the weekend

So…did you have a nice weekend?

I happened to watch ‘Black Swan’ last night with a friend…..and….um….

i just want to say….


there…i said it….it was dark…and weird…but i still love Natalie Portman.

I love to go to the movies…and normally i go by myself…yes…i do.

Every once in a while i go with a friend or bryan…but i’d rather go out with my friends when we can

sit and chat over a glass of wine…so normally i tend to go to the movies solo.

And you know what….

it’s not a big deal….

i’ve been doing it for years.

But i’m really glad i went last night with a friend because i really needed someones hand to hold.

Have you seen any good movies lately? I really liked ‘Kings Speech’….that was really good.

I liked ‘The Tourist’….because i really like J.D.

But after watching the ballerina’s dance last night….in which we both thought we were going to

see a movie about dancing….even though i knew it was supposed to be a little dark…

it was not at all what i expected….

but still…..

i will be signing up for a ballet class this morning…

and i want to have legs that look like that…

and i know you can only eat grapefruit and maybe a boiled egg for breakfast…

and maybe just maybe…..

you can have a bite of a lettuce leaf for lunch…

but i want legs like that.

I don’t want toes like that though.

No……i’ll pass on the broken ugly toes….and i’ll pass on seeing a chiropractor that sticks

her hand into your diaphragm to get your ribs back in place.

That stuff…i’ll pass on.

But the legs….i want the legs.

Anyhoo…..back to the weekend.

I did some crafting with the kids…yes….i know.

I really love Valentines day…so i need to start hanging some hearts around here.

That photo at the top of the page…that’s fin’s friends…and they are besties.

Fin has a lot of girl friends…but she’s his fav at the moment.

She also broke her fingers last week after their karate class…..and they got caught when the car

door shut….but i just thank god it wasn’t my car…because things like that would probably happen to me.

She’s fine….but she had a hard time at bingo on Thursday night.

Yes…you read that right.

Hello my name is Kasey and i take my kids to bingo.

It’s actually quite fun…’s at a local pizza place…and they have peanuts on the table that you

can throw the shells on the floor.

I don’t recommend going if you are allergic to peanuts though….

not a good idea.

I don’t carry an epi pen in my purse…so don’t show up if you are allergic.

But…if you are NOT allergic to peanuts…then it’s really fun. The kids use their peanuts to cover the numbers

and us moms order a pitcher or two of beer and chat while the kids play bingo.

It’s almost like homeschooling because the kids are learning their numbers…and letters at the same time.

check check

You all asked some great questions….and i will go back thru them today to see if i missed any.

It was also funny to see my Josh Groban photo made it to his personal fan site..and there was

quite the convo going on over at their twitter site as to whether it was the real deal or not.

Onto other news……in 16 days i am going to have a 10 year old.

I can’t believe i just said that out loud….but i did. That means…i was 13 when i had him.


ok….maybe i wasn’t really 13…..i might have been 14.

Whatever the number was…..i think i’ll be ok with having ย a 10 year old.

It’s the little guy i’ll have the problem with. I told him he is


to turn 6 this year and that he has to stay 5 ย forever…and ever…and ever.

I’m going to go cry now.

p.s. Winner of the Gussy bag is: Ashley {domestic fashionista}. Email me.


  1. Debra Bhourdly says:

    I saw that movie as well, and you are right.
    Really loved Kings Speech!

  2. Just wait until he is turning 17 and then graduating and moving to Texas. Yes, Texas! That is 1200 miles away:( I only have a year to prepare myself but it is not going to be enough time. boo hoo!

  3. OMG, I was thinking the same thing after I saw that movie. Sound like you have a wonderful weekend, and I loved reading all the A’s to your Q’s!!!!!

  4. I could not find anyone to see the movie with me, but I really love your idea of seeing it by yourself. I guess I could, right?! If you can go by yourself, then I can go by myself.

  5. I told my daughter the same thing – about turning 5 or maybe 6 – she didn’t listen…and then she turned 10…and she proudly held up both hands and told me she “was two whole hands old” – she’ll be 21 in March – sniff sniff…she’s still my baby, my only baby – love that girl to pieces!
    Happy Birthday to your soon-to-be “two whole hands old” guy – enjoy ’em – they’ll be grown-y before you know it and you’ll REALLY need that wine…

  6. I haven’t seen the Kings Speech yet but keep hearing rave reviews. I’ll have to put that on my “to do” list. I have one turning 11 this year and one turning 6. *sigh* It is… strange. I can’t figure out how they keep aging and we don’t?? Hmmm….

  7. Hi kasey

    What restaurant in your area does bingo?
    I live a wee bit far but maybe I can make a local placed something like that?


    • Nicks Pizza and Pub. It’s on Randall in Elgin. They do it one Thursday a month…google them for their website.

  8. he is totally making his move in that first image….proof that he is smitten indeed!

  9. I myself attend movies solo !! Middle of the afternoon ( matinee rates ) I don’t have to share my popcorn with anyone.
    The hubs and I did go see The Fighter. Great movie !!! Amy Adams spoke like a trucker , right up my alley !! hahaha ! Really it was good and based on a true story. Mark Wahlberg was easy on the eyes too.

  10. Aaaw…that’s the sweetest photo of Fin and his girl:) Movies, crafts & bingo?! Sounds like a really fun week:)

  11. My oldest is turning 5 in March…I swear there is something wrong with me..I have been super emotional about it! I cried when she was ice skating..I started to tear up when she was at a bowling party yesterday for a friend she has known in daycare since she was 9 months. I don’t want her to grow up!!
    The picture of Fin and his friend is too cute!

