the board meeting

He did it.

My guy followed thru with it and did it.

You see….surfing was the one thing Mason kept talking about before we headed here…

then for some reason….we got here….and he changed his mind.

I think the waves looked a lot bigger in person then they did on the tele…

and for sure they were bigger than florida.

Bryan left last Sunday…and didn’t even get to see his son surf.

Monday rolled around…and i called up the local surf shop and booked a lesson…

thinking the whole time that mason would back out at the last minute.

He didn’t though….

and when we showed up at his lesson on wednesday…brave mason and a newlywed

couple that were also taking lessons…paddled out into the surf…

only to be attacked by jellyfish.

Mason did not shed one tear….and if i knew i only had to pee on his sting to take away

the pain…i would have….but i was told after the fact….that peeing does the trick.

Now i know…..when stung…pull down your pants and pee on it.

After the “incident”…i really thought there was NO way mason would

climb back on a board for another lesson.

I was wrong.

We headed out this morning.





….and he is heading out again tomorrow morning.

Mason….the surfing boy who survived the attack of the jellyfish.

I will make sure to have a full bladder tomorrow….just in case.


P.s. In case you are wondering who cute surf instructor is in first photo…his name is Mason also.

Pss. I have his cell in case any of you are single.

Pps. The Big Mason was getting really confused when i yelled out to my Mason…


Ppss. That was really awkward…..just so you know.


  1. Sweet! (The surfing bravery..not the pee)

    : )

    Julie M.

  2. bwhahaha you’re hilarious!

  3. only you kasey, only you!

    way to go mason!!!!

  4. You crack me up!! Love this post! I watched an old friends episode where Monica is stung by a jellyfish & Joey ends up peeing on it to ease the pain. I thought it was good comedy….not a real remedy. Go figure. Looks like your little man had a blast surfing!! xoxo

  5. Isn’t it rewarding to witness our children accomplish their goals? Bravo Mason! Great capture and beautiful photographs.

  6. That’s awesome. My hubby and I used to surf when we lived in Oz. We still have our boards and even get our daughter to mess about on them in hope that she will catch the bug. Mason did so well to get up there on his first try. It really is a hard sport! Jeez what I would do to have youth on my side and pop up… Now I think my board would be a glorified floating sun lounger. Maybe I should get myself to Hawaii and get that super cute instructor to give me a refresher lesson…..

  7. oh yes my first question was, who is the HOTTIE in the first pic? hee hee hee!!!
    you know, you can also use vinegar on jellyfish stings – so you can keep your dignity too 🙂

  8. oh and almost forgot! congratulations Mason! way to go!!!

  9. way to go mason!!! great form he has. good for him. i would have cried and not gone back out. but i am a baby.

  10. you crack me up….for a minute i thought big mason was that vampire pattinson guy….mason did very good on that board!!! this trip looks like so much fun and i will be a stowaway in one of our bags next time….

  11. Allison S. says:

    Just for future reference, the peeing thing only works if a guy does it….seriously, they have something in their pee that we don’t. Don’t ask why I know this….

  12. The pictures are fantastic of Mason!!! He did soooo well!!! Like I know anything about surfing but it sure looks like he did well:)

  13. I’m sorry, did you say something? My eyes are still affixed to the guy on the left in the first photo 🙂

  14. I am so impressed. Look at him go! I would NEVER never do that. Why?? Because there are critters like jellyfish …ready to just get you!!

  15. hee hee…love it!

  16. LMAO!!!!!

    Lou Cinda 🙂

  17. This is hysterical! Thanks for the laughs!

  18. Yeah Little Mason! That is Fab he is up on the Board after a Lesson, a Natural!! OK, Big Mason, is he the Guy that was in the Mirt? Kind of looks like him , although we only saw his back…HMMMMM, Have a Fabulous weekend in Paradise..XO

  19. Jellyfish = pretty much a lifelong fear of mine.

    Also, I just want you to know that I actually “lol’d” at the last part of your post. Amazing..hahaha

  20. so who peed on Mason?!?!

  21. Way to go Mason!!! That’s awesome….he looks like a pro.

    FYI- You need to google the Friends Episode with the jellyfish…HI-Larious! I learned that little tip from Friends! 🙂

  22. im single…just sayin’ 😉

    lovely pics!!

  23. You’ve got one brave little guy there! Great job Mason! **and I do mean little Mason. LOL!

  24. You are damn funny and those photos are amazing! Seriously!


  25. Great job, Mason! I have been stung my jelly fish too while in the ocean – not fun…what a brave guy!

  26. He is a surfer noW! How exciting. Look at that consentration on his face. Did he get sick from the jellyfish sting? I hear you get sick. AND YES the instructor is pretty darn cute. My daughters would like his number pleeeease!

  27. I just have to tell you that I laugh so hard – every. single. time – I read your blog! You are so funny! I read your blog often but don’t think I’ve ever posted a comment! I’m a friend of Jill’s (Forever Cottage). I actually met you at Farm Chicks a year ago…I was with Jill. Anyway, thanks for the laughs! 🙂


  28. Hang ten, Mason! Keep surfing dude!

  29. When you tweeted about the jelly fish, I told you to pee on it:) I saw that on Survior and it worked. Mason looks so cute up on that surf board:)

  30. And to think that weak bladder I have thanks to birthing these girls might just come in handy someday 🙂 He looks like he is getting the hang of it!

  31. OMG Kasey! You are TOO funny!

  32. OH MASON!
    YOU GO!
    What a TRIP!
    It honestly took my breath to see Mason FINALLY get up on THAT cool board!
    I know it was honestly one of your proudest moments! ;o)
    And I know Miss Lola was so proud of her BIG SURFER Bro!
    You are FAB Kasey!
    I just adore you!

  33. Wow!!!! So brave!!!! When we were in Maui earlier this year I just watched the surfers, the waves were huge!!!!! I was only in waist high water and scared I would be swept away!!!!LOL!!!!! Can’t wait until we go back next year!!!! Have fun!!!! Sara

  34. My husband would be so jealous. His dream is to surf in Hawaii. He’s such a beach boy 😉

  35. Hey, thanks for visiting my blog.
    Oh this brings back some good memories. I come from a surfing family. I grew up in Hawaii and was taught to surf by my father and my uncles. My father was a pro surfer, but passed away when I was around 6. Loved the jelly fish story. Yep, good ol’ ammonia takes the sting out, works for sea urchin sting too. I wasn’t sure which hurt worse when I was a kid: having my dad pee on me or stepping on the urchin. Ughh…I’m getting shivers just thinking about it.

  36. Hahaha! Do you want me right now??? 😀 The big Mason sure is a cutie and so is your little Mason. I’m glad he survived the sting of the jelly fish. That makes me feel a little queasy just thinking about it. Eek. I think he’s totally awesome for surfing. Woo hoo!

  37. suuuure you were talking to your mason.
    all I see here is a hawaiian pierre…

  38. Wow…what a thrill!

  39. i;ll take Mason.. in a mirt…

  40. Way to go, Mason!

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