the drive in

As our time here is creeping to a close…..

and the kids only have nine days left….which is funny because Lola just turned nine …..

but the reason that the kids only have nine days left is because a week from Saturday…i am flying them

to my parents house in New Mexico so that they don’t have to endure part of the cross country car ride with us.

Trust me….

it’s for their own good.

Well…it’s good for all of us all around.

We are flying them to my parents on an early Saturday morning flight so that we have the weekend here

to get our house all cleaned up and ready for the new renters to take over…

{and have a Mad Men themed going away party..i might add…hosted by one of my besties}

then we will hop in the mini {van not cooper}

and hit the road.

We have to get the mini {van not cooper} to California…so that on the 26th we can put in on a cargo ship

then we fly out of the bay area on the 27th.

Let me back up just a bit though….

{oh..and hold on while i refill my glass of boxed wine}

check check


the kids fly out…and we get on the road the 18th… to colorado where we will spend one night

in the Denver area….visiting all of our old friends…

then we drive up to the Vail Valley area….and spend a few nights.

This is where the kids make their appearance.

My mom and dad will drive them up from N.M to Vail which is about a five hour drive and meet us at

my aunts home where we will spend a few nights with the family and visiting some old friends there as well.

You probably don’t want the rest of my itenerary….so i’ll just leave it at that….

except i will let you know that from Colorado …we are headed to Utah.

And I do believe that our really good friends in Utah do not drink wine.

I’m okay with that.


And they don’t drink coffee.

I’m okay with that also….because i’m not going to let that fact get in the way of our

10 year relationship together.

Even though i know she’s skinnier then i am…..

and has 5 kids…..

really….it’s going to be good.


hello…i am really sorry to have gotten off track.

Speaking of track…did you know i used to run in high school?  Umm…yeah….all three and a half years…

till they politely asked me to stop running for the team….so i said fine….let’s see how they would do without me….

but apparently they did okay.


lola was nine yesterday…and she flew home with bryan and fin from a little get away to florida.

I picked them up at the airport….we went to dinner ….then dropped Bryan off at home…

and met some friends at the drive-in movies.

I saw that wagoneer pull into the lot and all my friends just stood there looking at me.

Now that is the vehicle i would like to pull up to the drive in with……..

but no….

i pulled up the awesome one of a kind mini {van not cooper}….

but the back opened up so that Lola could party in it.

My friends Tara and Dawn.

Dawn and i go way back….she moved here not long after i did…from New York {or Jersey…it doesn’t

really matter which…does it}

Dawn is happily married in case you were wondering about the blue Subaru hatchback.

My friend Tara on the right ….well…i really just got to know her this last year because her daughter and Fin

are the best of friends.

They even had a sleepover a few weeks ago.

{Fin and his best girlfriend…not Tara and Dawn…just in case you were getting confused….}

There was no hanky panky….and i can tell you that …because they made me pull out my sleeper sofa

in my bedroom so that they could sleep there near bryan and myself.

Yup…there was no hanky panky that night.

at. all

They both have a great sense of humor….{Tara and Dawn..}

and they both run…for fun….

which is A-Okay because i make sure to let them know what happened on Montel that day.

Lola and her friend Anna looking like it’s mighty fine in the back of the mini {van not cooper}

with wine box going for us momma’s…

candy for the kids.

But what i will warn you all about…..

since we are all open and honest….

is that there really are not that many drive-in movie theaters left in the county.

Illinois only has a few……and hard to believe that we have lived here four years….and it’s only a 15 minute drive

from the house.

I also want to just let you know that the mosquitos were horrible…so horrible that i almost loaded up my

kids and called it a night long before the freakin movie even started.

And it was hot.

And humid.

It’s the midwest…..where even a few of those damn mosquitos found a way under my skirt.


So…if you were wondering about the possiblity of hitting  a drive-in movie with the kids…

which you should…

and check it off your list…

{legally of course}

just make sure it’s not the middle of summer in the mid-west.

We the kids still had a great time…and that’s all that matters.

Oh….and this great photo that Lola took of us girls…..

it’s probably better that i didn’t see Fin on top of the mini {van not cooper}.

So…if you can get to a drive-in movie theater…

and i really recommend it….

just make sure it’s not hot and humid.

Oh…do make sure you have a wine bar set up.

If you can.


  1. We used to have a drive in near us out here in Washington state. It closed a couple years ago. They always shoed double features. I miss that drive in!

  2. There is a drive in not far from here, however our nights are in the 100s so I will wait till fall lol. The last time we went we took my nephew who had never been.
    I’m so excited to see your pictures and read your adventures of Hawaii when you get there. We are hoping to go next summer 🙂

  3. We still have a drive in theater here in Fort Collins (just up from Denver if you have time) but our kids are teens & older and try to spend as little time in public with us as possible. However, my most favorite date with Husband was a surprise double feature (50 First Dates + 13 going on 30) a few years ago. He had a cooler of wine, cheese, & strawberries and a basket of my favorite cookies and crackers. He pulled the back seats out of the mini {van not cooper} and covered everything with a blanket so I wouldn’t know what was in store. LOVED IT!

  4. I love your photos, so sweet. Looks like Lola had a great time.
    Setting up a wine bar is genius!\

  5. Cheryl Burkess says:

    Oh wow, I haven’t been to the drive in since I was a kid. I’ll have to see if there are any around.
    Thanks for the inspiration and I love the photos.

  6. Oh wow, does this post take me back! My parents used to take my brother & me to the drive-in movies…in the Midwest…hot & humid, yes, but so much fun:) Your trip there in the “mini(van not cooper)” looks like it was a blast!!

  7. You have so much fun and I just love your life.
    I thoroughly enjoy following you.

  8. Happy Birthday Lola! What a fun idea for a birthday. Now I just need to find out where the closest one is to us here in Cali.

  9. we have a slammin’ one near our city. slammin’ I tell you. But, I always fall asleep. Cause I’m that cool.

    Just wanted to check in and make sure that you will be blogging along the way…thetrektoHawaiiway?

  10. I have never been to a drive-in movie! It’s on my {rather long} someday list of things to do. You had a great setup – too bad the mosquitoes tried to ruin the night!

  11. We actually have a drive-in movie theater that opened up here in E. Texas, but if the midwest is lousy with mosquitoes in the summer…lemme tell you…E. Texas is SOOOOOO much worse. So much so that you would probably think you had chicken pox after a night at the drive-in. Just sayin’.

  12. We love the Drive in movies too. We used to go in VA…not sure there is one around Houston. I should check. I know it would be HOT!

  13. We had a drive in in Romeoville, where I grew up and it was practically in my backyard. I went as a little girl with my parents and then as a teen, and that was much more exciting! We used to sneak friends in by putting them in the trunk. Anyway, I can just imagine the mosquitos. Worse than ants on a picnic!


  14. Oh! Please tell that darling Lola happy belated for me! May all she does continued to be so blessed!
    Lola you are precious!!!!!!

  15. How is it that you always find the cutest little places to go? I lived in Illinois for 25 years and never knew there was a drive-in movie theater anywhere? Adorable!

  16. i have that same picnic basket! looks like such a cute time. although i would be coo-coo with the mosquitoes. xx

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