i don’t really have anything to say

other then the fact that…..

* i did indeed hand cut those paper hearts with my own two hands.

* it was craft wednesday around here.

* do NOT forget to unplug your hot glue gun with the glue stick still inside.

* you can thank me later.

* i went to book club and did not read the book. {again}

* i really thought mice hibernated…..but apparently not…because all of my hot chocolate packets are empty.

* i was never informed that you can’t get Advil when going thru the drive-thru at Walgreens.

* or wine.

* or a gallon of milk.

* i am done talking about wine because the school secretary asked me if everything is alright at home.

* bryan and i had date night the other night….at home.

* because i spent too much money at Anthro.

* just kidding….it’s because lola was still not feeling well.

* she is all better now….and so am i.

* Fin told his babysitter that she was a sexy lady.

* what kind of child says things like that?

* mine apparently.

* my pajama jeans arrived yesterday…and i must say…i love them.

* i will never have to shop anywhere ever again.

* i wore them for date night…and then didn’t even have to change for bed.

* if that was your child that stuck his tongue out at me yesterday while at Chick Fil A…then i’m sorry.

* because i stuck mine right back out at him.

* and i even crossed my eyes for good measure.

* then when you stepped away to go to the restroom…i told him you left.

* i feel really bad about it …so please forgive me.

* i’ll never do it again.

* teaching boys to pee in the shower drain saves water.

* yellow is my new favorite color.

* you can get the the sweetest little yellow latte bowls at Anthro for $2.50.

* what is it with boys and bugger farms on the side of their wall next to the bed?

* it’s really hard to get those off .

* it’s -17 here this morning.

* i’m down one whole pound.

* but back up two this morning.

* what kind of friend brings over cupcakes just because and then leaves without having one herself?

* and who eats every single one of them without saving any for her children?

*  i felt so bad that i let the kids squirt whipped cream into their mouths.

* and i had a little myself just to make sure it wasn’t poisoned.

* am i the only mom who has to make sure treats aren’t poisoned?

* hello…..buehler…..anyone….are you still here?


  1. MichelleGB says:

    Funniest post I’ve seen in a long time. I think like this too and love the little bullet point list train of thoughts!

  2. You are so funny. Love the PJ comment and the school asking if everything was okay at home:)

    Chick Fil A was pretty funny too.

  3. That must have been the same kid that stuck his tongue out at me the other day,
    what the heck?!
    I let my kids eat whipped cream from the tub all the time, makes them stronger;-)

  4. new jammies?
    do share….
    & always a treat to hear the nothings that really are somethings that you have to share

  5. :))))

  6. I could hardly contain myself as you “participated” in the book club convo. Acting all high and mightly like you really read the book….you’re a great faker!

  7. You’re hilarious! So when my son was in preschool, he spanked the teacher on the butt and told her that she had a big butt. Yeah, I got a call for that one. Which is worse, spanking or telling the babysitter she’s sexy? Ha!

  8. can I just say……reading your post always always brightens my day (does that say anything about me???)

  9. Love waking up to you each morning.

  10. That image is downright DREAMY! So pretty.
    I love that you cut those out yourself;-)

  11. Even when you “don’t have anything to say”, you make me laugh! It’s a gift, I tell ya:) Love those cute lil’ hearts!!

  12. Awww…the sacrifices of a mother….I’m glad you check those things out for your kiddos…I know they appreciate it. Thanks for the laughs this morning!

  13. It sure sounds fun to be you. The things that go on in the mind, life and spirit of Kasey just thrill me.

  14. I love everything you just said.
    YOu make me smile all day long!

  15. Hello Kasey, just loooove the silhouette pillow on your little girl’s bed–did you make it or buy it somewhere?

  16. Boo Boo LOVES to squirt the whip cream in her mouth. 😉

  17. Oh – and Picture Please of the pajama jeans – really. Come on.

  18. love the hearts and the photo. just love it. and your blog, love that too!

  19. Just found your blog and I’m loving it! Can’t wait to read more! I really liked your post today, super funny. I swear I blush at most of the things my stepsons say to adults 🙂 Something that made me laugh which I’m sure wasn’t intentional: You mentioned the boys peeing in the shower and right after said that yellow is your new favorite color. Made me giggle.

    Have a great day!

  20. You are hilarious. I’m 17 weeks pregnant with my first, and I will most certainly make sure the treats aren’t poisoned when the time comes for my little sweet cheeks to eat treats. And I will prob eat all the cupcakes every once in a while. I fostered for about 17 weeks total and during that time those precious little girls had no idea the number of treats that came through our house that they never saw. Of course we gave them treats! Just not every one that came through the doors…

  21. I look forware to reading your posts and you make me smile everytime…thanks for making my day a little brighter!

  22. ahem…..the email??????

  23. You are always good for a laugh….out loud. Love the paper hearts!


  24. You are the coolest. I always love reading your blogs! 🙂

  25. Oh my gosh, you are soooo funny! I love the way you think. 🙂

  26. oh I always love your laughter and funnies;)

  27. Hilarious! Did you REALLY buy pajama jeans or is that a joke….I crack up every time I see that commercial and tell my hubby that I need them LOL. BuTTTT the booty pop commercial is the best LOL

  28. I also make sure the treats arent poisoned- you never know! I call it quality control !

  29. LOL! ☺

  30. I love those hearts! They’re just darling!! And I think it’s a good thing that you check your kids treats for poison…what a great mom!