  12. I am SURE you aren’t complaining about having a ten year old when, in two months, I will have a SEVENTEEN year old… no, I didn’t think you were complaining… thank you.
    Have a fabulous week my friend!

  13. Now why does this little boy have this look in his eye like, “Im going to marry this girl?” LOL…I swear his charm started early as is evident in most all his photos and ….well like your other two he is absolutely DARLING.

    Dont be afraid of ten. Its a good age. They start noticing “armpit hair” and (if not already) begin NEEDING deodorant.
    The mini will never be the same after a sporting event or a rowdy day at school othewise. You have no reason to trust me but please do.


  14. That picture of Fin & his bestie is PRECIOUS!
    You crack me up…Bingo night…home school…I see it! LOL
    Way to stir the Josh Groban pot a bit…they need a little excitement in their lives! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Saw True Grit last night with friends – Good Movie. I’m heading this week to see Black Swan by myself. I agree sometimes heading to the movies on your own is Great! I hope I can make it through Black Swan by myself. I’ve heard some CRAZY things!!

  16. Going to movies and out to breakfast alone are my FAVE things to do, have been doing it for many many years! I can’t wait to see the Kings Speech – love Colin Firth. I am taking a pass on Black Swan. My daughter told me all about it and I will just take her word for it…I adore Natalie Portman however, she was my son’s major crush when he was in high school! xxoo ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. It’s been ages since I went to the movies and going alone is just fine by me, the hubby doesn’t even like to go to the movies. I have decided that Black Swan is not for me so won’t be seeing Natalie in it, maybe I will see her in her new movie ๐Ÿ˜‰ OK, so maybe I will be seeing the movie cause Ashton is in it but I love Natalie too so two birds one stone ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hugs from Conroe, TX!

  18. This blog just gets better every day! Double digits is a big deal!!
    I almost went into a deep depression when my littlest guy went to kindergarten. The other night he wanted to come and sleep with mom and dad. My husband said no (I said yes!) and he said to his dad “I’m not going to be little forever and I just want to snuggle with my mommy”. I melted (and won!).
    You have peaked my curiosity about Black Swan. Would you tell people to go or wait until it is out OnDemand?

  19. Boy, if you could’ve seen Ainsley’s face when she saw this picture…priceless! Doc says finger is healing just fine, so she’ll be ready to play a mean game of Bingo next time….although I think she thoroughly enjoyed Fin’s assistance due to her handicap.

  20. My hubby and I go to the movies all the time but so far we have missed (escaped) seeing Black Swan. Two movies I highly recommend are True Grit (just wonderful in every way) and Country Strong. We loved CS…Garrett Hedlund is cool, and when he sings Give Into Me w/ Leighton Meester, it’s…well (and I am a grandma saying this) it’s just hot.

  21. love that picture of them too…it’s a blissful love:) how cute!

  22. gosh, can’t believe finn will be 6. And that movie, wow. here i am thinking it looks so interesting, beautiful, etc. yikes. thanks for the review…
    miss you all. hugs.

  23. I love going to the movies alone and i love v-day bc it is my bday!

  24. How enchantingly cute, funny, witty, saracastic, real, and silly! What a wonderful writer you are Lola B.!!

  25. I have two young ballerinas and after seeing Black Swan I think they need to quit. ASAP! I was convinced the mother was behind everything. Guess that says a lot about me, huh?!? But then again, EVERYONE in that movie was creepy. Just creepy!

  26. I thought Black Swan was not only wierd, but gross… nearly rated X.

  27. Loved the King’s Speech. Colin is A.MAZ.ING.

    Swan on my list.

    I could do the cinema on my own but luckily i have lots of cinema buddies. Sometimes being on your own can be a good experience. x

  28. Time flies doesn’t it?
    I’ve heard great things about King’s Speech and am dying to see it! I’ve gone to a few movies by myself and it’s no big deal, especially if it’s a chick flick – I think all of us gals can understand why you’d be there alone. ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. i was going to go see Black Swan since i love ballet and don’t mind a bit of darkness to add some suspense. but then i got all these weird texts warning me not to go since this and that happens and apparently i really trust these people who text me, cuz i decided to not go. i thought it was about a maddening competition, but i guess there’s WAY more to it.

    i would totally go see a movie by myself if i wasn’t afraid to. xx

  30. fav movie so far is The Fighter. Being from Boston, the actors nailed the accent..especially the sisters…skank is the correct word. Also saw The Town, and thought my buddy Ben tried too hard with the accent..shame since he actually is from Boston. Time to paaak the caaar in the gaaarage….

  31. yay for me! I cannot tell you how many gussy giveaways I have entered…I knew all my hard work would pay off one day!

    Cannot wait to see your vday decorations!

    I will email you!


  32. you know, I have to see Black Swan just because every one says “It’s not what I expected”! Although, I have heard about IT all, and secretly, I can’t wait to see it.

    Loving all the new pretty things going on here…so happy to be back to visiting! Ahhh…it feels good! Missed my kasey chuckles!

  33. Elaine L. says:

    I knew that Josh Groban? photo would hit the internet. The same thing happened when Cory “Tongue In Cheek” posted the pics of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in France at the flea market.

  34. Iris Atwell says:

    i really enjoyed black swan…i thought it was a beautiful movie, minus one scene, natalie portman was perfect…went by myself, sat close to a couple, just in case, and didn’t have to worry about my hubby or friend enjoying movie…my kiddos love bingo :))

  35. heart your blog post headers. i heard that from more people about black swan.

  36. My mother saw “Black Swan” yesterday and she said the same, a very dark movie, she also expected a movie about dancing :-)))

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