Lost in time

It’s been a really stressful last few days.

We are down to our last week and there is so much to do…and so this morning in between runs to Goodwill

with donation bags and clearing out old junk drawers that i decided to open up and clean out my old suitcases

that i have stacked in the living room under the mantel.

You know…those old vintage ones that have been sitting there for four years…


I thought i would just open them up and stack them one inside the other when i came across not one…

but two old cameras that we had when we lived in Colorado.

I think we thought we had lost them….

and these cameras were just the small digital ones…nothing fancy…and i don’t know why i had never

even opened them up..thinking that they were just sitting there empty these last four years.

{It’s Anthropologie’s fault…i tell you…..if it wasn’t for them…i might have gone through those things…}

They had six months worth of photos on them from 2006-2007….and let me tell you….

i don’t have many photos from back then that are digital because after we moved here…Mason dropped

my camera in the bathtub….and i lost a good year of photos since this was before i knew that you could download them

and then back them up somewhere.


So…here are some never before seen photos of my kids back when i was skinny…

and before i discovered that three glasses of wine are better than one….

oh and…this was before i knew about Victoria’s Secrets magic bra.


{Fin…age 18 mo.}

{Mason 4. Fin 2. Lola 3. [the one on the right with finger in nose] }

Lemonade stand in front of our house …and that’s right folks…you see real lemons sitting there.

{marketing strategy}

Oh..and Dora cups….cuz we are cool like that.


I know Fin is thinking who the heck is running behind the choo choo train taking photos of him…..

and only because i know Lola like the back of my hand…

she wore her shoes on the wrong feet for one year straight.

I still remember that…and now have proof to show her.

{or maybe i won’t..}

ok…this is where i think i need another baby…because this next photo has got to be one of my favorites….

First week of owning a scooter….

back when i was a gym rat…

and i didn’t need spanx.

Mason 4. Lola 3. Fin almost 2.

Tiny Town….in Colorado.

{i might just swing by there next week and grab this same exact photo…four years later}

Mason and Lola with their favorite sitter…Ms. Amanda.

{we miss you amanda…}

I have no words….

honestly…this is uncalled for…

See…there is a Victoria’s Secret bag under the non decorated Christmas tree….

{dreams can come true for a 34 almost B  but really an A…girl..}

and Mason….

it’s photos like this one…that make finding a lost camera….four years later…

worth waiting for.


  1. What beautiful children and pictures!! So glad you found them!

  2. I just got a little emotional thinking about how fast time flies….what an AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME treasure to find!!!

  3. SOOOOO FUN!!!!! What a great find…your babes are PRECIOUS!!!! They were just the cutest little things….still are…how do you handle all that cuteness?!? Glad you found the cameras 🙂

  4. Kasey ~ you hit a treasure trove of memories! I love coming across things like this but these are bonus ~ love them all and that one of Mason is priceless. Can’t wait to see your “4 years later” shot. Hang in there ~ everything will get done.

  5. Love finding little surprises like that! Hope the move goes well.

  6. Beautiful childern! Great pic of you too Kasey…with or without spanx you look great! I loved your old neighborhood and where did you get the lemonade stand and where did it go?

    • Thanks Brenna. That lemonade stand is actually from Target but at least 5 years ago. It was a little market stand in the kids section.

  7. that’s like really, REALLY special.

  8. A lost treasure found!! Wonderful, adorable photos:)

  9. I love finding long lost cameras and rolls of film. It is really better than finding long lost money in pockets and old purses. Well, unless that long lost money is $50 bills and larger in denomination. Then it might be more fun than finding the old cameras. Don’t tell my mom I said that.

  10. Four years in mid years is huge! They are the cutest

  11. How wonderful! I just love what can be found when moving. On the other hand it is difficult when treasures go missing too. We have a box (or two) missing from when we moved to the midwest and back to Ca. that I still miss. It even was labeled ‘Treasured things fragile”. I always hoped it would show up one day but never has. Your children are beautiful and now you are moving on in this adventure of life to make new memories and photo albums in a far away land. Best wishes to your family! Can’t wait to see you all on surfboards…who needs a gym right! ox

  12. What a gift – I absolutely love some of these photos – especially the one of the three of them on the train. Time moves on my friend – and we with it. Time to begin the next chapter in your story~

  13. I’m pretty sure Fin is the cutest thing I’ve EVER seen! I want one just like him!!!!!!

  14. Cathy S says:


  15. that’s too precious, and too funny! I have kids similar ages to yours–this makes me go want to find the old home videos and watch them–I usually get a little weepy though, and my kids think I’m going crazy!

  16. What a treasure to find! I live in Colorado so I was trying to see where you were in all of the photos……but Colorado is big….I didn’t recognize a thing! So fun to see the children when they were smaller. Happy packing! It will all be worth it once you get settled into your new place. I can’t wait to see all of those photos!


  17. Love when that happens.
    Your kids are so darn cute!!

  18. Gorgeous. An absolute perfect find!
    With three that close in age, I am surprised you didn’t discover the “three glasses is better than one” concept back then, lol.
    My four are growing up too fast too (2, 4, 6 and 9) and I miss those moments of when they were smaller.
    I guess one day I will look back to now and realise they are still small.
    Good luck with your move. I am looking forward to reading all about it and enjoying that you are following your dream!

  19. Time is rolling very fast..down to your last week in Illinois….and the three are growing so fast….sometimes I am afraid I will wake up and my 3 will be 20 something…..
    beautiful pics and beautiful kids, take care, Monica

  20. oh my gosh, that is THE best!!!
    what a tender treat to find those images at such a time as this.
    thinking about you!
    love you

  21. So awesome to see the photos and how small they were back then. It’s like a buried treasure for you. Good luck this week and have strength.

  22. your past few blogs have been such lovely mementos of your life of motherhood! I love reading the memories and seeing the pictures! You have so much and so many wonderful memories to make in beautiful Kauaii…..and p.s. I think you and much thinner and much wiser NOW because of those 3 glasses of wine!
    Cheers! and thank you for sharing your memories

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