Really real


I am just going to let you know i am not THAT girl…the one who is slowing down…

the one who will be taking *it in* this last week….

i mean…last time i looked…we are  a week from the BIG DAY.

My kids are home for two whole weeks….which is… a whopping 16 days…

{because someone decided to add on a weekend in front and a weekend in back}

and unlike those of you that write about slowing down…enjoying the peace and serenity of the season….

{is there a reason you have to wait till December to do this?}

i’ll be pulling my hair out and cursing because as soon as January 1st hits…

it means it’s all downhill from there.

January… the month that i go from being fat….to really fat….and living in a depressed state of

knowing i might never see the sun again. I will also be drinking more wine than normal.

February…is the month when it’s so freakin cold that i can’t leave the house because of the -25 windchill.

So…i eat and eat till Bryan asks me if i have any intention of ever going back to the gym.

March….the month that for some reason will make me think of spring..but it’s just a lie.

April comes..and my scale is broken…all i wear are yoga pants that are stretched out…

and i curse the gym for calling bryan to see if i still want to keep my membership

Sorry…i didn’t mean to rant about the months…because i realize…some of you have it worse.

I also spent way to much time on the computer yesterday when i should have been wrapping presents.

So far my kids don’t have any presents because i’ve been on Facebook looking for long lost friends and

commenting on status updates only to get my inbox flooded with peoples responses.

I’ve learned my lesson……


I’ve also decided that i will be taking my children’s only pet…our bird to the white elephant party

that bryan and i are going to tomorrow night.

You still here….check check.

double check.

I was on top of it this year and got my Christmas cards out early and on time…whoop whoop…

and let me tell you how good it felt….even though said cards cost more than a cup of coffee….

and the stamps for them cost more then a ride on the local bus.

I’ve decided this week to not hand out my homemade baked goods to friends and neighbors….


i’m just telling you the truth…

i will be going to a cookie exchange on Sunday…and bringing all those treats home…

and re-wrapping them all back up…so that it looks like i baked them…

then i will hand them out so you think i made them.

{i’ll be right back….i’m going to go pour another glass of wine..}

I was going to post my really uber fabulous recipe of gingerbread bars…and i still might…

if i can see when my sitter is available…

but so far the only place i can find gingerbread butter {like pumpkin butter} is at Williams Sonoma..

and it costs $9 a jar… you see….i hold off on giving you the recipe because…

i know i bounced a check once..and it sure wasn’t pretty…

so i realize you might not want to spend $9 on a jar of gingerbread butter to make gingerbread bars.

{unless you live off the land and can make your own…then please raise your hand so we can hug you}

So…as i sit here typing away…..and my littles are in the tub…

{you don’t need to call social services…they can swim}

while my oldest is at a park district event…

and i’ve opened a bottle of wine all by myself even though the cork screw is broken.

We finally hung some lights on the front of the house…finally…but then last night i realized

they are not coming on….one of the little  lights must be out. Do you know what a pain it is to find that

one single light that is broken… as of right now….there are no twinkle lights on the front.

i just want you to know…that my mind is racing…my heart is beating wild…

my children still do not have any gifts under the tree…

so i had better get off the computer and wrap them…and then sit and watch my favorite movie

The Family Stone

and realize it’s okay to be crazy and kooky as long as everyone is happy.

p.s. It helps to have a good wine bottle opener….makes life much easier.


  1. good morning friend
    i’m putting in an early shift today at the ol’e job. the one i have so i can afford new boots.
    speaking of which, i scored a rocking cute sweater for a steal yesterday at our fave store.
    when looking at the receipt it called it a robe
    no one here in lilburn ga wears ‘robes’ this cute
    so i’m calling it a sweater
    wearing it as outer wear

    i have never seen the family stone
    might just do that tonight
    while i wrap a few more gifts too

  2. I haven’t wrapped any presents either. Every year I say that I am going to wrap them little by little instead of having one marathon wrapping session. Every year it ends up a marathon. haha!

  3. I’m still waiting for presents to arrive from Amazon so I can’t wrap yet. The delivery guy, who is coming in a Penske truck now, will be hating me. He came last night at 8:30.

    Looks like a very good girl will be getting a shiny new bottle opener in her stocking this year. You did ask Santa didn’t you?

  4. I bought a $15 jar of tomato sauce from Williams Sonoma yesterday because I needed something quick to feed my family. And I didn’t want to go to the grocery store and I was already shopping at the mall and I was tired and I opened a bottle of wine and called it a night. So I get it. Thanks for the smile this AM.

  5. Hmm I can relate…I’ve watched The Family Stone like 10 times this season :).

  6. Thank you for the good laugh… I so enjoy reading your blog each time you post! I don’t comment much, but just wanted to say thank you for sharing a little bit of your world with us.

    Merry Christmas.

    (I too should be preparing for our cookie day and I am sitting here at the computer…)

  7. Thank you for making me laugh this morning! I’m not ready either…for any of it…the gifts, wrapping, baking, the kids being home…ugh. There’s always next year!
    Love your blog!!!
    Merry Christmas!!!

  8. LOL I don’t comment much either, but this was the best, truly. And it’s me. Except I’m a beer girl. And I don’t work out a gym. In April I will drag my friend walking to lose weight, but in June it’ll be too hot so it’s only a 2 month exercise thing.

  9. Amen. I am clinically depressed by January and eat my way to a Serotonin high.
    PS, no presents wrapped here either!

  10. You’re so funny! I totally get the kids being home (that’s why I only had one) and the winter months. Being a Floridian, last Feb. was a rough month for me up in Ohio. I just couldn’t get over the gray skies. I have gained 8 lbs. in the last year and it all started with the move up there. I gained some during the winter, dropped it by vacation and then we moved again. Gained the 8 lbs. so I will be trying to get them off in January. I feel for you with the winter. Hang in there.

