my good deed for the day

Sometimes i find something so cute….sweet…pretty….that i just have to share it with you.

I introduce you to the newest part of the Buick family……

last night after i dropped off the kids at Awana…..

verses not learned again….but truth be known….we were on vacation last week..and just

didn’t bring the books with us.


after i dropped the kids of…..and knowing that there was no date night with the Mr. since we just

got back from a vacation that had us on date nights almost nightly…

i decided maybe i would swing by T.J. Maxx since it had been a very long time indeed since i’ve

stepped foot in there.

And right there…in front of me….end cap number 2 …aisle 4….sat these beauties.

They were priced right……$24….so i grabbed them as quick as i could…..and left as quickly as i could…

hightailed these girls home and hid them in the closet.

I’m currently on a….


but really i was just thinking of you all and how you would want to know about these girls.

{i love to do good deeds}

p.s. they had them in red also.

p.p.s. i thought blue was a safer bet….because red would stand out more in the closet.

p.p.s.s. we might be eating ramen noodles all week…but at least my feet will look good.


  1. eh, Ramen, SHMAMEN…At least your toes look cute! Nice purchase 🙂

  2. I think you need the red pair too! Cute cute cute!

  3. Those are adorable! I haven’t bought any shoes in sooo long~ Kori xoxo

  4. Those are really cute!

  5. Love them!!!
    if and when I can find something i like..
    in my size..
    (tiny little fairy feet as my MIL used to say when she insisted we need a shoe shopping excursion)!
    I tend to buy whatever colors are available!
    and I miss my MIL so much..
    she would always justify my purchases by saying..
    just tell MY son it was MY idea..
    RIP Mom.. I truly miss you so much!

  6. OK Kasey….do you need a Dave Ramsey intervention?? 😉

  7. Oh my! Those are super duper cute!! I would have not been able to pass those up either.

  8. so wait
    your good deed is showing me YOUR new shoes?
    I ned more than that, honey

  9. Those are adorable! I love them! And you crack me up. Honest.

  10. Oooh, darling!

  11. :0 I bought these for my daughter 2 weeks ago. She fell in love the second she saw them. When we got them home she said when am I gonna wear these? I said HONEY a girl does NOT need to know where she will wear a a cute pair of shoes she will find a place to wear them… Glad to hear you had a nice vacation.

  12. fabulous! so cute! france is a dream, but i do miss being able to buy great looking shoes for awesome prices, like you can in the usa!

  13. You’re hilarious….and I love the shoes. I hit up TJMaxx last week and found a cute top. 😉 I love that store! Thank you for doing a good deed for us, I always enjoy your good deeds. 😉 Oh……and about your Juvi post, I actually forgot about it being April Fool’s, but never thought it was for real. I just shrugged it off as, “that’s just Kasey being Kasey..and the funny girl she is”. Thanks for the laughs!


  14. Oh those are the cutest…love those shoes!!

  15. Alecia Shannon says:

    Those shoes are aDORABLE! Thanks for sacrificing your families meals so you could share such a great find! 🙂

  16. They look really comfy and I think blue will go with more. I’ll have to check out my Maxx!


  17. Kirsten Phillips says:

    looooove those shoes! a girl can never have too many maryjane heels!! thanks for letting us see your cutsie new shoes

  18. Oh dear, I had to take a little trip, Marshalls has them in both colors too. (Thanks! They are a new addition to my closet as well.)

  19. siobhan says:

    i picked up the blue last night at tjs only difference …mine were 49.99 way more ramen noodles for my kids:(

  20. love these. must go see if they have them at my tjmaxx now. just to see them in person….

  21. Oooooh, so cute. Totally worth ‘dieting’ this week!

  22. Totally understandable. I had a *havetohave* moment at Nordstrom rack. Yellow ones! They literally jumped off the shelf onto my feet. Couldn’t be helped.

  23. I saw these!! Yes, they are very cute!! Enjoy!

  24. I think I need a TJ Maxx store in this country. I love your newest purchase. Hey you can’t beat $24 for such cuties. I want a pair too. All your clothes are so sweet and feminine. I am more of the boho type myself but I love the cute stuff too. So I guess I dress according to my mood.

  25. i just bought the same pair yesterday..i squeaked when i seen them! oh my gosh…nothing excites me more than a new pair of shoes…TJ Maxx comes second! ~thanks for sharing my addiction!

    Chantel Olson

  26. Oh, so cute! Totally worth ramen noodles, no doubt! And, ramen tastes better when you have cute shoes on your feet. I promise!

  27. ooooooooooooooh, perfect spring/summer shoes! I so need to so shopping…

  28. LOL…good shoppah!!! I would have snatched those retro looking beauties too. Ramen is good!!

  29. Adorable. they are very Anthropologie but at a TJ Maxx price. Score!

  30. Crack me up. Great shoes. Ramen rocks (especially with a little chopped chicken thrown in there). Cant wait to see the outfit you rock with it.

  31. Such cute summer shoes! I might be tempted to run over today.

  32. ooooh those are so cute!! I can never find shoes at TJ’s because my feet are so small!

    I’m new to your blog via gussy. and you are crackin me up 🙂

  33. Ashley - domestic fashionista says:

    I have been eyeing these babies for weeks. The colors call out to me! Perhaps you are my reason to buy them now! Not sure if my husband will go for- but Kasey Buick has them!!! 😉

  34. Jeni Carlson says:

    I love your blog and your shoes! Thanks for making me smile on this snowy Utah day.

  35. Those are super cute! I am also on the do not spend plan right now, which is what has been keeping me from those darling stores! But getting a few Goodwill stops in to get the kids new clothes has been great recently, I have found a lot of brand new Gap items for some reason!

  36. Oohhh Kasey!!! I want these!!!

  37. I always have to laugh out loud when I read your blogs….my husband walks by me and says, reading Lola’s again ha!!!! and yes of course….. love your blog, keep it up you make my day

  38. oh i am in love with these!!!! and i like that the heel is not so high!

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