My tankini was a bit snug

Funny thing happened this weekend…my tankini must have shrunk since our trip to Kauai this summer…

1. We just got home from two nights away.

2. We spent the weekend in Warrens, Wisconsin.

3. Did you know that the cranberry is the state fruit of Wisconsin?

4. I know this first hand because our hotel was in the heart of cranberry country.

5. Our hotel had the most amazing indoor water park.

6. I went down the water slides a whopping 5 times.

7. I lived to write about it.

8. Did you know that Wisconsin is known for their cheese curds?

9. Fried cheese curds are a Wisconsin must have.

10. It snowed 18 inches while we spent our time there.

11. My tankini is a bit snug which means i *might* need to slim down.

12.Our hotel room was called a family suite which means we had our own bedroom.

13. Our bedroom had a locking door.

14. My bedroom at home does NOT have a locking door.

15. My kids don’t know what it means when the door is locked.

16. I loved having a door that locks.

17. We took a tour of a cranberry museum.

18. We ate lots of cranberry things like pie and ice cream.

19. My tankini was a bit snug.

20. We played lots of games and had amazing family down time.

21. All i packed was a tankini..some cozy clothes..and no make-up.

22. My kids lived in sweats and suits the entire weekend.

23. We dined at our first ever Culver’s and Perkins while in Wisconsin.

24. My tankini was a bit snug.

25. I read an entire book while away…it’s called The True Story of Hansel and Gretel.

26. It is a wonderful book …i recommend it.

27. We played scrabble last night and i won.

28. I was NOT the only player playing.

29. We watched lots and lots of movies while lounging in sweats.

30. I came home to a very clean house because my cleaners cleaned on Friday morning.

31. They were welcomed back with open arms after a 4 month hiatus.

32. I loved driving 3.5 hours north…and having a mini family get away.

33. I totally recommend it.

34. My tankini was a bit snug.

35. I might have even gotten a water wedgie while going down the slides.

36. Fin had a cough while we were there and *might* have been the kid that threw up on the floor by the pool.

37. Since i’m not SURE it was my kid..i am not raising my hand saying it was him.

38. Even though Fin thinks he did it…since i did not witness it…i plead the fifth.

39. I *love* that my kids are old enough to swim and slide without adult supervision.

40. Except when they get caught doing canon balls into the hot tub.


  1. I knew the Wisconsin facts… because I’ve lived here my whole life 🙂
    I LOVE cheese curds… and Culvers is a fave fast food spot.
    When I was little, we’d go up to Door County for Cranberry Fest. We’re pretty big on cherries too- we have cherry pit spitting contests and all!

  2. Sounds fun!! Id ask why you did not post a picture of you and the kids at the pool in your tankini, but you seem a little sensitive on the topic… 🙂
    Us girls need to have a little extra to keep us warm when there is over 12 inches of snow to contend with!!
    Happy Holidays.. I love snow. Just hate the cold..

  3. too cute!!
    darn those shrinking tankinis

  4. you are hilarious and I just love you.
    The real deal.

  5. You never fail to make me smile. Wish we could box your attitude – then I could buy it and keep it around all the time. Have a great week, Sandi

  6. What a fun getaway! When I was younger my family and I would always go to the Wisconsin Dells and yes cheese curds are the best!

  7. This post made me smile!

    In canada they have white cheese curds that they put over french fries and covered in yummy beef gravy. Poutine is so wonderful (and might make your tankini a bit tight as well as your arteries.)

  8. Sounds like fun! This post gave me a smile!:)

  9. Glad you had fun and arrived home safe and sound. Talk to ya soon!

  10. Wonderful post~ made me giggle…

  11. Your trip sounds like just what we ALL need this time of year! Yea for you. I’m thinking there are some great places we could go in 3-5 hours. Thanks for the inspirtation!

