Yin and Yang

It’s the best title i could come up with….

don’t judge me.

My grandmother used to say  “yin and yang”….when speaking intimately …..

so for some odd reason as i was sitting here trying to think of some suitable title to this post

she popped into my mind and this was the best i could do.

 Carry one my friends…..carry on.

Right now i’m sitting in bed recovering from a long weekend.

I might have bed sores when i wake up…..but that is only due to being in bed all day long….

because i have the best husband in the world….hands down. 


i don’t mean i have bed sores because i have the best husband….

{that would be awkward}

i mean i have the best husband because he let me stay in bed all day long so therefore

i might wake up with bed sores.


Last Thursday i woke up with a headache….which turned into a little bit of a sore throat….

and then a little cough turned up……

and all i could think about was that i had promised my kids that we would go camping with

our friends for the weekend…..and because i’m still trying to earn my mother of the year award..

i spent the day Friday packing up the mini {van not cooper} so that when the kids got home from school

we could hop in and be on the road by 3.

It’s a 2 hour drive to Polihale beach…which i’ve blogged about before…and so far…

it’s our favorite place to camp.

{and the only place we’ve ever been camping…let me add}

Anyhoo….we went with our good friends Mike and Jamie…and their son Ethan….

and they invited  friends who had 2 boys.

Between the three of our families…..

we had a pretty nice spot set up just in time for dinner .

We arrived after what looked like it had rained for the day….but as we pulled in….the clouds

started to part….the birds were chirping….and the kids started running around like a bunch of wild ones.

Life has been good to us.

One of the things that i’ve written about before is how much i miss having my “things”….

even though they are just “things”….it’s frustrating because my love for style and my passion

for creating and making my home feel loved and lived in….. with all i’ve collected over the years

it all sits in storage unit #23.  

Granted…..i’ve gotten by….and i’ve been able to meet some friends that get my love of style…

know how i love to entertain….

push me to be creative “outside the box”.

That is why this last camping trip filled up my heart and soul for a weekend

even though i was feeling miserable….i was able to peek through the clouds and the weekend

was truly one to go down in our book of memories.

Mason met a new friend….and that was so important for many reasons.

The first being that his one and only real good friend that he had moved over the summer….

don’t get me wrong….Mason has lots of friends……but he’s always been a one on one “good friend”

type of kid. Mason is happiest with a one on one relationship.

Lola on the other hand is different….she has many friends…. 3 really good friends to be exact…

and doesn’t necessarily need or crave the intimacy of a one best friend per say.

Fin is a different story altogether. He is the one that everyone wants to play with….

constantly has play dates…and always has a friend over and is happy as long as there is someone.

I guess what i’m trying to say is…..we went camping this weekend with friends that had older kids

and it felt great to have Mason make a connection with a new friend and see that spark between them.

The one thing i do not like about camping is the sleeping in a tent.

Even though i bring the duvet…the mass amounts of pillows….it’s just not the same.

Of course the friends always seem to bring the air mattress’….and i’ll get there one day…..

but seriously there is not one spare inch left in the mini because i’m one of those that tends to

over pack because you never know if you need a pocketknife or a bottle of champagne.

{though there is always vodka….always}

We woke up Saturday morning to Mike at the camp stove making coffee for everyone …..

and i remembered i had brought a loaf of coconut bread for french toast….and so it was decided

that french toast was the breakfast of choice.

I had borrowed my friends french press….and that meant coffee was included.

yeah for coffee and coconut bread french toast on a Saturday morning at the beach.

{i realize it looks like fine red wine in the mason jar…but i promise you that it’s black coffee}

Saturday was a scorcher……but we threw up a tent not far from the water…

and that is where we spent the entire day. I started a new book….”Gone Girl” and so far so good

even though i only made it to chapter 2 because i end up chatting the day away instead of 

reading….which was important.

and drinking some very good Hanalei’s.

I’m about to show you what i look like mid camping trip first thing in the morning…..

it’s not pretty…..

i don’t bring the make up

i’m lucky if i brush my teeth

and you know what…..my kids don’t care.

I’m thinking my cheeks look puffy because i slept on a rock

and my hair never made it out of a bun with a headband because i would look

like Michael Jackson in his Jackson 5 days.

On Saturday night one of my friends husbands friend showed up in his Westfalia…..

and it brought a whole new meaning to the word camping.

I was a little bit jealous that him and his daughter could just pop that top right up and call it a night

while the buicks had to crawl back into their tent and sleep on the ground.

no biggie….

i like sleeping on the ground.

Sunday morning was gorgeous……

we walked down and sat at the beach drinking our coffee.

After sitting on the beach and marveling at the beauty…..we dragged ourselves back up and packed up camp….

before heading back to the beach to soak in a good 2 or 3 hours before we had to hit the road for the two 

hour drive back home.

Once the last of the drinks had been served…..our friend Kristi decided to pass out under an umbrella….

and because i might have had a drink or two myself…..

and quit possibly my friend Jamie had a few herself…..

we quietly took Kristi’s phone out of her bag and took a photo of ourselves.

We might have even uploaded it to her Facebook account.

Then Jamie’s husband wanted in on the whole totally probably illegal phone stealing

while friend is asleep under her umbrella with drool  running down her chin event….

we took a photo of him and uploaded it to Facebook as well.

