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It’s official.

I am vitamin D deficient.

I looked in the mirror today and confirmed it myself.

I have been  sorta…kinda…maybe just a bit…thinking of our trip last summer to Kauai.

{that photo of surf instructor Mason doesn’t hurt either}

Bryan Buick…..i want to go back…pretty please!

I’ll make you breakfast burritos

I will iron your clothes.

I will fold your socks.

I will put a pole in our bedroom and learn to dance for you…


please….we need Kauai back in our veins.

I’ve been a really good girl lately…

i have been to the gym 4 days straight…..and even burned a whopping 700 cals today.

This was after a horrible morning with a little boy named Fin in which he was officially grounded.

I even ate a salad and had a jamba juice for lunch.

{why are the best tasting salads so bad for us…huh}

I won’t lie though…i did have a spoonful of peanut butter today.

It was really good….so i had a second one.

whoops….this isn’t a Kauai photo…..

but you girls go ahead and enjoy it anyway….

feel free to right click and make it your screen saver.

{ i wonder if Jean-Pierre knows i have a poster of him in my closet}

I also forgot all about the farmers markets…

oh…how i love farmers markets.

Do you see all that organic goodness?

So…the deal is….i won’t take so many photos of cute boys.


maybe just a few photos.


Pinky swear.

And this time i will really learn to rope swing properly…

and not re-pierce another part of my body….

i swear on the dead hermit crabs grave.

and i just had to throw the mini Rambo photo in….

since he’s grounded and all.

I just think he needs a little Vitamin D and he’ll start behaving again….

that’s all..

i’m sure of it.


  1. Thank you for thinking of us. I love the organic view;-)

  2. Ha. Ha!

  3. Here’s hoping you get your wish! Sounds like heaven…

  4. Seriously, take all the photos you wish. I mean, they are for us right?!
    You make me smile Kasey.

  5. Hehehe….you make me laugh….I TOTALLY appreciate your eye for amazing organic things 😉

  6. I’m ready to go back too!

  7. Can I say that I would be totally jealous if you get to go back, but I do think you all could use some vit d.
    And thank you, I will be saving myself a little Pierre.

  8. …..I am in need of Vit D too…. Thanks for the photos…. the beach is still under all this muck right??!!

  9. Hey Kasey, I LOVE your blog. what type of camera did you use for those photos in kaui? is that some hipstamatic lens? they are beautiful.

  10. Great plan to make him breakfast and then ask to go again
    wishing I was at the beach too

  11. I’m with you and the vitamin deficiency!! I took my kids out today (Houston) to this huge Asian food market. We bought items that looked unrecognizable and gagged over the aisle and aisle of seafood and fish. We came home with our foreign treats and felt like we had a mini getaway! I’m sure I’ll be blogging about it. I took fun photos. Kauai is a great getaway! When we went there, we took the helicopter tour around the island. I hated it but I wouldn’t give up those views. BTW, your photos of you trip are wonderful.

  12. Ahhhhhh, I just returned from Kauai a couple of weeks ago. L-O-V-E. Fun post!

  13. I hope it works & you are back in Kauai sooner than later! 🙂

    My little one is also grounded (he’s 7), his excuse for the behavior that lead him to the grounding… someone must have pressed the “doom” button on him. Very clever, not clever enough that he isn’t grounded though. Good luck!

  14. I’m with you girl. Needing my Maui trip all over again. Turning pale and losing memory… need… Vitamin D!

  15. 🙂 !

  16. I am still waiting on that cheaper flight but I don’t know if it will be happening.

    Love the last picture of Fin. He is a cutie!

  17. We really need Vit D, too…
    and I think you really dont need any diet !!
    Best wishes

  18. Great pics, I really appreciated the gorgeous goodness that you found at the farmers market!
    Hope you get your wish…

  19. LOL! Lots of goodness in those photos.

  20. I really appreciate all these organic views… and your photos are always great!!!
    I need vitamin D as well..hope one day will go to Hawai….for this year we already booked in Greece….where I lived for a few years….light, light, blue and white..LOVE!!! baci, Monica

  21. i hope you didn’t remove your nose ring

  22. Oh I desperately need some Vitamin D!! Yes, a little sunshine & sand would be the perfect cure:)

  23. Please don’t promise to take fewer boy pictures…I hope you had your fingers crossed.

  24. I found our blog b/c you’re featured on Todays Creative Blog and I am so glad you were! I LOVE your sense of humor! I haven’t even GOTTEN to the supper yummy recipe pics that brought me here in the first place! I’m adding you to my google reader for sure! Now..I have to find the FOOD! lol! 🙂

  25. Hey! I’m over here from Today’s Creative Blog ~ yeah, I wonder if insurance would cover the trip since you are Vitamin D deficient? Blessings!

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