i now let my kids write on the wall

So….we all woke up to a winter wonderland….with the snow accumulation totalling

over 14 inches….and in some areas…it was over 22 inches.

All in one night.

So….what does a girl like me do on a day like that…..well…she gets her can of paint out.

Welcome to ….


{except that no children were allowed to take part}

I’ve been wanting to do a chalkboard wall for a while now….i just didn’t know where…

and i knew one thing for sure.

I was NOT going to use chalk board paint.

First of all….i didn’t want black balls….


i mean black walls.

{sorry….sometimes i say things out loud like that when i have children home all day long}

So…i dug around in my old paints and came across this charcoal grey…it’s the same paint i used to paint

the dance floor back when we had the Hoe Down this last Fall.

The charcoal grey was perfect…because it’s a flat paint…which means it can easily be written upon.

I swear than no sooner had the last drop of paint dried…that the boys were all over the wall…

and i take no responsibility for the silhouettes above and how the electrical outlet happens to be appropriately placed.

Not my fault….that would be the boys for you.

I’m also thinking Lola must have gotten stuck in the tundra outside because i have not seen her in 24 hours.

This is my owl…his name is whodini…..

and no one is allowed to play with him but me.

He’s like one of those magic christmas elfs…you know the one that moves around and scare the kids

into not doing anything naughty at all….ever…ever.

Whodini is like that elf.

He likes to watch kids.

He especially likes to see what the buick children are doing and reports back to his momma.

I’m looking for a small table or bench that i can stick there….so i’ll have more photos later for you…

but i really just wanted to show off my craft day.

And now my children have a place where they can write on the walls…

because in case i forgot to mention….

they are home AGAIN today.

It’s almost like homeschooling…..because now they have a place to practice writing



  1. That is a really cute idea and I LOVE the pic with the plug in it:) That is such a boy thing, isn’t it?

  2. moments like this, solidify my crush on you , which burns with a never ending flame


  3. OMG!!!
    I love this, so totally love this.

  4. Kasey, I have to say I might just copy this idea to a T!
    I have wall space like that and have been wanting to do a chalkboard wall without chalkboard
    paint as well.

  5. I love the staircase and how the color on the back wall works so awesome with the gray. Such a pretty space. I recently painted one whole wall in my teen daughters room in chalkboard paint. She and her friends have had a blast writing on it.

  6. I normally just lurk around in your fun and crazy life but I had to tell you today that I love this idea! You are such a creative gal…hopefully it keeps them occupied ALL day long!

    I really enjoy your posts!

  7. One word:

  8. love this idea! love the grey paint even more! please continue with the craft days, you bring great ideas to your blog.

  9. Looks like they are having fun and what a cute owl!

  10. I love it! It all looks great – your staircase, the mix of frames along the wall, and the new grey chalk wall. Awesome!

  11. aaanndd…. what is on for craft day today?
    love the wall – and great fun for the kids~
    have another fabulous snow day!

  12. Very cute, what a fun mom!! I am planning on putting a chalkboard stripe on one of my son’s bedroom walls, if I ever get around to it!!

  13. Love the wall – what is the brand of the paint. Could you share?

  14. Great idea..and the grey totally goes with your “look”. You manage to have a beautifully decorated house in your style but still mix in the kid-fun-friendly element. Bravo Kasey.

  15. Niiice. Great idea..and the grey totally goes with your “look”. You manage to have a beautifully decorated house in your style but still mix in the kid-fun-friendly element. Bravo Kasey.

  16. Too too cute. Glad you finally did it. i love the softer color too. At least it’s another ‘thing’ they can do indoors. You know, instead of marker on walls….
    we were snowed in out here. it was a hoot.

  17. This wall space if FABULOUS. You never know, this wall may lead to a budding artist in one of your kids! You certainly have the creative gene flowing. Have a fun snow/craft day with your kids and Whodini!

  18. … AND now that they are occupied, you can pour a glass of wine, uninterrupted …
    lola b … you’ve got me goin’

  19. I am inspired. I think I will do the wall down the basement steps and the grandkids could draw on it.

  20. This is what I LOVE about your home!
    And I TOTALLY want~must have an OWL like!

  21. I just love this.

  22. love it! Love it even more because it is not black! My kids are too young though…My 19 month old would find a marker, crayon or pen and destroy the wall!

