you is important

You will have to excuse me……

i made a batch of salted caramel sauce tonight….and ate almost the entire batch….so therefore….i now have stomach cramps.

But damn that was good sauce.

I sit down everyday and think of getting on the computer to write about what is going on….but then the day fades into night…and i don’t get on to write…but tonight…is different…’s a full moon.

So much to talk about…so little time.

Actually…so much time….really. I can’t believe it’s only been a little over 7 weeks since we moved here….but it really feels like months.

Months and months and months.

and months.







you gone to fold your laundry?

Anyhoo…..two important things have happened in the last few weeks…..

first one being…that Lola has learned to surf.

This photo of her was taken three weeks ago…..

but i thought i would show one of her learning and then as she gets better…i’ll post the more recent ones.

It’s all she wants to do now….and really…it doesn’t help that she watches the movie Soul Surfer…over and over and over and over again.

If you haven’t seen the movie…than i highly recommend you watch it because it’s based on Bethany Hamilton’s life…and Bethany grew up here.

As a matter of fact…….

she called me up the other night…..out of the blue…and asked if i wanted to go surfing with her.

I put her on hold…..

and went to my computer and checked to see if there were sharks that live in the ocean.

Hot diggety damn……sure enough…there are lots and lots of sharks in the ocean….so i went back to the phone…and told her…..i didn’t think it was a good idea if i surfed with her.

I think it’s great that she’s a professional surfer…..and really……she has been a HUGE inspiration to Lola….but i kind of like all my limbs intact.

But Bryan on the other hand…he wanted to go…..and he doesn’t really care if tiger sharks prowl the ocean looking for food.

Obviously….Bethany didn’t really call us….but we did sit next to her brother at church last weekend….and i almost licked him…..but bryan wouldn’t let me.

Party pooper.

Thursday morning a big swell came in on the north side of the island {this is where we live} and as i was out for my morning walk {no…i was not running…just walking..} surfers kept passing me by on their bikes….and they were all carrying surfboards.

I thought to myself……holy uni-brow…..what is going on?

Sure enough….they were all headed to the beach….and in search of the big waves.

All i kept thinking was….

shark bait.

I called bryan while out walking and told him that there were oodles of surfers heading towards the water….and he told me that he was already in the car….surfboard strapped on top…and he himself was heading out.

I told him to pick me up and i would go with him……

so i settled myself on a blanket…when sure enough….

there was Bethany Hamilton…..catching some waves.

It was at that point…that i closed my eyes and had to thank the good lord for inventing boxed wine zoom lenses….because if it were not for the zoom lens..then i would have photos of the sand and not of the surfing that was going on.

{I’m only thinking of you…}

I also thanked him for boxed wine…but i’ll get more into that in a minute….but right now i’m writing about how amazingly hot the surfers are cool it was that Bethany was surfing the same waves as my husband.

Bryan paddled up next to her……and said “hey”…..

but Bethany paddled away.

I don’t think she heard him.

It was fun to watch her surf……and i knew my kids would be disappointed that they didn’t get to see her….but they were in school.

{fun fact….}

Did you know that Bethany was home schooled once she got to middle school?

Yup……most kids here that want any sort of surfing career are home schooled once they reach middle school. That way they can have more time in the water…then spend the afternoons at home schooling.

onto other important things…..

i finally made it to the movie theater on saturday…with a friend….

and we saw Forrest Gump.

Have you seen it?

I’ll try not to give away the ending because it’s really good.

Actually…we saw The Help.

It didn’t help that my new friend snuck in little bottles of wine for us to drink….

so that when the opening scene started….we were already bawling.

My new friend …{because i don’t think i told you the story yet…} was a blog reader….who read that i was moving here to Kauai…and she emailed me.

{it’s such a small world….it really is…}

It took me a little while to email her back….because i wasn’t quite sure about meeting someone out of the blue like that.

She didn’t have a blog herself…so i didn’t know if she worked as a captain of a fishing boat….or lived in a tent on the beach….nor did i know what she looked like.

{not that looks matter…because i was totally willing to be a good friend even if she wore tight cut off sweat pants and no bra to our coffee date}

Once we got settled here…i decided to email her and ask her a few questions like…

*does she have kids…

*does she floss her teeth…

*does she know it’s against the law to text while driving…

but she turned out to be a-ok….even though she was deported from the country she was living in….

