hello monday

We literally just got home….and i feel bad that i have not posted for a few days…

but the blog needed some beauty rest.

The family just got back from a little trip down south…and let me tell you …it was much needed.

As you can see…..this guy had a blast….and i didn’t put sunscreen on the kids at all.

Yes…they came home with third degree burns….

bet you didn’t know that RED is the new BLACK?!

And like i said in a previous post….if you can’t tone it….tan it…..

so that is what i did. The weather was gorgeous the entire time….but i’m glad to be home.

Kind of.

Sort of.

The weather was better then perfect ….

{ i hate to rub it in..but we just savored every single drop of sunshine..since we are a deprived bunch }

…and i have oodles of photos to go through…but had to just show

a couple of my favoritesย for now.

I also needed to clear something up…..

every year…on April 1st…i do some fun little diddy here on the blog.

It’s for fun…and every year…someone or two of you don’t appreciate the humor that goes into making

a good April 1 post.

No worries though…because i don’t blame any of you for wanting to take away my mothering permit…

but i have to say…my kids really do love me.

{at least when i take them on beach vacations…}

Two years ago i said i was pregnant with triplets…

last year Child Protective Services did a home visit …

this year…well….the kids were dropped off at Juvi.

I like to have fun with my posts …so i just want to say thank you to you readers that take me in stride.


We were in South Florida….and i think i fell in love with everything in this photo…

it describes exactly what Florida is all about.


  1. fabulous photo of mr fin!!!
    glad you had a blast

  2. Fabulous photo of Floridians…just perfect. And I hear you – I can take it in my stride ๐Ÿ˜‰ Lou x

  3. I loved the April fools post…real or fake. I live in Chicagoland. I used to live in Florida. I wouldn’t be glad to be back ; ). Have a great Monday!

  4. Alecia Shannon says:

    Fin is such the ladies man!!! He looks adorable in that pic…can’t wait to see more…I know you had a blast and I ALWAYS love your humor ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. i actually used to drive down a long gravel driveway near my house and tell my son that i was dropping him off at his new mother’s house since he told me he wanted a new mother. needless to say he changed his mind…LOL LOL…LOVE your humor. and glad you had a nice vacation…we are also sun deprived over here in new york…going to california in a few weeks so we can absorb some rays before we all go nuts ; )

  6. Jennifer says:

    I’m jealous! Here in the northern part of Canada where I live, the snow has not all melted yet!!! I LONG for warm weather.

    I love how you’re not afraid to take pictures of people that you don’t know or that they are completely oblivious to and post about them!! AND I love you sense of humour. I enjoy reading your blog. Keep it up!

  7. Oh I just LOVE Florida!
    Especially way down the coast…it gets really old~timey FLORIDA like!
    Have you been to Seaside?
    We’ve been sunning~vacationing in Seagrove for years!
    You would LOVE…trust me!
    I’m sure Paige has told you all about it!
    How FUNNy that you had a reader not too keen on your “kids field trip to juvi” post!
    I didn’t even REALIZE it was April 1st!
    {it’s the BLONDE hair}
    I just thought it was KASEY being KASEY!
    Which you KNOW…I totally and utterly LOVE and ADORE!
    Oh I know that FLORIDA sun felt so GOOD!

  8. Allison mcArdle says:

    That Fin is just about as cute as can be. Oh Lordy.
    Love that last one also. Fun to be you!

  9. I so want to go to Florida too! I have a plan that once the kids are older about 10 and 7, we’ll go to Disneyland there, hop in the car and drive through the States to LA! I can’t wait!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ There’s a lot I miss about being in America. I keep saying to Ian we should move, but as it is apparently his American company has enough pilots who actually HAVE a green card. Hohum… I can still have holidays though!! :))

  10. so jealous of your vacay but the good kind.:) I love the area you went too! I spent about 8 years going down there a few times each year. I miss it! Love the pic of Finn in his aviators! Doesn’t look like he mad his momma. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I’m kind of blown away that some people didn’t get that that was an April Fool’s joke/post and called you out on it…

  12. People need to lighten up, your 4/1 post was very clever! Glad you had a good trip.

  13. I am glad that you had a good time and great weather. We are heading down to Southern Fl.next week. I can’t wait to soak up some vitamin D that all of our bodies are deprived of here in the midwest.

  14. Cathy S says:

    NEVER, EVER loose your sense of humor! I LOVE IT and can’t wait to read your blog every morning. It’s a great start to each and every day! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. That last photo is classic!
    And yes, i firmly believe in the “Can’t tone it, Tan it.” motto. My Jergens gradual tan bottle is getting hit hard now that i’m wearing shorts.

  16. So jealous.

  17. I’m jealous, too! Seriously SUNSHINE deprived here the Pacific Northwest.

  18. We went to Texas for spring break and we didn’t have the best weather. Wishing I would have been with you:)

  19. ha, I need to do some catch up with you blog but I love your humor so I am sure it is all good. I am in florida now (from crazy ass weather Ohio) so we too are enjoying some sunscreen-free sunburny days. It’s all good.

  20. glad to know it was an April fool’s joke…………..and no doubt that you are a great mom

  21. I read your blog all the time an you are so super funny! i rarely comment on blogs as i dont blog and have nothing to link back to, but you make me laugh so much, i love the total randomness of your posts! the juvi post made me laugh so much, if some peeps dont like it then dont read it simples! go put some aftersun on your little lobsters then lol xx

  22. Sounds like a sun filled break was perfect! I loved your April 1 post, by the way! Funny!

  23. Jeesh. I loved your Juvi post. Maybe it’s because my dad was a cop and he locked me in a jail cell when I was 13 and being sassy and I just get that weirdo since of humor. I love your blog and sense of humor. It makes me smile.

    P.S. I’m looking forward to seeing pictures of the antique chalkboard…it’s a MUST have. Really.

  24. Really fantastic photos! Hope you are having a great time.

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