meet the new boyfriends..

I would like to introduce you to the new boys in town.

As i patiently await the library session photos…i thought i would pop in and introduce you to

my new boyfriend shoes.

Everyone should have some boyfriends….i think it does a girl good.

{it’s totally up to you or not whether you tell you hubby or not..and just make sure

your hubby doesn’t catch you kissing them…it makes for a very awkward situation}

So…right now…i’m taking a sick day…i’m in bed with a head cold.


So…i sit here typing away… bed…..finishing up season two of Mad Men….

{i can tell season three is going to be good…}

drinking my hot tea…

even though i don’t even like to drink tea.

{getting sick also helps Β kick my weight loss program Β into action}

I dropped Fin off at a friends house this morning…then went straight to Target to grab some meds….

running into another friend who asked if i had taken my Zinc to kick this head crap in the butt.

I told her no….

no zinc for me…..just the hard stuff…like Nyquil….even though its the morning.

I also have an appointment late today….for a brazilian.

check check

No…..not the bikini wax….even though i’m sure bryan would go nutso if i came home with one of those…

but no…

a Brazilian blow out.

The stylist Lola goes to was offering a special….and it’s not the full blown one…it’s a partial…

so i’ll let you know how it goes….since i have naturally kinky hair…and blow it straight out anyways..

so i think this will help….

i also can’t wait to go thru all my spam comments later today now that i wrote the words…





my boyfriends are sitting here in bed with me….patiently waiting for me to slip them on…

but it’s snowing outside…so i had to tell them…

no can do…


One of my friends is a budding make-up artist…so i thought it would be fun to do a little tutorial with her…

that is….if she says okay…since i haven’t asked her yet…

but maybe she could show us all how to do our make up.

Kinda like a 12 step program…except…not really 12 steps..since we aren’t talking about rehab…

and who has time for 12 steps….

i mean…

i have three kids a hubby and a pair of boyfriends that need taken care of on a daily basis..

so maybe she could show us more like a 5 step thing.

Wouldn’t that be fun?

But first let me ask her….because she might say no….

and maybe…in the event she says no…

then i’ll ask Lola.

Lola would love to show us all how to apply make up.

p.s. Fin has a new haircut….and he asked me to get him some hairspray.


  1. Finn looked beyond cute in the photo of the top of his head. His hair is adorable. Sorry that you are sick but you have Madmen, your boyfriends and your cold meds to help you feel better:)

  2. Must get my own pair of boyfriends.

  3. i thought you had already had a brazilian…your hair looks incredible in the shoot!

    get better soon sweetie

  4. Loving the boyfriends.

  5. Where did you find the boyfriends? I have to know.
    Yes..please to the make up tutorial, even if Lola has to show us

  6. Too cute! I love those boyfriends. I hope you feel better. I need to finish out my season 2 of Mad Men as well. I can’t seem to make the time lately. Have a dreamy day! Kori xoxo

  7. Even with a head cold, you sure know how to make us smile! Love the shoes!! Hope you feel better; eat some chicken soup:)

  8. Love the boyfriend shoes – made me smile

  9. DIG your blog! I love reading a blog where people are so “themselves”! It is so very much a place to call your own…to be who you want to be…write what you want to write…even if it sounds a little crazy!
    Anyhoo…just wanted to let you know that I am a follower & love reading your stories!
    Stop by anytime…would love to have you! πŸ™‚

  10. Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I sooo dig your blog!
    You are so straightforward and honest and funny! (my fav) The thing I love about blogging is that it is a place to call your own. A place to rant and rave…to write down your thoughts…favorite pictures…ideas…things to share…
    Anyhow…just wanted to tell you that I am a follower and to please stop by my way anytime!


  11. Cuteness!
    Sorry about the head crud.

  12. I have thought and thought about the Brazilian blowout…I don’t know!

    sandy toe

  13. You will love the blow out! Life becomes so much easier!! (Those with curly hair will understand)

  14. Feel better soon. Love the shoes.

  15. This makes me smile. . . and after being awake half the night, a smile is great medicine!

  16. Just tell Fin to grab some gel….it should work fine! LOL

  17. Gorgeous boyfriends!
    I would love to see some of your outfits that go with them too, for inspiration… you know just incase I turn naughty and get boyfriends myself… πŸ˜‰

  18. LMAO… You forever have me rolling on the floor….

  19. Love that photo almost more than the boyfriends. Almost. Girl, you are a bad shopping influence on me.

  20. Can you ask your makeup friend to do a tutorial on levels of makeup? Like “wear bright lipstick only at night when hittin’ up the clubs” or eyeshadow, when to add it? I don’t know if that’s a rule, but I would like to know daytime makeup/gowinn out makeup/professional makeup.

