fashion friday

Happy Friday to you…..i am here to show you what i wore this week…

This was me yesterday…..and just so you know…it’s been like 10 degrees here all week

and i hate big bulky coats. I would rather layer. Unless i am going to be sledding with the kids.

I have yet to sled with them yet…because i nominated bryan for that job…so far so good….

because then i can just sit at home and eat comfort food and make hot cocoa for when they return.

I like comfort food.

Comfort food likes me.

Right now Anthro is having an additional 25% off  of all apparel and accessories that were already on sale…

so i have been wearing my $6 necklace non stop.

Note to self: wear mittens when standing outside in frigid weather.
I got a call from Lola’s teacher on Wednesday…and it pretty much ruined my day.

It was one of those calls that you don’t want to get….

good news is….Lola now has a tutor working with her.

Bad news is…i had to meet with the teacher.

I wore this…because i wanted to have that stay at home mom that cares about her kid look.

Note to self: Holiday cardigans never go out of style.

Then i had to meeting with local school board…..

so i decided not to wear my spanx….and pulled out my ribbed red turtleneck and my

santa jingle bell necklace.

I believe the meeting went real well….real well indeed.

Note to self: buy another padded bra for myself…and another jingle bell necklace for bus drivers gift.

This is what i wore when i then had to head over to meet with the Principle…

he wanted to have a private meeting with me.

i put the spanx back on…..
Bryan told me to take my jacket off… i did.

The meeting went extremely well….

at least that’s the rumor.

note to self: go to tanning salon and get some spray tan.

Pale pink dress and boots from Target.

p.s.  Jean skirts always go well with Holiday cardigans or Ribbed Turtleneck sweaters.

p.p.s. Just know that they will add 15 pounds to your figure.

p.p.s.s. Never-mind….Sears just called…and they want my  turtleneck back.


  1. How do you do it, Kasey? You always look stylish to me…everything you wear is adorable! And yes, mittens are a must in 10 degree weather;) Happy Friday to you!

  2. P.S. Are you bringing “fashion friday” back? So much fun:)

  3. Amanda Smith says:

    omg you are hilarious.
    Where can I get one of those holiday red turtlenecks!! lololol

  4. You are too funny. I love that outfit for the meeting with the principal, did he like it?!

  5. WOW thats a lot of meetings. You must have a great school that cares about it’s kids.
    One of our kids had some trouble at Lolas age and is now on the A honor roll most of the time. Looking back I wish I had worried less about it. I think it is stressful for both parent and child and that helps nobody.
    All things grow with love and understanding. She will jump this little bump and move on.
    PS Principles are hard to break even with sexy legs like those… 🙂

  6. I love it.
    Thank you for making me smile today.

  7. You always look adorable with whatever you wear. That was a lot of meetings. The school board? Yikes. that doesn’t sound good. Did you get a good tutor? Caden is doing well with the Mathnasium place.

  8. Cute outfits!
    Yeah, the Jingle Bell necklace for the bus driver is perfect:)
    I’ve given up on tanning and feeling bad about being pastey during the winter. I just tell myself white skin = Nicole Kidman.
    Oh, and I know meetings with teachers/principals can be a little awkward at times. Hang in there.


  9. still love the bangs. and those last boots. love love.
    (I know, I know, ten years ago. anthro. no longer available. yadda yadda yadda)

  10. Ha!
    I know you are totally kidding, but this post awesome.
    I need some red Holiday turtlenecks in my wardrobe, maybe I should see if Sears is all stocked up.

  11. You have the cutest boots!

  12. Is that a denim skirt you’re wearing……….

  13. Jennifer S. says:

    Seriously, you are funny.
    Did your hubby go with you to meet with the principal?

  14. Ahh, I’m so glad I took a tiny peek at your blog. (I should be working, eep!) Thanks for cracking me up. Also, your Target outfit is so pweddy.

  15. Okay, dropped in here now-
    Actually, I do like the red sweater! Hey now! ha ha ha.
    And, did you come over my house and steal my own dress-that was my outfit for your party back in Oct. I love it too.
    Love all the adornments and the personality! Funny girl. And you do not have to purchase Tristan a gift Kasey! He appreciates you all and your birthday words simply! Hugs!

  16. Oh my Kasey…your sense of humor is wicked. And you rocked that ribbed turtleneck sweater and jingle bell necklace. seriously. 😉

  17. You rock.

  18. Monica Beals says:

    Ha. Ha.
    I love that red sweater thing!
    Keep up the humor girl…

  19. Love the posting!! You crack me up!! LOVE the boots from Target! TOO CUTE!

  20. Wow 3 outfits all week! Sounds like my kind of week! Let me know how the spray tan works for ya! I have been curious to how long they last!

  21. I was having a crud of a day until I read your post! Your outfits are adorable and your comments always make me smile. Thank you!

  22. Brandi Ann Asan says:

    Love the jean skirt…where is it from?

  23. love, love your outfits…you pulled that pale pink dress off waaaaay better than me…I got a grey one instead back in November…hope you have a better week this week with no calls:)
    Merry Christmas

  24. I love skirts but never knew how to wear them in the winter, high heeled boots just weren’t my style… it was here that I learned how to really “Rock Them”. So thank you, luv your style. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  25. I just bought the blue version of the last dress from Target. And as I was trying on the one you have I thought…this reminds me of Kasey! Unfortunately my also too pale skin could not pull it off…so I went with blue. Love your style!

  26. Love your outfits!! I have the same grey boots from Target and LOVE them!! I get compliments and people always ask me where I got them!! 😉 HUgs, Rachel

  27. you need to forgo the tan come Down Under and lay on my beach and toast (wondering whether that is how we spell forego)

  28. You. Are. Adorable.

  29. Oh my gosh!

    I just noticed that Sarah logged in her comment as “warm tanning queen.”

    I think, as an act of solidarity as midwesterners, we should go to Sydney and pummel her. 😉

    I’m so laughing.

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