on the mainland

We flew out Thursday late afternoon and arrived in Chicago early Friday morning…..

needless to say our time here is flying by quicker than you can say


I’ll be back later tonight to post all about our trip so far……

but i just wanted to check in with you and tell you that 

it’s taken all of my might to not head into any home decor shops……

and i didn’t even think twice as i drove by the Flea Market on Saturday.

I do miss my green juice though……

and yes….my kids only brought one pair of shoes…..their slippers {flip flops}.


  1. I thought I was looking at a picture from last year. Mason’s long hair is all gone.

  2. Have a wonderful time, Kasey!

  3. i have had juicing on my mind…

    i am holding you partially responsible

    now stop blogging and get your skinny ass to anthro

  4. Glad your getting awesome weather and sunshine here with all your buddies. We’ll catch you next time. You all look wonderful!

  5. Hope you all are enjoying your time back “on the mainland”!! Safe travels:)

  6. you look beautiful! and i can’t believe mason cut his hair!

  7. Kasey, Haven’t checked your blog in awhile…so total delay in saying how great you look! Keep up the hard work. All of the kids look so happy and grown up. Glad to see you and your family are well. Also, cute outfit….love the skirt!

  8. Ok, I’m gonna say it… DANG IT! Your oldest kid cut his hair! Boo! Carry on… đŸ™‚

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