and away we go

The movers were here all day today…..

everything we own went into storage this afternoon…so i guess it’s official….we are moving.

My good friend took my kids to the zoo today while we got some last minute things done around the house.

Tomorrow morning we put the kids on an airplane to my parents house in New Mexico….where they will spend the next five days.

Yes…they are flying by themselves…..

oh sheet….

Mason has flown by himself a few times….and Lola with Mason once last summer…

but never Fin.


Bryan and i have one more party on Saturday night which our friends are hosting for us….one last hurrah….

A Mad Men themed soiree….in which i might….just might…

have a lucky strikes ciggie.

Smoking causes lung cancer.

I already read the warning on the box… don’t need to warn me…and i might not even inhale.

On sunday we will get some last minute things done around the house…..and meet up with the family that is renting our house for a year…hand over the keys…and say goodbye to our house….the one that we’ve loved living in the last four years.

It’s funny sitting here in this empty house…my voice echos….the walls are bare….the kids have swung one last time on the tire swing in the back….i even let them ride down the banister.

Monday morning Bryan and i will get in the mini {van not cooper} and start the road trip to California. First stop…Colorado where we will spend  a few nights…and my mom will bring the kids up to us. From there….we head to Utah…where we will stay with good friends…and from there make our way to the Bay area…get the mini {van not cooper} onto a cargo ship so that it can make it’s way to Hawaii.

Then we fly out on the 27th.

I still have oodles of photos to show of our last few days with friends….parties…

tearful goodbye’s.

It’s bittersweet.

Out of the 13 years Bryan and i have been married….the last four have been the best…and we are truly….

going to miss the people in our lives here that have touched us so deep.

What we do know is that it’s not an official goodbye yet….not to good ole St. Charles, Il

{which by the way…was just voted best place to raise a family by Family Circle magazine}

I don’t think they considered the weather though when making that decision.

Our furniture is in storage…our home has been rented out….we still don’t have a job…money is really tight……

but we are heading out on an adventure.

We are doing something different….and crazy…and we might just flail with our arms in the air and our heads right above water…but the one thing i know…

and i know…deep down i know…

that we will come out stronger on the other side.

That…i know.

Let the wild rumpus begin…..


  1. SO beyond excited for you! My admiration for you and your family is through the roof. So excited to see what is in store for you this next year…can’t wait to hear about it!

  2. Can’t wait to follow you along the way!! Good luck and safe travels!!:)
    xo, Meredith

  3. can’t wait to read about all your new adventures! Have a blast, keep calm and carry on!

  4. Oh Kasey,
    I am so excited for you and the family!!! I completely admire you and think you are an incredible woman and Mom! Your kids will one day look back on this and love you and your hubby for this amazing adventure you took them on! Remember, all you need is shelter, some food, your health and each other!! The rest will come.
    Please take care and best of luck to you. Can’t wait to hear about the trip to Hawaii.

  5. I am so excited for your and your family!

    “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I–
    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference”

  6. Looking foward to seeing what this new adventure will bring for you and your sweet family!!!!!! You will be just fine, and I know everything will fall in place…… Have a fabulous weekend girlie!!!!!!!

    xoxoxoxo from NC
    Michelle Torres

  7. i know you’ve been super busy saying goodbye & hugging the necks of your st. charles crew. i’ve tried to give you some space…i just want you to know i think you’re awesome.
    hope to chat soon when you have a free minute
    love you friend

  8. So excited and scared for you but I do know you will make great memories, do the best with whatever comes your way and most importantly – you will be together. Best of luck!

  9. Hi Kasey
    Wishing you a joyous time at your party tomorrow.

    Sending you good wishes and prayers a you journey next week.

    May the angels protect and shield you always.

  10. Marlene P. says:

    You are going to land beautifully! It is tough and it is still an unknown territory…but just wait…

  11. Patricia says:


  12. I’m so Excited for you all, it will be a True Adventure, one your Kids will have in their Memories for Ever. I Wish you all Safe Travels and keep us posted along the way. XO Jamie

  13. all I can say, based on my living in over 15 cities over 44 years, things happen for a reason, GO WITH IT!!!!!!!

  14. adrienne says:

    enjoy the journey! i know you will.

