanted to name him Levi….

but bryan had his heart set on Mason.

{anyone else spend their entire pregnancy watching TLC’s Baby story as prep for childbirth}

So we compromised.

I decided not to nurse…….

i think it was because i worked for a pediatrician…and has unlimited access to FREE formula…

but it was also because i wanted bryan 100 percent as much involved in the whole

here is the new baby…feed him…diaper him…as i was.

Except those damn postpartum nurses give you a guilt complex if you don’t nurse.

{OMGOODNESS…..what do you mean you going to give your newborn formula…you rotten mother}

So….they made me try it….

and damn it….if that didn’t make my chest go from a nice 34a to a 44dd.

Needless to say….it only lasted a week…..and i wasn’t meant to have large Ta Ta’s….even

though bryan will argue that fact.

When we left the hospital….in our grey VW Bug…..

we headed straight to our favorite mexican restaurant to order some margarita’s….

with our 2 day old in tow.

{hello Celia’s in San Mateo}

And if you are part of the Le Leche League…then i bow to you…because you girls…sure know how to

whip those puppies out in public like it’s no one’s business.

Me…on the other hand….might have squirted a person or two.

{so sorry to the nice old man sitting next to me on the bench at the mall}

That is why….my Mason….was bottle fed…and you know what…he lived.

{maybe that’s why he doesn’t like pizza or cake….because he was formula fed}

And the other thing is….he hardly ever gets sick.

{minus that damn strep throat}

He’s never had a fever….never…not once in his life.


maybe once or twice….but i can’t remember.

{i’m getting old…my memory isn’t so good these days}

Mason was the easiest baby ever……

that could be the reason why when he turned 6 months…we got pregnant again.

{life wanted to see what it would be like to give the hardest baby as a sequel}


we ended up leaving the Bay Area when he was five months old…

and headed back to Colorado…where we would be a little closer to my family.

Fast forward …and here we are…..Mason has lived in three states…

and now he lives happily in the burbs of Chicago.

Mason is ten years old today…..and i just want to hide in my room….

but i won’t…because he is this amazing boy who makes me smile.


  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Awesome post, and just so you know, I didn’t BF either!
    My kids turned out okay.

  3. What a sweet story. I love hearing your “before” life.

  4. FUN!!! Happy Birthday Mason….hope you have a fun day celebrating with him….you’re NOT old!!! πŸ™‚

  5. Happy Birthday to your darling boy…….xv

  6. I can sooo relate to the guilt trip. We had very little money when our first child was born and the nurse guilted me into renting a $37 pump…”Everyone has difficulty at first, it gets easier…” I finally had my husband return the pump so I could avoid seeing the “can’t take no for an answer” lactation consultant. 18 months later, daughter # 2, I said NO walking in the door and have never regretted it. And my kids are smart and happy and love their mother.

    I am having the same “STOP TIME” feelings as my daughter looks at colleges!!!

  7. Ay yi yi, the big breast/bottle controversy. I say do whatever you want- like you said, the babes turned out fine! πŸ™‚ I, too, am not a fan of the boobage whip-outs in public! haha

  8. Awww! I wish I would have known, I would have sung Happy Birthday to him this morning! On second thought, maybe it is better this way. I would have embarrassed the crap out of him. Happy Birthday Mason!

  9. I loved reading this post. I am 8 months pregnant with my first child and I wonder what I will look back on and remember about this time in my life. I wonder what stories I will be telling my little 10 year old boy πŸ™‚

  10. I live down the street from Celia’s! Small world πŸ™‚ Well that is until this weekend since we just bought our first home in rwc and I am using you photo wall as inspiration for ours!!

    Happy Birthday Mason!

  11. I am going in the morning to deliver or second child (baby girl) and really appreciate you posting about not breastfeeding. I tried it with my son and well.. Didn’t last long at all! I to enjoy the freedom of being able to have helpers:) So thanks for saying what I think often – makes me feel like I’m not such a bad mommy after all πŸ™‚ – Meg @ Life Together

  12. Very cool photos!!;) happy Birthday to your little…I mean big sweetie!!

  13. Desirae Sommers says:

    I am 36 and my youngest is 11. I remember freaking out when they turned double digits because I was getting older. Next year I say good bye to elementary forever…I also found myself depressed last Christmas because not one of my four children asked for a toy. sob, sob.

    Now I will be in the closet hiding, although it will be at work. Could be a little weird if someone finds me there.

    Thanks for your blog. I laugh and love reading it. I have mentioned you a lot and now have 4 other people loving your blog.

    Enjoy your lunch with Mason. Those moments are the ones that last forever.

  14. Yes, I did spend my entire pregnancy watching Baby Story, it’s nice to know I wasn’t the only one. That show helped me realize that I was NOT going to be one of those dramatic, screaming women while in labor. Thanks TLC! Kasey I love reading your blog! I wish every mother had the courage to speak their truth about life and motherhood, the way you do.

  15. Oh, I feel your pain! My sweet boy will be thirteen in April and that doesn’t seem possible. Enjoy your day with your precious boy!

  16. Happy Birthday to Mason. I have one turning ten in a week… and I have an eleven year old. Dontcha still picture them as 4 or 5. Weird!