  23. You are a crafty diva. I guess I take back my facebook comment because this is very Kasey. I like your owl too…very cute…I need an informer like that in my house. 😉

  24. You have a really nice place, love the soft colours. I too like the paint but would have this need to clean it all the time! you can get some great colours for chalkboard paint here too: http://www.hudsonpaint.com/

  25. Ashley - domestic fashionista says:

    This is a brilliant idea! I have heard that chalkboard paint is a pain to take off. This is a great different option and i love that you can pick a custom color

  26. LOVE the wall up your staircase. It is absolutely a dream. Loving the idea of gray instead of black for a chalkboard wall.

  27. They sell chalk board paint in other colors too – and their is white board paint so they could use those markers.

  28. Oh Kasey, such a beautiful idea..and a nice, really nice, grey!!! Couldn’t you please be so kind to move here and try to fix my horrible house? My kids will be so grateful!!! Have a nice day home with babies…;-)))…Monica

  29. You crafty little thing!!

  30. Kasey,

    You are so funny! Your stories always make me smile—since I know some of those children and why you write what you write-ha,ha. I hope you guys can make it to our Spaghettin Dinner on Friday, March 18th from 4:30-7:30pm. I think we have 3 drum sets donated that I’m sure you would like to win for your boys 🙂 Oh, and a nice “Craft” basket for you.

  31. I love the grey Kasey! I agree with the others and you that it’s so much nicer than black! But if it’s not a chalk board paint, how can you clean it off?
    I think once we sell our house and get out new one, I might adopt your idea and do one for my little ones 🙂

  32. Love it! And you say you’re not a “crafty” kind of girl:) We have a chalkboard wall in the basement{my hubby’s office}; I never thought to use the wall space by the stairs. Bet the kids love it!

  33. It’s fab. Love the colors. Love Kasey Buick. So, how do you clean it?

  34. Adorable and so much fun!!;)

  35. Krista Michie says:

    Love the wall AND the owl – where did you get him??

  36. You are a brave momma but it is super cute!

    sandy toe

  37. Budding artists for sure! Very creative space for the chalk wall! Great color! Love your photos going up our stairs too!

  38. Love love love! The color is fantastic!

  39. Great idea!

    I love how you can justify just about anything as “almost homeschooling”

  40. FANTASTIC! Love it!

  41. the electrical outlet— hahahaha…. i noticed it before i read what you wrote.
    beauty + wry humor <(you)= a great marriage. thanks, once again!

  42. What a great idea!!!!!!
    I am going to steal it…..and make one on the suite-doors-compartment!

    Love it!

  43. Love it – so I assume it erases ok? How fun for the kids.

  44. LOVE IT! I did a chalkboard wall in my son’s room but it seems to never get used. maybe it’s because all of his toys are piled up in front of it and we can’t get to it! ugh.

  45. OMG! i have a dark wall in my dining room (sealskin) and just gave my kiddos some chalk and they went nuts! so did i!! we had such a fun couple of hours drawing on the walls. thank you thank you for such a fun idea! i was just pondering painting the walls back to cream, but now i love all the white chalk ‘art’ all over it. makes our dining room feel special, almost like we’re living in a coffee shop. i’m posting about our wall on monday…with full credit {and a link} to YOU! love love love this!

  46. this is very cool.
    i love your take on the chalkboard wall.

  47. Love it! And I am also in love with your picture/frame wall. I saw it on your original post, but I’m pretty sure I left the page up for days waiting for a moment to comment and then never did. Anyways, I just love it!

  48. iI am sitting next to my 12 year old daughter, Hannah, as I go through your past posts that I have missed and she is loving it… (she read todays post about Lola’s headache and loved all of the rules of motherhood!) but this one stopped her in her tracks! She is looking around the house for a wall to paint with gray flat paint, even though we already have a 3’x4′ chalkboard! Do you know that, that is just not big enough if you can paint a whole wall!!! I love your blog and want to say thanks for the chuckles on a regular basis and the inspiration that I always get when I visit… Theresa xoxo

  49. ok so give…..where did you get Whodini the owl?

  50. Gorsh that’s cute.

    I have the teeeeny tiniest wall that this could work for, and I LALALALOVE the gray over the black.. Why the heck didn’t I think of that first? Awesome.

    🙂 I love your house, can I move in?


  51. Love this idea! And I wish I could see more of your staircase wall. It is amazing! I want one!!

  52. beautiful idea! I did not know that gray chalk paint even exists! I painted our ugly fridge with black chalk paint. turned out pretty good too. but loooove the gray!

  53. I love that wall and your white frames! I’m curious if your couch has slipcovers and where you got it.

  54. love! what color is that lovely greeny blue color that the pic frame are on?

    also i am thinking of doing my floors in a light grey wood/laminate, thoughts? i am unsure of paint colors to go with grey fooring, thoughts?

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