I like champagne

What a weekend i tell ya…..

first we started it off by waking up to a good layering of snow on the ground.

After bundling the kids up in snowsuits and boots…then sending them outside to play..

i finished getting ready for a brunch i hosted for our dear friends and neighbors that are moving.

I’m not going to cry yet….

because they are not moving till after Christmas…

but i will be bawling.


I love this family so much and they welcomed us with open arms when we moved here

over three years ago.


this was a very small group of us that got together….just a few set of our neighbor families

and the kids.

I made some cranberry cocktails….

cranberry juice….lots and lots of champagne….and threw some cranberries in the cups.

Have i mentioned i really like champagne drinks…

it makes the day so much smoother.

I always say….have a few before the guests even arrive.

Bryan was in charge of serving the drinks….

and i also realize Mason is in his suedo sweats…

but he had just come in from playing in the snow.

Don’t worry…no champagne in his cup.

I decided i needed something to keep the seven kids busy while the adults could

drink the champagne and eat cake…..

so i bought these pre-built gingerbread houses for them to decorate.

Let me tell you something that you might benefit from this year.

Buy pre-built houses.

They won’t fall apart.

The roofs won’t collapse.

They will last all season…or till all the candy has been pulled off and eaten.

Target has pre-built houses this year…..so i did a dance right there in the aisle….

not that i don’t like building the houses with the kids….

but in my house….my kids really just want to eat the candy and decorate them…

not necessarily build the house.

Plus…since i don’t do crafts with the kids…this kinda counted as a two for one.

They were able to craft….and eat candy…while us adults had more champagne.


I caught Lola counting out loud….

one gum drop for the house…one gum drop for me.

She also got to use some of her math lessons also.

It’s almost like i was homeschooling as well.

I think i treated myself to another glass of champagne knowing she could count to ten.

It was such a fun morning…and i totally stole this photo from my friend Jacki…

since i didn’t get a chance to get one of us mom’s at the brunch.

I was too busy drinking my cranberry cocktails.

After the party….we headed to the flea market…in the freezing snow….

and i passed a Jeep wagoneer dealership.

Did you know my heart does a little pitter patter when i come across a wagoneer?


i came home and told Bryan that i think since we live in the midwest…that we need one.

I mean…..

i’m not begging or anything…

but i think this family is a 1970’s Jeep wagoneer driving family.

Dear Santa….

we have been very


GOOD this year.

Thank you….from your very good almost crafting homeschooling with a glass of champagne in her hand mom,



  1. Little gingerbread house tip for you if you can get pre-made – Use a hot glue gun! We do it every year and it works great.
    Merry Christmas ❇

  2. Sound like such a wonderful day. I love champagne also!!!!!
    Love the idea of pre built homes, off to get some of those today.

  3. Susan Delaney says:

    Cranberries and Champagne = LOVE.
    You certainly deserve a little jeep love after all the hard work of crafting and schooling on saturday.
    My hubby has always wanted one of those.

  4. So fun & festive! I really love “spending” Monday mornings with you;)

  5. I love starting my day reading your blog. Funny!!!!!

  6. Oh my gosh, that car Kasey! You’d be stylin. Nice way to tell the weekend story. Can’t wait to se watcha do with your crates! It was fun-I’m thinkin I’d like to trek up there each month, and meet up with ya? Think?
    Thanks again for the Sat. fun. The kids are chowing their house.

  7. Let me just say we live in Illinois and we have a jeep — well hubby does –I DO NOT LIKE IT !! It is not the one you have pictured . It is a Wrangler. It is loud and hard to eat take out or talk on the phone while operating. The only thing cool about it is being able to give the Jeep wave !!

  8. I too love wagoneers! I drive a bug until next year when my little girl turns 16 – then I am seriously thinking about buying a refurbished wagoneer! I love that you love that too!! 🙂

  9. love the sound of cranberry juice and champagne – do you add anything else or is that the recipe?? Gotta try it – immediately!!

  10. looks like a good time was to be had by all :)…Where oh where did you get the silhouette discs from? I adore them!
    Thank you…as always I love reading your post…writng is definitely your thing 🙂 {or perhaps its the champagne!:)}.

  11. ahhhh… our neighbors have a turquoise blue wagoneer with the faux wood paneling AND white-walled tires. Serious awesomeness. wish we had a decent flea market near st. louis… anyone know of one?