  11. I’m with you Lola…except my kids are grown, I don’t drink wine and (so far) our twinkle lights are still working. But I need to wrap…what am I saying, SHOP for presents! And I’m in love w/ The Family Stone. And you Lola, are a character (that’s a good thing!). 😉

  12. Kasey…your last two posts are so you…sweet, funny…lovely.
    Are those your holiday cards? Gorgeous.
    Would it help you to know that I got a note home from school about my little Court and fell completely apart at the dinner table weeping.
    Just couldn’t stop.
    All will be well my friend.
    I just had the 24 hour flu hit me and it was hell but I’m thrilled that I lost the 5 pounds I’ve recently put on…all ready to put it back over the holidays!

  13. I love that movie too, makes me want to add a few more kids to the home. It’s not the holidays without a little chaos right 🙂 I am going to try and remember you are freezing your a$$ over there so I will not complain about it being freezing here when it’s only 40 degrees outside!
    Happy Holidays Kasey!!!

  14. Maybe Santa will bring you a new corkscrew!!

  15. finally a disgruntled post about winter! what, with all the tis the season and loveliness of the holidays sometimes it gets lost that this weather is truly something to complain about. thank you!! xx

  16. haaa haaa i love it! you can come & stay in our spare room here in texas… ok so it really isn’t a spare room but a blow up mattress in the middle of the living room. but hey it only gets down to about 50’s during the days!

  17. One of your best posts ever!! I ‘m still laughing over the Jan-Feb-Mar part because I feel exactly the same way about those months:) We love you, K…crazy & kooky! Enjoy the wine;)

  18. I am laughing at Maureen’s comment about buying a $15 jar of tomato sauce just to avoid going to the grocery store. That is soooo something that I have done!!
    Love the Christmas card!
    Merry Christmas!!

  19. Brandi Ann Asan says:

    Oh my dear, Kasy! You are a kindred spirit!!

  20. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    Got up early to start my Christmas shopping so I can spend the rest of the week wrapping, only to discover several inches of snow on the ground and more coming down. Ventured out to Target and ended up locked IN my car with the alarm going off. How does that happen!? Thanks for your fun posts and I wish you a warm cozy holiday season.

  21. Waking up to sunshine in Sydney Australia! originally from the UK so actually miss winter at christmas time.
    Too hot to do any outdoor exercise, too sunny to be spending time at the gym.
    Love The Family Stone- will factor a viewing into my busy schedule today.
    Love your blog, you make me laughoutloud!!
    Lorraine x

  22. Oh MY GOSH Kasey! You are hilarious! I read your whole post out loud to all of my co-workers! P.S….The Family Stone is my all time favorite movie. My favorite is the pot-smoking brother…I have one of those. It makes the holidays more entertaining!


  23. I love you!!!! I am sooo far behind as well. Where are the twinkly lights, presents under the tree, Christmas cookies…? Not here!! I need another glass of wine too!

  24. ding ding… facebook ding x100 more dings! next time i need to comment on sarahs posts i will post on her wall directly =)

    you so funny.. and guess what? my headache is gone!!

  25. Thanks for being real and funny and cool and blogging about it! You’re an inspiration 🙂
    And I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who’s way behind schedule… again!
    Merry Xmas!

  26. Kasey, you crack me up girl. COME back to CA and lets have coffee 🙂

  27. One of my last fb status posts was about being in love with Moose Tracks Chocolate Peanut buttercup ice cream. Does that make you feel any better?

    Happy Christmas, Kasey!

    : )

    Julie M.

  28. I hear you. I am only making it because I made the decision I wasn’t going to decorate. (Totally true. Wrote about it on Friday.)

    Let me know if you need Joe’ Joe’s. Our store still has them. Plus I have an enormous stash in my pantry.

  29. sara noland says:

    The card was adorable! I cant wait to see you again, maybe for the wedding?! Have a merry christmas even the kids! 😉 Oh and post that recipe because now i need to go to williams sonoma before they sell out of that butter! Thanks a lot! I already spent 30 dollars on hot chocolate!

  30. I love the Family Stone! One of my favrotire Christmas movies. I got the tree up last week, started decorating on Friday and finished today. We have stockings that I finally made after three years of using whatever. My house is decorated very minimally and I don’t care. Pass the wine and merry Christmas! 🙂

  31. family stone is a great movie! Love it…and so glad to know that my house is not the only one that has lights not working…{wink}
    I enjoy a little more wine in the winter too {double wink}

  32. I saw on Wms. Sonoma site this morning that the gingerbread butter is on sale for $7.99, which might seem not so much on sale from $9—that’s because it’s really $10.95! get that recipe out!

  33. Have a great Holiday with your family! Your posts always make me laugh.

  34. Take a breath Girl! I haven’t sent out a single card and the only lights on my house are on a wreath! I feel exactly the same way about the coming winter months….but atleast you have all those great boots to wear! Another great movie this time of year is The Holiday.

    Merry Christmas!

  35. I love reading your blog!!!! I look forward to each new entry…and eve though I could be the grandmother of your children…I laugh and laugh when I read what you write

    (and ps ——in my former life I was a child protection services administrator………….now I am just one of the “principal” people……and if I called you into my office…I would notice what you were wearing ..because my daughter could own stock in that store that you are taking the dress back to.)

  36. Andrea Sullenger says:

    that is one of my most favorite movies too ~ so glad to know someone else out there in yonder likes it!!

  37. I would love to open a bottle for you, tupperware is a good one

    I can’t drink wine nowadays and the whole card giving thing? a new aussie term I learnt that is really good for things like card-giving…first word begins with G second word begins with F…a clue…first word is get…

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