week in review…

Today is Fin’s last day of school.

Tomorrow morning the older two go in for a whopping 2.5 hours and bring the bus home at 11.

I was thinking of calling the school and demanding that they keep the kids till 3 …like

the contract states in the manuel…

but no…

they will be home at 11 tomorrow.

Beginning of summer.

{deep breath…..small prayer….cold sweat}

Anyhoo…some photos of our last week…..

“Lola on the cat walk”

Yes…she dresses herself and i am okay with it.


“healthy cereal”

We love eating gluten free!

“girl in gorgeous dress”

I honestly almost went over to her and asked if i could have it.


it never even crossed my mind to shover her in the water and rip it off and run with it.

You people have some weird notions because i would never think of doing something like that.

“Fin’s first baseball game”

He’s number 2…in case you didn’t think i knew which one he was…


i know for a fact..

because i just double checked his shirt in the hamper.

“1978 called and they want their mullet back”

Sorry…i couldn’t help taking the photo…it reminds me of midwest at it’s best.

“my new shoes that really won’t be worn in Hawaii…but look really good now”

Please don’t tell bryan i just bought some new t-straps…he doesn’t understand the necessity

of a beautiful pair of green shoes.

{from Ruche}


“Bryan parked the car”

We switched off at the pool this weekend and i went out to look for my car.

I found it.


danger…keep off damn”

Let’s just get one photo on the damn so we can say you were here…



  1. great week, kasey….you should stop by on sunday to show off your week…it even involves drinking, which makes everything better.

  2. LOve it!

  3. REALLY!?! When 1978 called about the mullet he didn’t say anything about his younger sister, 1983, wanting her banana clip back as well?

    Cute post, as always!!!

  4. Allison jenkins says:

    Great photos, lovin that Lola!!

  5. So sweet and ordinary — the best that life has to offer!

  6. What a great week, but I especially love the mullet man and Lola’s strut on the cat walk;-)
    Have a great week!

  7. BANANA CLIP!!!!!! aaaaahahahahaha! read that and had to scroll up to look at the pic again and then lost coffee out my nose…hurt like heck but so worth it!

    PS. Lola’s fashion sense rocks, LOVE the shoes and I park like Bryan *shrugs* 😉

  8. Looks like a wonderful week…and a great way to start the summer!

  9. i love a week in pictures!!
    glad we caught up, sorry it was a quickie

    love you friend

  10. Okay…I’m from Missouri and I think that Mr. 1978 and Ms. 1983 from your photo are my neighbors! Looks just like my hometown!
    Thanks for the week in pics- fun times!

  11. LOL at the banana clip! I had to scroll backup as well. Good stuff!

  12. Looks like a Buick kind of week! Nice to chat with you today!

  13. Midwest is the best! Kasey, where was the dam picture taken in St. Charles? I live here too, and my kids are always looking for a new place to fish. thanks!

    • Delnor woods park…

      • Thank you! I remember you mentioning Christina who used to own Sage Creek. I really miss going to her shop. It was my favorite! Is she blogging? I hope she is well, she is a sweetie.

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