one on one time

For six whole days i had mason all to myself. After we dropped bryan and the other two off at the

airport to fly to florida….mason and i headed straight to breakfast.

He ordered french toast while i had an egg crepes….and for the first breakfast in a long time…

it was really quiet and peaceful as we just sat there eating and talking.

No yelling.

Not having to tell anyone to stop throwing crayons.

No one sneezing all over the food.

No one sneaking off the the bathroom only to lock the door and ask people that want to come in

that they need to pay a quarter.

Nope…..none of that.

Is was nice.

It was also nice to be able to have a real conversation with mason and just listen to him.

I listened to him tell me that he really is nervous about leaving behind his friends and starting

somewhere new….about making new friends.

I told him i feel the same way.

He told me he’s scared about starting a new school.

I believe him…i never had to do that so i can only imagine how scary it is for him.

He talked and i listened….and it was a great start to the beginning of our 6 days alone.

We also did some fun things….with one of them being a day trip into Chicago to go to

Cirque du soleil

Have you ever been?

Bryan and i used to see the shows before we had kids….and my favorite was “O” in Las Vegas.

The one that came into town here is called “Ovo”…and it’s about bugs…so it was a perfect fit for us.

Tickets tend to be on the expensive side for these shows…but know that there in not a bad seat in the house…

so you don’t need to shell out big bucks just to sit in the front.

Luckily my friend had a discount code that she let me have and we got our tickets for half price…but as we

got there and sat down…i couldn’t believe that pretty much all seats are good ones.

In case you go…

which you should…

because your kids would love it.

Or even if you don’t have kids….you will love it.

You might not love the $8.50 teeeny tiiiny glass of wine….

{especially if you have a few of them}

or the $6 popcorn…..

or the $4 coke.

And you really won’t like it when they come over and try and confiscate your camera when you are trying

to take some photos….but i used the old quick thinking standby of sign language to communicate

with them and i think they gave up and let me have my camera back.

{i was just signing to them that i promise not to take anymore photos….that’s all…at least

i think that’s what i signed.}

I think Lola would have had a blast…but she wasn’t here…she was in Florida.

You snooze…you loose.

gotta have good walking shoes….it’s a must

Mason even held my hand for a while…..

After the show….we decided to go and grab some early dinner…

and of course…Mason’s choice was a rib joint.

The kid loves baby backs…..

It was a great day….one he will remember forever.

{at least i hope he does….

or at least he will remember the $6 gummy worms…because those were good. Really good.}

p.s. The Rusted Chain winners are:

Domestic Fashionista and Danielles Serendipity

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  1. perfectly divine … have we met?

  2. You made me tear up…we moved four years ago, and my daughter who was 6 was sad and scared at the time, too. But, after a few months she had a whole new set of friends.
    Thanks you so much for sharing this sweet time with Mason. It’s convicting me to spend more one on one time with my girls. Have a blessed day!

  3. What a cool time you had with him. And to be able to hear him out about his fears. He’s got a good mom! It’s making all this moving so real now… But it’s gonna be really great, it will ALL work out!
    See you Sunday!

  4. Sounds fun! Cirque du Soleil was her in north Florida last weekdend. The one that was here was Allegria. It was my first time going. It was great!

  5. I switched schools 5 times. He’ll miss his friends, but he’ll be great. Luckily for him technology has allowed for much better communication than when I was a girl.

  6. I LOVE that he held your hand…that one got me choked up. so sweet!

  7. I’d say it was a great day! So nice for you & Mason to have some one-on-one time…good food, good talks, good fun…sounds perfect:)

  8. i’m so happy you had some one-on-one time with Mason, those are definitely times to hold on to! the road ahead, although a tad bit scary, is bright and beautiful!
    p.s.- did i miss the giveaway result??

  9. looks like fun! Love smoke daddy…it is literally steps away from our old condo…I miss that place!

  10. Going from three kids to one is definately different. Part of you feels bad about how much you miss because of all the hustle and noise of three but I think it makes you appreciate seeing who your child is becoming in these quiet times even more. It’s precious for you and him. I am so excited to see everything work out with your move. I would love to uproot and move to the beach! I think your timing is fabulous….they’re not going to be around that much longer and they’re not old enough to hate you yet so I’m sure it’ll be a fantastic, fun and very life changing experience!

    Best of luck and enjoy the rest of your quiet time!

  11. We left England when I was 8 and moved to Canada, then when I was 14 we moved here to So. Cal. I went from a small town in Ontario where you couldn’t walk down the street without seeing 10 people you know to having to start a high school with over 2000 students. Take it from me, kids adjust so quickly it’s just amazing. A few weeks at their new school and they’ll have tons of friends. Growing up my kids switched schools a few times also and did great, my oldest son was elected student counsel president in the 5th grade a week after starting.

  12. Such a fun day…and what a good sport Mason is to take all those sweet photos with you! I have always wanted to go to a cirque show…perhaps one day!

    And yay for winning….sooooo excited!

  13. oh how sweet —- I love that no matter what age –they come to mom when they need nurturing —- the times my daughter talks to me about the important things in her life –are the sweetest moments — and she’s in her 20’s

  14. I LOVE this post! I have a standing breakfast date with my 18 year old son every Sunday morning. I keep thinking a year from now he will be in college..I’m grabbing every moment with him…and feeling kinda good about myself, that my 18 year old still wants to spend time with me. Take the moments…

  15. So sweet! My kiddos were so nervous changing schools too… I think it ended up being harder on me then them in the end.
    Wishing you the best,

  16. Chrissy says:

    We took the kids to OVO when it was here in the DC area last year!!! You are right … it was expensive but SO WORTH IT! That was the first Cirque de Soleil show I’d ever seen (and obviously the kids’ first time too!). My mouth was open in amazement almost the entire show. Soooo blooming cool! I ended up buying my kids water in the stainless steel water containers. I have to say it was worth it … they used the at school all year long! So glad you had a wonderful week with your oldest!!

    My kids have had to change school a lot due to being a military family. It’s been hardest on my daughter. She gets really scared to walk around the school. After a week of having to ask an older child who was walking by to walk my kid to her class EVERY SINGLE MORNING, I asked her teacher for advice. She suggested coming in after school and walking Lily to and from class … over and over … and then stand there and watch while she did it by herself. I couldn’t believe it but that was all it took! The next year, she had the same problem at yet another new school and her teacher solved it by making her the line leader for the rest of the week. And she hooked her up with another new student who also didn’t have any friends in the class. So, my only advice to handling those nerves (b/c every new kid will have them!), is to communicate with their teacher … they can help. :o)

  17. I have not gone to Cirque in a few years but have seen quite a few of the shows. They rock! Glad you were able to spend so much time with your son. He will certainly remember.

  18. Oh honey, you are going to do so great in Hawaii. And you are going to have some really good stories to tell…after all this is over!

    Nice to hear about Mason and so glad you got time together. And heart to heart time.

  19. I have tears rolling down my face. I have dates with my boys one on one sometimes too and these ARE the moments they will remember. You are a good Mom! I hope your move is spectacular. When we moved here 3 years ago my kiddos had to start a new school in the middle of the year and one of them was entering 5th grade (the school ended at 5th grade!) They did great. Everybody loves the new kid:) They’re new.

  20. This was such a sweet post! Made my heart smile. Also I have always wanted to see O! I told my boyfriend that would be the only way to get me to Vegas is if he promised to take me to that show haha.

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