  15. I think we are all living kinda sorta vicariously thru you and your family. Best of luck in your adventure, the best is yet to come. I am excited to follow you thru this new chapter in your lives! Thanks for taking us along for the ride, Sue

  16. You are so brave….courageous! I can only dream of doing this, I keep asking my Hubs if we can run away together with the kids. He doesn’t want to, so I ‘m stuck here!:( Have a grand adventure!

  17. I am so excited for you. This is going to be and adventure you will never forget. I am excited to read about your journey along the way!

  18. Best of luck in all your travels, you awesome lady!

  19. Add to that you have each others backs and love one another dearly and will help each other all the way… you will make it soaring. God bless you. I will look forward to hearing all the new adventures when you have time to write and share them online. till then, breathe, smile, love. xoxoxo blessings jody

  20. Oh kasey what a glorious little adventure you are embarking on. Sending prayers and well wishes of safe travel! Cannot wait to hear all about it 🙂

  21. I was just telling my husband your story and he said- I hope we can do something like that someday. <3 what you are doing is inspiring!

  22. looking forward to reading each chapter of the next over the next year. I think the book ends with ….

    “and they lived happily ever after.”

  23. I am sad and excited for you and will watch and listen as you endure your journey together! Together is the magic word here and as long as your all together then your all home.
    Things happen for a reason I believe.Do enjoy your adventure and blessings along the way~Bon Voyage Kim

  24. I am so excited for you!! I can’t wait to hear all the details of your adventure!! God bless you all. You are a brave, wonderful mom, and you are doing the right thing!! You are giving your children priceless memories!

  25. Go girl go! Live your dreams, you will never regret the time with your FAM!! Maybe your old blog friend Ash & Jerr will have to visit you in your new home!!

  26. Yes, a rumpus it will be….I’m jealous of your free spirit. Will miss you dearly, it won’t be the same around here. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

  27. Being missed already. But….it’s just the thought you’d be back that eases. Your going to have so much fun Kasey out in Hawaii. You really, really are!

  28. Kristine (Fl) says:

    Good luck and God Bless Kasey. Everything will work out it always does life is too short to think other wise!

  29. Alright chickie…I haven’t been able to call you because I’ve had family in town and it’s been crazy…and I know you and Bryan have plans while you’re here in Utah, but I’d love to see you if you can fit us in. So call me or text me…and good luck with this new adventure!

  30. Wishing you an incredible, amazing, happy journey!! Aloha, Kasey;)

  31. Hi Kasey and Brian,
    Good Luck with your new life!
    And thanks for sharing it, it’s always a pleasure to read about your family.
    All the best,
    Maureen x

  32. Eek! I’m excited for your family. Have so much fun!

  33. Blessings to you and your family! Change is always hard….but you are so right, it does make you stronger in the end. Many happy days are ahead for the 5 of you…so let the adventures begin, eh?!



    P.S. On an entirely different subject, what is the most updated information on how you edit your photos and what camera you use? 🙂 I’m really wanting to explore this more…and LOVE love LOVE the look you create on your blog. Thanks!

  34. Wishing you a very safe trip and looking forward to sharing in your new adventure:)

  35. Hope to hear soon good news from you!!! God bless you, love Monica

  36. I have been following your blog for a while now and have enjoyed reading about your plans. It is truely inspiring and I hope that my husband and I will one day have the courage to chase our dreams, taking the kids along for the ride.

    All the best

  37. Wishing you the very best!!!!!!!

  38. Amazing photo as always. Hope you’re staying calm with the big move! What an adventure.

  39. Safe travels Kasey! Keep us posted along the way.

  40. Best Wishes to you all!! I look forward to reading about the new adventures of the Buick family!!

  41. just enjoy every second

  42. Stay safe and enjoy the hell out of your big adventure!


  43. I have missed Hawaii every day of the two weeks that I have not resided there! My husband and I are now San Diego-ans, which is amazing, as well. In my dreams, though, I’m in Hanalei…OH how I love it there! Please say “aloha” to the Hanalei Town Center for me, and get those kiddos surfing! Surfing here just isn’t the same…ALOHA!

  44. wow….i just found you and i’m so glad i did.

    moving is hard…been there done that {13 times in 26 years} but always rewarding….

    we used to live in st. charles….years ago. like 15 years ago. i love that area, geneva especially.

    oh well. i can’t wait to hear all about your move !!

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