  17. Oh happy birthday to your sweet boy!! And when you go back to bed, don’t forget your glass of wine…I hear it “heals” alot of things;) P.S. You are not old!

  18. Happy Birthday, Mason! What a sweet post, Kasey. My niece gave birth yesterday to a little boy that they named Mason Christopher! Enjoy each moment with your kids – they fly by so fast! xxoo

  19. I have twins, who I breast fed for about 2 weeks and then I stopped. The next one came 14 months later, so I didn’t end up breast feeding her at all. With twins 14 months old and a newborn, I needed the hubs involved too. Funny thing is, she is the healthiest of the bunch…the one who didn’t get a bit of breast milk.

    For the record…you are for sure not old! Enjoy the birthday!!

  20. Wishing Mason a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


    ps: I wouldn’t hide in the closet if I were you. You’re far from being old and you should be – I’m sure you are – so proud of yourself for raising such a beautiful family!! πŸ™‚

  21. Birthday wishes to Mason! I’m glad you have decided not to
    hide all day!

  22. Wait until they are SIXTEEN! I have my daughter turning Seventeen in a few weeks. Honestly, when you are a year away from your oldest going to college, hiding out in your closet sounds like the next best thing. You are doing wonderful things with your kids and that is what is important…having those wonderful small moments of love to look back on. I feel like my test will be once she goes for college, will she try to get BACK to family close by. O.K., tearing up! Happy Birthday to both you and your son! My son’s name is Riley Aidan. I wanted Aidan but we compromised because my husband loved Riley. He is such a RILEY!

  23. You are an amazing writer! So funny! And I didn’t breastfeed either. But mine did have strep throat and a double ear infection last week. Crap.

  24. Very sweet post! Happy Birthday Mason! Double digits is way cool!!
    Didn’t bf any of my 5 kids. They are all happy, healthy, and get great grades in school. Personal choice as far as I am concerned. It wasn’t for me at all.
    Thanks for posting and not staying in that closet!

  25. Happy Birthday Mason!!! Whoohoo!!!

    Ok..those lactation specialist should take a new serious course. I swear you brought back memories of “the look”. The: “You arent going to give your child the best start in life” look…UGH. Back to better things.

    Happy Happyu birthday to your double digits!!!

  26. I know exactly how you feel…only I am five years further on πŸ˜‰

    a lovely post, keep outta that closet


  27. Happy Birthday, to you both!

  28. Ummmm…..I guess I was one of those nurses that made the moms feel guilty.:) I can’t believe how grown up he is. Love the pictures in black and white. Looks like a great party. Happy Birthday Mason!!!

  29. FIRST and FOREMOST: A HUGE Happy Birthday to Mason!! Hope his day is a special as he is! And, as I like to write
    in birthday cards, “May this new year be the best one yet!”

    BTW….I DIDN’T BF my two daughters, and, for the most part, they turned out fairly normal, whatever that means!
    Both are healthy, for which I am very thankful.

    My youngest was born on a Monday and and had to return to the hospital for a re-take of her PKU test. My poor
    hubby was really upset, with my telling that we could potentially have problems with her if the test showed she
    had the condition. Thankfully, she didn’t have it, but my husband was, can we say, just a “wee” bit unhappy with
    potential prognostications!! After that, we had Mexican food!

  30. Thank you so much for sharing your story, Kasey! I, too, was a breast feeding drop out. I tried and failed miserably! I remember the humiliation like it were yesterday….even though my babies are now 18 and 15. Bottle feeding in public is so embarrasing! But, just like your Mason, my two boys are the healthiest kids I know. Seriously. Anyway, happy birthday to your sweet boy!

  31. Your kids are the cutest! Don’t hide! πŸ˜‰ Love the b+w photos! Looks like fun!

    So I have another request…can we get a post on the purses you carry? I would love to see what you wear with your anthro dresses and cowboy boots! πŸ˜‰

  32. Happy Birthday Mason! All three of my kids were bottle fed. Maybe that’s why they’re so dysfunctional now. haha! I am kidding! All of my kids are smart and well-adjusted and we bonded just fine. πŸ™‚ They are 17, 10 and 7 now. So I know what you mean about feeling old.

  33. Iris Atwell says:

    double digits!!! happy birthday mason!!! behave!!!

    i didn’t bf, my kids are just fine…:))

  34. Happy Birthday to Mason!
    You’re not old, and I am sure you’re kids think you are awesome.
    Your post over your special Valentine’s dinner is a sweet idea.


  35. love the pictures…hope he had a wonderful birthday…I think I’ll probably want to hide in my room too when double digits happen

  36. They grow up waaaay too fast. Happy birthday to Mason!

  37. Don’t blink. It seems like our oldest just turned 10 too…but really that was 24 years ago. Happy Birthday to your son! (I didn’t nurse any of mine three, they all grew up exceedingly healthy, and none have a problem with obesity. Or anything else.)

  38. Happy belated birthday to Mason. He has the sweetest face:) Hope he had a great day. Just wait until he is fixing to graduate and move halfway across the country. I am SO not prepared for that! Enjoy every moment with him.

    By the way, I nursed for 4 weeks and it was complete hell. My sil nursed for a year and she tried to guilt me too but I just couldn’t hang. My son is almost grown, is almost never sick, and has lived to tell the tell;-)

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