  21. A got a peek of the photo shop via Twitter – absolutely beautiful! I hope you feel better…I’m trying to get rid of my cold as well. I’m on day 5 or so, so don’t feel comfortable taking any more sick in bed days! πŸ˜‰

  22. …sorry – photo {shoot}.

  23. gimme.

  24. You must tell …… where did you et the boyfriends ? Your such a tease . I also peeked via twitter. So cool. Your hair looked fabulous !!!

  25. Do share, where did you find your boyfriends?

  26. love your shoes:) and I hope you get to feeling better!

  27. Haha! Hilarious. I loved photographing your boyfriend shoes πŸ˜‰

    Get better!

  28. I must know where you found your new boyfriends.

  29. First, I must know where you got your boyfriends! Second, I can not wait to see your hair. I did something similar to the Brazilian because my hair is unruly! Oh, I am totally dying to see the makeup application. I am ashamed to admit that I am clueless.
    Hope you are feeling better!

  30. I had the full Brazilian done right before Christmas and it is amazing! Also it is worth every single penny. You don’t need to buy all the products to go with it just get the conditioner. You should also switch to a sulfate free shampoo.I use Burts Bees from Target $8. I have really frizzy curly hair that goes all Rosanna, Rosanna Danna at the drop of a hat. The blowout took care of that and I can even go out in the rain and no frizz. Amazing!!!!!

  31. get well soon…loved you hair and makeup in the shoot too!!!

  32. Yay! Mad Men!

  33. Feel better!!! Be careful! When I watch too much Mad Men I begin to wonder when my hubby is 5 min late.

  34. Feel better soon and your boyfriends are to live for! xo

  35. Love your blog. We have A LOT in common.:) I live in the suburbs of chicago as well with two kids. Hope you feel better soon!

  36. In addition to the “brazilian” .. the new thing on the east coast is a vagazzle…you’ll have to google it if you don’t know what it is… freaky if you ask me. I think I’ll stick with the nose stud.

  37. Feel better . . . I’d love to see the blow out so take some pics!

  38. Hey lady! Love that photo…so cute! Hope you get feeling better soon!

  39. HA HA HA!! You always make me laugh πŸ˜‰ Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  40. Sorry your not feeling well, but thank you for making me smile today! (:

  41. I do hope you are feeling better. I know that I will sleep easier tonight knowing you didn’t spend the entire day alone in bed…
    I will phone you tomorrow~

  42. thanks for the sneaky peaky:) love the photo shoot!
    those boyfriends are delish.
    but not all on their own…its whose wearing them and what she’s wearing them with:)
    you pulled them off perfectly.
    as usual.
    get well soon…I mean you look too good to be in bed. with some shoes.

  43. I’m guessing the boyfriends either came from Anthro or TJMaxx….am I right? Uggh you have to tell us haha! I really want to know where you got the jacket with the ruffled bottom that you wore in your “time out” post. I loooove it! Anyhoo…hope you feel better soon. I’m dying to see your brazillian blowout…post some pics please! You are lookin way hot these days momma! Its a new year and a new you!

  44. Um, married woman do not need boyfriends! Ha. Love it. Those shoes fit you so well. Hope your up and at em today, and feeling better. Let us know when you want us to come a visit.

  45. Love the boyfriends! I am waiting in anticipation for those library shots. That sounds so cool.

  46. Melissa Kelley says:

    Hope you get better soon! πŸ™‚

  47. have heard from a very reliable source that the Brazillian will change your life, either one that is

    i need a coupla new boyfriends, actually more would be better


  48. p.s.

    good luck on those spam comments with those words in there! I have let mine build up, unbelievable the things I have learnt in the spam folder πŸ˜‰

  49. p.p.s.

    actually you should do a post on it, that would be hilarious πŸ˜‰

  50. p.p.p.s.

    just thinking, if I had a Brazillian Mr BC would have a heart attack and I would be very rich

  51. p.p.p.p.s

    & then I could have shed loads of boyfriends to myself

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