In my home

..we believe in Santa.

Yes….we do.

So i am really sorry if you tell your kids that he is not real…but just make sure your kid doesn’t screw it for mine.

I only have one month that i can use the SANTA card….so that my kids will actually behave…they use

their manners…and they eat all of their dinner.

They don’t even ask for toys when we go to Target.

My kids are so good….for one whole month a year.

I love that Santa guy…and we believe.

I don’t use the elf on the shelf…because he freaks us all out.

I don’t think kids should have nightmares about an elf….it’s not normal….and i really don’t

want my kids coming into my room at midnight because somehow…

someone who’s name rhythms with mad…

decided it would be funny to put the elf on the shelf in one of the kids bedroom….and when

they woke up…that elf guy was looking at them.

So…there is no longer an elf in our house…and i still have kids that have nightmares to this day.

On Lola’s “want” list this year is only one thing…

and that would be a FrenchieΒ puppy.

It’s all she’s wanted this entire year…but we just can’t do it yet…i mean..those are not

the cheapest puppies in town.

And of course..the puppy would have to be cream…because i refuse to have black hair on my furniture.

She even wrote her letter to Santa stating that if she indeed got a frenchie…then she would promise

to be very very good all year and do her best not to be naughty.

I have learned over the years…that just because my kids “want” something at Christmas…

doesn’t mean that they are going to get it.

That is why it’s called a want list….and not called a…

if i don’t get it then my would will fall apart.

My kids have always wanted one of those small motorized vehicles…you know the ones like the mini

jeeps and cars that only go about 3 miles an hour.

Oh my goodness…if we go to a friends home and they have one…that is all my kids want to play with…

even Mason..who is almost 10.

He’ll cruise around in the hummer…even though he looks like he might fall out…but because they’ve never

had one…it’s all they want.

So i tell them….

sorry kids….because your mom has to drive a mini {van} even though she would rather drive a

1989 Jeep Wagoneer

you won’t be getting an electric car this year.

We can all want….but it doesn’t mean we are going to get.

Of course…if momma gets her Wagoneer….then all bets are off.

Other than pizza….my kids love Taco night.

It is the ONLY thing that everyone will eat together and not complain.

Oh…and i don’t know who that other child is…

sometimes word gets out that i am actually cooking dinner….something other than mac n cheese..

and a stray child or two might end up at my dinner table.

Bryan and i have some holiday parties coming up….

so yesterday i went to boot camp.

I have not been to boot camp in months.

They thought i was a new girl when i walked in…but it’s ok…because the new girl always gets

away with doing a lighter workout… instead of only doing 843874972 push-ups…

i only had to do 4.

I didn’t even have to run today…thank god because my ass would have flopped all around….

but i did it…i went. I even took a friend with me…but told her we were going to jazzersize….not bootcamp.

I don’t think she likes me anymore.

Anyhoo….we have some parties coming up…and i needed a new dress.

Every girl needs a new dress for the Holidays….right?!

So…i found one.

The problem was…… is a little out of my price range…..but i bought it anyways.

I won’t tell you the name of the shop that i am “borrowing” the dress from….

because they might call me sometime and want me to come in because they were feeling very generous

and want to do something like on that game show where you have a grocery cart and have

one minute to rush around grabbing anything and everything you can while stuffing it in your

cart to take home and keep forever.

They might call….so i need to keep my lines of communication open with them.

That is why i can’t tell you the name of the shop…but if i did tell you…it’s meaning is:

The scientific study of the origin, the behavior, and the physical, social, and cultural development of humans.

You won’t believe it….

and only because the boys room is clean….

i decided to show you just a peek of their room….because chances are…

you will never see it again in such a fine state of cleanliness.

I present to you…..the boys room:
The bunk beds are from Ikea….as are the metal hanging bookshelves….

the boys each have their own so it’s easy to grab a book while in bed.

Not that they ever read in bed….but you never know….the clouds might part one day and the sun will breakthru

and i will find my sweet boys reading in their beds.

uh huh.

The vintage chair i found at a yard sale last summer…..

and the BRAVE letters are from Hobby Lobby…i just spray painted them blue.

I need to update their photos and move on to nicer frames instead of the cheap plastic ones….

now that i know the boys won’t pull them down while swinging from the bunk bed bars.

They have a wall of clocks…and that STOP sign is vintage and i found it at a thrift shop.

I call it the “Stop Time” wall.

I had one clock set to Hong Kong time from when Bryan was there for his brothers wedding…and never changed

it back…and the rest i don’t think are right because i never changed them when we set clocks back.

My clock is always set for five…that is a given.

On my list today is to find some more of those peppermint Joe Joe’s from T.J.’s….

if you haven’t tried them…don’t worry…because they aren’t that good.

Really…they aren’t….even though most Trader Joe’s have sold completely out of them.