  12. I want to be homeschooled by you…especially if my sippy cup is filled with bubbly! 🙂

  13. It’s hard to find good friends, you probably make them well though. Cute Hat.

  14. What a great time you all must have had! I LOVE brunches!


  15. Looks like everyone had a lot of fun. Hubby was in the Chicagoland area this weekend instead of coming home to warm Albuquerque NM between business trips – he headed to Minooka, IL to stay with our Son and Daughter in Law (I was so jealous) I miss my kids.

    When we lived in Chicago – I couldn’t imagine getting around without my Jeep in 4 wheel drive. We had a second home in Janesville, Wisconsin and driving from Chicago to Wisconsin in the winter it was a necessity. I miss Chicago at Christmas time, Michigan Avenue dressed in lights, Marshall Field’s windows (sorry it will NEVER BE MACY’S) and can’t forget Oak Brook Center for the shopping at Christmas – every Christmas even after living here for 14 years, I get homesick : ( It’s going to be 63 degrees today – that makes it a bit easier.

  16. looks like such a sweet brunch!!
    if it had snowed here , the morning of a brunch, no one would have come. we shut down the city for snow days~


  17. I think I am in love with the blue color you have on your walls! It’s beautiful, especially with all the white, and then the snow outside the window. Is there somewhere on your blog I can find what color and who makes it? Love reading your blog, by the way.

  18. Ooohhh I dislike great neighbors moving…loving the brunch and craft idea!!!you alwaya make every
    Event so much fun,

  19. Good to see you this weekend and thanks, as always, for your purchases 🙂 I am loving the pre-made houses and also- icing IN A CAN! Ranks up there with cheese in a can in my book 🙂

  20. Cranberries and champagne – yum! And…I have always wanted a Jeep Wagoneer! There is one a few streets over from us and every time I see it I think covetous thoughts.

  21. Cute decor, as always! And I’m thinking that I’m going to have to go get me some of those premade gingerbread houses. It’s about time somebody came up with that idea. 😉

  22. I would love me some of that wagon, it’s the stuff of my 70’s Amercian TV-watching-in-a-tiny-english-house dreams…

  23. KASEY! because of you and your blogs I fought the traffic and the crowds at Target last SAturday to get 20 or so of those cute bird ornaments (I even considered your super cute boots- you have great sales technique~) – All the birds were gone, except one broken one! grrrrrr California Targets are no bueno!
    The gingerbread houses are very cute and a great idea for you mommies and having Christmas fun with your chitlins
    HAppy sixth day of Christmas!

  24. You are so funny! Drinking champagne and homeschooling…..ha! I homeschooled for 2 1/2 years and girl, I could have used one of your drinks!

  25. You are the hostess with the mostess!
    Love your gatherings.
    Your house also looks fab and how organised of you to keep the kids busy with the gingerbread houses. (*High five*.)
    Mm, those cranberry champagne drinks look yummo!

  26. can I be your new neighbour?

  27. Okay, so WHERE did you find the galvanized bucket big enough for the base of the tree? I wanted one for my tree, too, and have had no luck. LOVE your idea of the prebuilt houses. I am gonna run to Target for 2, asap. What a nice party you had!


  28. So, how is it going on the wagoneer…? Have I mentioned how great you would look in that baby?

  29. I love the pre-built gingerbread houses! My kids just made one yesterday. It was so much easier and more fun. Great pics, looks like a fun party. Sorry your friends are moving though.

  30. Your posts always crack me up. Looks like a great little party. Good call on the prefab gingerbread houses!

  31. looks like a wonderful brunch for a great friend and neighbors…everything is always so fabulous…love it:)

  32. you are just the coolest thing ever, kasey! you always brighten my day. 🙂

  33. I know the feeling of losing best friends and wonderful neighbors! We moved away from ours about 2 years ago and I didn’t know if I would recover. But alas, fellow studette, you shall recover.

  34. I know the feeling of losing best friends and wonderful neighbors! We moved away from ours about 2 years ago and I didn’t know if I would recover. But alas, fellow studette, you shall recover. (But it might take a lot of champagne)

  35. I bought gingerbread houses at Ikea….hope they will not fall apart…or the three babies of mine will try to fall me apart…love your ideas, many times we have similar ones, but yours are better!!!! Baci, Monica

  36. your style always takes my breath away…I love love love your simple Christmas decor…it is much inspiration for what I would like to do next year. And is that an Ikea plant stand the candy is on? Love that! You are so clever…note to self. Stock up on adorable everyday items and use them in as many possible ways I can! 🙂

  37. Rebecca Nixon says:

    Hey Kasey ~ Did u know that they call those drinks a “Poinsettia”! I love them too!!!

  38. just stumbled upon your blog – lovely!
    what is the color on your walls? I LOVE IT!

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