  12. Sounds like a great little mini-break!

    What are the roads like around your area (or 3-4hours north) when it snows?? Are they cleared straight away and not so slidy? It’s awful around here. The smaller roads have never seen grit…

  13. Oh yes ilove bedroom doors that can be locked too :)))
    I can als relate to the snug tank tini, desperately doing a last minute diet before Christmas ( well starting in the morning and during the day forget why i started)
    Have a happy Monday, ilove your blog.


  14. I live in WI & didn’t even know cranberry was our state fruit… maybe that’s why I like them so much!
    I know what you mean about the whole tankini thing…haha

  15. I love LOVE cranberries too 🙂 Your post made me smile lol

  16. you’re so funny kasey! it’s always a pleasure to stop in!

  17. I found your blog through “Hometown Girl” your recipe for the cranberry dessert bars sound wonderful! Please visit me at


  18. I can SO understand the whole swim suit thing. I get it.
    Love a mini family get away, you have inspired me to get my butt in gear and do one ourselves.
    Thank you!

  19. Susan Delaney says:

    Hey there.
    I love to wake up to a new post from you. Seems you had a great weekend, Lovin that little finn *might* have thrown up!! lol

  20. Oh what a fun weekend…except, of course, for the throwing up part;) And how’s that tankini fitting you these days?!
    Thanks for the Monday morning giggles, Kasey:)

  21. You are too funny. Growing up my mom and dad didn’t have a door that locked but they had one of those “hook and eye” locks on it! You may want to think about installing one of those!!! I would break down into tears if I had to put on a bathing suit right now!

  22. So were you by the Yogi Bear park huh? My BIL and his wife have a place there…

  23. I saw the title, “my tankini was a bit snug” and knew it was a great post. Again, had a good chuckle. Happy Kwanza!

  24. Sounds like a great weekend and my tankini is tight too;-)

  25. I do love your family adventures! 🙂 Fried cheese curds? Oh my!! How divine. 🙂 LOVE that you played scrabble, and lounged muchly, and swam in a too-snug-tankini. Happy holidays! 🙂

  26. What a great weekend…..even if your tankini was a bit snug!:)

  27. Better you than me in a tankini, thats for sure! I swear I have the worst luck and even if I thought the coast was clear I’m sure I would run into someone I know if I put on a suit at a remote water park! Sounds like a good family fun for a couple of days! Were your kids shocked that you locked your door? Too funny!


  28. you make me laugh:) sounds like a fabulous and fun weekend…love the picture

  29. I loved reading your post! I grew up in Tomah (the Gateway to Cranberry Country) and love everything cranberry! I hope you enjoyed my beautiful hometown area!

  30. Melanie in TN says:

    a fun getaway during the holiday madness, love it!…and that ‘ol tankini probably just “drew up” (that’s what we say in the south) when you washed it after vacation 😉

  31. my kids always throw up IN the pool
    oh well

  32. Good moms never snitch on their kids. You’re a good mom. It sounds like you had a blast on this well-deserved getaway.

    Thanks for the giggles today!!

  33. Just too funny!! Love the family memories created here lady. I actually have LolaB withdrawls when you dont post. Thanks for being you…


  34. My husband is from Wisconsin. We love it there. Only in the Summer months for me though! He loves cheese curds… I am not a fan! Culver’s though I am a fan!

    He wants to move to wisconsin and I won’t hehe =)

  35. yay for wisconsin, culver’s and cheese curds! beef pot roast sandwich from culver’s is my favorite thing.

  36. i’m from wisconsin. and have lived back here for almost 5 years now. and am so glad you visited our state. i didn’t know we had anything to do with cranberrys…seriously, i didn’t know that 🙂
    and our cheese curds….oh we can’t live without those. you didn’t by any chance eat the fried cheese curds at culvers did you ? now that is what we consider a delicacy around here…..not really, but we should 🙂

    and my tankini…well mine is snug, too 🙂

  37. Sounds like lots of fun!

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