cruising around in the boat

I’m going to start with the last day first…because it was my favorite day.

Bryan and i were able to sneak away Saturday night and when we {finally} woke up on Sunday…

we headed over to pick the kids up at the grandparents and headed to the marina to take out Bryan’s dads

boat out…just the five of us.

Bryan grew up here…in West Palm Beach…and his dad has always had a boat…so it’s a treat to have

such a wonderful day to cruise around the inter-coastal.
There was a vintage restored tugboat sitting at the marina that day….

but the photo i took did not come out. Damn.

It was a beauty…..and i could totally see us all cruising around in it.

I would name it……’Life Saver’….

a girl can dream….right.
As we were waiting for the boat to come out of storage…the kids grabbed a net and Mason

nabbed a jelly fish.

Apparently…these ones do not sting.

I just thought it looked like a huge glob of KY jelly.

I loved how my boat captain takes the week off from shaving…..

rough on the high sea…oh yeah.

the Jupiter lighthouse…..with the jr. captain manning the front of the boat.

{and for the record…we did have life vests on board…but i just go with the notion that no kids

will fall overboard…..

Lots and lots of amazing homes on the water….but i wouldn’t want one.

Find me a cute cottage charmer….with ‘life saver’ sitting in the front and i might just think

about moving there.

Luckily there is not one ounce of humidity in the winter….but come summer…there are bugs the size

birds and no amount of straightening my hair would keep it from looking like an earlier photo

of Michael Jackson in his childhood.

But winter…spring down there is amazing.

I have some friends that keep chatting up the Seaside area of Florida…which is on the West coast…

but i’m happy right here….in the West Palm Beach area.

{it also helps that the grandparents are here….you know…to do what grandparents do best…

and love on and play with the kids}

I found these aviators for Fin the day before….and he LOVED wearing them.

If you want to know what bryan looked like as a 6 year old… it is:

{except for the pasty white body}


a huge yacht…..with two wave runners sitting on top….

and me…..

apparently someone tried to take a paparazzi photo of me….in my jean shorts…tank top and super white body.

For the record…i did have my suit underneath….but for the safety of everyone involved…it’s better if

no one sees it.

It was the one day i decided i should get out of my mu-mu and put some shorts on.


  1. Oh I can almost feel that warm Florida sunshine…wonderful photos! Sounds like such a fun time {i’m so jealous} 😉

  2. Barbara Nelson says:

    I’m sitting here at work in a beige box, trying to figure out how I can jump into my screen! Looks as though you had a fantastic break .

    Welcome back home,

  3. Alecia Shannon says:

    Beautiful! Makes me realize I need a tropical vacay!

  4. It looks you guys had fun. There is nothin’ like a little sunshine. I love Lola’s new haircut!

  5. You make me miss Florida:( I have never been down to West Palm but I love my home state.

  6. it is raining today
    I am in a crappy mood
    and I want to run away and I am thinking of heading to your place
    is that ok?
    you make life look so beautiful
    i want a piece

    I will bring my own KY

  7. Wow what a fantastic vacation!!! I’m so jealous! Great photos honey! I hope you have a fantastic Tuesday doll. I’m guest posting today if you want to check it out!

    Kori xoxo

  8. Oh man…that looks amazing. Oregon right now is col, rainy and miserable and I am dying for some sun! Glad you had a great time!

  9. ::sigh:: i LOVE florida. i grew up there too!! 🙂

  10. Still jealous. Say hi to the sun for me, would ya?

  11. Fantastic! It all looks so wonderful, I’m almost jealous to bits!!
    Great close up shot of Mason! He’s gonna be a heart breaker.

  12. gorgeous!!!

  13. I love, love, love the third picture of Fin. Awesome pictures. I am headed down that way in less than 2 weeks! WAAAHHHHOO!

  14. Ahhhh. Like this beautiful, tranquil, and always funny post. See ya soon.

  15. This looks so inviting and the photos are amazing – what tremendous memories. x

  16. Beautiful post. I am on the West Coast of Floirda at Indian Rocks Beach which is an old fashioned town that has a heart.
    Incredible beach, great seafood restaurants and fun people and is 20 miles from Tampa and St. Petersburg for when one wants urban life.

    Your boating trip looks like the perfect getaway

  17. Ha- I am in Seaside right now- down from cold Ohio.

    We had a storm last night and there are a ton of KY Jelly jellyfish on the beach today. I had no idea that they didn’t sting until my oldest son whipped one at my #2 son. And he survived (huge whimp)

    And let me just say that having grandparents around to watch kids for a night, well that usually trumps location. Usually. Sometimes not. But that’s just our story. And a long one.

    I am tempted to move the family to Florida. Wondering why anyone would live in the north, especially after the winter we had…really.

    I know it gets hot, and our hair gets crazy, but I’m starting to think it might be worth the trade-off- I am getting so sick of 5 months in the dreary cloudy cold north.

  18. Wow I love that first photo!

  19. oh man, that smells like summer vacation, you’re making me dream kasey! i can practically smell the water & the suntan lotion!

  20. Love Florida, I thought I recognized that lighthouse……We lived in Jupiter for 10 years……

  21. sigh…..
    heaven. indeed. heaven….

  22. So beautiful! I want to be there right now.

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