If you happen to have a few boxes laying around…please send me one…i beg you.

I’ll be your friend forever.

pinky promise


  1. Susan Delaney says:

    Okay, your boys room is perfection. Lovin the color.
    I want that dress. I want some taco’s too.
    We also do the santa card, it works wonders;-)))

  2. I was feeling like CRAP today…
    my lovely new neighbors , that have kids start running down the hall ways of your 100 year old, you hear everything building.AT 6AM every morning since they moved in.
    (nothing against kids) they are just great. BUT
    I just happen to be a almost 30 year old lesbian,that enjoys sleeping inn past 6am after working late& running my shop, and maybe a bottle or two of wine.

    But now I feel better, after laughing at your wonderful post, and feel like its great to know there are people like you, that get both, family life and single/wine loving/sleeping in people like me!

    Happy holidays

  3. your home is gorgeous.

  4. I really need to go to a bootcamp, do you think I will live to talk about it afterwards? lol.
    Your home looks lovely, and I really like your boys room.
    As for the elf o the shelf..he really is freaky.

  5. i love your randomness. your beautiful home. your humor. and the boys room. i will be getting the hanging metal book holders for my little guys room. love ’em. oh yeah, and that dress you “borrowed”… i work in retail and we adhere to a pretty strict return policy on party dresses… at work, i actually enjoy enforcing it, i do admit. but here, in “real life”, i think it’s hilarious (and kinda awesome) and i’m headed to such no name store today for some dresser hardware and may just find a dress to borrow myself. πŸ˜‰

  6. I am with you about the elf on the shelf. How creepy. When I worked at the B & ? last year for Christmas money, they wanted us to suggestive sell them- ah, no. I suggestive sold Diary of a Wimpy Kid instead.

  7. FINALLY!!!!
    the much awaite pics of kasey’s home that you know i wait , way too long, for!
    looks gorgeous my friend

    the dress rocks
    love the boys room
    & we don’t have any more of TJ’s cookies either

    merry christmas friend
    love you!!!

  8. &
    i believe

  9. WHat a gorgeous post! I am hoping you get your puppy! Your kids sound like little dreams! Kori xoxo

  10. We believe in Santa too. Love this post!

  11. I’m a FIRM believer in Santa!!! i send him my list every year!!!!!

  12. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the thought there might not be a Santy Claus! Someone is clearly spreading rumors, ’cause around the Casita de Trash…if you don’t believe…you don’t get!

  13. That dress is AMAZING.
    What a great post today, you make me smile.

  14. Amanda Smith says:

    Seriously Kacey,
    you are gifted. I love to pop over every morning and see what is going on in
    your world.
    The dress is so pretty, I htink you should keep it;-)
    Next time I am at Ikea, I will be looking for those book shelf holders, I need one for my Kitchen.
    Thank you for always inspiring me on a daily basis.

  15. That’s great that your kids are still all about Santa!

    We had a substitute teacher in second grade who told us all that Santa wasn’t real. She couldn’t believe that we didn’t know! One girl started crying because she said that her mom told her she would only get gifts from Santa that year because they (as a family) were struggling to make ends meet (not that she worded it like that…) and now who’s going to bring her a spirograph?! And another boy said something like “then who pays the elves?” Haha, aw. It was a sad day.

  16. Love this post…so fun & informative:) And around here, we believe in Santa, too!

  17. We are also enjoying quite a bit of the peppermint Jo-Jo’s in our house, love them!!! πŸ™‚

  18. LOVE your dress!!! πŸ˜‰ Hugs, Rachel

  19. THANK YOU! Ask and you shall receive! I have seen your stair case (with different colored frames in the past) and your couch…but never connected…and your boys room…the shelves for books are great! Merry Christmas Kasey…and I copied your dear Santa we have been very good chalkboard for our little Christmas party at our house this weekend. πŸ™‚

  20. Love seeing people’s uses for the bar and bins from IKEA! I used to have them in my shower for all my products, with the little s-hooks for washcloths, loofahs, brushes, etc. Wish my tile wasn’t so high now so I could pull that thing back out. Love them.

  21. Love the dress! Can’t wait to see it on you.

  22. I never tire of looking at pictures of your house.

    I always wondered about the Elf on the Shelf. I’m glad I never bought one! I just stick with reminders that Santa is always watching. Don’t ask how that’s working.

    Those Jo-Jo’s are dangerous. Totally avoiding them this year…so far. πŸ˜‰

  23. I know I read in bed when I slept in Fin’s comfy bunk!

    Cute dress, no matter the size!

  24. Best. Recipe. EVER:

    take a Peppermint Joe Joe – dip into a batch of brownie mix (prepared according to box directions) – bake 10-12mins in a cupcake tin at 350.

    If you’re feeling saucy – add a scoop of peppermint ice cream on top.

    SUPER saucy – top with homemade hot fudge.