{she promised me that everything is okay now…..}

it helped that i kept telling her

you is good

you is smart

you is important

This is my other new friend…..

actually…our girls are good friends…and introduced us.

She doesn’t like to drink boxed wine……

{i almost had to back out of the friendship…..}

but i’m not going to let that ruin our relationship….because really…..boxed or bottled….we are all different….and size or color does not matter.

Our families met on Saturday night for our first ever bon fire at the beach rendezvous.  They brought their portable bbq….which means now…we need to go and get a portable bbq.

The kids did s’mores on the beach..while i drank fine boxed wine and she drank bottled red wine. The men drank beer and made sure the chicken didn’t burn.

She even lifted her arms at one point…and i’m here to tell you….

she shaves her pits.

{not that it matters….}

the kids started tennis lessons ……

and ukulele classes…..

bryan even bought me a picnic table that he put together today…and i painted it white. It’s sitting right outside…..i’ll show photos soon…..because i needed a little spot that reminded me of home.

Bryan starts his new “extra” job today…..and life is cruising along.

I’m looking forward to the new fall line up of shows starting next week……

and i promise not to eat anymore salted caramel sauce by myself…..

it’s not healthy for the household…it’s really not.

p.s.  Did you know that by sticking a can of coconut milk in the fridge overnight…then opening the can in the morning…scooping out the thick coconut cream that settled on top and whipping it up with a bit of sugar…makes for some pretty fabulous whipped cream? 


  1. Wow what awesome photos I can’t believe your girl is learning to surf… maybe I need to stop eating nutella so I’ll fit into a swimsuit.

  2. girlfriend you are living the dream
    even if it means with ratan & glass topped tables
    but WHAT A DREAM!
    love the shots of the kids surfing…and hopefully my fb will soon be acting right & i’ll see these pics as soon as they post.
    i love you my friend & would give anything to sit beside YOU & watch The Help
    (legally of course)

    ps-thanks for your help yesterday!!

  3. Glad to read you are settling in fine! Maureen xx

  4. Christie McGetrick says:

    Still reading – glad things are working out well. What is Bryan’s new additional job?

  5. Love reading your honest blog. What an exciting, scary adventure. Kudos!

  6. Still reading and the photos are just fantastic! Your new friends are cute, cute. Have they figured out how crazy you are??? lol

  7. Life sounds good! Thanks for the coconut cream info I love coconut milk~Cheers Kim

  8. I’m just so pissed I can’t be your new friend! Keep blogging and being so hilarious. Those stuck up people can go read about cowboys and ranch life I will take surfers and beach life any ol’ day. Cheers to boxed wine, I’ll drink to that! hehe

  9. YAY you posted today! I’ve been missing your funny stories! I love reading your blog and have no plans of leaving!
    I don’t swim in the ocean either…I’ve watched WAY too much “Shark Week” for that!!!
    I’m so happy that you are making new friends and I’m excited to read the upcoming stories of your adventures!
    I hope that you and Bryan will continue to have all of your day time dates with his extra job 🙂 I know that it’s great to be able to spend alone time with him!
    I dream of the day when my hubby and I can open a little “Mom & Pop” store

    Cheers to cheap wine and calories from yummy food! 🙂

  10. Amazing! Lola looks like a little rock star. You are truly a rock star yourself. Keep doin your thing girl. THE HELP was amazing but if you havent read the book…a girl needs to go pick it up. Or maybe you need to order it..or Nook it or Kindle it….non the less the book had me dying to see the movie. I want me a little Mo Mabley. (smile). Anyhooo..I love that you are making new girly is so important. Keep it up!

  11. Kasey….you sound SO happy! So happy for you & your family & this once in a lifetime adventure!! Can’t wait to meet you all in just TWO months! 🙂 Eeeek!! xo

  12. Hannah’s going to die when she views this post. She loves Bethany!

  13. Hey I wear cut off sweats and no bra…..:)

  14. Soooo fun!!! I’m happy you’re making friends 🙂
    Lola’s doin’ great…can’t wait to see the progression of her surfing skillz!
    Super cool about seeing Bethany…hope that happens again and that she actually hears Bryan when he says “hey!”
    Can’t wait to see more of what you’ve been doin’.

  15. Hi! I so much like your posts and your writing style. We are going through some transitional times in our family, and your blog is my best company. Thank you so much and, please, enjoy life to the full!

  16. YAY for new friends, and shaved pits, and bonfires on the beach, and The Help, and the real life Soul Surfer, and especially YAY for wine!

