doing what i can to help

I don’t know about you….but i on occasion….like to sit and ponder ways to make our world

a better place to live.

It might be over a glass {or two} of wine….

or maybe it’s with a friend over a cup of coffee….

or sitting with your loved one on a secluded beach listening to the waves crash.

So…as i sat at home with a houseful of children running rampant throughout my house for two whole days..

i tried to think of ways that i might be able to do something….


to help this earth of ours.

{this was after i really did duct tape the front door to keep the draft out}

So…as i was sitting there drinking my glass {or two} of wine….

and knocking my head against the wall as i drowned out the noise of screaming children…

that the thought hit me like a bolt of lightning.

I had all of these empty wine bottles sitting around….

that were ready to be discarded in the recycle bin…when low and behold….

i walked up to my closet…..

and popped some of the empty wine bottles into my boots.

I now introduce you to…..

the boot that never falls over in the closet again.

Now…i realize…not all of you drink wine….and that is A-OK with me…..

and for those of you that don’t….you really can use any tall glass bottle…something like a sparkling water bottle

will work just fine.

I truly believe that any little bit helps….and with everyone doing their part….

i have a feeling we can all say that we


I might just go ahead and have another glass of wine in celebration.

p.s. Bryan did not get it….at all...that boots need empty wine bottles….so maybe it’s best…

if you just use sparkling water bottles. I would prefer NOT to get a call from your husband because

you told him you got the idea from me.


  1. Excellent reusing of a wine bottle 🙂

  2. love your shoes!!!!

  3. those robbins egg colored pumps are yummy!

  4. love your closet…swoon! Can I see the rest of it? I sooooo need to tackle the organization of mine. Eek. And, if I find things that just don’t fit or like, well….that makes a spare hanger for something new. {That was a great idea, if I do say so myself!} Happy Friday. T minus 3 hours until uncorking. AHHHHH

  5. hah. love it .and hey why not stash some emergency full bottles in there. Just saying 😉

  6. This was a nice excuse for us to see all your fab shoes!


  7. I’m so proud to have been to the closet and witnessed for myself….the empties. And probaby helped empty them.

  8. MAGNIFICENT!!! I keep my Nice boots in the boxes lying on their sides because the leather on some wore out from the “falling” over. Lord, knows I’ve got plenty of “extra”/ Empty Wine bottles lying around! And I just so happen to be cleaning out my closet today! Thanks!! 🙂

  9. Love it!
    Everything about YOU fascinates the heck out of me!
    Those blue boots….are THE BOMB!
    Those things would come all the way up my LEG…like to my panties!
    Those things are ROCKIN’!
    Kasey the idea is FAB!
    You are makin’ the world HAPPIER and BETTER!
    Good for you!
    LIVE GREEN! xo

  10. You soooooo have the gift of the pen! This was hilarious. I turned around and tried to re-capture the humor with my teens. Nope. They didn’t get it at all. Your humor only makes sense to us moms out there. Thank you for make me smile a little and chuckle a lot!!

  11. I’m draining my wine bottles right this very minute!!

  12. Holy Shoes!
    Love every single pair…

  13. What a fabulous, just fabulous idea.
    I might have to steal it, but don’t worry, I will not tell the hubs it came from you.

  14. You just might be a genius!

  15. I was “last night” trying to figure out a way to keep my boots tall! Fabulous idea!!!! Definitely will be working on emptying a bottle this weekend?

  16. Yes! That is awesome. I might have to give my boots some love by drinking some vino too. Cheers

  17. I have a GF that stores “the good stuff” in her boots in her closet. She hides the good wine in there so that when the men decide they want wine too, they dont know about “the good stuff” hiding in the closet 😉
    Then we secretely go into her room and open up a bottle – and dont share with the boys…..cuz u know that boys have coodies 🙂

  18. Everyday I read your posts and laugh…today I was almost rolling on the ground! You are so much fun…and creative and doing your part very well. Very creative!

  19. I think it’s a fabulous idea…and my hubby drinks wine;) Now, I just need {gasp} a pair of boots!

  20. wow….. such a wonderful idea! i do hate seeing them all slouched over in my closet! I am going to have to go thru several bottles this weekend to fill my boots! love it!

