The dining room

Like i said earlier in the week…..i spent last weekend switching our dining room and our living room …

and i can’t tell you how nice it is to have a larger dining room for us.

These two rooms are really the heart of our home….it’s where we spend the majority of time.

The dining room table is where we eat…..the kids do homework….we sit and play games…

and since there is no eat in kitchen….it’s our table. The table.

I wanted open and airy….for the fam….to be able to walk all around the table…and

for lots and lots of seating. There are five of us…but on a lot of nights…the kids have friends over…

and i really need to be able to seat everyone comfortably.

I even designated this little spot as the ‘time alone’ area….

because i know in my home….not everyone is pleasant to be around…so i needed a little spot where

said person….

even if it’s Bryan….

to sit alone and think about the choices they made before being let back to the big kids table;-)

I’ll show the rest of the living room next week…..

but i brought down this chair from my bedroom….and i just love it here..

next to some old stacked wood boxes that we keep the kids books in.


  1. well, i like it! and i really am loving you wall color…the white against it is really just right.
    years ago in a different house, different time, i did much the same. But it was changing the ‘family room’ into an office and actually using the living room as a living room. worked out so much better. i always thought the untouched, roped off front rooms (actually had inlaws that nearly did this) were such a huge waste. Good choice, Miss Kasey!

  2. Such talent and executed so well!

    Enjoy your Florida time!

  3. sooooo crazily lovely!!

    i am inspired to flick off this mac and get moving the rooms around a bit more for spring!!!
    i thought doing the hall would keep it fresh…but you’ve started something so thank you….
    coffee machine flicked on & sleeves up…melissa

  4. the rooms look so great!

  5. looks perfectly lovely & wonderful & cozy my friend
    maybe one of these days i’ll hunker down in that awesome chair & you can fill my glass of wine and we’ll laugh & chat and watch bryan hang out in the timeout area!

  6. There is something fabulous about the ole switcha roo! It’s exciting and makes the old feel new again. Enjoy the change. You have some wonderful pieces in your beautiful home. 🙂

  7. love it! i just arranged my living room/dining room but since i live in a little itty bitty french pavillon it’s actually the same room! feels good to rearrange! wish mine looked 1/2 as a good as yours! i won’t be putting photos on my blog ;p ;p ;p not yet anyway, maybe after a new sofa! love you what you did though! so pretty, fresh and homey! love it!

  8. Kasey, i love how you have such beauty in your home, and the fact that you have made it to be a family home, accessible to your children and friends makes it all the more wonderful! Charming, warm and very inviting. Blessings to you and yours, jody

  9. I love your home! Everything is gorgeous and it looks so effortlessly put together. I wish I had that knack. I love your wall paint color also…beautiful!!!

  10. That’s so funny I just did the same thing! Your room looks beautiful. I just love rooms that are attractive and practical at the same time.
    I look forward to seeing what you did in the new living room.

    Thanks for sharing,

  11. I just LOVE it! Your home is so warm and unique and charming etc…… I could go on and on. Country Living Magazine needs to come visit you!! Can’t wait to see your new living room. You crack me up about the chair for someone to sit in until they’re allowed back to the table. That is why I look forward to reading your blog daily. You not only have a beautiful home but fill me with laughter!

  12. I love that you were brave enough to try something completely different and new! Everything looks like it fell right into place again…you have the most amazing collection of vintage Frenchy things….I LOVE that green chair. If you decide it doesn’t really fit in…you could always send it to my yellow house! 🙂

    Can’t wait to see the living room reveal ~
    sarah xo

  13. The “new” dining room looks fabulous…love the switcheroo!! And that “time alone” spot is such a great idea;) But the thing I love the most is not even in the dining room…it’s your chair…the one from your bedroom…oh yum!

  14. it looks beautiful! I love it!

  15. Love it! What an inviting space and I love all your furniture and the time alone table. A friend of mine was just talking about switching thier living and dinning room around as well.