  17. So glad you are living in the moment. I once had a friend who told me it was okay to put my camera down and live moments to have all my own. What the heck was he talking about? So I went on the zip line down Fremont Street in Las Vegas without my camera. It was awesome…but I have no photos from my vantage point. It’s all good. I miss your near-daily entries, so I feel a bit selfish when I pop on and there’s not a new entry. “What’s she think she’s doing…livin’ life in Kauai and not sharin’? Gahhh. I’m glad you are making the best of this new adventure.

  18. I just want to let you know that I really enjoy reading your blog. I’m a fellow Chicagoan and sad taht you’re not in my neighborhood any more but I REALLY enjoy reading your new adventure in Hawaii. {P.S. I work for a wine distributor…too bad we’re not friends. :o) }

  19. Sounds like you are having fun! Love the coconut/whipped cream idea, too…..

  20. Enjoy reading your post! We will be visiting on Kaui at the end of Sept. How ’bout getting together for some “boxed wine”…whahine??? If not when I’m there…then next time 🙂 Aloha…Agnes

  21. Go Lola~Go Lola! 😉 xo

  22. AWW!!! I am so happy you are making new friends!!!! The island life looks like it is agreeing with you!!!! Very cool about hubby surfing by Bethany,just saw the movie with my husband and I really loved it!!!! I was nervous about seeing the shark attack scene( I am terrified of sharks!!!) also because we want to live in Maui in the future. Can’t wait to see photos of your new home!!!! Aloha,Sara

  23. I just love you…..and I look forward to your posts about your new FABULOUS lilfe…..keep them coming!! They make my day!!!

  24. How cool is Lola?! Thatta girl 🙂

    And did you ever wonder if Bethany was thinking “oh my gosh, that is THE Kasey Buick on the beach!” ?!

    Keep livin the dream for all of us …..


  25. Lisa VanDyke says:

    You and licking…so funny!

  26. Bethany’s story was a topic at my church a few weeks back – her family has a very strong faith. I need to see Soul Surfer and the documentary about the movie – have you seen that? Glad I’m not the only one bawling at The Help! Love your blog!

  27. Chris in FL says:

    Oh yes….my girls love Soul Surfer!! I told them all about how you all have moved to Hawaii and being able to get a glimpse of Bethany….PRETTY COOL!!

    MMMM….salted caramel sauce soooo good right now……mmmm!!

  28. thanks for the great whipping cream tip, sounds delish and something i’ve got to try:) So happy to hear things are going well for you and your family~ and i heart your writing :)~
    have a lovely day~

    Bluebird and Violet

  29. I love your blog. It makes my day. I used to drink alot of boxed wine until I put on 30 pounds. I had to let go of my best friend…then found another friend…vodka and diet orange! YUMMO.

  30. You are so hilarious!!!!!! I am so stinking happy for you and your lovely family!!!!! Keep having a blast! Oh and what a super cool idea for whipping cream, thanks for the free tip!!!!!!

  31. You really are livin’ the dream!!!!!
    Good for you!
    Have a pretty day!

  32. I’m so glad to hear you have a friend–and that your families got together. I want to see pictures of your “home”. I’m sure you can make it sweet and homey.

  33. Oh my goodness you have been busy with some exiting things . A little surfer!!! What a great post . I loved all of the photos. Hugs P.S> I invite you join me at my first ever Thursday Favorites blog hop. Stop by and link up your lovely blog.

  34. So the coconut milk sounds interesting. Do you go on Pinterest? I have also heard that a can on condensed milk surrounded by water in the crock pot all day makes Carmel!! Who comes up with this stuff btw?? I tell my hubby about you and your family all the time, lol! I think it is pretty inspiring, we totally have the power to direct our lives but sometimes you think you cannot change your life. You have your house, the kids are in school, jobs, etc…

  35. Andrea @ Big Creek Cottage says:

    OK….you crack me up. So much fun hearing about your soul surfing follies……how cool is that ….soul surfer is right there in your back yard. I have to say that I was very worried about you initially…but you are cruising right along and make some pit shaving new friends….so it is all good. By the way….it takes some real courage to live the life you imagined…instead of the life you think that you are supose to live…….can’t wait to see the picnic table!!!!

  36. So glad that you are making friends. Life looks really good there:)

  37. Oh and PS….I laughed out loud at the Forrest Gump joke. You is funny.

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