  21. AWESOME idea!! gonna implement this in my own closet.
    thanks for sharing the wisdom. ;O)

  22. One Woman's Thoughts says:

    Hmmm . . . I have a lot of boots.

    So I’m having a wine party.

    You’re invited.

    cute post . . . are your shoes always so nicely organized? I’m envious!

  23. What a brilliant Idea! Problem is I have to many wine bottles and not enough boots!

  24. I have been reading your blog for sometime now, and am finally breaking out of “lurkdom” to tell you that the wine bottle in the boot is GENIUS! So genius that I might have to have two bottles of wine with dinner tonight!

  25. *giggle* This is a fantastic idea!

  26. You are a funny girl. I love reading Kaseyisms.

  27. Susan B. L. says:

    hilarious! I thought that the first photo of your closet was a glamor shot from a magazine, or some stock photography. But, that is really your closet – beautiful!!!!

  28. Carey Olson says:

    BEST suggestion! Cute boots!

  29. Love, love, love your shoe closet. The blue mary janes are way cute. Oh, and the boot supports are brilliant!

  30. Is that really your closet?! Wowza.
    I love the wine bottle idea, and I won’t tell my hubby.

  31. enough said….love it!!

  32. So funny. I did a post about this a few weeks ago, but I used magazines (rolled up) to hold my boots up. Love the wine bottle idea as well.

  33. Elaine L. says:

    LOL But, seriously this is one of your better ideas!


  34. This is a great idea….but in case you don’t have bottles of wine laying around rolled up magazines do the trick too. Now you can house wine bottles and those anthropologie catalogs…

  35. Great idea – and I’m with Jenny and Lola who said suggested stashing some full bottles as well!
    I’m also super jealous of your closet and all those gorgeous shoes! 🙂 Melissa x

  36. That really is a great idea. To bad I don’t drink wine:) You talk about it so much that I think that I am missing out on something:) Why don’t you do a blog post about your favorite wines? Help a girl out here.

    Have a pretty day!

  38. You need to come pick my big booty up off the floor after falling off my chair laughing from this post! The thoughts we have right?!! You are a Clever Girl.

  39. hahhaha, fab!! Love the idea and loooove your wardrobe!

  40. I just discovered your lovely blog. I’m just new into blogging & have just finished off my own blog on fashion & interior design.
    I had a lot of fun putting it together maybe you would like to check it out if you have a spare minute.

  41. Now this is advice I can follow! Advocating the use of empty wine bottles to hold up boots is sheer genius. Certainly a lot easier than rolling up a big wad of newspaper! Just plop that empty in there! There is always a bottle (or two) sitting in the recycle bin. Now I can have my “cake” and eat (imbibe) it too! LOL

  42. At least you told him, or he might think your trying to hide all those empties 🙂
    You know what else I do, the neighbors give me the “look”
    When I’m not in the mood to water my flowers in the pots I fill the empty wine bottle with water and shove it in the pot. It’s good for a week 🙂

    PS I try and only do this in the back yard, the neighbors don’t talk as much 🙂

  43. i love that you make me laugh
    even on a day where i’m trying not to cry


    ps–just think of all the cleaning tips i might need this week. oh crap…

  44. OMG…I want those lace up gray boots! They are soooo cute. What a great idea….Bryan just doesn’t understand the importance of having your boots stand up straight!

  45. Sheer Brilliance!!!!!
    I myself drive my husband nuts with such ingenious solutions!
    I will be giving this one a go for sure!

  46. Hey! On your recepie page I see a photo of cute little bowls. Did you get those at Anthro? I just bought some for yogurt and I think they are the same. I love them..
    There are no shoes at the Anthro I went to so I went to find boots at another shop.(does your anotro have boots or do you order them on line?) So funny to open this post today to your super fun boot filler. Ill get on that tonight at 4:00. :). I did buy some boots and they will need to be filled. To bad I did not get any two buck chuck while shopping. Hey is 2 buck chuck still sell bottles for 2.00?

  47. Best post ever Kasey~ love you and your ‘green’ side.

  48. Omg! I love it and believe me there is no shortage of wine bottles here!

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