rules and regulations

This is what Lola’s bed should look like today……

instead….it looks like this:

I don’t know about you….but i have a parenting book that i follow…

it’s called…


In it….i find the most useful tips a mom can use…and really….i feel like it is one of the BEST

books because of all the dog eared pages and it has gotten so worn that on some can barely read it.

Take for instance….on page 8…you will find

Rule #387: No child is allowed to be home sick on a Monday.


Rule #8739: No child is allowed to stay home sick if there were two snow days taken the week before.


Rule #29: If indeed a child is to stay home sick on a monday…then a trip to the Doctors office is a must.

There are many…many rules in this book and i tend to find them the most helpful to my many mothering questions…

like today….

because as you can see….sometimes you have to cross reference the many rules.

Like this:

Rule #91: Give double the dose of Advil when child complains of headache on a Monday morning.

So..i did…i followed that advice…and i also followed rule #29…and we went to the doctors office.

And because we went to the doctors office…i’m adding two addendums to the book.

First addendum states:

Rule # 9932 Addendum 4: Don’t take child with headache to urgent care clinic…said child won’t be seen.

{i’m just adding that one so you won’t waste your time…hence the name….URGENT CARE CLINIC}

Rule #9933 Addendum 5: Don’t feel like a fool after you pay your $25 copay and have the doctor

tell you that it’s just a headache.

{because duh….i already knew she had a headache…i was just following the damn rule book}

So here we are….and i can’t find a rule in the book to help with what i’m feeling right now…..

except for this one…

Rule # 7492: When all else fails…go ahead and eat that peanut butter chocolate ice cream right from the container.


p.s. Did you know that the school nurses have their own book…i know for a fact..because i have insider info.

One of the rules in their book is this one:

Rule #1: Call parent asap if child has a temperature over 98.9


Rule #2: Make sure you leave a voicemail stating it’s an emergency and to call back immediately.


  1. I hope she feels better!

  2. I have my own book also.
    Maybe we should get our books together and make a expanded edition;-)

  3. You are a riot. I think every nurse has that book, it’s mandatory.

  4. Oh no! I hope she’s feeling better quick! And hope your Monday isn’t too terrible! 😉

  5. I have one for you!
    Rule # 2832839: Please tell us where you got Lola’s bedding.

  6. Ha! I don’t know what I’d have done if my sweet daughter had turned up sick today, after 4 snow days and an out-of-town-husband. I’m *sure* I’d have done the right thing, according to the rule book!

  7. Carey Olson says:

    Hilarious! Hope both of your headaches go away soon! 🙂

  8. Good stuff! Get well sweet Lola

  9. love the rules
    hope Lola feels better soon with her headache
    because I’m sure there is a rule that one cannot stay home two days in a row for a headache, right?

  10. So, SO with you there today. Drove 8 hours home yesterday after a long weekend of funeral attending/etc. yesterday. Tired. Very much looking forward to Monday. Monday comes. Sick child and a husband leaving on a week long work trip. So… yeah. So there.

  11. Feel better Lola!
    P.S. Love the way you framed her name over the bed. Awesome idea!!

  12. My daughter had a headache last week followed by a sore throat – aka strep! We saw three girls at target the same day picking up their prescriptions to treat strep. I know we live hundreds of miles away but keep an eye on her throat. Hope Lola is feeling better. Hope tuesday finds you in an empty house, at least for a few hours!

  13. If I had a beautiful bedroom like Lola’s, I would be feigning a headache every Monday and maybe Tuesday too

  14. Hope she feels better soon~ on another note.. I have the same duvet cover and pillow shams..those are the new simply shabby chic from Target right? I love them. 😉 Rachel

  15. We did “urgent” care last week and let me tell you – not so urgent… We spent t.h.r.e.e. HOURS there to be told that he didn’t have anything serious wrong… nice.

  16. Oh poor Lola and her poor Momma…Urgent Care’s are not generally the best :/…hope she feels all better soon.

  17. Sick days & snow days…not so fun for Mom:) Wishing Lola well!

  18. How come no one ever told me about these rules? I’ve got to print these out! =)


  19. Poor Lola. Hope a day of rest did the trick for her. Hope the peanut butter chocolate ice cream did the trick for you!

  20. I do hope that Lola is feeling better:)

  21. Always! a giggle and a snort!!

  22. so sorry she isn’t feeling well! My oldest daughter was sick today as well and I agree with the rule about not missing school after having snow days! I hope Lola is well soon!

  23. Awww, poor baby girl. Hope she gets better soon. But hey, at least she’s got a super gorgeous bed to sleep in and she’s got a very funny mummy to keep her amused!

  24. New book just released:
    101 Fun Things To Make With Rule Books
    #1 Make paper dolls out of the pages while waiting at Urgent Care!

  25. I know. I have three kids sick. One is finally back at school after a week, one is still home (week 1 and counting) and we’re hoping it’s not turning into pneumonia, and the other has been home just two days. 5 doctor visits at $150 each + $250 in meds and I HAVE INSURANCE!! I should have just taken that money and taken us to Mexico for a long weekend and baked the sickness right out of them with the sunshine!! Good luck!! I have been known to put them in a warm car with a blanket and a movie and drive thru McDonald’s just so I could get out of the house. See if it works for you!

  26. U crack me up:-)

  27. Dont you find it abit difficult to change the bed sheets with the bed against the wall?
    I love her room!

  28. Is that the Haagen Dazs peanut butter chocolate ice cream? My FAVORITE!

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