  31. I just discovered your blog and I LOVE it! You’re a riot and are singing my song!! 🙂

  32. hahaha. another hilarious post. I literally laughed out when you said that you told the little boy his mom left him! Too good!

  33. I just have to tell you that your posts make me laugh out loud every single time I read them!!! Thank-you for making my days just a little bit funnier!!!!! YOU ROCK GIRL!

  34. still laughing about the pajama jeans. The first time I saw that commercial my husband said, “Hey, those are right up your alley”!
    Hmmm, I am not so sure. We had chocolate whip cream from the can last night. Never had it before and it was actually tasty. Like any whip cream could be bad!

  35. I knew when I saw the title of this post….it was going to be a long one. And I knew for sure it was going to be hilarious. The “buggar farm” next to the bed! Still laughing out loud… I have one of those boys.

  36. I bet those pajama jeans would easily tuck into your boots too! Just thought you’d like to know that girls also wipe buggers on the wall and yes it is hard to get clean….yuk!
    You keep me laughing.

  37. You are so flippin funny!
    Thanks for making me laugh to myself!

  38. I thought Lisa up there said she loved waking up next to you each morning. I should get my glasses checked.

    Just wait til you start find those bugger farms in other places. It’s not pretty.

  39. You crack my sh*7& up!

  40. As usual, love your post! My son’s teacher recently told me my son is the first one to ever wink at her (and he evidently has done it multiple times) in her 10 years of teaching preschool (he’s 4). Kids, gotta love ’em!

  41. i don’t know what to write

    but everything is funny

  42. your kids have great quoteable quotes!

    Pajama Jeans?
    sounds like a great idea

  43. Just about to go to bed and thought, I need a laugh, should read Kasey’s blog. And you didn’t disappoint! Pajama jeans? What on earth are those? And I wonder if I would like it better if my son wiped his booger’s on the wall rather than eating them?

    By the way, thanks for linking me to the KY post. HI-LAR-I-OUS! My son had crazy hair day at school – pretty sure they used regular gel but I laugh about it every time.

    Oh yes, I am now in love with Mindy Gledhill thanks to you. I wear my iPod at work and listen to hear.

    nighty night.

    And it was -31 here this morning. 🙂

  44. hahhh.. when you learn what works to get those bugers off the wall let me know. I have found them on the bathroom wall near the toilet. I guess that beats reading a magazine.

  45. I am a new reader of your blog but absolutely LOVE your sense of humor.

  46. Oh my…..I almost just wet my pants…..or jammies:)

  47. Stinkin’ hilarious !! I’m so glad I stopped by :).

  48. Hi Kasey. I have absolutely no idea what bloggy rock I have been living under ( I honestly have absolutely no excuse), but I have only just now been introduced to your FABULOUS blog by the lovely Maureen at Daydream Living that sent me a link to your photo wall post! I LOVE your photo wall and I absolutely loved this post…I laughed so loud that my hubby is looking at me as though I have finally gone insane (which I promise you, I have not…just share your sense of humour, is all). Anyways, just wanted to say I am your newest fan and am so looking forward to catching up on all I have missed…family is fending for themselves this weekend 😀 I love your paper hearts too… Hope you have a wonderful weekend ! Hugs from Australia ~ Tina 🙂

  49. love it, you make me feel normal. And yes, i too always say “oh i better make sure it’s not poison!!” which makes my kids laugh every single time. These are the little things they will remember about us. haha.
    And wine, please, it keeps your sanity. Drink away, talk away 🙂 happy weekend!

  50. Iris Atwell says:

    omgosh, i just saw a pajama jean commercial…are you serious?! hilarious!!! not sure how i found ya, so glad i did :))

  51. Barbara Nelson says:

    You must model the PJ’s for us I saw the infomercial they did not look so bad but are they skinny because Tim Gunn on Oprah yesterday said no skinny thank you very much love my flares.
    Have a great weekend,
    PS it’s still in the high 60’s here in Nor Cal incase you were wondering.

  52. I love it. I love that when I finally get a moments peace {who am I kidding? I sit here while the kids run wild!} I know I can count on you for a good laugh. Thanks for making my Friday a bit brighter! Now, I must get back to housekeeping.. No. It’s not my job, there is not a paycheck involved {although there should be!} it’s just that crap that I get stuck with! Happy Friday!
    XO Michelle

  53. I hope your son made his teacher’s day with that comment. Had a little boy say something like that to me at the beginning of the school year – he said, “I asked myself, who’s that sexy lady there? And it was you, Mrs. G. You look great!” I’m not a sexy lady, by any strethch. Victor is a third grader and will never know what he did for my ego that day. I could’ve cried when he moved away.

  54. As usual…freakin funny!!! Love how you tell it like it is….or should be…..or we would want it to be….or whatever!!
    XO Nancy

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