  16. I have been trying to talk my husband into doing that for years! It’s a no go but he did agree to knock the wall between the kitchen and dining room down for a super huge family hub 🙂 Can’t wait to start demolition!

  17. Alecia Shannon says:

    Bee-U-Tee-FULL!!! Love it all…can’t wait to see the living room 🙂

  18. simply beautiful! 🙂

  19. I love the way you’ve decorated your home. The colors are lovely and your furnishings are beautiful.

  20. Kasey – as always everything looks so nice! I like how you just have an idea and run with it! I thought about switching my front and dining room, but sadly the front room is carpet, and I don’t always consider my extended family to be the neatest eaters. Have a great day!

  21. Looks great Kasey- can’t wait to see the family room next.

  22. Your decor is AMAZING. You have such an amazing eye…love it all.

  23. Love what you’ve done with the place! Do tell what is the name of that paint color on the walls- I am coveting it!!!

  24. Oh I love it! Great job on it (as always!).
    Hey Kasey, are those teeny-tiny white chickens on your lamp? :))


  25. ps: Pinned your chair. Love it too much. x

  26. *sigh* You have THE most beautiful home! It looks straight out of a magazine but totally real and homey at the same time.

  27. Absolutely GORGEOUS! I would love to come to dinner at your house. 🙂 You inspired me to want to go paint something and make it pretty…

  28. This is such a great idea! Such a great lesson in making a home work for you and changing things up every once in a while. What is that beautiful 5 or so stacked wooden shelf you use to hold dishes? I know it’s an antique, but do you know of its purpose in a former life? I’d love to find something similar for my kitchen.

  29. oh my goodness I want to live there. I love the open shelving! I might try something like this.

  30. Beautiful! I love all the distressed white wood you’ve used and your stairway gallery wall is amazing! Love it.

  31. The perfect combination…beautiful and elegant, yet relaxed and inviting…I heart your home!

  32. It’s so nice to see someone who puts family before everything else. Even if it didn’t look charming, I’d approve.
    I love the idea of a separate place apart from the large table. It is really a fine thing to have a small private space for anyone to have a quiet moment – even if it’s not for punishment!

  33. I adore the color on the walls — will you spill the maker and color?

  34. Everything looks beautiful!

  35. It looks great!!! All your antiques make me envious. I so need to move to another part of the country!

  36. such charm, beauty and fun! Isn’t it good therapy to push furniture around?

  37. It is so lovely!
    I wish I could come visit.

    Will you share your paint color with us?
    (I believe you did at one point but I can’t remember the name… was it on you old blog?)


  38. Wow, just love your house. It’s beautiful.

  39. cool switcharoo. My fav would be your simple corner with the little chair and white cake stand. So simple and sweet. what a different and brave thing to do in your home-make it whatever pleases you!
    i think the weather is about to turn, so i’m thinkin soon…!

  40. Um, so sorry to rain on your parade, but you seem to have forgotten one huge detail. Wine. Where’s the wine? Seriously? Not one single empty bottle anywhere? No glass? Frankly, I am disappointed in you, Kasey. LOL I know you could have stood up plenty of boots in your closet with this redsign project.

  41. I absolutely love what you’ve done. Every time I see pictures of your house I’m always tempted to re-do mine! haha if only money grew on trees….

  42. Gorgeous Kasey!!!! I must ask, where did you get the large mugs with the flowers on them? Love them!!

  43. It looks great! I love the dresser with the raw drawers…very cool. It’s great when you have cool things that you can move around…think of the money you saved that a “redecorator” would have cost you to do a similar thing….

  44. Love your blog!! Love your style!! Thanks for sharing. I would LOVE to know the color of your walls in the Dining Room!

  45. OMG do I love your beautiful home. I, like Vickie, would LOVE to know the color of your walls. Been searching for a color like this for our bedroom. Thx!

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