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So…i came home the other day to my cockateil…..who likes to come out of her cage and pretend

like she is part of the family.

Oh…and for those of you that might want to know how the white elephant party went….

well…let’s just say that Violet {the bird} is still here at home with us.

I mean…really….how can i give up a bird that likes to sit on the pot.

{i’m just glad that the toilet was clean when i snapped her photo…

because lord knows what it looks like on a daily basis with three boys in the house}

For some reason… kids have been really naughty the last few weeks….

so i found out what works best when it’s between two of the kids…

is to sit them together and work it out themselves.

Some days they are there for hours.

Some days….it only takes a few minutes for them to get it worked out…

and i’ve been known to run to Target and back…


check check…

just kidding….i would never ever ever leave them alone.


I know social services is keeping an eye on me…so i just need to make that clear.

Sorry for the bad lighting in this photo….i think this photo was taken at midnight.
here is another one….

if someone decides to act ungrateful …

well…there is a WHOLE sink full of dishes that need to be washed…

and dried…

and put away when you get a chance….

but in this photo…i think i caught lola washing the dishes one morning…

and i have a feeling she was doing it to get it out of the way ….

you know…

just in case someone told her to go and wash them.

I realized that morning….that she’s a smart cookie.

I could get used to having my dishes washed everyday before i even walk into the kitchen.

On a positive note though….

we scored again with another totally cute THRIFTED outfit from the local kids thrift shop.

Lola was pretty happy.

I also found the most gorgeous vintage faux fur trimmed coat ……

that i might be wrapping up for Christmas for her.


I might see if i can get it altered for me first…and if that won’t work…

then she will get it.

Which means…i might want to head to boot camp tomorrow….because a really GREAT friend

surprised me with…not one…..

but TWO boxes of peppermint Joe Joe’s from T.J’s today.

and just so you know…one of my readers let me know that Williams Sonoma’s Gingerbread Butter went on sale

this morning…so i woke the kids up early….and dragged them into WS to get the last few jars of it that they had.

Needless to say….

I will be posting the recipe for you all…because i bought it for $7.95….and i realize that even though

that Christmas is only like….


4 or 5 days away….it could be good even in January.

Or….for those of you that celebrate Hanukkah…or Kwanzaa…

you might want my recipe…..and i hate to disappoint any of you.

I also wanted to show you the only photo i have from the party we went to on Sat night.

I forgot my camera at home.


Anyhoo…these are my homegirls….desperate housewives if you must…


you might recognize some of the Real Housewives of Saint Charles….

i really wish i would have gotten some photos of our men…because they actually dressed up that night..

and looked HOT.

Oh well.

I wore my $10 pink Target dress….the same one that i wore when i had that visit with the principle…

just making it known…even though you can see i DO NOT have the {borrowed} dress on….

in case the girl who let me know about how it’s called Retail Theft to borrow a dress for a

party and then return it to the shop after….even though i might have worn it to something else..

but decided that it really did not fit well….

and it didn’t…because i think i bought the WRONG size…..i want to be able to return it with dignity.


So you see…..the bird did not make it to that party that night…because that morning…Bryan and i decided

to take a trip to Goodwill and i found a FABULOUS Holiday sweater that i wrapped up and gave

to one of the girls.

Let me just say…….i think she LOVED it.

We also found an amazing…and i mean …amazing

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer that lit up…for the front yard.

You really can’t go wrong with one of those….and even though the box weighed 643 pounds…

i wrapped it up with care…and made sure it looked extra special.

My good friend Shannon took it home.

I love White Elephant parties.

We came home with some beautiful figurines….i think they were possibly hand whittled..from driftwood…..

and are lovingly engraved with names that are not ours…but i am sure…the people that they once

belonged to…loved them.

I have a sneaking suspicion…that they might have been a wedding gift….for two people that met…then married

on the same beach. Just a hunch though….so don’t hold me to it.

So we will love them also.

I also love the beer mugs. You can NOT go wrong with beer mugs.

Especially because they came from Hooters.


  1. Your cockateil looks great in your gray bathroom. You should put a portait of him on the wall in there! Great color combo!

  2. Did I miss the meaning of a White Elephant party?? Sounds soo much fun!! Men dressing up is always a fun time!!! You look great with or without the dress on!

  3. Monica Beals says:

    Best post ever. I love it.
    You are one of a kind Kasey.

  4. Hooters beer mugs… those might not have even made it into my house. I seriously think they would be been put in the recycling box in the garage. Looked like a great party!

  5. Hope you have a fabulous Christmas! Enjoy. Emma. xx

  6. Who told you that you were committing retail theft? I haven’t ever bought something and wore it and took it back but YOU can do that if you want to;-) We will not hold it against you! Glad you had a good time at the party.

    I LOVE the photo of Lola. That look on her face is priceless!

  7. A girl seriously told commented and told you that?!? rude. LOVE your posts!!! Hugs, Rachel

  8. Love that photo of Lola!

  9. You are such an entertaining writer! I enjoyed reading your post (you need to write a book and make $$). Have a wonderful Christmas….call if you will be coming to town!


  10. I agree with à la parisienne – blow up the second pic of the birdie on your toilet and put that baby on the bathroom wall – classic!!

  11. I loved this post.
    You are wonderful!!!!

  12. it’ s a good thing i read your blog b/c i had no idea that your fancy birdie sits on the poddy!
    you looked smashing at your party
    especially since you had on legit clothing

    maybe there are some gingerbread bars headed to atlanta?

  13. Absolutely love that picture of Lola doing the dishes! Keep it up-she’ll be smiling before you know it, singing even as she does her duties. Ha! She looks more than ticked off, oh my goodness. You gotta frame that baby!

    Thanks for having the kiddoes last nite-we are hopeing to go sledding tonite or tomorrow-with all the kids?

  14. When are we doing a book that you write and I shoot…?

  15. ok. so i need your secret! kids in the kitchen doing dishes? without being asked? WOW!

  16. well, I am, after, tooheys extra dry platinum, with monica, you are one of a kind, i wish I had a bird on my toilet, would that mean that i didn’t have to clean teenage things from it?

  17. What a lovely way to start the day – seeing Lola washing the dishes! You must be so proud! Have a lovely holiday, Kellie xx

  18. One year for a white elephant gift we got three wooden decorative cats. You know the really country style from the 80s? My son loved them. haha!

  19. love all the pictures
    and Lola doing the dishes…GREAT picture
    and if we were closer
    I may have snagged your birdie at the white elephant
    until I remembered they do make big messes
    and I need no more of those

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