If i don’t win ‘mom of the year’ award this year…..

i hope i win best friend to hang at the beach with

even though she has puffy cheeks and swollen eyelids

who took her kids camping and still has a funny neck twitch from swimming the ocean award.

On our drive home i tried maneuver around and get by without the kids seeing that the fair was in town….

but that didn’t work out so well in my favor.

The kids could see the ferris wheel from miles away…..

and i might have said


didn’t i just take you kids camping and this is how you thank me.

so we pulled in and i told the kids you only get to ride 2 rides each.


there will be no complaining….

but that is all you get…..

2 rides and we are done.

$30 will get you exactly 2 rides per child if you have 3 children at the Kauai County fair.

First up…they all decided that they wanted to go on Pharoah’s fury…..which let me add….

is the ride that Fin couldn’t handle last year.

Fin Hudson might be the youngest of the Buick children….he might even be the bravest and most outgoing

of the Buick children….but what he is NOT is the roller coaster king of the Buick children.

Last year i took Fin on Pharoah’s fury…..and the ride operator had to stop it because the screaming

was so loud and people were probably thinking a child was getting tortured somewhere.

So here we are….one year later….one year older….

but this time Fin states he is ready to re-claim his “i am strong…i am big boy”  let me ride this ride

so being the good mom that i am…i let him go with Mason and Lola.

I take out my phone and document Fin and his bravery as they soar high above……

and watch on as Mason and Lola look at him as he projectile vomits into the air.

This is why my friends….that i will not win any award this year…..

because no ‘mother of the year’ award is ever given to the mom

who takes photos of her son as he vomits on rides at the county fair.

The end.


  1. Seriously girl, you get me every single time with your posts. If you don’t win MOTY award then no one should;-)
    Loved this post!!!

  2. I’m so with you on the camping thing. My husband’s family’s last “reunion” was a camping trip in Utah (like legit, in the woods you can scream but no one will hear you, camping) – and it involved an allergy attack, 4 days of no sleep, being bit by a horsefly, sunburn and so much complaining that we ended up in a hotel a night early.

    Maybe I would fair better at the beach with wine and coconut French toast. 🙂

    p.s. – we can take my mini (cooper not van).


  3. Maybe Fin wants to join me, in the Pharoah’s Fury “Banned For Life Club”? I’m a charter member!
    Fair goers actually clapped and cheered when the ride was stopped only for me and I was escorted off . Guess they couldn’t handle the deafening blood curdling screams coming from a grown woman… I feel his pain – ha!

  4. Ohhh, I hope you all managed to duck the spray?!!!!! Poor Fin! xxx

  5. I seriously laughed out loud when I read the end of this post. Looks like the operator is trying to dodge the spray! Also looks like he is grinning 🙂

  6. Polihale is the most beautiful beach. When we’ve been there, only a few other people were in sight . It feels like the end of the earth to me. Sooooooo beautiful and magical. Never camped b4….looks like you all went prepared with all the necessities !! Great blog post. Made me laugh.

  7. anne finnigan says:

    Who knew Dog the Bounty Hunter ran the Pharoah’s Fury ride – LOVE reading your blog – you are living !

  8. Gone Girl is a good book! I have heard they are thinking of making it into a movie!

  9. oh poor boy, but how were you to know he was going to do that! very brave for getting on that’s what I reckon. Great post, Heather x

  10. i am so glad this was posted today…i needed a great laugh and got it…but poor Fin! hope you both are feeling better! thanks for a great blog…love it to bits! xo jody

  11. Sounds like an amazing weekend. LOL! You make me laugh every time. I hope Fin is okay now! 😉

  12. Great camping trip! My grandmother’s quilt has had many fun times with you…continue to add more! Hugs to all, Traci

  13. OH! Wouldn’t have guessed from the start of the post we would end with vomit! But somehow you make it work. Great post!

  14. Jamie Parker says:

    I was there and still I laughed through this whole thing like I wasn’t!!! I love how you see things, phrase things and embrace your dreams (which you joyfully live) everyday. Like I’ve said “If I could live in Kasey Buick’s head for just an hour”….it would be an adventure! Love you, Kasey-girl and your family, too.

  15. So funny.
    Maya went on the “scary” rides last week and the first two she looked as if she was going to vomit but she pulled through and then continued to ride all the crazy rides (not me and not Sam).
    The ride operator does look like he is grinning.
    Great times, enjoy!

  16. OH that was great! Poor little guy, but love that you captured it!

  17. Your life looks incredible! I hope you are feeling better, puffy cheeks and all;-)

  18. awesome. All of it.

    And since I’m reading backwards, I now realize that my suggestion of Hudson for your new nephew’s name is just about as bad as suggesting mason or fin. Sorry about that.

  19. ahhh…I have fond memories of camping in Polihale..we had a jeep cherokee and we would set up on the beach, meaning I would put my beach chair out and start socking up the sun…then my boyfriend woud say…”nope, waves not good” so we did this over and over again until he found the right break, drove me crazy. He works at the hanalei surf co. and his name is Gordon…tell him I said he needs to teach your kids to be good surfers…..and ellie says HI!

    Oh and I can remember another time my 5 year old freaked out on the Ferris wheel…i thought she might jump…scary.

  20. The totally probably illegal phone stealing is the funniest thing in all of America. Eh-ver.

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