    Our TJ’s has lots – if you’re serious on send you some boxes, let me know – I’ll send you some! Email me your addy.


  25. We just got our first box of Dark Chocolate Covered Peppermint JoJo’s delivered by one of your students! Hawai’i DOES NOT have Trader Joes, and thus we must have deliveries from all who go to the mainland! In heaven with the JoJo’s! Aloha!

  26. My son believe in Santa, too, he is eight years old πŸ™‚ I think, he WANTS to believe in Santa. Funny, we have the same funiture in my son’s bedroom :-))
    Tinka from Germany

  27. I love your writing style and your taste in dresses!
    Your house also always looks amazingly neat and so many beautiful vintage touches.
    You crack me up, thanks for the laugh, which was much needed today.
    I think if I knew you in real life you would be a fun friend to have around on days like today and always.

  28. Ps big believers in the old guy in the red suit here!
    I am hoping my oldest who is 8 will believe for another year yet. *Please.*

  29. Hi,I love your boys room!!!! I am in the process of redoing my two boys room and hopefully I will finish soon.. I am still looking for bedding . Also,love that dress!!!! Sara

  30. We have taco night too… and it’s one of the few ways my 12 year old son will eat meat. He is odd. But I love him for that. And the Peppermint Jo Jo’s are amazing, so I won’t be sending you mine from TJ’s…. sorry! ;o)

  31. Oh my gosh…I think we are long lost sisters! We are so alike it is crazy. I have been reading your blog for about a year now and you’re writing puts a smile on my face every day! Its so nice to fins someone with the same wacky sense of humor as mine. Anywhooo…I’m lovin your new dress! Are you going to wear a cardigan with it? and not to change the subject but…can u tell me what color paint that is in your stairway?…and is it benjamin moore…I love it! If its a secret that’s okay…you don’t have to share haha. Anyways..thanks for all your adorable ideas and making me giggle.

  32. What is a frenchie puppy? Is that a french bulldog? Have you tried looking up a french bulldog rescue?? Also I am a huge “dont breed what we dont need” kind of gal so I only go to the shelter to get dogs! I volunteer at shelters and love my dogs who both came from there… Have you maybe tried to talk to her about picking a dog from there maybe one that normally would be put down? It is a really nice lesson I always try to teach my kids!

    Now off to read the rest of the post =)

  33. thank you for making me feel normal today! i also play the Santa card whenever i get a chance… i am going to be totally screwed after Christmas… but then again there is always the birthday card! πŸ˜‰

  34. The room is really cute for the boys. I know that I shouldn’t say cute but it is. I love the letters above the bed too. Caden use to have 3 clocks in his bedroom and I had them set on the different time zones. I liked them. Now when we moved to this house, he decided that he didn’t want them in his room. I only have one thing hung in there and I want to hang more but it is his room:(

  35. omg peppermint joe joe’s are the BEST… minus the fact that each cookie has 70 calories each. ehh whatever its christmas and joe joe’s come around only once a year right?!

  36. Yay! Thanks for the paint info….I will be putting that on my “after the holidays To-Do list”. πŸ˜‰

  37. Shannon Hermann says:

    I returned that Anthro sweater you are wearing in the first picture so i could buy my favorite sweater coat! πŸ™‚

  38. Your staircase looks beautiful!

  39. Oops I forgot to say…the boys’ room is really cute!

  40. Purchasing an item for the intention of wearing it and then returning it is retail theft.
    Hope no one turns you in…
    Anthropologie has a very strict policy for customers like you…even if you do shop at the store I work at Kasey.

    • I will make sure to introduce myself next time i stop in at the shop you work at Kendall. You are in Wisconsin right?!

  41. Kenall: Lighten up… My god if it were not for Kassey you probably would not have as many sales at Anthropology. As a matter of FACT i never stepped foot in your store before reading this blog. I saw her cute clothes and decided to shop there…

  42. I am with Julie! Lighten up! I also never HEARD of anthropology before Kasey and shopped my first one because of her. Kasey you do anything you want! If you wear the dress and want to return it do it!

    Look at her acting all big and bad because she works at anthro!! pah!

  43. Kendall is sorry about that Kasey!! πŸ˜‰

  44. I have to say, after reading thru your blog recently and finding out about the whole “retail theft” that Kendall wrote about..I am just thinking that this girl took this way to seriously, if she was a advid reader of your blog she would know about you humor and quirkiness. I never took it as you were “stealing” anything…just being your funny self; joking around on your blog. I took now offense to any thing at all that you said. IF she wants to be snide, she doesn’t need to stalk your blog! …I have not one clue who you are in real life, but have definately gotten an impression of the fun loving person you are here on this blog. Thanks for the giggles you give and the humor you add to every day life Kasey!

  45. **** I meant I took NO OFFENSE**** πŸ™‚

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